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National Day of Prayer… a newly released never heard before 2015 message from Kim Clement 🙏🏻

👇🏼 click on the link released TODAY by Trey Smith… 🙏🏻

Kim Clement's SECRET letter to TRUMP

#TheGreatAwakening #Q #QAnon #RudyGiuliani #KimClement #Prophecy
My bad on the release of the Kim Clement letter...

March 21, 2020 is when Kim’s daughter Donné will release what she publicly can.. 👇🏼

Donné Clement Petruska…
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@RudyGiuliani is conducting a mock Biden “Trial” over the next two weeks on his Podcast platform -

Rudy will be the “Prosecutor” and shall introduce documents and Skype cross-examination of key witnesses.

2) He has just given an Opening Statement which outlines the direction of the Trial and the evidence to be submitted.

eg: Money laundering from -


- was discussed in the COMMONSENSE episode today.
3) #QAnon has encouraged us to listen to #RudyGiuliani by mentioning it in Post 3793:👇

Worth following

My guess is the cross-examinations will be hugely significant.

Precursor for a real criminal investigation❓

Enjoy. 😁

#POTUS #MAGA #ImpeachmentTrial #ABCnews
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1) There are two possible outcomes for the #Impeachment vote.

2) Option A -

This involves an outcome exactly as Q Post 650 prophesied. 👇

In other words the vote on Friday evening (1/31/20 ET) will be 56-44 with an immediate acquittal.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ➡️ 56

Manchin, Sinema and Jones vote #POTUS
3) Option B -

This involves a 56-44 vote FOR witnesses.

The same Reps (53) + 3 Dems make up the numbers.

How is this possible?
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Finally, Finally... FINALLY!!!
I did my due diligence and #ReadTheTranscripts!
It reads like a script, that [THEY] *NEVER* thought would be recorded/released.

PROOF of their LYING (and #BidenCrimeFamily ) is all there.
Go get em @RudyGiuliani, cant wait!! 🍿🍿🍿...🍕!
@RudyGiuliani PS, to make it as easy as possible for those who havent #ReadTheTranscripts yet (like me, till today) is the short 5 page tran-"script", very interesting:
@RudyGiuliani #ReadTheTranscripts
Script Page 2/
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|Thread| 1. Is the FBI is investigating a possible conspiracy to commit murder? A plot to #assassinate the #ambassador needs to be reliably tied to Trump’s goon squad, but even the idea of one raises the stakes. @NarativLive

2. #Giuliani and #Parnas pal Robert #Hyde has a lot for which to answer especially with these texts, Parnas proffering and Ukrainian and US authorities investigating. @NarativLive
3. Now let’s talk about this photo. It looks like #RudyGiuliani is calling the shots. @NarativLive
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01/12/2020 Trump Deleted Tweet comms

A. nothing -> NOTHING
B. Period -> ?
C. Hose -> House
D. Added section.
E. Rephrased section
I highlighted the portions with colour coding to isolate them more easily. - Ok, let's begin the decode.
This conversation is connected to previous comms.

Long story short: Pelosi flipped and created a self destructing impeachment. Check thread -> however she un-flipped at the most important part. We've since had comms trying to fix it.
First change is nothing -> NOTHING
Look at the sequence of tweets Trump did for another all caps NOTHING. Thus we do that. In that tweet Trump is saying "good idea" to #RudyGiuliani who talks about a way to nullify impeachment thru the SC
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#FutureProvesPast #NewsUnlocksMap #DoubleMeaningsExist #BDT #Qproofs Thread:

•President @realDonaldTrump's personal attorney, former US Attorney & Mayor @RudyGiuliani posted on 11/22/2019 about #Traitor @RepAdamSchiff & his connection to the #BurismaHoldings & $7b laundered $.
• Laundered Money from #Ukraine = $7,800,000,000
• Adam Schiff's cut = $7,800,000
#Qproof with #Q post 325
"Hope the $7.8mm was worth it."
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Rudy Giuliani - They're going to try to kill me to silence me about Biden and Democrat corruption!
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I have not been able to watch most of the impeachment hearings. Has anyone asked @DevinNunes about his taxpayer-funded escapades with indicted Giuliani associate Lev Parnas?
Rep. @ericswalwell reads portions of a @thedailybeast article on how indicted Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas helped with @DevinNunes' foreign investigations.

