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The #ArizonaMafia doubles down -- 3 days after I posted a thread announcing #NXIVM and AZ mafia disgraced frmr. prosecutor Dennis K. Burke had been caught lying to 21 Plaintiffs and lawyers in a litigation matter, Burke, a top Democrat "fixer" @1marcolopez @medarizona @azcentral
has doubled down with the same defective arguments.

In a new court filing in United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts (Case 1:18-cv-12572-NMG), Burke's lawyers used the same defective arguments to argue the lawsuit against him should not proceed.
The federal court case sets forth the history whereby Dennis K. Burke, Marco A. Lopez Jr., and others, now work as connectors between persons associated with former Mexican President Carlos Salinas de Gortari, and the U.S. Democratic Party.
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THREAD. SIGNIFICANT DEVELOPMENT -- #ArizonaMafia #2, disgraced #FastNFurious U.S. Attorney Dennis K. Burke, who is also Clare Bronfman's lawyer in #NXIVM, has been caught lying to 21 Plaintiffs and their lawyers in a litigation matter in a Arizona court @1marcolopez @medarizona
Those who have been following my lawsuit against the disgraced former #FastNFurious U.S. Attorney, Dennis K. Burke, will remember I first sued Burke and several of his #ArizonaMafia colleagues in Massachusetts federal court December 2018. The case number is 1:18-cv-12572-NMG
My $100 million lawsuit against Burke contains allegations Burke has been conducting a lengthy ongoing retaliatory campaign against me.

Many of Burke's retaliatory acts began after I declined to join ESP, later revealed to be the Mexican branch of #NXIVM.…
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▫️Create false documents to frame innocent truth tellers.
▫️Cite known #fakenews media as proof (Snopes).
▫️Use corrupt mainstream media to leak it.
▫️Manufacture undue suspicion.
▫️Justify witchunt.
Where have we heard this before? Q supporters are being targeted like Potus.
Be clear. #QAnon is saving our Republic. Individuals who committed violent acts in its name are remote-controlled assets manipulated by clowns to affect public opinion, along with school shooters and other tragedies. The FBI doc from the Arizona field office is a false flag SCAM.
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Hear about the new FBI memo targeting conservatives; how it calls "conspiracy theorists" a threat?

For more than a year, I've been telling you about frmr. DHS Secretary Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia, strong arm of the Democrat party.

The FBI memo was from the Phoenix field office.
It's no joke, folks. I knew these people for a long time and I know how they work.

▶️ They use law enforcement as a weapon against adversaries;

▶️ Many "deeply entrenched" law enforcement contacts;

▶️ Napolitano (the boss) is close with Mexico (PRI), Obama and Pelosi
▶️ Napolitano's crew brought the former director of the United States Secret Service, Mark Sullivan, in to the courtroom in the #NXIVM case to try to help justify releasing Keith Raniere from jail;

