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#France and #Macron deserve a thread in the context of #Ukraine, #Russia and beyond.

- First, some historical context: France, just like #Britain, is a declining power. This process started with the loss of colonies after the World War 2.

🧵 ...

- A clear geopolitical shift happen with the Suez Crisis in 1956, which marked the emergence of #USA and #USSR as the world powers.

- #France also experienced a humiliating military defeat by #Germany during the World War 2. That shaped rather pretentious politics of ...

.. Charles de Gaulle, who tried to restore the French power with dissenting views vis-a-vis #Americans and #British (or the "collective Anglo-Saxons"). In 1966, #France withdrawn from the #NATO's military command.

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“Myth 9 – The #USSR and the #Third #Reich were Not #Allies from 1939–1941” Image
“The Essence of the #Myth

The #Soviet #Union never was an ally of #Nazi #Germany and in those cases where joint actions took place, this was motivated by #political and #military necessity.”
“Fast #Facts

This was not so much myth as taboo. The cooperation of the #USSR and the #Third #Reich was not written about in #Soviet textbooks or encyclopedias and was even circumvented in academic writings.
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“The Essence of the #Myth

The policy of the #USSR before the #Second #World #War only included support for world peace and stopping #Hitler’s aggression.
Only because of the West’s rejection of #Moscow’s peace proposals was the #Soviet leadership forced to conclude the #Molotov#Ribbentrop Pact in order to win some time and postpone the beginning of the #war.”
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‘The Essence of the #Myth

Terms: the name “#Great #Patriotic #War of the #Soviet People against #German-#Nazi Invaders” meant the unified fight against the enemy-adversary for the united Soviet Fatherland and was the only correct historical terminology.’
‘Fast Facts

The “#Great #Patriotic #War” – is the ideologically branded #Soviet name for the armed conflict between the #USSR and #Germany from 1941–1945, a component of the #Second #World #War.
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“The Essence of the #Myth

In the #Soviet #Union, #Victory #Day has always been the most important holiday.”
‘Fast Facts

#Victory #Day, as a national holiday and non-working day, was introduced in the #USSR in May #1945. However, in December 1947, it ceased to be a national holiday. Until 1965, there were no special events conducted on 9 May.
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Was lend-lease agreement a significant factor for #USSR victory over Nazi Germany? #ChatGPT #OpenAIChatGPT (1/5)
The Lend-Lease agreement was a significant factor in the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany, although it is not the sole factor. (2/5)
However, it is worth noting that the Lend-Lease program was not the only factor that contributed to the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany. (3/5)
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Another weekend beckons, but every day is the same on the frontline in #Ukraine.

Welcome to Daily thread number 436 of #Russia's illegal invasion.

If you like these threads please consider buying me ☕️ see my bio for the link. It's been a really tough slog this week.
A quieter start to the day than the last couple, which have been crazy to be honest and back to the bad old days of a year ago in #Ukraine.

If you missed something yesterday, click and scroll through yesterday's thread right here:

The UK's daily intel report inspects the rails of #Russia after the spate of sabotage attacks recently. These attacks far more believable than the pantomime drone strike on the Kremlin.

#StopRussia Image
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America’s efforts to block oil & gas pipelines from #Russia date back to #JFK, who pressured #NATO allies into an embargo of the Friendship pipeline in 1962.

This 2019 Radio Free Europe article on #NordStream2’s construction is quite telling indeed……
#JFK’s 1962 embargo on oil pipes and pipeline technology marked a foundational decision that became a template for future #USSR-USA conflicts, as shown by the embargo on pipeline technologies in the early 1980s by Ronald #Reaganʼs government to halt the Trans-Siberian pipeline.
Let’s go back to the summer of 1961, when — in the words of US delegates at #NATO — the main discursive line was that European countriesʼ Soviet oil & gas trade was allegedly imperiling the security the entire Western bloc.

The Friendship pipeline was a threat, the U.S. said.
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Even now, many pages in the history of the Soviet Union remain a mystery.

Documents released shortly before the dissolution of the #USSR confirmed that many of its statesmen, politicians, diplomats, as well as military and intelligence officers, had been born in #Ukraine. Image
In the very first years of the Soviet Union’s existence, Ukrainian Bolsheviks played an important role in building what became the world's largest ever state.

They engaged in the ‘Ukrainization’ that aimed to replace Russian language and culture there during the #Stalin years.
Soviet policy allowed the Ukrainian SSR to become a fairly independent entity. Moreover, many Party officials from Ukraine held key positions in the USSR right up until its collapse.

