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Cannot buy it as US Retail Investor using individual brokerage accounts. Only possible place buying is thru foreign investment and "higher level" 'sophisticated' trading desks at Wall St. banks #OTC. Either way, $SHLDQ #SearsHoldingsCo stock has bucked the downtrending market
This stock is the remnants of Sears, Roebuck, & Co. from a 2005 hedge fund acquisition and merge with K-Mart. Same parent hedge fund that owns $SRSCQ (Sears Canada Inc.). Both stocks traded in US markets and remain for deep rooted reasons anyone could speculate on.
In fact, before the Great Depression and the 1938 US Govt creation of what now trades as $FNMA (Fannie Mae) #OTC, Sears, Roebuck, & Co used to sell homes out of a catalogue in the US (1908-1940). These homes exist across America. #HousingMarketConnectionโ€ฆ
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Great retrospective refresher that banks can do whatever they feel like doing when making financial instruments that destroy the entire system and that all of this was done in places us normies cannot partake in #OTCโ€ฆ
and that's a lesson itself. We champion the well capitalized hedgie for his role in profiting at the expense of the banks we villainize. But that distracts people from realizing the priv. to get ahead when people spot cracks in a rotten system is afforded only to the cash wealthy
Because its a story. Underneath you realize how much manipulation that was done by both Burry (toward banks by playing dumb) and by banks (by pretending they were dumb and caught by surprise that Burry wanted to bet against the market they already saw a bailout ending to)...
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#AMC #APES Plz๐ŸšจRetweet This๐Ÿšจ

Ken G has managed to build an Empire by Screwing the Average Person on a daily basis for years on end

โžก๏ธSince 2016 He's been Utilizing This (Specific Tactic) To benefit off of us, & line his pockets. ThatโŒ›๏ธis running out๐Ÿดโ€โ˜ ๏ธโ€ฆ
The HummingBird Project๐Ÿ‘†- A Movie that basically tells this Same Story

โžก๏ธNeutrino/Microwave Tech utilized to outpace the Dark Fibers. A Fraction of a Micro-Second is EVERYTHING when it comes to HFT TRADING!

โžก๏ธThe๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธis on Hulu, Worth Watching imo
#atAMC $AMC @GammaMonkey100 Image
#Citadel Securities & Ken Funded Aurora Illinois Mayor, & Richard Irvin to the tune of 20 mil.
โžก๏ธScientel Solutions - Communications Company have given Irvin over 135k... Image
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And so it begins...

I'm in a rural town of 3,000 just 20 minutes from the 8th largest city in the US and this is the ONLY Walmart in town. No HEB (our local chain in San Antonio) and no Costco.

Perhaps @PierreKory @P_McCulloughMD @richardursomd @DrJBhattacharya @BretWeinstein and a dozen other "#HeroDoctors" can stay stuck on their #PsychoticEpisodes and talk about how #IVM is safe and effective and would solve this problem if only it were #OTC like it is now in TN and
soon to be in NH - as if 2+ years too late that even matters anymore.

We're on the 5th vaccine, #LongCovid is a thing. These same doctors are opening #PrivateClinics to further profit off of our deaths as they have their entire careers while being #SilentlyObedient and none of
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The desolation of $LUNA and $UST.

Here's how market manipulation destroyed lives and wiped out years of savings.


On 26 November 2021, @FreddieRaynolds wrote a step by step guide on how someone could destroy the @terra_money ecosystem with $1 billion spread across a few days.


@stablekwon addressed this, stating that it would be not only impossible but fundamentally more expensive than just shorting.

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On the anniversary of Wayne's decision to sell his $AAPL stake for $800, I wanted to provide a DD package on one of the most overlooked #OTC #Stocks #pennystocks

