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This critique of the #intellectual class should be required viewing before accepting a job in the academy.

The #Situationist International got a lot wrong but they got this right.


"The bourgeoisie know that they will get nothing practical but...they continue to subsidize the intellectual... who demonstrates the rewards of facts without consequence."

i.e. It's time to move from just interpreting the world to transforming it.
The intellectual "manufactures special vocabularies and new sciences to explain his impotence--posing a hundred times as many questions as he answers"

i.e. We keep busy with analysis of the world to cover up our seeming inability to change it.
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What happens when you send a journalist (who interviews a political scientist) to do a historian's job.…

And a friendly tip for @zbyronwolf...

Enslaved peoples freed themselves. Reading list is here on @BlkPerspectives…
And a second friendly tip is to next time please call @ProfMSinha on abolition and abolitionists (who she will tell you were led by enslaved peoples) and, of course, @KevinMKruse, @AustinMcCoy3, @drashleyfarmer or pretty much any 20th century historian on the party realignment.
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Poor little Dinesh.

Just as wrong & confused as ever. Activists HAVE been targeting the slaveholding legacy of Douglas for years at the University of Chicago (a place he founded in 1856). Two monuments to him there just came down.

A @KevinMKruse style dunk on Douglas/Dinesh
For me it all started here with @TheRAUC's piece on @BlkPerspectives detailing the University of Chicago's ties to slavery via Stephen A. Douglas's 3000 acre cotton plantation in Lawrence County, Mississippi.… #Twitterstorians #BlkTwitterstorians
That work was then peer-reviewed multiple times (both formally and informally) and was then published at the @JAAHistory which is the oldest and most storied academic journal for African American history in the world. Here is the full piece:
But...… @ASALH
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On Wednesday after 51 years, Harold Franklin, the student activist who integrated @AuburnU in 1964, defended his 1969 M.A. thesis w/ the unanimous approval of the faculty @Auburn_History. Hear him tell his story in confronting institutional racism & why #reparations are still due Image
Here is the first part of the M.A. defense where Dr. Franklin tells the story of why he decided to work with @NAACP attorney Fred Gray to desegregate #Auburn and the racism my department inflicted upon him while he was here.
For a longer version of the desegregation process at Auburn that contextualizes it within the wider Civil Rights Movement see Dr. Franklin in conversation with Auburn's head of Special Collections Martin T. Olliff here…
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#Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated in 2015 that "black people are oppressed, disrespected & humiliated" in the U.S. Hey all you flag-waving #American
#patriots, are you gonna let him get away with that!? Why not support #reparations to prove him wrong?…
And, yes, Khamenei is a hypocrite & has no moral authority to condemn the violent suppression of "minorities" when #Baha'is & other religious minorities in #Iran are systematically killed, jailed, excluded from society, denied passports, etc. But he ain't wrong about Black people
As #Twitterstorians and #BlkTwitterstorians know, it was this kind of geopolitical propaganda from the #USSR that shamed U.S. Cold War liberals into supporting the end of Jim Crow (long before U.S. popular opinion turned on this issue). #Reparations may come the same way. #AHA20
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"Shouldn't research be a joy?" De Rycker is deeply worried about the normalization of academic research being relentlessly talked about as a kind of torture process (see pic below). Lots going on to upack. #Twitterstorians #AcademicTwitter #ICMFS2019 Image
I wonder how much of this is related to the financial precarity that most grad student workers face and how much of it is a reflection of the culture of academia that would continue even if workers were in a more stable financial position. #AcademicTwitter
Also thinking of POC in PWIs and how much of the misery that people experience might go away if, at least for #BlkTwitterstorians if, #HBCUs were were better funded and valued in the PhD marketplace and academic job market. #icmfs2019
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I can't imagine anyone at @SmithsonianNMAI bragging about how diverse the U.S. army was in the 19th century or the 'contributions' of African Americans to the Trail of Tears, Seminole Wars, etc. #veteransday2019
Now, to be clear, this is not to flatten the complex motivations and impossible set of decisions facing Black people who decide(d) to work as armed, paid fighters for the U.S. state. We cannot reduce Black thought simply to "complicity with #American #empire." #veteransday2019
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Do not presume the legitimacy of the hierarchies you live within. They are not self-legitimizing. #Twitterstorians #BlkTwitterstorians
Robert Zimmer was appointed by a board of private capitalists at UChicago to rule over Black residents of the South Side of Chicago (via UCPD forces) with NO public oversight. Anti-democratic and totalitarian in a textbook way. @GKMC18 & @BLMChi are justified in overthrowing him
Let's call these private tyrannies what they are--- Illegitimate UniverCITIES ( in the words of @ScholarsForSJ's Davarian Baldwin). Black Chicago should run the university that its ancestors built. That's what #reparations look like locally.
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Calling all #Twitterstorians, #BlkTwitterstorians, & #AcademicTwitter. Please sign and help circulate @TheRAUC's open letter regarding the University of Chicago's historical ties to slavery. Just follow the link or reply to this tweet to add your name.… Image
After two full years of marches, rallies, petitions, city hall speeches, town hall meetings, teach-ins, library exhibits, op-eds, conference papers, workshops, etc., etc. the University of Chicago's administration still refuses to even discuss its historical ties to slavery.
This is despite the fact that @TheRAUC's findings have now gone through multiple peer reviews---publishing first on @BlkPerspectives… and then in the @JAAHistory…
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Honored to be facilitating one of #DecaturDinners historic events tonight where over a thousand residents will gather simultaneously at over 100 dinners around the city to discuss racism and the path to racial justice.
The (mostly potluck) #DecaturDinners are all being hosted & facilitated on a volunteer basis & are being intentionally engineered to make sure that each of them is as diverse as possible. Most of them will have about 10 participants. I dig the cost model & decentralized structure
#DecaturDinners will start with a performance piece by @OutofHandATL and then flow into a shared meal were total strangers who live in the same community will have a chance to open up to one another about racism and how its complex iterations effect their daily lives.
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A very nice critique by @TonyaWithAPen. I was just writing to @THEWILLTHOMAS today about the need to always think in both/and terms as it relates to mixed race Black people and interracial sexuality. But, beyond that, even the both/and (i.e. binaries) need to be interrogated...
'Privilege and 'oppression are themselves fluid categories that mixed people not only vacillate between but also experience simultaneously when the distinctions between the two become fuzzy (which is often). For example, in Cayton and Drake's seminal study of Black Chicago...
they found that light skinned Black men would experience employment discrimination when applying for physically demanding manual labor jobs. White employers reasoned they weren't as strong as their dark skinned brethren. Oppression/privilege just doesn't work here as a framework.
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