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Kaspa on Rust: Enhancing Performance, Stability, and Security.

Everything you need to know about the latest #Kaspa on Rust update in this thread.

Let’s dive in👇🏼🧵 (6 min)

$KAS #Rust #Kaspa @KaspaCurrency #KaspaonRust Image
The Kaspa platform is undergoing a major engine upgrade dubbed #Rusty Kaspa. Get ready for a faster, more stable, and more secure experience. Let's dive into the details of this transformative rewrite & what it means for the future of #Kaspa.
What I will be covering in this thread:

-Alpha Stage
-Preparing for the Beta Release
-Automatic Pruning
-Block Sampling: Fine-Tuning Difficulty Adjustment
-IBD Recovery: Reduced Sync Times
-More Robust & User-Friendly
-A smooth transition means no Hard Fork is Required
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While on sabbatical for health reasons, I've been reflecting on $JUNO and why I want to build on it. This is a long one. 🧵
First, I know what #WebAssembly is and I strongly encourage holders to read about it, learn about it, and keep up on its growth and adoption as a hardware and platform-agnostic open standard.
#Rust is a much stricter, secure, and efficient language than something like Solidity, and as #CosmWasm incorporates additional languages, this will only broaden the developer base.
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0/ @SuiNetwork is valued at USD 2 BILLION & is close to launching a mainnet able of processing >100'000 TPS 🚀

NO AIRDROP but the $SUI TSUNAMI is still coming and YOU should get ready to surf it in 2023 🌊🏄‍♂️

so time to DYOR 📚🔍

ALPHA-packed GIGA research 🧵 on #Sui (0/47) 💧 Image
1/ contents:

🖥️ Move Language (2-8)
🤝 Consensus Mechanism (9-16)
⛓ Parallel Execution (17-20
💾 Data Storage Fund (21-23)
⛽️ Gas Pricing Mechanism (24-26)
🪙 Tokenomics (27-32)
⚖️ Governance (33)
💼 Team & Funding (34-38)
🌐 Ecosystem (39-44)
🔍 Conclusion (45-47)
2/ 🖥️ Move Language

#Move is a programming language developed by #Sui that provides comprehensive security for smart contracts at several levels:

🛡 Language design
🛡 Virtual machine
🛡 Contract invocation
🛡 Contract execution Image
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0/ being able to process 160'000 TPS & <1s TTF, @Aptos_Network might be the fastest L1 out there 🚀

born out of @Meta's #Diem project, well funded and with a fast growing ecosystem, $APT is one of the alts to watch in 2023 📈👀

ALPHA-packed GIGA research 🧵 on #Aptos (0/62) 👇 Image
1/ contents:

🖥️ Move Language (2-5)
⚖️ Consensus: Proof of Stake (6-16)
🔀 Consensus: Narwhal and Tusk (17-25)
⛓ Parallel Execution (26-33)
🔒 Security Features (34-39)
🪙 Tokenomics (40-46)
🗳 Governance (47)
💼 Team & Funding (48-53)
🌐 Ecosystem (54-59)
🔍 Conclusion (60-62)
2/ 🖥️ Move Language

#Aptos inherits the core features of #Move, an open-source programming language developed by @Meta's Diem Association team. It's designed to create customizable transaction logic & smart contracts and is based on #Rust
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I wonder why so few big #crypto influencers overlook #kaspa. The performance of $kas in the last months should create enough attention.

But here are some reasons why Kaspa won't stop rising for a long time yet, and maybe some will wake up to it.
Upgrade to #DAGKNIGHT Protocol: Surpasses Blockchain with DAG technology in speed & cost-efficiency. Ideal for daily use, increasing demand & value. 🚀
#Rust Rewrite: Enhanced security & performance. Boosts trust, minimizes errors, improves network reliability. 🔒
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"ein nächtliches Sieg heil!"
wünscht der Vorsitzende der Jungen Alternative #Bielefeld und stellv. Schatzmeister der #AfD-Bielefeld Florian #Rust seinen Kameraden in seiner Telegramgruppe "JA Bielefeld".
1/5 Image
Rust ist nicht nur langjähriges #AfD-Mitglied sondern bekleidet dort verschiedene Ämter (1,2). Daneben hat er an der @unibielefeld die "Liste Florian Rust" gegründet (3), wo der "Hitlergrüßende" sich als "Konservativ" tarnt.
2/5 ImageImageImage
Rusts Hitlergruß erstaunt uns wenig, wenn man sieht in welchen Kreise er sich bewegt. Hier ist er u.a. gemeinsam mit Zacharias Schalley, dem Identitären Jonas Schick, Jonas Vriesen und Maximilian Kneller zu sehen, die allesamt der Neuen Rechten angehören bzw nahestehen.
3/5 Image
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Aleph Zero is the blockchain that prioritizes privacy and solves the shortcomings of most distributed ledger tech platforms.

