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As some of us celebrate the #Soviet victory over Nazism, let us remember the filthy role of the Canadian state, before, during and after #WWII. Prime Minister King, a vicious anti-Semite, was the most pro-appeasement leader in the British Empire, and was fond of Hitler Image
The Canadian state's interest in WWII was to use the war to whip up #nationalism and stamp out #socialist organizing at home, and to defend British #imperialism abroad. The Canadian state was happy to take on a founder of the Nazi Party, Otto #Strasser, as a political advisor. Image
Strasser's plan was to stage a #coup, so that the #Allies could cut a deal with the 'good Nazis.' But Strasser was a fraud, and only reluctantly, when no 'good Nazis' could be found to cut a deal with, did the Allies invade. The cream of the Nazi army was defeated by the #Soviets Image
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An upcoming conference in Washington DC on April 25th and 26th puts paid to all the phony claims which American imperialism has put forward about #NATO's war aims in Russia. The conference posits building no less than 41! 'post-Russian' petty states! 1/7…
Who ARE these people?
Right-wing Lithuanian non-entity Andrius Almanis has latched on to a sinecure called #WWIII.
Rafis Kashapov, a Tatar separatist based in Kiev, has his sights on Mordovia, Chuvashia, Mari El, Udmurtia & Bashkortostan, via his CIA-backed 'Free Idel-Ural' 2/7 Image
Pavel Mezerin schemes to create a micro-state called 'Free Ingria' in the St Petersburg region, which would essentially serve Finnish (NATO) interests.
Inna Kurochkina is a Ukrainian who advocates Chechen separatism, under the postmodernist umbrella of 'decolonization.' 3/7 Image
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🧵 Why the war in 🇺🇦 #Ukraine?

Beyond the #propaganda of war which makes us more stupid than we are, let us rather analyse the deep reasons of this fratricidal war.

#WarInUkraine #RussianUkrainianWar Image
1. First of all, let's leave aside any #TikTok analysis, in a #war it's always about desecrating the enemy, making him more horrible than he really is.

Ukraine is not full of Neo #Nazis, and the #Russian army is not a bunch of rapists — You won’t believe it? but it’s true.
2. Also, it’s not a language or culture war, all these micro societal fights have strictly no interest.

This is only a question of geopolitical / geographical position of #Ukraine in the world — and nothing else.

To be more convinced of this, let's go back a bit.
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On Feb 27, we will take to the streets in 🇩🇪 and in front of German embassies worldwide!
This day marks the 70th anniversary of the debt cancellation 🇩🇪 received after #WW2 in the #LondonAgreement.
Here is a little history lesson that you may not have heard in school:
Post-war 🇩🇪 was a heavily indebted country:
there was pre-war debt, consisting of outstanding reparation payments from WW1 & private debts of German banks & companies (standstill debt), the amount of the debt made by the Nazi Government (Konversionskasse) and post-war debt👇[2/18
Bear in mind that the #DeNazification of 🇩🇪 was never properly done: major powerful figures from the Third Reich remained in influential political & economic positions after the war, and were able to build their businesses also due to the outcome of the #LondonAgreement.👇[3/18]
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There was and is a paradox, if not absurdity, in the long slowness and continuing partiality of #WesternEurope's decision to provide #Ukraine with #mainbattletanks (#MBTs). /1
@Konflikt_Sicher @GSPSipo @EPC_CPE_News @UA_22_Ukraine @H__Ukraine @StimmeUkraine @DUF_Forum @CPD_UA @worldoftanks @AugenGeradeaus These vehicles - more so than most other conventional military technology - were once built and commissioned for a potential fight against Moscow's #imperialism in #Europe - rather than for usage against other potential enemies or for peace-keeping missions around the world. /2
Then, the moment came for these machines to be used for what they had been initially constructed and purchased - rather than being, as hitherto, simply decommissioned and scrapped. /3

