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Removing the Aunt Jemima branding but keeping the high-fructose corn syrup with brown dye and sodium hexametaphosphate is a pretty stellar example of how liberals love to make hollow symbolic gestures while keeping in place the system that’s actually killing people
HFCS, soybean and canola and vegetable oil, hydrogenated lard and shortening, doctors refusing to consider race in treatment protocols, media hiding melanin blocking Vit D synthesis...all of these are killing way more black folks than the police ever thought about.
Legitimate grievences of massive vert/int industroagriculture firms displacing black farmers in the South pushed aside to focus on imagined slights against black(ish) academic-journalist grifters by their coworkers
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Me iba a callar esto, pero mira, no. El martes pasado publiqué un teaser en IG anunciando que lanzábamos un nuevo single digital. Hacía días que no entraba en las redes sociales. Cuando lo hago y me doy una vuelta por IG, veo un montón de publicaciones en negro. No entendía nada.
Hasta que vi lo del #BlackOutTuesday. Y me pareció una campaña estupenda, ¿a quién no? Pero también pensé en la cantidad de campañas que colectivos antirracistas de todo el estado español ponen en marcha para visibilizar el racismo institucional de nuestras propias ciudades.
Y recordé haber pedido apoyo a compañer@s de oficio para que las apoyasen. "No sé, no es nuestra lucha", me decían unos. "Es que va a parecer que lo hacemos aprovechando nuestra proyección pública" (¡pues claro, joder, es eso!, pensaba yo), decían otros. Alguno dijo: "Paso".
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THREAD: Leftism isn’t a political ideology anymore, it’s a religion complete with heavily policed virtues that determine your purity, public rituals, confession, holy war, penance, daily proclamations that validate your loyalty, shunning, excommunication and evangelism.

- Look no further than the Democrat stunt wearing Kenta cloth to signal their dedication to the cause
- Democrats coordinating to all wear white at the State of the Union address

- Guilty white leftists apologizing for their original sin of being born with white privilege and giving money to make up for it
- You must make up for violations against the doctrine by apologizing in a humiliating manner (see Mayor Jacob Frey)
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This is not a witch-hunt. This is going to be revelation on exactly why this behaviour, the institutional racism within my industry of work won’t be tolerated any longer. I understand many watching these next tweets have existing relationships....
and I completely understand also that there are those who will chose to observe rather than engage in any part of what I’m going to say next. But I’m not having a discussion on the timeline about this other than the solution..
You have no right to talk on the validity of what I’m about to say. If you’ve followed me for a while or actually know me. I’m a balanced person and I am too, empathetic and considerate of different perspectives. Not just my own.
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38 Lessons on Diversity in Marketing (Thread)

Inspired by the Instagram Live conversation between @mkobach and @donyetaylor_.

Notes 👇
The Need for Diversity

• Marketing plays a role in how brands are perceived
• If management is of the same ethnicity, it's harder for them to tell a diverse story
• People create stories from their background
Trickle-Down Effect

• Lack of diversity has a trickle-down effect in marketing
• For example, it's hard to find stock photos of black men
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10 minute read on historical recap of slavery, suppression and oppression and why saying "All Lives Matter" is just plain ignorant.
A history of slavery.
On Aug. 20, 1619, after a century of the trans-atlantic slave trade, the first enslaved Africans arrived at Jamestown. About 150 of the original 350 captives died at sea. Of those captives, roughly 20 were from modern day Angola.
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I did not participate in #BlackOutTuesday . While the spirit underlying it is commendable, I do not think you can enhance your awareness of such a complex and difficult issue by sharing a black screen.
Rather, I challenge every person and every institution who made a statement declaring their anti-racism this week to reflect on systematic patterns of how black people and other under-represented minorities are weaved into the fabric of their personal and professional lives.
I have lived in Canada for 23 years. Outside of law enforcement (which is a large group that extends beyond police), I have VERY RARELY experienced direct acts of overt racism from individuals in a predictable manner i.e. when they occur they tend to be sporadic and infrequent.
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#blackouttuesday #blacklivesmatter #antifascismo
Segue o fio 👇
Não é de hoje que as marcas enfrentam o desafio de se posicionar e se comunicar em uma sociedade cada vez mais dividida. A pandemia da COVID-19, e a crise econômica agravada por ela, se somam à crise política no Brasil e geram uma panela de pressão de consequências imprevisíveis
De um lado, o Supremo Tribunal Federal (STF) coordena uma ação contra a disseminação de fake news, o grupo Sleeping Giants identifica e cobra empresas que anunciam em sites de extrema-direita e a timeline do Instagram se enche de quadrados pretos com a #blackouttuesday.
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Did you hear what happened in Boston?