▶️ #ArizonaMafia related figures involved in possible AZ election irregularities;
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On the left is former U.S. Atty Dennis K. Burke who resigned in the Obama-era #FastNFurious scandal with weapons trafficked by U.S. Gov. agencies to Chapo Guzman's Sinaloa Cartel. On the right is former Mexican President, Carlos Salinas. Burke now works for Salinas. #ArizonaMafia
years ago, a brave Mexican writer had the guts to publish the book you see above about the former Mexican President. The title is, in Spanish, "An assassin in the Presidency." Former Mexican President Carlos Salinas has a long, very well known history. You can find it on Google.
We are approaching the one year anniversary of when I first started publishing the truth about the very real, verifiable connections between Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia and the Salinas regime of Mexico. When I first started publishing this information,
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Have been tweeting about it for months, former boss Janet #Napolitano and her #ArizonaMafia...they were previously involved in weapons trafficking with Mexican Cartels in #FastNFurious, Obama's biggest scandal. Everyone resigned. Still a mystery. Now the Witch Hunt
I'm telling you, all roads are going to lead back to Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia, No-Name McCain, Dennis K. Burke (who I am now suing for defamation in Massachusetts federal court) #Mexico's fingerprints are going to be on the #MuellerReport. It is more proof of
Mexico meddling in U.S. politics like at no point in history. My former colleagues are their enablers, I've been writing about it here on Twitter for more than eight months now and many of my tips have proven true. Open your eyes...#Mexico is more involved than you think. #TRUTH
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#Ohr's good buddy Alan Bersin and my former colleague Dennis K. Burke who I am now suing for defamation were in Arizona constantly meeting with McCain and his people while Bersin had a multi-million $$ "consulting" contract on the new Mexico City Airport. Bersin is one of HRC's
best friends and was a Rhodes scholar with Bill Clinton at Oxford, he introduced Bill and Hillary to each other. He was also a director of INTERPOL and Marco Lopez's former boss at CBP, Marco (my former friend and biz. partner ~10 years) is now Carlos Slims's top aide
I have no doubt whatsoever it will surface that Bersin, Burke and others from Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia were involved in promoting or even conceiving the witch hunt on behalf of #Mexico. Ask around in AZ circles to people who know. Start chasing down these leads.
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Many of my followers will be familiar how for almost a year now, I've been exposing the truth about collusion between the Mexican PRI political party and Democrats in the U.S. Today my former boss, Janet Napolitano, "lashed out" against President #TRUMP…
Let me tell you about it you don't already know. As I have detailed for a long time now, Janet is the leader of a political group of friends known as the #ArizonaMafia, a characterization first presented by a article in the Arizona Capitol Times in 2013…
It's ironic!! the leader of the Arizona Mafia would criticize President Trump signing a executive order protecting free speech. Janet is technically a constitutional lawyer, she is supposed to be a Free Speech advocate.

In reality what she doesn't like is to hear the #TRUTH.
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1. #Qanon is exposing the involvement of the cabal/elite in human trafficking/pedophilia; Mark compiled the evidence from the Q posts in this thread.

*Mark may deactivate his account. Epic thread on #HumanTrafficking

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who is the #ArizonaMafia & how is it connected to both Salinas & #NXIVM..Arizona-based grp known to incl some of most ruthless political operators within US Democratic party AKA the strong arm of Democratic party” & ties w Salinas…o/QHjsO54rd6
A Tucson police detective who resigned from the department last year failed to properly investigate dozens of child sexual and vulnerable-adult abuse cases, allowing “dangerous suspects” to walk free, newly released police documents show.…
Arizona Mafia is not a fiction – but a group of #Democrats from Arizona in DC – and they are meddling in #NXIVM case

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#Maricopa County recorded Adrian Fontes is a native of Nogales, Arizona, a border town where #ArizonaMafia #4, Marco Lopez, my former friend and business partner, grew up with Fontes...Fontes handled vote count in Kyrsten Sinema's election where a "last minute surge" was seen
Considering the way #ArizonaMafia members work, their influence on the U.S. #Democrat party and otherwise, they are a hard charging, aggressive group. They use scorched-earth tactics themselves and through others ... everything they do is brute force.…
"Fontes responded angrily to [a] Goodyear [Arizona] voter, Nathan Schneider, who complained that the election date was hard for him and his mother to find on the mail-in ballot..."