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🇺🇸⚡️According to official data from the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a government institution of the United States, the American army has launched 469 foreign interventions since 1798.
#usa #ukraine #ukrainewar #usawarmongers #imperialism #unitedstates
This includes 218 interventions between 1798 and 1990, and 251 interventions between 1991 and 2022. The data shows that since the end of the Cold War in 1991, the number of American military interventions abroad has significantly increased.
The report does not include secret actions or the numerous events in which US forces have been stationed abroad since WWII. It also excludes the deployment of American military forces against indigenous peoples as part of the violent process of colonial expansion westward.
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My latest: #Zizek rose to fame promoting pomo radlib theory against Marxism, claiming #communism is “the worst catastrophe in the history of humanity." No wonder he’s the (capitalist) world’s most famous “Marxist”! 🧵 1/7
#Marxism #Marx…
Opposed to #socialism in #Yugoslavia, #Zizek wrote for a ‘dissident’ mag accused of being CIA. He founded the
*LibDem* Party & ran for Pres against the communists, advocating for privatizations: “more capitalism would mean more social security” (sic). 2/7
The Eastern liberal was for pro-West civil society & against the Yugo. state when the latter was socialist, whereas he was against civil society & for the state when the latter turned capitalist (& sought membership in capitalist & imperialist orgs like the EU & NATO). 3/7
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Belgium's Hidden Holocaust in the Congo

This is the story of how Belgium’s Leopold II colonised, exploited, murdered, enslaved and maimed the people of the Congo - and how Brussels’ dark past is catching up with it today.

#DRCongo #Holocaust #Belgium
Between 1885-1908, Belgium’s King Leopold II was responsible - directly or indirectly - for the deaths of 10-15mn people, in what’s today known as the Democratic Republic of Congo.

#imperialism #colonialism #history #kingleopoldII
Belgium joined the Scramble for Africa in the late 1800’s. Leopold colonised the Congo while maintaining that it was a civilising mission to spread Christianity.

#Africa #colonialism #Belgium #Congo
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“We did not choose the past.”

President Macron wants to distance himself from France's colonial past. However, the crimes committed in Algeria over a period of 132 years have not been forgotten and Paris still does not want to apologise.
During Algeria’s war of independence (1954 - 1962), 1.5-million Algerians lost their lives seeking freedom.

#Africa #Colonialism #imperialism #IndependenceDay
In 1945 in Setif, French troops massacred 45,000 unarmed Algerians under the command of General Raymond Duval.

#Macron #massacre #raymondduval #setif
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"Sectional feeling no longer holds back the love we feel for each other. The old flag again waves over us in peace with new glories.” Those words were spoken by #President #McKinley during a speech in #Atlanta #OTD in 1898 only four days after the end of the Spanish American War.
By 1898, the #LostCause narrative of the #CivilWar had made much headway in the minds of white Americans, North and South. The #JimCrow South was emerging by the late 19th century and was accompanied by a tidal wave of white supremacist terrorism.
McKinley's message of reunion was only meant for white Americans. Only a month earlier white terrorists violently overthrew #Wilmington, #NorthCarolina's biracial government, killing hundreds of Black Wilmingtonians in the process.…
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Good morning Twitter! I'm back! Profile and DMs are fully restored. Now to share with you the images that seem to have got be banned (when Tweeted in a thread including a right wing Ukrainian journalist at the Kiev Post who had blocked me for tweeting our wsws article on Ukraine)
The jorno took offence to my characterization of Ukrainian nationalism as being dependent upon world #imperialism. But facts are facts. Here's a primary source - from the WWII report of the Vice US Consul to #Poland about the tight relationship between #OUN-M and the #Nazis.
Next, a declassifed 1946 #CIA secret history of the #Ukrainian #Nationalists since #WWI, used to brief the OSS in 1946 about possible recruitment of #Ukrainian ex-Nazis into the OSS, later the #CIA. #OUN was subordinate to #German #military #intelligence since the early 1920s.
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1/29. 📜NEW BRIEF: Today we launch “PASSED THE POINT OF NO RETURN: A Non-Economic #LossAndDamage (#NELD) Explainer” covering what #NELD is, why and how it happens, where it happens, who is most affected, and importantly, how we can respond.

