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This is my 129th daily thread on #PutinsWar

The killing continues: #Ukraine still under real pressure in the eastern #Donbas region, but signs that the US supplied weapons in particular are beginning to cause real problems for #Russia.

All the news, all day, right here⬇️
#Mykolaiv came under heavy attack in the early hours this morning. We are still awaiting full details.

At least 8 missiles were launched by #Russia's army. Some landed in #Nikolaev according to the mayor
Although it's Day 129 of this thread and the full invasion, please remember this war started over 8 years ago.
In two weeks it will be the 8th anniversary of the MH17 massacre when 300 were murdered by #Russia. Had we acted decisively then, we wouldn't need to spend billions now.
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Bitter Facts:
- #Ahmed Shah #Massoud gave safe passage to #USSR invading troops into #Afghanistan in exchange for money.
- #ASM had a major role in the bombing of #Kabul during civil war.
- ASM used #opium to fund his fight against #Taliban, dubbed by US gov as druglord
- #ASM kept asking #CIA for weapons and endorsement of his resistance and then settled for being paid for spying on Bin Laden.

No, these facts can’t be countered by listing what Hekmatyar did. Everyone seems to remember that. This is to counter selective readings of history.
I refuse to engage in these arguments most of the time because it generates more hate than solve much but it’s important to not be unjust to history. You don’t see me cursing or cussing at him. He was an imperfect figure as are most that #Afghanistan has had.
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@martoiu It is realism is also knowledge and insight..religion is not.
Sadly Velina Tchakarova @vtchakarova took the wrong turn some time #EU recently. As this conflict already started end 1990's and is another egocentric nationalistic #project, like #Afghanistan and>
@martoiu @vtchakarova >#Iraq of nationalistic governments of the #US and #buddy #UK against both #Russia and the #EU(!). Colleague Velina is also totally wrong about #Putin's #Russia #Europe vision. As presented by him in #DerSpiegel in 2010, and earlier elsewhere, and embraced>…
@martoiu @vtchakarova >by then president #Sarkozy, chancellor #Merkel, president #Macron and other governments and leaders in the #EU then and later. And(!) also after #Crimea #occupation and #annexation in 2014 and #Donbass occupation. Any expert like colleague Velina can figure what an #EU-#Russia>
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1/7 Δεν είναι βέβαια η 1η σύρραξη στην Ευρώπη μετά τον Β' Παγκόσμιο, όπως παπατζίδικα μας είπαν, αλλά είναι ο 1ος μεγάλος & ο ακήρυχτος 1ος proxy (υβριδικός) παγκόσμιος. Πολεμά όλο το #ΝΑΤΟ τη #Russia στο έδαφος τής "εγώ δεν ήξερα" #Ukraine, ως τώρα & όχι 100%, γιατί οβίδες >>>
2/7 πέφτουν πλέον & σε ρωσικό έδαφος, ενώ & το έδαφος της #Poland είναι ενεργά & ευθέως εμπλεκόμενο, το δε της #Belarus ίσως ανομολόγητα, με επίσημες διαψεύσεις από την ηγεσία της. Πολλές ευχές να μην εξελιχθεί σε Γ' Παγκόσμιο, γιατί εκεί δεν έχει "εγώ δεν ήξερα", "δεν κατάλαβα">