(Thanks to all of you who flagged it for me!)
#ImpeachingHearing #ImpeachmentHearings
#Schiff invokes Elijah Cummings (rest in power):

"This president thinks he is above the law, beyond accountability. And in my view, there is nothing more dangerous than an unethical president who believes he is above the law ...

We are better than that."
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<THREAD> A central question of the #ImpeachmentInquiry is Trump's insistence on using #RudyGiuliani to side-step traditional diplomatic channels. Why make Rudy your cyber-security advisor? Because it's a cover for Rudy to do what he's always done for Trump. @NarativLive
2. Which is why you should be watching my new podcast - it's a real-time deep investigation into Rudy that will become extremely relevant as the #ImpeachmentInquiry continues. in Part 1, we explained Donald and Rudy's ties to the #Russian #mob.…
3. In part 2, I explain how Rudy fits into The #Trump-Russia narrative and expose his cyber-security contracts as a slush fund for his back-channel diplomacy. @NarativLive…
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In part 1 of @NarativLive's pop-up pod, I told you how Rudy Giuliani led a crackdown on the mob in the '80s which benefitted #Russian organized crime. #RudyGiuliani…
In part 2, I exposed #Giuliani's modern-day Ukranian sponsor: Pavel Fuchs, an oligarch, Russian intelligence asset and Putin ally who helped develop #DonaldTrump's Moscow Tower.…
Watch the podcast on any Apple, Google or third party podcast app. Don't forget to subscribe and download. Join Narativ's Patreon community at and support independent journalism.
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Exclusive! #RudyGiuliani 's Ukraine Mission is tied to Vladimir Putin. Part 2 of @NarativLive's pop-up pod: "There's Something About Rudy". Support Independent #Journalism from $3 a month: #Ukrainegate…
@NarativLive Sorry about the sound and buffering issues. I'll get a clean podcast version posted here shortly.
@NarativLive Here it is mostly fixed! Thanks for your patience.
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We are all noticing women are doing a lot of the heavy lifting on protecting the Constitution right?

Power over principle is more of a male trait for many reasons including:

#MalePrivilege #MaleSupremacy #MaleEntitlement #OldBoysClub #MaleFragility
Women are all over this standing up against tyranny & abuse of power. #YuliaTymoshenko former Prime Minister of #Ukraine who supports EU integration, strongly opposes membership of Russia-led Eurasian Customs Union. The one #Manafort worked to smear:…
@AlexandraChalup tried to raise alarms early about #Manafort's involvement in the Trump campaign, having seen his involvement in getting pro-Putin #ViktorYanukovich elected Prime Minister of Ukraine via Kremlin-style disinformation warfare.…
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Rudy Giuliani Crashes the Narrative!
Fake news tries to use Lutsenko (prosecutor fired by Zelensky) to advance the narrative. Embarrassment ensues. @RudyGiuliani #UkraineBiden
Rudy G - All smiles on fake the nation
Maggie Brennan BTFO
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🚨 “Lutsenko, who was fired as prosecutor general last month, said he had urged Giuliani to launch a U.S. inquiry and go to court if he had any evidence but not to use Ukraine to conduct a political vendetta that could affect the U.S. election.”…
It just keeps getting worse for #RudyGiuliani and his role as a co-conspirator with Donald Trump and possibly others.
“Ukraine’s top law enforcement official repeatedly rebuffed President Trump’s personal lawyer’s demands to investigate Joe Biden and his son, insisting he had seen no evidence of wrongdoing that he could pursue despite Trump’s allegations.”
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Das #WhistleblowerComplaint ist veröffentlicht worden. Ich lese mich mal ein, alles Weitere im [THREAD]. #TrumpUkraineScandal
#Whistleblower beschreibt Infos von "multible US Government officials", dass der Präsident (#Trump) die Macht seines Amtes missbrauche, um die Einmischung eines anderen Landes in die US-Wahl 2020 voranzutreiben. #TrumpUkraineScandal
Trumps Ziel laut dem #Whistleblower: "investigate one of the President's main domestic political rivals" (#Biden). Trumps Anwalt #RudyGiuliani sei eine wesentliche Figure. Ebenso Justizminister #WilliamBarr. #TrumpUkraineScandal
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As @RitaKonaev notes, "Mattis had no problem disagreeing w/Obama about transgender people in the military or women in combat but won’t criticize Trump for asking foreign powers for dirt about political opponents.