🔗Get it here:…
2/29. The brief begins with a foreword by @UNFCCC NELs Expert Group Member @IrfanUllahCDO, who highlights that Non-Economic #LossAndDamage has been largely overlooked in climate negotiations and that urgent action is needed to address #NELD happening now e.g. The #PakistanFloods.
3/29. Then @DLodry of @LossDamageYouth shares the powerful story of his lived experience of Non-Economic #LossAndDamage in #Cameroon called "The Tears Of A Village River And Its Population" which tells how climate-intensified #Drought can lead to a loss of #Culture and #Identity.
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Russia keeps claiming that Ukraine is going to nuke Russia. M Zakharova even said its going to be made to look like a Russian weapon. Lavrov took these allegations to his counter parts in the UK, US and France by phone. All three used diplo-speak to tell him to get bent. Then
called Stoltenberg to alert him. The diplo-speak we got of the read out translates to: Chumprov is gonna find out real quick. I am sure there were more calls. No doubt Xi or his FM got several. Lavrov begging for support and western FM's asking if Xi really wants to preside over
China poisoned with the fallout of Russia's war. Interestingly, after NATO laughed in his face Lavrov vowed to take the issue to the UN. DO IT!: Show the receipts! He can't of course. Ukraine does not have "dirty bombs" and has asked the IAEA to do an emergency inspection of its
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When replying to the Kleptogradians I think its important to stay on message. Kleptograd is engaged in a war of #genocidal colonial #imperialism. I don't go down rabbit holes with them when they try and turn livestock check stations and pathology clinics with military biolabs.
I don't really engage at all with any of the various and ever changing whatabouts they throw around. They already know it's all bullshit and that is the point. They want the debate and use it as an opportunity to sow confusion. It also fits with their world view that those who
answer questions are weak. A worldview that if you think about it perfectly serves the cabal of corruptiods at the top. No one dares question the graft, corruption and incompetence and meekly accept the shit sandwiches fed to them. The more outlandishly served up the more they
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Clausewitz said, in his famous work “On War” (as often cited as it is little read), that war is the continuation of diplomacy by other means, well it says a lot more things, but i will keep just a few as i do not wanna write too long.
In his chapter 1, Clausewitz refers that "war constitutes... an act of force that is carried out to force the adversary to comply with our will." War, therefore, is a duel of wills, which, in itself, is not enough, since wanting is one thing and power is another.
Does not intervene who wants but who can, as it is said in #InternationalLaw

To impose our will, we need resources, in an amount that exceeds what our adversary can muster, first of all energy.
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"We may need to develop techniques to ensure deep learning models won’t have dangerous goals, before they are powerful enough to be transformative." -- Ajeya Cotra…
What COVID Hospitalization Numbers Are Missing - The Atlantic…
#COVID19, #CaseCount, #HealthcareWorkers, #JobBurnout, #HospitalizationCount
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Here is a terrible, truly terrible, piece on #Georgia in @jacobin magazine. I won’t link to it, it's not worth your time, other than to show just how truly deluded many socialists in the US are, in making excuses for the #SovietUnion & #Russia. 1/n
That part really deserves attention and key takeaway: don’t trust a *single* paragraph of what you read in #Jacobinmag, if you do not know the issue yourself. (hello @DemSocialists) CC @ichbinilya @GilbreathDustin 2/
"Since the end of the Soviet Union, Western-oriented development has not only failed to address Georgia’s problems but reinforced them." With all these falsehoods, one doesn't even know where to begin. 3/n
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African Internationalism discussing Russia/Ukraine struggle as part of negating #colonial #capitalist narrative being spread to paint Russia as aggressor while exposing the US & other European imperialist powers role as instigator/orchestrator of crisis:

"It is no secret that White Power is working overtime to shut down any form of communication from #Russia to parts of the world - which means that most of the #propaganda churned out by the colonial capitalists goes uncontested."
"The same US #imperialism that was built on #slavery, #genocide, & colonialism, is now posturing as the moral & political authority of the world. The US colonial capital state murders African people inside the US every single day... Floyd, Locke, Taylor, & millions of others."
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The World Socialist Web Site will be posting later today a comprehensive statement on the outbreak of war in #Ukraine. This is a preliminary outline of the position of the International Committee of the Fourth International (ICFI): 1/
Despite US/NATO provocations and threats, Russia's invasion of Ukraine must be opposed by socialists and class conscious workers. The catastrophe that was set in motion by the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 cannot be averted on the basis of Russian nationalism. 2/
What is required is not a return to the pre-1917 foreign policy of tsarism, but, rather, a revival, in Russia and throughout the world, of the socialist internationalism that inspired the October Revolution and led to the creation of the Soviet Union as a workers state. 3/
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1\ Canada's experience of American #imperialism, in a nutshell: The personal agendas of opinionated Americans who don't stop to gather local context or feedback, before opining on how totalitarian our society is. Vaush is unambiguously wrong in his interpretation.
2\ I didn't see any of the people crying about the Emergency Measures Act in the streets protesting Bill C-51 with us in 2015. When your first ditch is to cry about 'state totalitarianism' on behalf of literal fascists, after decades of left-wing repression it gives up your game.
3\ I say this as someone who spent years researching and helping out with various obstructive economic actions and then spent years protesting nat sec policy in the streets and public hearings on national security. Then I spent years fighting fascists in the streets.
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Which is the greater military power: #PRC with 60,000 troops massed on India’s border(for ~2 years) or #RF with 100,000 troops massed on Ukraine border(for ~ 2 months)?
2/rus #Russian massing of troops around Ukraine is not just a message to #USA and #Europe, but also to #China and #India, not to write off its Military power & ability to use it; even though Russia’s economic power is now much less than that of USA, EU, China, India.🧐🤔
3/rus The #Russian’s have learned from the #PRC aggression against India in 2020, which rapidly lost credibility after Galwan. They have done everything to ensure that the threat of invasion is credible enough to achieve their coercive objectives without fighting.
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في الذكرى الـ55 لاستقلال جزيرة #باربادوس عن #الاستعمار_البريطاني، انفصلت الجزيرة رسمياً عن السيادة البريطانية، فجر اليوم الثلاثاء، لتصبح أحدث #جمهورية في العالم.
واستلمت #ساندرا_ميسن رئاسة الجمهورية الجديدة في حفلٍ رسمي بحضور رئيسة وزراء #باربادوس ميا موتلي والأمير البريطاني تشارلز، مجرّدةً الملكة البريطانية #إليزابيث_الثانية من منصبها كرئيسةٍ للجزيرة.
وخلال الاحتفال، رُفع علم الجمهورية الجديدة وأُنزل علم التاج البريطاني ومعه خضوع #باربادوس للسلطة البريطانية رسمياً.
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This is scandalous.

"#EmergencyUseVaccine" - as response to polio outbreaks - caused by vaccines.

Nov 13 2020: "#WHO today listed the nOPV2 vaccine for emergency use to address the rising cases of a vaccine-derived polio strain in a # of African & E. Mediterranean countries."
"The emergency use listing, or #EUL, is the first of its kind for a vaccine & paves the way for potential listing of #COVID19 #vaccines."

Children in impoverished/destabilized countries are given an oral vaccine - discontinued in wealthy countries decades ago.

Aired on CBC, 44 yrs ago.

Dr. Jonas #Salk, July 6, 1977:

"We have known now since 1961 in the US, and prior to that in other countries, that the live virus #vaccine for #polio, does cause the disease itself." 👇

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"#Imperialism is driven by the pressure of #capital for external fields of investment. The recurrent crises of overproduction & subsequent diminution of profits & stagnation of capital leads to ever-increasing pressure to expand markets & territories."

#Biotech #EmergingMarkets
January 28, 2019, Imperial College, World Economic Forum partner, Davos.

The question to "global leaders": "How can we lead a #vaccine revolution?" (Twitter, March 16, 2019)

#4IR #Biotech #WEF
January 2021, TIME, double issue. "The #Vaccine #Revolution" has arrived.

TIME - owned by Marc Benioff, CEO/founder of #Salesforce. World Economic Forum Board of Trustees. Inaugural Chair, Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, San Francisco.

#WEF #4IR #Biotech
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