3/7 Είναι ταυτόχρονα ένας ακόμη εμφύλιος μεταξύ Σλάβων, ένας ακόμη ρωσοπολωνικός για την επιρροή επί των ουκρανικών εδαφών & ένας ρωσοβρετανικός για τον έλεγχο του Εύξεινου Πόντου. Επειδή ένας προβεβλημένος κάφρος είπε ότι τελείωσε η Ιστορία, δεν χρειάζεται να "τσιμπάμε" κιόλας >
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65 Arsenal - a storage base for #artillery and #rocket ammunition built in 1918 in #Balakleya to supply the #RedArmy. After the collapse of the #USSR , the arsenal was handed over to the #Ukrainian Armed Forces. The #Russian Army has taken control of the arsenal.
This is being reported as one of the largest heavy artillery storages in all of #Ukraine
#Russia posting imagery of Enormous quantity of ammunition left behind by retreating #Ukrainian forces at #Balakleya .
I had written about the prepositioning of such stores by #Ukraine much earlier . ImageImageImageImage
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On 23Dec.1947,Stalin signed a resolution by the Council of Ministers of the USSR on the resettlement of Azerbaijani kolkhoz members and other Azerbaijanis from the Armenian SSR to the lowlands of the Kur & Araz rivers.On 10Mar.1948,a further resolution on resettlement was signed.
Textual study of the #resolutions by the Council of Ministers of the #USSR shows that they had complete disregard for #human and civil #rights. #Azerbaijanis were removed, not from certain territories, as stated, but from the whole of #Armenia.
It becomes clear that the aim was to oust all #Azerbaijanis from #Armenia. According to the last, 11th, Article of the #resolution dated 23 December 1947, it was intended to settle foreign #Armenians in Armenia in place of the deported #Azerbaijanis.
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NEW: I asked three naval warfare experts what the @USNavy should learn about the #Ukrainians sinking the #Moskva with a pair of cruise missiles. Here is what they told me, via @BreakingDefense. 🧵(1/12)…
Let’s set the scene. The Pentagon’s stated “pacing threat” right now is #China. These lessons are all in the context of what would happen if the worst happened & two world superpowers came to blows in the South China Sea. (2/12)…
First, cruise missiles are cheap & #China has plenty, says @CollinSLKoh. As the #Ukrainians demonstrated, a weaker force can focus their salvos. If they score one good hit, the ship may be out of action, even if it's not sunk outright. (3/12)…
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Πάμε ένα Θρεντ :
Το 1991 οι Γιέλτσιν/Γκορμπατσόφ/Πούτιν κτλ. διέλυσαν την #ΕΣΣΔ και αποκατέστησαν την κεφαλαιοκρατία,παρά το συντριπτικό αποτέλεσμα υπέρ της διατήρησης της #USSR στο ιστορικό δημοψήφισμα της 17/3/1991.
Ενώ το 1993 κατεπνιξαν με τα Τάνκς λαϊκή εξέγερση στην Μόσχα.
Ή παλινόρθωση του καπιταλισμού έφερε ξανά στην επιφάνεια τον εθνικισμό.
Ή αμερικανοκίνητη
"πορτοκάλι επανάσταση" του 2004 έφερε την εργαλειποίηση του νεοναζισμού απο τις δυτικές δυνάμεις.
Όι δυνάμεις αυτές ανέτρεψαν με την αδρά χρηματοδότηση της Δύσης εκλεγμένη κυβέρνηση το 2014
φέρνοντας στην προεδρία της #Ουκρανιας μία σειρά απο ανδρείκελα (#Γιατσενιουκ #Ποροσενκο #Ζαλενσκι κτλ.) αχυράνθρωπους των #ΗΠΑ του #ΝΑΤΟ της ευρωπαϊκής ένωσης.
Πού κυβερνούν/καταδυναστεύουν την #Ουκρανία μέχρι σήμερα.
Και είναι οι κύριοι υπεύθυνοι για το μακελειό που γίνεται.
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#UkraineWar #NWO