$VNUE is in the music tech industry and is organically growing. Below are 90 REASONS to buy/add $VNUE
1) #soundstr product revolutionizing live music, making sure artists get their fair cut
2) Set fm disruptive
3) Disclive disruptive
4) @vnueradio plays a wide variety of rock music and will generate a lot of ad revenue. What #OTC company has its own radio station?
5) VNUE radio employing disabled individuals (think of #ESG being a trend)
6) Live music has made a comeback
7) Matchbox 20 touring in 2022
8) Artists like @CarissaBiele are signing with $VNUE
9) CEO is focused on one company instead of owning dozens and spreading himself thin
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Risk Management is not just about producing tons of reports that nobody wants to read in the office.
I am very angry to note that most of the #ERM/Risk Desks just produce day-end reports, which end up in the dustbin.
Risk Dept. should not be a tick the box function.
what is the point of preparing #VaR Reports, when the fund manager does not understand basic probability?
There is no point in hiring a world-class hard science PhD to do risk management work at financial institutions or elsewhere, if the board members have zero numeracy and data science skillsets, the staff in front and back offices have poor technical and academic backgrounds, etc
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๐Ÿฆ‹Another 1 of those Thought Provoking Threads...โŒ›๏ธ

#AMC has been Abused, These Short Selling Activists have been using the Media & Social Promoters in Attempt to Destroy a 100 year old company with the Massive Short & Distort Plan, by Shadow-marketing...

They Mis-Calculated... ImageImage
(OG Thread Got Broken Up, Re-Writing So its all In 1 Place)

Img1. Musk explaining Short & Distort
Img2. 500k Payout for Social Influencers
Img3. Companies Attacked are delisted,suspended
or removed from Stock Exchanges.
Img4. Activist Short Sellers = Nightmare. ImageImageImageImage
Marc Cohodes has been a ๐Ÿ—๏ธpart of the Short Selling ๐Ÿ•ธ๏ธHe Flips Sides Constantly, He can't be trusted, He Had His Lawyer Write to Senators declaring

"The Share Price was not Manipulated Downโ—๏ธ It was Manipulated Up"โ—๏ธ Image
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In 2005 #Darkpools took up 3-5% of Trading, In 2014 there was 12% of the volume being traded off the lit exchange. Now we are in 2022, certain securities #AMC have๐Ÿ‘€over 60% of the trading volume go Dark by PFOF brokers sending retail orders through the #OTC to ATS/Darkpools... Image
The Operations of #Darkpools are very problematic & hinder price discovery. In other words they provide better pricing for big institutional investors who use them to create worse pricing for the rest of us. Although the damage a simple "glitch" can have.
โžก๏ธ2010-$862B in 20 Mins ImageImageImageImage
โžก๏ธ2014 Around 40% of all U.S. stock trades happen "off exchange" up from 16% 6 yrs ago.
-Credit Suisse under investigation for use of its #darkpools, Goldman Sachs paid $800,000 to settle claims it failed to ensure trades on its platform that took place at best possible price. ImageImageImageImage
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A THREAD ON THE STATE OF THE #OTC #Stocks #pennystocks

Before I elaborate more, I would like to thank @KentsBrokerage, @SaraGoingUp, and @MastInvestments for their insights over the past few months. It's easy to get discouraged during times like these, but it's also easy to get
cocky during times like February 2021. Let's go back to March 2020 when the pandemic started. Lots of money was made (or even lost) trading puts (and later calls). After accounts build up, newly crowned whales want to find more avenues to grow their account. At that time, OTC
stocks were a bargain, and there were many more to choose from. This included stop sign tickers, SEC delinquent tickers, and the dreaded skull and crossbones (CE). The SEC was actively suspending inactive stocks. Yet the money made from options found its way into the OTC. Many
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Of course it does.

But you won't find any "#GoodDoctors" promoting this, as it is synthetic drugs or nothing.

Captured agencies.

Captured doctors.

#ConformingNonConformists to a person.

They max out at around 5K RXs a year at $50+ per RX.

They are having their best years.
Instead of replicating their success and using a tip jar approach where I and other create lead-gen funnels for the entire network and the make certain the max out at an affordable price they just max out individually and call it a day.

That's not a scaled approach, that's a...
Selfish narrow-minded approach. They could have thousands of cannabis patients using safe &effective tinctures and other natural remedies IN ADDITION to their indoctrinated synthetic drugs, but they're not even open to that discussion.

They won't demand #HCQ and #IVM be made...
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๐Ÿ“ฃ: To understand changes, place yourself as Chen/Tang. They are embarking on a decades-long journey planned for years.

๐Ÿง : Think like a large company. Think like a Conglomerate!