In Boston, during a verbal dispute, an unarmed teenage boy was forcefully hit in the head with the butt of a weapon by local law enforcement.
Word of the incident spread quickly, and a large number of locals gathered in the street where the incident had happened to protest almost immediately.
As the crowd grew, angry protesters shouted slogans; some business owners, fearing property damage, shut their doors. The local authorities called for uniformed backup; backup came, well armed.
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“The fact is I could have been George Floyd. I could have been Ahmaud Arbery. I could have been Christian Cooper.” VERY powerful, brave and important piece by ⁦@JeremyButler01⁩, CEO of @IAVA. He is a leader America needs to hear now. #BlackOutTuesday…
“It’s about being black while driving, black while shopping, black while doing anything. And yet, I am proud to wear the Navy uniform. As a veteran of the Iraq love of this country and my desire to serve it both in and out of uniform has not changed.” -@JeremyButler01
“But love of country and patriotism don’t mean unconditional loyalty. Dedication to service does not mean blind servitude. It means acknowledging that we live in a deeply flawed country while also working hard to make it better.” -@JeremyButler01
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They want us to riot, they want us to loot, & vandalize! We are being manipulated! Continue to fight for justice but don't fall for the trap! Stop the violence! If you see them trying to incite, EXPOSE THEM! Retweet this! Share this! Tag this! #BlackOutTuesday #ItsASetUp
They think we will fall for their game... WE WILL NOT!!!
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Sobre pornografia gay e raça: é mais comum que brancos tenham papéis de professor, policial, bombeiro, daddy etc. Homens pretos normalmente são apenas “negões”. Isso é sobre direito à existência, à ter uma personalidade, gostos e singularidades pr’além da raça.
procurei uma pessoa preta falando disso pra dar RT mas nao enfontrei entao escrevi eu mesmo
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A 77 year old retired police officer named David Dorn died on a sidewalk after being shot by a looter in St Louis.

Where is #blacklifematters ?

He needs Justice
*RT or Use Hashtag

👉 #JusticeForDavidDorn

Where are the celebrities who scream #blacklifematters ?

Why are they silent about a black 77 year old who died on a sidewalk! Because of a looter!

@DebraMessing @chrissyteigen @FINALLEVEL @50cent @KingJames @rolandsmartin @tariqnasheed @Kaepernick7
#DavidDorn died on sidewalk and it was filmed on Facebook live!! This is just beyond sad!

Use 👉 #JusticeForDavidDorn

@JuanCarlosCNN @andersoncooper @jaketapper @maddow @cthagod @angela_rye @jemelehill @donlemon

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To be silent is to be complicit.

This is not “my lane,” but if we are to bring about meaningful change to racial injustice in this country, we must all step outside of our comfort lanes, speak up, and most importantly, take action (more in the thread). #BlackOutTuesday
Here are the organizations I have donated to in the past and again today. Where possible, I chose to use my donation towards “education.” These organizations could use your support.

In the long term, I recognize representation is hugely important in society & in science. I'll be doubling down my efforts to feature minorities and women in my videos. It's the RIGHT thing to do.

I'll be spending today: Listening. Learning. Planning. Uplifting. #BlackOutTuesday
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New Q (2 Jun '20): We learned yesterday (fm video) efforts to start "huge civil war" started 4 Nov '17 (after Q's 1st posts). Antifa KNOWS suburbs well-armed & we WILL defend ourselves. This is what they want.

Antifa arrests coming.…
2. Shots fired! Love that Q used "Expect us". HRC introduces Soros who says it was time for him to "become really engaged in the electoral process in this country." These riots are funded by him. Will he be the 1st big arrest? Tonight would be great!
3. WE are united but [THEY] are trying awful damn hard to divide us along racial lines. I pray for swift action to bring those behind this war to justice. God bless our President, God bless our military & law enforcement officers, & God bless ALL you patriots fighting this EVIL.
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I’m here in @RedwoodCity where most downtown businesses have boarded up their storefronts as hundreds gather at the San Mateo County courthouse square for the #georgefloydprotest. Follow my thread here for live coverage of the protest. Via @mercnews
Speakers are gathered at the top of the steps of a boarded up old San Mateo County courthouse in #redwoodcity. There are hundreds of people gathered attentively listening to speakers straining their voices to speak without speakers. Via @mercnews
Look at this crowd here for the #redwoodcityprotest! No huge police presence yet but there are some stationed next to the courthouse.
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#BlackOutTuesday #BlackLivesMatter
Gran hilo sobre la esclavitud negra en la América Española:

La esclavitud y no solamente la esclavitud africana negra, sino la esclavitud de europeos por europeos fue muy usual en el Viejo Mundo.

