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It's world breastfeeding week! #WBW2022
As a haematologist, the most common involvement in breastfeeding is with post-partum anticoagulation advice. DOACs have revolutionised treatment of thrombosis but @ISTH recommend they are avoided in breastfeeding. 1/
I wonder whether this is sometimes interpreted differently. Is it instead interpreted as:
"Breastfeeding is best avoided on DOACs"?
I wonder... are women are put off, or worse - are HCPs advising not to breastfeed so DOAC can be used, avoiding warfarin or injections? 2/
Breastfeeding has so many advantages for mum, baby, and for society but it is not well understood by HCPs. (…) so I really worry that this might be the case. The harm that can result from a woman who wants to breastfeed and is told she can't can be huge. 3/
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#WorldBreastfeedingWeek starts today!

If everyone strives to step up for #breastfeeding, it will become much easier!

5 #breastfeeding facts for mothers:
1⃣ Your body is ready to 🤱🏻 from the moment your 👶 is born
2⃣ 🤱🏻 lowers stress & anxiety
3⃣ 🤱🏻 sets up a 👶’s immune system for life
4⃣ 🤱🏻 fights infections
5⃣ The more you 🤱🏻 in the early days, the faster your body makes milk Image
Many women do not 🤱🏻 for as long as they would like.
Here’s how we can ALL step up for #breastfeeding mothers anytime, anywhere.

#WorldBreastfeedingWeek Image
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The world is moving backwards in efforts to eliminate hunger & malnutrition with 828 million people affected by hunger globally in 2021: UN State of Food Security and Nutrition report

An estimated 45 million children under five years old were suffering from wasting*, the deadliest form of malnutrition, which increases children’s risk of death by up to 12 times

*wasting: when children are too thin for their height
149 million children under five years old had stunted* growth & development due to a chronic lack of nutritious food in their diets, while 39 million were overweight.

*stunting: when a child is too short for their age, due to a failure to grow both physically & cognitively
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Adding my voice to the "breastmilk isn't free" conversation around the formula crisis we're suffering in case my story is at all helpful to others. #breastfeeding #pumping #formulafeeding 1/🧵
My child was born prematurely in January and spent his first three weeks in the NICU. Premature babies and NICU babies frequently have difficulty latching, and my child is no exception. 15 weeks postpartum and I have never been able to get him to latch without a nipple shield. 2/
Thus I have become an "exclusive pumper." This was not the plan, I was excited about bonding with my baby through nursing. But that quickly became impossible. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia with severe features, and had a traumatic labor and delivery. 3/
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🧵Re baby formula #shortages:
@PressSec us pediatricians cannot conjure up baby formula.
We will do whatever we can to help our patients but you and @POTUS need to own the colossal supply chain mess that now threatens babies.
@PressSec @POTUS @RogerMarshallMD @RepKimSchrier @MartyMakary @Rosemary100 @ab_peds @MedscapePeds 🧵While hospitals have been better at purchasing and distributing less formula, in an effort to encourage #breastfeeding , they still distribute a LOT of formula . Love to know how much @ahahospitals
🧵As for how baby formula and other supplies get into nursing homes, learn about #GPO, medtwitter !
GPO control supplies of the hospitals in 🇺🇸 including masks, drugs, medical devices, solutions, and.....
@CourierTimes @SenBlumenthal @ChuckGrassley…
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We need to end the narrative that breastfeeding depletes mothers. 

Breastfeeding reduces post partum haemorrhage, postnatal depression, heart attacks, strokes, dementia, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and autoimmune disease.  It's a sound investment and one most families want.
Instead we should focus attention on the midwifery crisis, overstretched GPs and health visitors, the determinants of birth trauma, gender based violence, a paternalistic medical culture, a lack of fully funded maternity leave, health and social inequality, systemic racism,
lack of flexible working, lack of high quality affordable childcare,barriers to parental leave, a gender pay gap, fuel poverty, formula poverty, food insecurity AND a society that doesn't value the caregiving that only they can give.
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What does "full spectrum" #ReproductiveRights mean?

A #MothersDay2022 educational thread.

🙅🏽‍♀️ Protect the right not to be pregnant if you don't want to be.

Did you know? Most abortions in the U.S. are obtained by PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY MOTHERS.

This: 👩🏻👩🏾‍🦱👱🏼‍♀️ not the face of abortion.
This: 🤱🏿👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩🏽‍🍼👩‍👩‍👧‍👦…
🤰🏾 Protect the right to decide if, when, how, where, and with whom to give birth

Did you know? Pregnant people are OFTEN hospitalized, cut open, and restrained against their will, and are coerced, ignored, restrained, and shouted at.…
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[THREAD] Black and Native babies, as well as their mothers, experience worse health outcomes than their white counterparts in #NorthCarolina.

Here’s how @ncatsuaggies, the nation’s largest #HBCU, is making a difference.

