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Museveni Contracts COVID

Uganda's President Yoweri Museveni has tested positive for COVID-19, is in good health, and will continue his duties while getting treatment, a senior health ministry official said Wednesday.
#Uganda #Museveni
1/ Image
"Today ...the President tested positive for COVID-19. This was after developing mild flu-like symptoms. However, he is in robust health and continues to perform his duties normally while adhering to SOPs," Diane Atwine, Permanent Secretary at the health ministry, said.
Earlier on Wednesday, after giving a State of the Nation address at the parliament's grounds, Museveni, 78, hinted that he may have contracted COVID, saying in the morning he had felt a slight cold, prompting him to request COVID tests.
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Today's Twitter threads (a Twitter thread).

Inside: To save the news, ban surveillance ads; and more!

Archived at:…


1/ EFF's banner for the save n...
Tonight (31/5, 1830h) I'm at #Manchester @WaterstonesMCR with *Red Team Blues*, hosted by @cubicgarden:…

On 1/6, it's #London for @uclcs's #PeterKirstein Lecture:…

Next: #Edinburgh, #London & #Berlin!
2/ Image
To save the news, ban surveillance ads: No publisher will ever beat ad-tech at spying, but no tech company will ever understand a publisher's content better than they do.

3/ Image: EFF https://www.eff....
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This is for the #queer groups screaming the loudest about what's going on #Uganda but who normally can't be bothered with the Black people here in America...
It’s really easy to read a headline like “Uganda president signs anti-gay law that includes death penalty” and immediately go into your First World privilege and start in with the condemnation.
But before you start automatically reposting and sharing a story you are only reading the headline about, let me share a few things with you for consideration.

First and foremost, Uganda was colonized by Britain (white people). So you can start there.
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"🚨Thread Alert🚨: A seismic shift in #Uganda's 🇺🇬 legal landscape. The signing of a stringent anti-gay law by President Museveni has profound implications, sparking global attention. Let's dissect the situation. #UgandaAntiGayLaw Image
The new law introduces life imprisonment for those engaging in gay sex. A striking step, it significantly amplifies the penalties related to homosexuality. What are the implications for individual liberty? #UgandaLaw ⚖️ Image
"Aggravated homosexuality," as defined by the law, is punishable by death. The scope of this terminology and its potential ramifications warrant careful examination. #UgandaDeathPenalty 🏛️
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Life in prison for gay sex in Uganda.

American evangelical extremists got the ear of Uganda's dictator & helped this happen

They have the same goals for 🇺🇸America.

By @Lattif… Image
The "groomer" panic was the Evangelical playbook in #Uganda.

So was the ex-gay narrative.

@CalebOkereke… Image
Notice how fast alleged medical concern for Trans youth became... smash rainbow displays at Target?

This is a playbook, and it must be forcefully resisted.
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Just watched the #CNNTownhall with 2024 Presidential candidate and former President @realDonaldTrump , as well as the post-townhall panel discussion.

One thing is clear: #America is a broken country. It's split right down the middle.

Racial divisions and #massshootings are peaking, the economy is cratering, #poverty and #homelessness are rising.

And meanwhile, the US government is involved in, or threatening to get involved in, wars from #Ukraine to #Taiwan to #Syria to #Iran to #NorthKorea.

When they should be working on healing the divisions in their own nation. White vs non-White, Rural vs Urban, Rich vs Poor, drug addiction, broken homes - all these are tearing America apart.

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Boy, I goofed. I confused in my memory banks two different original outbreaks -- Lassa and Marburg, mis-recalling things I wrote nearly 30 years ago.
I apologize. And here, I will quote a section of THE COMING PLAGUE referring to #Marburg in a thread. Image
2/"In August 1967 three factory workers in #Marburg, German, reported in sick, suffering from muscle aches & mild fevers. The three men were employed at Behringwerke AG, the vaccine-producing subsidiary of pharmaceutical giant Hoechst AG, and though their ailments looked.."
" nothing more than flu, it was quite unusual for influenza to appear during Germany's hot summer months. The men were referred to #Marburg University Hospital.
The following day the three became nauseated, their spleens enlarged and were tender to the touch..."
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1. Disclosure: I am on record as having said Statecraft is very hard. So critique of #Eritrea prez is within context of “statecraft is hard, but he makes it harder.” Let’s discuss today’s show (not interview) whose topics covered role of investment, including FDI, in economy.
2. Of the many levers used for economic development and which ones to prioritize, choosing is hard because everything is a priority in subsistence economies. Economics not being a hard science (and even its social science status being questionable) it’s a lot of trial and error.
3. In #Eritrea, it’s all trial and all error because this not-really-a-science field (economics) is at the mercy of another not-really-a-science field (politics) which, being authoritarian cronyism, is less capable of auto-correcting. For example:
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LIVE: Opening of 152nd WHO Executive Board meeting…
"Three years ago today, I declared a public health emergency of international concern over the global spread of #COVID19 – the highest level of alarm under the International Health Regulations, and for the moment, the only level of alarm"-@DrTedros #EB152
@DrTedros "As you know, on Friday the Emergency Committee met to consider whether that remains the case. The committee has advised me that in its view, #COVID19 remains a global health emergency, and I agree"-@DrTedros #EB152
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TCM applauds the ongoing work of the Global Partnership Against the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destruction @GPWMDofficial (#GPWMD). Recent Jan 2023 newsletter is linked below.