The game-changing blockchain is built with customizable business solutions in mind.

Let’s dive in👇🏼🧵 Image
Aleph Zero is a public blockchain that prioritizes privacy and solves the shortcomings of currently distributed ledger tech platforms. It's faster, more scalable, and more secure thanks to a custom algorithm that utilizes #DAG technology.
#Aleph Zero's hub and spoke model allows businesses to interact with each other in a trustless manner while maintaining their own private network. Validation times are always fast, no matter how many transactions happen.
Impressive, right?
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1/ Today we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Phala Builders Program! 💫

This program provides funding, technical guidance, and marketing support to innovative projects seeking to build on Phala’s decentralized, trustless compute cloud using #PhatContract🤩
2/ Phat Contract is a #Rust based SDK that allows #smartcontract developers to leverage efficient off-chain computation without sacrificing on trustlessness, decentralization, or security✅
3/ Developers in any ecosystem can take advantage of #PhatContract and start building with it today, including @Ethereum and all #EVM chains, @Polkadot, #BSC, and many more👏👏
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1/🧵 Chciałbym dzisiaj w ramach swobodnej prezentacji przedstawić Wam jeden z projektów jakie posiadam i z którym wiążę duże nadzieje na przyszłość.

Mowa tutaj o @Cherry_Network $CHER.
W wątku postaram się przybliżyć wszystkie wartościowe aspekty tego projektu.

2/🧵 Zastrzeżenie

Chcę na samym początku podkreślić, że NIE jest to płatny wątek. Nie współpracuję z tym projektem i są to jedynie moje subiektywne przemyślenia.

Widzę w nim duży potencjał (ale też ryzyko) i stąd postanowiłem stworzyć ten materiał.

3/🧵 Geneza
Po raz pierwszy spotkałem się z projektem w ramach launchpad na platformie @SynapseNetwork_. Pewnie wielu z Was będzie kojarzyło to miejsce.

Od początku zainteresowała Mnie wizja projektu #CherryNetwork przez co postanowiłem zgłębić temat i nie rozstawać się nim.
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You may have heard about "Modular" blockchains...
What are they?

"The future is modular." - @fuellabs_

🧵 Thread Image
In this thread, I will go through:
1️⃣ Modular VS Monolithic.
2️⃣ What Fuellabs is.
3️⃣ The FuelVM.
4️⃣ Parallel transaction Execution.
5️⃣ Sway Language.
6️⃣ The Modularity.
7️⃣ Fuel as a L1.
8️⃣ Fuel as L2.
1️⃣ First: What do "modular" and "monolithic" mean?

🧩 Modular: A flexible arrangement composed of software or hardware modules that can be altered or replaced without affecting the remainder of the system.

🗼Monolithic: Characterized by massiveness, rigidity, or inflexibility.
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Alec Baldwin will be charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter for his alleged role in Halyna Hutchins’ death on the set of #Rust. Prosecutors will also bring involuntary manslaughter charges against weapons handler Hannah Gutierrez Reed.
The announcement represents a dramatic culmination of more than a year of speculation over who, if anyone, would be held accountable for the tragic death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.…
A cascading series of lapses on the low-budget production led to the shooting, which ignited calls in Hollywood for producers to improve safety conditions for film crew members.
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GM! Here are the top trending repos in web3, curated by top devs in the last 24 hours ✨.

Check the 7 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
Repo MevWeth by blunt-instruments (28 ⭐️)
+11 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

A Weth10 variant that allows users to create explicit MEV.…
Repo MevWallet by blunt-instruments (31 ⭐️)
+10 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

MevWallet is a smart contract wallet that allows the user to capture MEV from Searchers, o...…
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GM! Here are the top trending repos in web3, curated by top devs in the last 24 hours ✨.

Check the 6 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
Repo openai-cookbook by openai (4565 ⭐️)
+11 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

Examples and guides for using the OpenAI API…
Repo starknet_in_rust by lambdaclass (32 ⭐️)
+6 new ⭐️ in the last 24h from top devs

A Rust implementation of Starknet…
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🧵1/49 How I went from -$25k in debt, making 415$ per 15 days to $1M2 in 1 year at 25 years old while being in the army. 🫡

A story of pain, resilience, commitment and hard work. 👇
2/49 In this thread, you will find my story and the 6 revenue streams that got me to where I am right now:

👉Analyst side job
👉NFT project
👉B2B Lead Generation
3/49 First of all, I’ll give some brief context about me that’s relevant to this thread but won’t go into all the details to avoid making this thread too long (it already is).
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🧵 Everyone’s chatting about 🤖#ChatGPT. Here are 11 things it can do for #malware analysts, #security researchers, and #reverse engineers. A thread >>👇 🧵
🙋🏻‍♀️ Learn how to use reverse engineering tools more effectively. Use #openAI chat bot to get rapid interactive help on your reversing tools.
👾 Teach yourself #assembly language. Ask #ChatGPT to convert high-level code into assembly. #arm #intel little endian big endian #nasm #masm. It knows them all.