Al final del hilo el detalle de las imágenes.
Recordando el caso de los millones de esclavos irlandeses que fueron traídos a América por Inglaterra, así como de otras partes del Viejo Continente, en especial del este europeo, y recordando que la esclavitud no era un patrimonio exclusivo de la Monarquía Hispánica, claro.
La cual por cierto reconocía la esclavitud blanca (moriscos entre aquellos) en sus leyes de Indias, la cual se produjo a pesar de y no por y para la Monarquía.
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Say every one of their names—Then #SayTheirNames again.

It matters.

Beloved children, spouses, mothers, fathers, friends, co-workers, neighbors.

Denial of racism IS racism
Silence IS compliance

#BlackOutTuesday, no commentary needed—A Thread
#GEORGEFLOYD, 46 —911 call from a grocery worker claiming an attempted forgery.

Responding LEO w/17 previous infractions held him down for 9 minutes by the neck as 2 LEOs assisted & 1 did nothing.

His life drained out of him as he said #ICantBreathe

4 Officers fired—1 charged.
#AHMAUDARBERY, 25—Jogging, hunted down & shot by 2 men while a 3rd videotaped the murder. They claimed they suspected him of a burglary. Homeowner of house being built states nothing was taken.

2 men charged with murder & aggravated assault. Videotaper claims bystander—Pending.
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¿Por qué NO debes subir la foto en negro y unirte al #BlackOutTuesday #blackOutDay ni al #BlackOutDay2020 ?

Están manipulando tu buena intención para apagar el movimiento de #BlackLivesMatter

Han pasado muchas cosas en las últimas horas pero la más importante es:

👉🏽 ¿Empezó o no una guerra psicológica?

Esto tiene que ver con los hashtags que estaban en tendencia antes de que el #blackouttuesday llegara y usara la buena intención de la gente para desviar el tema.
¿Que hashtags estaban en tendencia?
👉🏽 #bible (duró más de 4 horas #1)
👉🏽 #phillyexplosions
👉🏽 #seattleprotest
👉🏽 #TrumpDictatorship
👉🏽 #USMilitary
👉🏽 #2ndAmendment
👉🏽 #InsurrectionAct

Cada uno tiene un origen oculto importante.
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The chronic dehumanization of black men, women, and children in the United States is anything but new. Society stereotypes black people as dangerous, lazy, and feeble-minded, among other things; and those stereotypes creep into our public policies and institutional practices. 1/6
The government that's supposed to protect and serve black Americans takes our labor and our tax dollars and then treats us like second class citizens. As long as black people have lived in the United States, we have had to fight for every bit of progress that we have achieved—2/6
emancipation from slavery, the right to vote, the right to vote again (because the 15th Amendment of 1870 wasn’t enough to ensure black suffrage…it would take nearly another century to secure that basic right of citizenship), the end of Jim Crow segregation, 3/6
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Live - #GeorgeFloyd Peaceful Protests in Downtown Houston
We Are! Houston’s Urban Weekly Newspaper publication that serves the African-American and Hispanic populations in the GMA of Houston, TX. In 30 years, Houston Style Magazine has grown into Houston’s most popular Urban weekly newspaper. #HoustonStyle #BLM
Live - #GeorgeFloyd Peaceful Protest in Downtown Houston from atop @TheMarquisHOU
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#antifacista #Antirracista #blackouttueday
E primeiramente, antes que digam:

“a mAs Só sE pOsiCionA qUeM qUeR”

Quando você trabalha com internet e não se posiciona publicamente, você já está se posicionando!

E é esse tipo de Influencer que fecha contratos com as empresas que vcs consomem

Mas vamos lá...
Esse aqui tem quase 6 milhões de seguidores, fez stories um tempo atrás chamando as pessoas negras que estavam frequentando o mesmo restaurante que ele de favelados, na intenção de xingamento.

E óbvio que postou a imagem preta com hashtag #blackoutuesday
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@shaunking flat out lying again today. Give me about 10 minutes I've got a thread coming for all you beuatiful people:

#BlackOutTuesday #BlackLivesMatter
Today Shaun is asking for people to volunteer their time and money for the @grassroots_law project, a project organized by @TheActionPAC
Shaun's best friend and a member of Shaun's "completely independent and unbiased" financial review panel @MeritLaw is the treasurer of @TheActionPAC. A troubling hire considering he is not an accountant by his own admission:
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#blackouttuesday isn't about silence. It's about not posting your own stuff and spreading the word. BUT this isn't a conversation for one day... it's a conversation for everyday until we all win.
We should support all creatives, business, people every single day. We should offer black people a fair crack at jobs every single day. We should call out injustice every single day. We should continue to educate ourselves on the world we live in every single day.
I have stayed quiet over the past couple of years, so its quite hypocritical of me to say this. It never should have taken this long, to get this angry or for innocent lives to be lost to say something.
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