This thread seeks to explore what influence Ukrainians had on the Soviet Union’s development.
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Although foreign movies were censored in the #USSR, Josef #Stalin was known to love American cinema — especially cowboy Westerns — which he screened in his private theatre.

His favorite actor? John Wayne.

Here’s Stalin’s Top 5 Hollywood films 🎥:…
Even more than westerns, #Stalin loved movies about #Tarzan, which came to #Russia after the war as part of the so-called “trophy movies” – copies of over 17,000 movies stored in the Third Reich’s vaults.
Stalin wrote that:

“Tarzan… is a movie about a man that escapes the horrors of the capitalist world by fleeing to the jungle, where he finds freedom and happiness.”
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The late Soviet leader Mikhail #Gorbachev warned — echoing President #Eisenhower — that the “greatest danger to the world is the military industrial complex.”

The first concentration camp: #Thalerhof — where thousands of Russians (and those merely suspected of Russian allegiance) were tortured, starved, and murdered in #WWI.

My full interview with Russia's Ambassador to the United Nations, Dmitry Polyanskiy @Dpol_un.

Posted in 3 parts. (See thread for links)

Part 1: End of the #ColdWar: #Reagan, #Gorbachev, Perestroika, Winds of Change, the fall of the #USSR.…
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In one year anniversary of the barbaric Russian invasion of #Ukraine, this brought me back to the time I was in #Russia. Years before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. I paid my visit to the Winter Palace in St Petersburg, previously known as Petrograd. 🧵
It was modelled after #France's Versailles, so, it has its unique elements. My visit started at the main gate of the Palace, where I tried to understand why Russians want to build everything big.
I looked at rooms within the Palace, where I found every room was distinct from one another. My tour guide said that, it is a tradition by Russian Tsars to leave everything separated. That's how they organised their palace, artifacts, books, etc.
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Exactly 40 years before the U.S. blew up the #Nordstream pipelines, the CIA blew up another pipeline carrying natural gas from #Russia to #Europe.

This thread is about the Trans-Siberian pipeline sabotage of 1982 -- the largest non-nuclear explosion ever on Planet Earth.
Thomas Reed, senior US national security official, claims in his book “At The Abyss” that the U.S. allowed the USSR to steal pipeline control software from a Canadian company. This software included a Trojan Horse that caused a major explosion of the Trans-Siberian gas pipeline.
The Trojan ran during a pressure test on the pipeline but doubled the usual pressure, causing a tremendous explosion.
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Today during the new phase of #UkraineRussiaWar, I'll talk about why Nordic, Eastern Europeans and Central Asians want #Russia to be disintegrated, and how pro-Russian supporters seek to undermine these narratives. Thread. 🧵 Image
The map of Russia is very big. Including the Kaliningrad exclave, Russia borders 13 countries on land and one country at the sea. However, Tsarist and Soviet conquests also led to Russia having some sort of influence beyond the border. Image
Being an inland empire, Russia expanded via land, a different compared to typical Western maritime empires. And Russia has, for a long time, treated its colonies in a brutal, repressive manner. ImageImageImageImage
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How did Ukranian #Nazi collaborators and war criminals become regarded as “heroes” both in modern day #Ukraine and the entire Western world?

In this thread we will unpack the strange mythology Ukranians (and their Western intelligence handlers) created to cover-up their crimes. Image
This thread is sourced from a Graduate History Thesis published in October 2022 by Liam Hilferty, University of Vermont.

His thesis is 150 pages long. I will summarize it here with highlights and provide a link at the end for further reading.

Let us begin… 🧵 Image
Hilferty’s interest in writing his Graduate Thesis on the #NazisInUkraine began when he saw this tweet from the Russian Embassy of #Canada 🇨🇦 in Oct. 2017: Image
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My favorite weekend binge-watch for the past 3 weekends.

The Unknown War, made in 1978 by Burt Lancaster — with the full cooperation of the Soviet Union — was a 20-part documentary about The Great Patriotic War against the #Nazis.

Well worth a watch!…
The documentary was shown in both the United States (on @PBS stations) and the #USSR.

The above series is how it looked on Soviet TV (English version). ☝️
The story behind “The Unknown War” is as interesting as the documentary itself.