Fontes responded by asking if Schneider's mother ran his campaign and writing "go F- yourself."
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#MAGA friends, as you know, I first spoke 2 you about #Democrat #Corruption in 7/18, when I revealed the existence of frmr DHS Sec. Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia. In July, I spoke of convs. I heard btwn DHS officials about visas. This has now been reported.…
"According to the government, Dennis Burke aided and abetted NXIVM with visa fraud. Burke was previously disciplined by the Arizona and Washington, D.C. Bar Associations for misconduct. It made national news when Burke resigned during the Obama-era Fast and Furious scandal..."
"where weapons were trafficked to drug cartels in Mexico. There are reports on Frank Report of Burke allegedly intimidating or coercing NXIVM witnesses."
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Patriots, #MAGA friends, thank you for your patience and attention, we're going 2 want 2 ➡️re-tweet this thread⬅️ FAR AND WIDE about a 👉 NEW YEAR'S MIRACLE that has happened because it's an important one, please bear with me as I write it @annvandersteel @realDonaldTrump #NXIVM
It's an extraordinary story as to what's happened now and I believe a moment of celebration and joy for all #Patriots, as we get closer to the #TRUTH in our shared desire to fight corruption and dismantle evil in all its forms in the #USA
According to many of my trusted new #MAGA friends, a sequence of events has taken place in this case that are not only extraordinary but possibly signal divine intervention, please let me know your thoughts about that after you read the entire thread. It is truly remarkable.
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In an astonishing development related to the #NXIVM cult case, a video has surfaced where the mysterious & powerful frmr Pres. of #Mexico, #CarlosSalinas, can be seen DANCING like a happy, nice man, near his son #EmilianoSalinas who has been under investigation. Why do you think?
In the current #NXIVM #RICO case, Emiliano Salinas, son of frmr. #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas, has been under investigation. The father, #CarlosSalinas, is considered by many to be the ultimate power broker in #Mexican politics. He is rarely seen. This video has now surfaced.
The video of #EmilianoSalinas dancing near his father, frmr. #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas, is all over the #Mexican press & media all of a sudden. The feeling is that frmr. #Mexico President #CarlosSalinas ALLOWED this video to be taken of him dancing with his son. But why?
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Nothing to see here folks, just a picture of #Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey with Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, niece of frmr #Mexico Pres. #CarlosSalinas, who recently took over the #neoliberal #Mexican PRI political party, widely considered 2 be the most #Corrupt in #Mexico. #NXIVM
This is a picture of my former colleague & good friend of 10+ years, Marco Lopez, who is Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia nmd. member #4, with Claudia Ruiz Massieu Salinas, neice of former Mexico Pres. Carlos Salinas. The picture was posted publicly on Marco's Twitter page for a while.
In this picture, my frmr. colleague Marco Lopez, who is Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia nmd. member #4, is talking to his good friend, #Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, in #Mexico last year. Surely, Marco was telling the Gov. that #SkyBridgeAZ will only ship e-commerce goods t/f #Arizona.
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Many of my followers know that I have been sharing previously unknown information about #Democrats & the #NXIVM cult, in particular, frmr. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia strong-arm of the U.S. #Democratic party. In the #ArizonaMafia, members have different roles.
In the #ArizonaMafia, named mbr. #2 is frmr. #FastNFurious U.S. Atty, Dennis Burke. Burke is a liar. In 2011, Burke famously resigned from his post in disgrace after being called a liar by DOJ Deputy Atty General James Cole. Dennis Burke is the hatchet man of the #ArizonaMafia.
As hatchet man of the #ArizonaMafia, Burke has been tasked with stressful responsibilities. He may have even been tasked with destroying my character. On 12/14/2017, the AZ Republic ran a #HitPiece article about me, orchestrated by Burke & full of #LIES:…
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As the #NXIVM case gains momentum in #Mexican media, a political blog in #Mexico, "indice politico," published this article a few days ago. In case you don't know Spanish, the headline says, "[frmr. Pres.] Carlos Salinas can have you assassinated." #NXIVM…