๐Ÿ“ฃ: STEP 1 - Set Authorized Shares HIGH enough so you never have to come back and amend the Articles of Incorporation again.

๐Ÿง : HUGE companies do this all the time with low OS: check JD.COM, Apple, Tencent , etc.

โœ…: This is what $TGGI did 12/1.


โœŠ: Step 2 - Always maintain control over your corporation. Prevent hostile takeover. (HBO - Succession? Anyone? ๐Ÿค“)

๐Ÿง : Control can mean majority of shares, majority voting rights, and ability of Board of Directors to Amend Articles at anytime.

๐Ÿ‘€: Now for MATH.

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So the 100M+ falsely accused #CovidRecovered, who for 2 years continue to be maliciously libeled as #AntiVaxxers by Fauci b/c we chose to use Phase 1&2 of our decades-old 4-Phase Healthcare System are being told we can have our freedom back, IF weโ€ฆ
Test negative after 5 days.

Those who are healthy have survived 2 years of lie after lie from this POS. WE have proven that vaccines create variants. We have #NaturalImmunity that is 25X more effective that his forced experimental products. By using healthy supplements and...
FDA Approved Safe & Effective Conventional Drugs. That he and his cohorts have #ConfiscatedAndProhibited or attacked and lied directly to the public pretending the animal version of #IVM was being used in place of the 30yo human version. The malicious intent behind that tactic...
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1/ #LAYER2ROUNDUP: Last month, Lightning implementations #clightning and #LND rolled out major updates, and @Liquid_BTC took centerstage at @AdoptingBTC for the #BitcoinBond announcement.

Combined #L2 capacity also reached a new high of 6,661 BTC (~$377M).
2/ We begin at the @TABConf in Atlanta with a #LightningNetwork panel - @alexbosworth, @gkrizek, @niftynei, and @TheBlueMatt - who discussed off-chain scaling, privacy on Lightning, and liquidity ads.

3/ #Liquidityads are a spec proposal that allows Lightning nodes to source inbound capital via the gossip protocol.
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Competing in an industry crowded with leading global brands is tough!

But how did #Mankind carve out a market-leading position in d Pharma #OTCMarkets ? ๐Ÿ’Š

- here's an interesting thread๐Ÿ‘‡ (1/8 ) ๐Ÿงต

#mankindpharma #Pharmaceutical #OTC #investing #StockMarket #StockMarketindia
One of the fastest-growing pharma companies in India, #Mankind was actually born due to the rift in the family.

After splitting with one of his brothers, Ramesh Juneja started Mankind with a mere capital of Rs 50 lakh and generated 600% #ROI in the very first year! ๐Ÿ’น

Being a relatively late entrant, #Mankind adopted an unconventional strategy to gain success in the business -

While most of the players targeted tier 1 cities and export opportunities, Ramesh decided to tap rural areas with affordable #medicine ๐Ÿ’Š

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69 Reasons to own the cream of the #OTC crop #stocks #pennystocks. Special thanks to the many dedicated longs who post DD without frontloading!

1) #soundstr product is revolutionizing live music, making sure artists get their fair cut
2) Set fm also disruptive!
3) @vnueradio plays a wide variety of rock music and will generate a lot of ad revenue. What #OTC company has its own radio station?
4) VNUE radio helping to employ disabled individuals
5) Live music has made a comeback in 2021
6) Matchbox 20 tour coming in 2022
7) Artists like @CarissaBiele are signing with $VNUE
8) CEO is focused on $VNUE instead of owning dozens of OTC companies
9) CEO does not release fluff P&D PRs
10) P&D crowds would rather play scams so $VNUE has serious investors.
11) Shareholders are loyal to CEO's mission
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$DMAN DD Thread:
DD on $DMAN and why I am LONG on this company.