Henry Makow Ph.D.

Headlines for March 26, 2022 -- Your Leaders Want You Dead!

(#NATO promised the #USSR it would not expand to the East)

Your leaders want you dead!
And many of you are OK with that!…
The (World Economic Forum) wants to kill 6-7 billion "useless eaters."

'In case their "#vaccines" don't work, they're hoping Russia will do the job. They're poking the Russian bear, hoping to provoke a nuclear war.
They're supplying weapons to #Ukraine to kill Russian soldiers. They're also trying to cripple #Russia economically by stealing her money and blocking her markets.'
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#UkraineWar #Terror


In this way, Ukrainian neo-Nazism gradually penetrated Ukrainian society.
2/ The first video shows Ukrainian politician Irina #Farion, who was a member of the Ukrainian parliament in 2012-2014. Incidentally, Irina Farion was a member of the Communist Party in the #USSR (1987-1991).
3/6 In 2010, she came to the kindergarten and taught children to call their names correctly in Ukrainian. Those who called them incorrectly (in Russian) were advised to "go to Moscow". The children's parents felt that their children had been insulted and sued Irina #Farion.
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[Thread on the #EU/#NATO and deterrence] I keep hearing that an empowered EU, through Article 42.7 in the Treaty of Lisbon, could replace or complement @NATO’s Article 5. Anyone who thinks this is living in a dangerous fantasy world. Here’s why... [1/13]
If boiled down, Article 5 is a security guarantee issued ultimately by #NATO’s nuclear powers (🇺🇸🇬🇧🇫🇷) to the rest of the alliance. The guarantee is this: if you attack NATO, we will inflict unacceptable damage on you, even if you can do the same to us... [2/13]
Without a shadow of a doubt, nobody can afford to make a nuclear power desperate – especially not a nuclear-armed peer. It doesn’t really matter that #Russia or the #US have more weapons than the #UK and #France. The latter can wipe out most enemy population centres... [3/13]
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While I continue to hope for regime change in #Russia, I worry about what may come in the weeks ahead absent more Western military intervention. If it comes down to some form of a settlement, a #thread of #maps to contemplate in the days ahead / 1
First, #geopolitics of Russia. Southern and Eastern border protected by mountains. Ural mtns separate Moscow from inner lands. Hard to navigate Northern seas in the Artic. Historically, least protected on Western or S. Western border (Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Nazis) / 2
In thinking about historical Russian view of security on Western borders, consider a “line” from St. Petersburg to Rostov-on-Don during 4 periods: (1) the Russian empire in 1914 /3
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I just published What is our interest in #Ukraine?

I’d like to begin this by saying something important: the attack on Ukraine is immoral and wicked, and deserves all the uproar that has accompanied it from wherever.
Sadly, that is about where it will get.

The world of geopolitics is not a moral place, and to quote the Athenians when they sent an ultimatum to the Melians during the Siege of Melios, “the strong do what they can, and the weak suffer what they must.
Herein lies the meat of the matter from my POV: in the end, the world of international geopolitics is about might being right, not about anything else.

This is why @CondoleezzaRice could pontificate about what @KremlinRussia_E has done without irony despite her role in #Iraq.
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A thread on the #Ukraine situation. I wanna touch on the 100 year history that led to this. I wanna touch on the #USA vs #Russia talk and their military power. Will touch on the #USSR and why the cold war was lost by Russia but it never ended. Will touch on who #Putin is.
As you already know... #Ukraine is under attack from Russia right now. There is a lot of talk. A lot of ignorance and misinformation in jokes (some people genuinely believe Africa can be dragged into me..we ain't that guy!) So what's the history of Ukraine and Rus?
Ukraine goes back as far as the 9th century but the first official Ukraine Republic was formed in 1919. It's population consisted of Ukrainians, Belarusians and RUSSIANS. In 1922 when the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was formed...Ukraine was a founding member!!
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Putin remarks now airing.
#Ukraine "not just a neighbouring country to us, it is an inherent part of our history" and the modern nation was created by #Russia, according to Putin.
"We are ready to show you what actual 'de-communization' would actually mean," adds Putin.
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1. #NixonMao #rapprochement 50th ANNIVERSARY: SOME FACTS & LESSONS.
In only 50 years, everything changes. Strategic interests of two great powers aligned then as much as they clash today.
I hate threads but my blog is not out yet: here some disorderly thoughts.
2. In 1972, China needed to avert a terrestrial invasion from #USSR. The #UnitedStates was keen to gain a heavy-weight partner to checkmate #Moscow; but the long-term objective was to bring the most populous country into a rising US-led global economic order for the US to profit
3. In the following decades, the relationship was not void of tensions. However, strategic interests were important enough to save it from #TaiwanRelationsAct, #Reagan anti #communism and support for #Taiwan; #TiananmenSquare; #StraitCrisis 1995-1996; #Belgrade bombing
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1/n Thread
#Antisemitism of #USSR
Remember, once Nehru & his followers celebrated #USSR & followed it. Same followers are today throwing mud on #Netaji for alliance with Axis Powers.