This isn’t about him being above politics. This is his politics."
Excellent point here, and makes you wonder why Mattis' deference to the commander-in-chief is selectively applied in this manner 🤔
7 freshman House Ds, all with natsec experience: "If true, we believe these actions represent an impeachable offense ...

We call on our colleagues in Congress to consider the use of all congressional authorities available, including inherent contempt."…
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In which Dmitri Peskov, press secretary for Vladmir Putin, invites Michael Cohen to attend an event in St. Petersburg to meet Medevev and/or Putin in May of 2016. #MichaelCohenTranscripts 1/
In which Michael Cohen testifies to HPSCI that Trump put $4-$5 million in fees he earned for "Battle of Billionaires" into foundation so it would not be counted as personal income - then would write checks from foundation as if were a bank account. #MichaelCohenTranscripts 2/
In which Michael Cohen testifies to HPSCI that much of Trump.Org financing came from private capital groups - including one run by Stephen Mnuchin.

Suddenly hisMnuchin's appointment at Treasury becomes more clear.

#MichaelCohenTranscripts 3/
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"At the time Biden made his ultimatum, the probe into Burisma Holdings had been long dormant ...

“There was no pressure from anyone from the US to close cases against [Burisma Holdings owner Mykola] Zlochevsky. It was shelved by Ukrainian prosecutors in 2014 and through 2015.”
"According to public reports and internal documents from the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, U.S. officials had expressed concern for more than a year about Ukrainian prosecutors’ failure to assist an international investigation of Zlochevsky."
"The prosecutor general hasn’t reopened the case into Burisma or Zlochevsky, contradicting a claim in the @nytimes that the Ukrainian prosecutor is scrutinizing millions of dollars of payments from Burisma to the firm that paid Hunter Biden."
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On 9/11 there are a few things I need to underscore.
1.) It came as no surprise to New Yorkers that #AlQaeda was responsible. I interviewed people as I made my way to Ground Zero that morning and EVERY one knew who was responsible.
To see much more, including photos:…
2.) There are many reasons why the Twin Towers collapsed, architecturally. But overlooked were the huge number of computer servers. In 2001 there was no secure cloud storage, and floor after floor were filled with hot data towers.
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Every late night comedian last nite had a field day w/ #RudyGiuliani & his bizarre comments on @CNN & @FoxNews . Today #Trump officially adopted Rudy's insanity, saying there was no collusion, but if there was, it's not a crime so shut up Fake News. [more]…
We NY'ers have seen this whack-a-mole Rudy before. In May 2000 Mayor Rudy held a press conference & announced he'd been seeing Judith Nathan, and was using this press event to tell his wife, Donna Hanover, that he was divorcing her & wanted she & the kids out of {MORE}
Gracie Mansion immediately. He publicly threw his own kids out of house & home & Donna had no idea until the press calls poured in.…
In my book I HEARD THE SIRENS SCREAM I describe incidents in which he sided w/white NYPD cops against black victims [more]
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#Iran Protests courtesy of the #CIA
Jun 25, 2009 After President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad won the Iranian Election, riots and protests erupted in #Tehran, The western media was quick to report on this #PSYOPS.
#US politicians, #Israel, #SaudiArabia & media dream of #RegimeChange in #Iran.
Jan 3, 2018 The more intense and violent demonstrations in Iran have given way to patriotic rallies with thousands of Iranians shouting pro-government slogans.
Jan 3,2018 Are the protests in #Iran spontaneous, or are they the result of another #RegimeChange operation?#TheCorbettReport James explores the past, present & future of #US and #Israel-i involvement in Iran, & the attempts to foment unrest in the country.
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