โŽ Vertically integrated cannabis company they have a hand in everything from the genetics to the end product as well as some real estate assets. Think big in terms of the amount of revenue sources. ImageImage
โŽ Very strong CEO, Ian Dixon is able to articulate very well and knows the cannabis industry from every angle (real estate, farm operations, financials, etc.) Image
โŽ Real Estate such as Atwater Campus build out previously released in the investor pitch decks. Oklahoma farm operations. ImageImageImage
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Part II: March-May 2021 Highlights & Milestones for Labor Smart, Inc. & Takeover Industries, Inc. dba (OTC:LTNC) $LTNC #LTNC #LTNCArmy #TeamNXTLVLUP
25/ On 5/7 Pre-Launch Sale Announced for #NXTLVLUP Nootropic Energizer Starts. Sold over $30,000 in product in the first three hours.
26/ On 5/11 Team Takeover Signs First Esports Athlete @FiberAlex to #TeamNXTLVLUP
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$VNUE is about as real as it gets for #OTC #stocks. Special thanks to @Cdp3_cdp3, @RiberaoPrego, @Chaka20477958, and @sullythegreat1 for their recent DD. If you're still not convinced, here are 50 reasons why you should own/accumulate $VNUE
1) #Soundstr product is revolutionizing live music, making sure artists get their fair cut
2) $VNUE radio plays a wide variety of rock music and will generate a lot of ad revenue. What OTC stock has its own radio station.
3) Furthermore, VNUE radio and NEWHD radio is helping
employ people with disabilities.
4) Set fm another disruptive product
5) Live music is coming back due to the vaccine
6) Matchbox 20 tour in 2022
7) Artists like @CarissaBiele are signing with $VNUE
8) CEO is focusing on VNUE instead of owning 15 different penny companies
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When we talk of IR #Interest #Rate #Risks we must understand the markets in which this product operates, and the fundamental pricing, trading, and hedging dynamics of this financial #derivative asset class.
Banks normally use IR Derivatives and Structured Products for on and/or off-balance-sheet ALM Asset Liability Management and Immunization, Bond Risk Hedging, NII Risk Hedging, Arbitrage Opportunity Exploration using the treasury based fixed income desks, Rate Speculation, etc.
Of course, we have other financial market participants such as Pension Funds, Hedge Funds, Insurance Companies, and several other specialized asset management firms, that have strategies and asset allocation models, which use IR derivative for both Macro and Micro-hedging.
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I'm going to be posting a thread that contains a great overview of liquidity as an investment style. Shout out to @FocusedCompound and $GEOFF for introducing me to this work. #fintwit #value $fgf $nc #otc

๐Ÿงต/ Image
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What is Equity #Portfolio #Risk Management?
If I understand your question correctly, the Equity Portfolio Risk Management should be primarily be concerned with managing the market and liquidity risk of Equity or akin linked Securities.
@GARP_Risk @CQFInstitute @icmacentre @ICMA
Other Portfolio Investment Management Risks might include =>
1.Transactional Risk
2.Price and Fair Value Modelling Risk
3.Financial Reporting Risks
4.Trading Microstructure Risks
5.Legal Risk
6.Hedging Risk using Risk Financing Methods
Investments and/or trades in the Equity Securities aka company issued shares generally falls into three-segmented and specialized market categories =>
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It only cost me $7/share to become an $AMC stockholder. How is that a bad thing?
@AMCTheatres have bars in them, that serve Margaritas!
After this pandemic is over and you take your kid to see a movie you'll really appreciate that. Image
Just wanted to pass on that I was able to book a whole theater as a Birthday Present and it went perfectly....and made me look really good.
Thanks @AMCTheatres @AMCHelps
I'm gonna have to hold on to my $AMC stock and earn those #AMC Stubs now. Image
All eight of the New Vision Theatres will be re-branded as part of the AMC family of theatres. The first change you will notice are the new, branded signs on the interior of the building. #AMC @AMCTheatres Image
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You hear the term a lot - reverse merger, but do you actually know what they are and how they play out. A reverse merger is when a public company takes over a private company so the private company doesn't have to take
steps to go public. Many penny stocks make excellent reverse merger candidates because it doesn't cost much to purchase the shares of the stock. @WildRhino posted an excellent pinned tweet on the steps of #OTC #Stocks. I will go through each step in some detail:
1) CUSTODIAN APPOINTMENT - This is when someone is appointed to get the stock prepared for a merger and to do the intermediate steps. Clark County, NV has cases where custodianship is granted.

2) CUSTODIANSHIP GRANTED - This is when the court (like Clark County for NV corps)
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