Let's begin with 1919, when #Lenin brought rules of #Ukraine
2/n Two sources tell us that #Lenin said as below:

"#Jews and city dwellers on the Ukraine must be taken by hedgehog-skin gauntlets (ruled by iron fist) sent to fight on front lines and should never be allowed on any administrative positions."
3/n The sources for it are as below:
1)Time of Darkness - lit. "Dusk" by A. N. Yakovlev
2)The Unknown Lenin: From the Secret Archive, Edited by Richard Pipes

Although in public speeches, #Lenin always spoke against #Antisemitism
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Now Out in Paperback! “#China Goes to #Sea: #Maritime Transformation in Comparative Historical Perspective”…

@NavalWarCollege @ChinaMaritime is proud to publish this new version w/ @NavalInstitute @USNIBooks!

Come for the #maps, stay for the #history...
Honored to have #JonathanSpence’s endorsement:

“The maritime #history of #China has long been a neglected field..China Goes to Sea bring[s] that knowledge-gap to an end..will be an indispensable companion to those readers seeking to understand where China’s navy may be heading.”
As European #naval powers & even the @USNavy struggle with ship numbers, #China has gone to #sea.

Represents the reversal of a great historical trend that began 600 years ago, when China withdrew from the seas & European naval expansion spread Western influence around the globe.
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I do eulogize about #Lee #Kuan #Yew from time to time when one needs to seek guidance from a role model.
When asked why didn't #China collapse like the #USSR.
His reply was that the former didn't embrace #glasnost and #perestroika together like the latter did, and paid the price.
Perestroika(Restructuring) began with the Open policy in China under #Deng Xiao Peng.
Gorbachev gets all the wrong credit for its introduction in the East.
Yes, Glasnost (Openness) was a Soviet attempt to embrace human freedoms.
The Soviet Masses were shocked by it.
Chaos ensued.
Good documentaries.
Brings back my childhood memories.
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188/ns The urgent need for an Indian (conventionally armed) #Rocket #Force & associated #ISR to deter a decapitating strike by #PLARF 🧵
190/ns #National #Security #Strategy: #India's upcoming #Rocket #Force; Background, current state & future prospects 👍🏼…
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В 20-м веке коммунисты, большевики, сталинисты, коммунистические режимы, человеконенавистники убили от 80 до 100 миллионов человек.
#Bolshevism #Communism #Stalinism #USSR #Soviethistory #HistoryUSSR #Historycommunism
Преступления против человечности при коммунистических режимах…
Массовые убийства при коммунистических режимах…
Советские военные преступления…
Сравнение нацизма и сталинизма…
Красный террор
Коллективизация в Советском Союзе…
Голод 1921–1922 гг…
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امت مسلمہ میں بالخصوص پاکستانیوں میں اس وقت خوشی کی لہر دوڑ گئی جب نیوزی لینڈ کی “کافر” وزیراعظم نے صحیح بخاری و مسلم سے ایک حدیث (حوالہ نمبر ۳) دہرائی مگر پاکستانی مسلمان #طالبان کی حمایت کرتے ہوئے #افغانستان پر ساری حدیثیں بھول جاتے ہیں صرف “ہواؤ نفس” کی پیروی کرتے ہیں Image
When the Non-Muslim Prime Minister of New Zealand recited Traditions of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) from Bukhari & Muslim (ref no 3) , the whole Muslim Ummah praised her but these very Traditions are conveniently ignored by Pakistani Muslims when they support Kharijites
#Talibans Image
۱ - (۲۱ اپریل ۲۰۱۱) انصار عباسی ، کامران خان اور امجد شعیب کے نزدیک #طالبان کی فتح حق کی فتح ہے ! تو پھر یہ کیا ہے ؟ دیکھیں

حوالہ :

#Children #Women
#Afghanishtan #TTP #ETIM #CPEC #China #AlQaeda #Daish #Waziristan #KP #FATA #FATF #KabulAirport
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🤐Russia has taken things a step further in the whitewashing of the #Soviet Union by passing a new law at the instruction of Russian President Vladimir #Putin. Find out more in this thread ⬇️
The #Russian State Duma passed in second reading a bill prohibiting the equation of the purpose and actions of the USSR and Nazi Germany in #WWII, as well as denying the decisive role of the #Soviet people in the victory over fascism.
The number of cases related to “falsifying history” has been steadily growing in recent years in Russia, according to the human rights group Agora. The topics of #WWII and the role of the #USSR are traditionally the most “risky" among the cases of persecution.
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