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0/ execution layers are a core building block of the modular design stack

a super exciting modular execution layers is definitely Fuel by @fuellabs_, a super scalable & flexible solution with its own VM supporting parallelized tx execution ⚡️

a primer 🧵 on #Fuel (0/27) 👇 Image
1/ since I have covered the modular design space in a lot of depth already, I won't go into the details here again

if you need a recap, check out this thread

2/ but basically, DA, consensus and execution are unified in one single layer in monolithic blockchain networks (e.g. $ETH) Image
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🦄I have created so many #free #YouTube #courses that even I've almost lost count! Here is a list of all my courses (#Flutter 💙, #Rust 🦀, #Python 🐍, #Django), with explanations and links! A #thread 👇🏻
Free #Full-#stack Course
In this course we will create a backend with RESTful API endpoints together with JWT token authorization using Django and Django REST Framework to serve our Flutter and Rust clients (This is an ongoing course)…
#Riverpod 2.x #State #Management Course for #Flutter Developers (17 hours long course)
In this course we will develop a fully functioning Instagram application with Flutter and Riverpod where users can upload photos, videos, comment, like and more!
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Do you really need a dedicated message queue? Twitter thread edition! Let's go 1/11
So is pretty simple, right? It just saves text. But sometimes that same text needs to be forwarded to @instapaper , @Pinboard or @readwise. Other times, users import a buttload of saved stuff from @Twitter , @Reddit , #HN or @AmazonKindle 2/11
If you were to always wait for all of this extra stuff to finish before responding to a user, the UX would be crappy and slow 3/11
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What the hell is Phat Contract?
Here's a thread to help you understand the MOST IMPORTANT launch upcoming on @PhalaNetwork ecosystem
1) Phat Contract is a decentralized Lambda. It can be used to develop 100% decentralized-controlled applications by combining them with other protocols/smart contracts.
2) It's born to execute all off-chain services no matter how complex the back end is. You can build a Defi aggregator or create an MMO game with it. In the future, we can even make the entire metaverse with it!
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GM! Here's the daily summary of trending projects on crypto GitHub. Curated by the greatest web3 developers ⭐️.

Check the 15 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
0xYYY and 6 others starred repo EYBlockchain/starlight (79 ⭐️)

:zap: solidity --> zApp transpiler :zap:…
0xYYY and 5 others starred repo libevm/ (14 ⭐️)

Simple no nonsense tooling for Optimism…
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GM! Here's the daily summary of trending projects on crypto GitHub. Curated by the greatest web3 developers ⭐️.

Check the 8 projects in the thread below 🧵👇🏻
abigger87 and 5 others starred repo whitenois3/flashloan-rs (3 ⭐️)

Minimal Multicall3 Flashloan Module...
#arbitrage #ethereum #flashloan #rust…
dcbuild3r and 5 others starred repo diptools/dip (214 ⭐️)

Write cross-platform application with React-like declarative UI and scalable ECS arch...
#bevy-engine #desktop-app #dioxus #rust #cross-platform #bevy-plugin #declarative-ui #framework #ecs
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WHAT IF ol’ man river is trying to tell everyone something important but the masked singe is not taken seriously or not many choose to see beyond face value ..

#BioChem + Wind = THE WALL has always meant so much more, #SHIELD .
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What's the value proposition of @ElrondNetwork's $EGLD? Two years after mainnet, where has the leadership of @beniaminmincu taken the project? Will #Elrond be a future L1 SC blockchain leader? The next few tweets will be a few of my thoughts and how I value the project. NFA, anon
1) Crypto narratives change literally weekly; important to take note of but also critical to identify lasting value. Recent crypto explosions have increased the need to evaluate survivability & practice risk management. #Elrond has blazed its own trail going against most trends.
2) The quickest way to make a buck & capture short-term hype is now a science. (1) Fork #Ethereum (2) Fork @Uniswap (3) Tweaks settings (4) Launch a token. Solidity / EVM spinoffs are a shortcut. We all saw how $ETH gas fees made transacting on L1 impossible.
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Best #OS #development #resources of 2022
Thread 🧵👇🏻 (for #Rust 🦀, #C and #Assembly)
Philipp Oppermann's OS development blog for writing a complete kernel in #Rust ( This is one of my favorites and there is an active forum in case you have questions regarding the blog or if something doesn't work for you! Image
For aspiring OS developers, you cannot go on without checking OS Dev Wiki ( This is the main resource which is language agnostic. Here you can find all sorts of information about OS development and a lot of info about how an OS actually works internally! Image
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