#healthcare #BlackLivesMatter…
Encouraging more parents to breastfeed in the first few days and months of a child’s life can help enormously, with research showing there’s a lifetime of health benefits for both moms and babies.

But less than 2% of certified lactation consultants are Black even though research shows people respond best to health messages from those of similar backgrounds.

#northcarolina #healthcare…
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New research from @DrAimeeGrant @sara_wyn_jones @KatWilliams123 @AutisticUK @DrSchniff @Prof_AmyBrown, who reviewed Autistic people's experiences of infant feeding (breast- and formula- feeding) including healthcare support

🧵by @DrAimeeGrant… (1/11)
#Breastfeeding is encouraged because of known health benefits, but it is not easy and many parents experience challenges.

Due to differences in how Autistic people experience pain and bodily sensations, we thought that they may find breastfeeding harder. (2/11)
It's worth mentioning here that the research team was led by an Autistic woman, with two Autistic women who had experience of infant feeding themselves also part of the team. It was funded by the Research Wales Innovation Fund, part of @SwanseaUni (3/11)
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"We have been targeted with marketing from formula milk companies."

Over half of parents & pregnant women exposed to formula milk marketing, violating international standards and harming child health
-🆕 WHO, @UNICEF survey


Formula milk industry marketing techniques incl.:
💰💻 unregulated & invasive online targeting
💰 📞 sponsored advice networks & helplines
💰 🎁 promotions & free gifts
💰 🩺 practices to influence training & recommendations from health workers

STARTING SOON: How the marketing of formula milk influences our decisions on infant feeding: WHO-@UNICEF report

🗓️ Wednesday, 23 February 2022
🕙 10h00 CET

Second session:
🕔 17h00 CET


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THREAD: Individuals with access and functional needs (#AFN), such as adults with #disabilities, may have additional needs that must be considered in planning for, responding to, and recovering from a #disaster or public health emergency. This guide from:…
C = #Communication
Individuals with communication needs may speak American Sign Language (#ASL), have limited English proficiency (#LEP), use braille print or use other auxiliary aids and devices to communicate or navigate their environment...
C = #Communication (continued)...These individuals may have limited ability to hear announcements, see signs, understand messages, or verbalize their concerns. Planning for these needs ahead of a #disaster or emergency is crucial.
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Better nutrition is related to:

👧🏻 improved infant, child, and maternal health
💪🏽 stronger immune systems
🤰🏽 safer pregnancy and childbirth
🩺 lower risk of illnesses such as #diabetes and cardiovascular disease
🏃🏾‍♀️ improved longevity

👉 Image
The 🌍 is off track to meet 5 of 6 nutrition targets:

♦️ 1 in 3 people are affected by at least 1 form of malnutrition

♦️ Of children < 5:
🔸149.2m are stunted
🔸45.4m are wasted
🔸38.9m are overweight

♦️ Over 40% of all 👨🏽 & 👩🏼‍🦰 are overweight or obese Image
#COVID19 has fuelled the nutrition crisis, especially among women & children.

Bringing huge burdens to global systems for nutrition, including:
🩺 health
🥦 food
💙 social protection
🚨 humanitarian assistance

Here's what can be done to address this:
👉 Image
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Are you #breastfeeding? Thinking about whether to get the #COVID19 #vaccine?


This is a thread for you!

People who are breastfeeding can sometimes get forgotten in the focus on pregnancy. But your questions matter too! And I particularly want to make space to address those questions because a lot of people have contacted me, worried about one particular blog post... 2/
I'll get to that later. But let's start by saying that @RCObsGyn and @MidwivesRCM recommend the COVID vaccine if you are breastfeeding. 3/…
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Today's Department Grand Rounds: an update on COVID-19 in pregnancy.

Excellent work again from our team of local experts.

Thought some of you might be interested so here I made a long thread...

#COVID19 #vaccine #pregnancy #covid19AB
Cases of COVID-19 in pregnancy across Canada: where we are as of today October 1, 2021 👇🏻

As you can see we are hit hardest in AB/NWT (37% of all cases in the country)

Over 1100 have been in Calgary alone.

#covid19AB #pregnancy #yyc
Focussing in on Alberta cases of COVID-19 in pregnancy through the whole pandemic, the peak so far was Wave 3 however Wave 4 is proving challenging with steady numbers - over 50 new cases per day since mid August 👇🏻
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1/#pregnancy and #covidvaccine: SRO Bolton view-thread. I gave the very first #Bolton #covidvaccine in Dec 2020. I was nervous. It felt like a monumental moment for us all. We were telling people then that over 40,000 people had had the #vaccine at this point.
2/ we were also telling people they couldn’t have it if they were pregnant or planning a pregnancy. We had no reason to think it was unsafe but we had no evidence that it wasn’t. Thousands of women heard the ‘don’t have if planning pregnancy’ and believed it caused infertility.
3/ we spent weeks/ months trying to bust the infertility myth as young carers and health carers declined in the hope of a pregnancy. Pretty soon suspicion became reality that 1. Pregnant women could get really sick with Covid 2. Vaccinated pregnant women were doing just fine
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This study looked at the milk of 10 #breastfeeding people who had received an mRNA #COVID19 #vaccine. Key points...