I tell the backstory in this thread.🧵 👇🏽
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Day 353 of the war in Europe.
#Ukraine fights for a nation, for liberty, in the name of democracy.
#Russia fights for a small man in a bunker breaking, committing war crimes.

Here's yet another daily🧵 all the news in one place.

If you want to support:
Yesterday there was a lot of action, with the day beginning and ending with more aerial weapons fired on #Ukraine.

You can flick through all/any of the news right here. Click and scroll for Friday's stories:

The drone attack last night appears to have done no damage, with all 20 suspected #Iran-made Shahid drones shot down by #Ukraine air defence.
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If you need a reminder (or know someone who does) of why #Russia invaded #Ukraine in the first place, my friend @tjmac87 is live-streaming #Putin's Speech from Feb 21 2022 right now, with an accurate English translation!

Tune in here 👇🏽…
Here #Putin is tracing the roots of the current war, back to what he considers #Lenin’s fateful error:

Making concessions to the Ukrainian nationalists (who fought for an independent #Ukraine during the Civil War) when #Ukraine joined the #USSR in 1922.
From my own research into this period of history, Putin is absolutely correct.

Lenin should have known the types he was dealing with — evil monsters, out to destroy #Russia — after all he’d seen from them between 1917-21.

They’d be back 20 years later, w/ Germany’s backing!
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In the September 8, 1919 New York Times, the president of the Ukrainian Association of Jews warned US President Woodrow Wilson of the coming genocide that had already begun in #Ukraine.

He correctly predicted the exact number — 6 million — who would die in the #Nazi #Holocaust.
These crimes of 1918-19 were not committed against Ukrainian Jews by Germans.

They were committed BY Ukrainian nationalists who over the next 2 decades would join forces with Nazi Germany.

This was the forgotten Holocaust before the Holocaust.

200,000 Jews were slaughtered between 1917-21 in #Ukraine — by any metric, a genocide.

Yet these pogroms are not even talked about by the #Holocaust Museums in the United States and Jerusalem.

It is vitally relevant to what happened in #WWII, and in today’s #UkraineRussiaWar.
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It's Sunday 29 January, but also Day 340 of #Russia's war on its peaceful neighbour.

It's been a crazily busy evening. Both in #Ukraine and #Iran.

Welcome to the daily thread. Here's the link if you need a catch-up on yesterday's events:

Also, I ended up doing a separate thread on #Iran where drones, explosions, fires and earthquakes were all to the fore.

Here's where I tried to keep track of what is/was going on:

One of the big developing stories last night was the alleged attack on occupied #Ilovaisk.

In 2014 unarmed #Ukraine soldiers, given "safe passage" by #Russia were ruthlessly gunned down in Ilovaisk.

This video supposedly shows some of the 7 HIMARS strikes on the train station.
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Things you weren’t taught in school:

Who Did #Hitler Hate More Than Jews?


The #Nazis killed 26 MILLION #communists in the #USSR.

It makes 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust look small by comparison.

Anti-#communism is #fascism.…
You can always count on a post like this to draw the racists, #fascists, and Neo-#Nazis out of the woodwork…
As society becomes increasingly politically polarized, let’s hope that we don’t resort back to #Nazi savagery where humans were imprisoned, tortured, and mass-murdered for their POLITICAL beliefs.

#NeverForget. This could happen again.
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On this 80th anniversary of the turning point of #WWII — it’s a great time to watch this series.

#Leningrad #Russia #Nazis
This is the only American Cold War era documentary series I’ve ever seen that does not demonize the Soviets, or make Stalin into Lucifer.

Burt Lancaster spared no expense on research and made sure this 20-part documentary was accurate in every detail.
The footage you see here was edited from over 3.5 million feet of film taken by Soviet camera crews from the first day of the war during Operation Barbarossa on 22 June 1941 through August 1945.

Most of these films have never been seen outside this documentary series.
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(1/23) This thread is mainly addressed to my #German followers, but it could also be interesting for those who always wanted to know how Germany could become the most culturally leftist country on the European continent. Accordingly, this thread is a #political #commentary by me.
(2/23) It is about the historical personality of the first post-war chancellor, Konrad Adeneauer. I also would like to finally dispel a myth that still plagues German conservatives, by which I do not mean recationaries, but all those who do not want to destroy their own country.
(3/23) This myth is the myth of the "good old", #50s and #60s, #CDU (Christian Democratic Party) and the question of what role a post-war #Germany could have played if #Adenauer and his party had not made completely wrong decisions about essential political directions.
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