...[continued] 4 those of you who know how 2 use Google Translate, U can cut and paste this quote: "Sea o no merecido, Carlos Salinas es probablemente el hombre más temido en México, el hombre asumido como el verdadero jefe de la mafia mexicana..." #ArizonaMafia #NXIVM
...[continued] "...con sus negocios multimillonarios de lavado de dinero, venta de drogas, tráfico de personas, manejo de armas y asesinato." Plug that quote 2 Google Translate 2 learn abt #CarlosSalinas, the man my frmr. friend Marco Lopez & his #ArizonaMafia have been wkg with.
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Many of my followers know that I have been sharing previously unknown information about #Democrats & the #NXIVM cult, in particular, frmr. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano's #ArizonaMafia strong-arm of the U.S. #Democratic party. In the #ArizonaMafia, members have different roles.
in the #NXIVM cult, Keith Raniere, aka "Vanguard," was known as "smartest man in the world." Some believe this claim is evidenced by complex charts & diagrams. At the other end of the intellectual spectrum, readers will find #ArizonaMafia member #10, Luis "Gordito" Borbon.
As readers learn how Janet's #ArizonaMafia works, they will learn that mob mbr. #10, "Gordito" Borbon, was formerly the errand boy for the Gov. of #Sonora #Mexico, Eduardo Bours. Borbon's skill sets are: Driving, carrying bags, being Marco's paid friend, & eating. Lots of eating.
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Does AUSA Moira Kim Penza, prosecutor in the fed. #NXIVM #RICO criminal racketeering case, realize that her indictments of #NXIVM leader, Keith Raniere aka "Vanguard," last March, may have affected the outcome of the 2018 Mexican Presidential Election? #ArizonaMafia #Democrats
Moira Kim Penza is 1 of the main prosecutors in the federal #NXIVM #RICO criminal case. A #RICO case is very serious; it is 1 of the most complex types of prosecutions the U.S. Government can initiate. Moira's boss is Richard P. Donoghue, U.S. Atty for the Eastern District of NY.
Penza is a smart lawyer. According to publicly available information, she studied at Cornell Law School, a private Ivy League University located in Ithaca, New York. Cornell was ranked the #13 law school in America, out of 203 law schools, by U.S. News & World Report, in 2018.
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BREAKING UPDATE: Former "Dynasty" Tv star Catherine Oxenberg new BOOK concerning #NXIVM:
"CAPTIVE: A Mother's Crusade to Save Her Daughter From a Terrifying Cult" - corroborates story of Patriot whistleblower @realJeffreyP about Mexican Elite!
While Jeffrey and Catherine may reach different conclusions about who is who’s puppet - the facts in both testimonies show that the #NXIVM story reaches to the heights of political power of the Salinas family and needs more investigation.
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>>About Frank Parlato of Some people have asked me if I am a friend of Frank Parlato, a newspaper owner and blogger who first first broke the story of women being forcibly branded as part of the #NXIVM cult. In response, I must clarify details about this.
In fact, I am not an established "friend" of Frank Parlato, who is the publisher of, and The Niagara Reporter weekly newspaper. Frank is someone who I spoke with by telephone, about three weeks ago, who I respect very much. I will explain why. #NXIVM
Frank Parlato, as far as I was able to ascertain, is a well known publicist and journalist who has worked on political campaigns. I read that Frank spent years fighting to expose Keith Raniere, who is accused of branding and enslaving female followers of his organization, #NXIVM.
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Dots connected #NXIVM is bigger than anyone could possibly imagine
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#DeepDive #NXIVM Part3
(had some tech difficulties and it got broken into three different threads Ill link them together in this on thread)
#ArizonaMafia #Salinas #EmilianoSalinas #MarcoLopez
Its bigger than we know
Selling of America! #CarlosSlim #NYTimes #JeffreyPeterson
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#NXIVM Unlocks Worlds
This week, a public figure, Jeffrey Peterson, came forward
with a stunning story. A first-hand account being revealed thru his twitter page @realJeffreyP
His perspective changes what we know about the NXIVM case
Who is Jeffrey Peterson?
#DeepDive #KAG
2. On July 11, 2018 Jeffrey Petrerson "reset" his twitter account.
3. He said he was going to be using his account to "raise awareness 4 some pretty important stories (to say the least) that need to be told but it will take a while..."
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