🗝️ Anti-COVID antibodies are present in breastmilk and would be predicted to be protective.

🗝️ Minimal transfer of vaccine mRNA.

More detail below... 🧵
The finding that anti-COVID antibodies make it into breast milk after vaccination is in line with findings from at least six other studies. Too many to post one by one, but you can find links to them here, under question 7.

The finding that there is "minimal" transfer of vaccine mRNA is worth looking at in a bit more detail. What exactly do they mean by that? 3/
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Misleading claims from formula companies can confuse parents, often undermine #breastfeeding

The International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes
Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes with @DrTedros and @unicefchief

🕑 14h00-15h30 CEST

Register here

Parents can get biased advice on #breastfeeding when medical training is paid by formula companies.

The International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes
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It's another paper on #COVID19 #vaccination in #pregnancy and #breastfeeding, but with a twist...

How does being pregnant or breastfeeding affect responses to variants?

Does being pregnant or breastfeeding change T cell responses? 🧵…
The study looked at 30 pregnant, 16 breastfeeding and 57 ppl who were neither, who had been vaccinated with Moderna or Pfizer. Also 22 pregnant ppl and 6 non-pregnant ppl who had caught COVID.... 2/
They started by looking at antibody responses. Notice that we get more anti-Spike antibody in response to vaccination than natural infection.

This has been shown in other studies of COVID19 vaccination in pregnancy. 3/…
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There are already lots of studies showing that antibodies pass into breastmilk after #COVID19 #vaccination. But this new preprint looks at the properties of those antibodies in more detail, as well as reporting for the first time on T cells... 💉🤱🏿🧵…
First - in agreement with the other studies - anti-Spike IgA and IgG are found in breast milk following vaccination.

(Milk shown in purple, plasma in orange). 2/
Next, they looked at what kind of IgA it was. Is it monomeric (M) like IgA in blood? Or oligomeric (O), suggesting it is produced at a mucosal surface?

The IgA in milk is mostly oligomeric, suggesting it is produced locally in the breast. 3/
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Es hora de ir tomando nota para la próxima pandemia

Things to be learnt from COVID pandemic to prevent the next one

Thanks @HelenBranswell…
La actividad inmune humoral frente a #SARS_CoV_2 en pacientes con nefropatía sigue con muchas sombras.

Según este estudio, en pacientes con ERC, HD o traspl.renales,

✅Acl.viral ⬆️
✅Generación de Acs

❌⬇️ N
❌Grupos heterog.… ImageImage
💥💥 Preprint

UNA sola dosis de #AZvaccine o #PfizerVaccine se tradujo en ⬆️⬆️ títulos de Acs hasta 10 sem. después, incluyendo mayores.

Más datos a favor de la estrategia de UK de vacunar al mayor n° posible

👉… ImageImage
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A lot of people are asking me...

“I feel like my baby and I are coming towards the end of #breastfeeding. But I just got my #COVID19 #vaccine! Should I keep going to give my baby protection against COVID19?”

💉🤱🏾🧵 ...
(By the way, in this thread, I will say "breastfeeding" for short, but this also includes people who are giving their babies pumped breastmilk.) 2/
I have breastfed two babies myself and I know that stopping breastfeeding is *such* a personal thing. So I can’t possibly give a yes/no answer to that question. But what I can do is give you a framework for making your own decision... 3/
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I’m getting a lot of questions about #COVID19 vaccination and the menstrual cycle. Does the #vaccine affect your #period? And does that mean there will be an effect on #fertility? 💉🩸 🧵

(Short answer upfront: Maybe, and no.)
Does the #COVID19 #vaccine affect #periods? Well, a lot of people are reporting this and I like to start from a position of believing what people say about their own bodies. So I think it is likely that this is a side-effect in some people. 2/
But research is being done to find this out! I know at least 2 studies - the biggest is run by @KateClancy. You can read about her study, and participate if you want, here. Ppl who used to have periods but no longer do are also invited to participate! 3/

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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/21/2021…
The Bayeux Tapestry Gets Digitized: View the Medieval Tapestry in High Resolution, Down to the Individual Thread…

#artwork #digitization
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1/6) I am happy to share our preprint where we provide new data regarding the efficiency of Pfizer-BioNTech mRNA Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in eliciting an antibody response in breastmilk >>>
2/6) This is a product of a fruitful collaboration between Lis Maternity and Women's Hospital, Tel Aviv @SouraskyMedCtr, and the research group of Systems Immunology and Immunotechnology, The @ShmunisR @TelAvivUni >>>
3/6) We describe a cohort of #breastfeeding women who received two doses of the @BNT162b2 @PfizerBioNTech vaccine. For all participants, we collected blood and #breastmilk samples at four time points post-#VaccinationCovid (days 7, 14, 28 35) and monitored >>>
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