#OPCW #gpwmd #WMD…
Key Highlights:

- GP partners are grateful to #Germany for the leadership & energy it exhibited in 2022, & are committed to supporting Japan's Presidency in 2023.
CC: Mr. Shigeki Ito, Amb, Der Dir-General of the Disarmament, Non-Proliferation & Science Department, @MofaJapan_en
- GP partners remain committed to meaningfully strengthening the Chemical Weapons Convention (#CWC) in the lead-up to the 5th Review Conference, which will be held 15-19 May in The Hague. Recent GP support to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (@OPCW ):
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There has been a flurry of good news in some of our cases over the past few days, so in case you missed them, here’s a thread to start your weekend on a positive note👇
Filipino Journalist @mariaressa, founder of @rapplerdotcom, was cleared of tax evasion charges by a #Philippines court on Wednesday. She is the client of our co-founder Amal Clooney and @caoilfhionnanna.…
Yesterday, @Europarl_EN voted to urge #Morocco “to guarantee, among other things, a fair trial to imprisoned journalists, specifically highlighting Omar Radi, whose case @TrialWatch monitored with our partners @usc_humanrights, finding it “an abuse of process” and giving it a D.
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LIVE: Media briefing on #COVID19 and other global health issues with @DrTedros…
"Today marks the end of the #Ebola outbreak in 🇺🇬, 4 months after the first cases were reported. I congratulate the govt, the people of 🇺🇬 & 👩‍⚕️, some of whom lost their lives, for their leadership & dedication in bringing the outbreak to an end"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "We thank donors and partners for swiftly mobilizing resources, and vaccine developers for making candidate vaccines available in record time"-@DrTedros #Ebola #Uganda
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#ISIS has released an infographic detailing its operations during 2022. The group claimed 2058 attack across 22 countries, with #Iraq receiving the lion’s share of the attacks (484 attacks). As a number of us have consistently underscored, ISIS sees Iraq as its center of gravity. Image
#ISIS launched 25 suicide attacks and 579 IED/VBIED during 2025, destroyed over 700 military vehicles and over 150 thermal cameras, and burned and destroyed over 2,300 homes and churches.
#Syria and #Nigeria came in second and third place respectively, and #Afghanistan in 4th place. Again, this rating is all based on number of attacks and not casualties.
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"Now into the fourth year of the pandemic, the world is in a much better place than it was several years ago, due to clinical care management, vaccines and treatments. For most of last year, #COVID19 was on the decline"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "Vaccination increased across the world, and there was sustained progress in many low- and middle-income countries that had been left far behind in 2021 due to vaccine nationalism and manufacturing capacity being restricted to just a handful of countries"-@DrTedros #COVID19
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Africa's Emerging Energy Producers

Significant oil and gas discoveries in Africa could soon see big money coming the continent’s way.

#oilandgas #gas #Africa #energy
Africa already boasts major producers like Nigeria, Algeria and Libya. But new players are poised to join the party.

#oilandgas #Oil #Africa #Europe #Nigeria #Algeria #Libya
Senegal’s potential is huge. It recently found reserves of more than 1bn barrels of oil and 40tn cubic feet of gas.

#Oil #Senegal #oilandgas #Africa
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "2022 has been very challenging year for the health of the 🌍’s people:
-3rd year of the #COVID19 pandemic
-a 🌍 outbreak of #mpox
-#Ebola outbreak in 🇺🇬
-wars in 🇪🇹 & 🇺🇦
-cholera outbreaks
-drought & flooding in the greater Horn of Africa & Sahel
-flooding in 🇵🇰
@DrTedros "That’s not to mention the multiple other threats to health that people face year in, year out, in the air they breathe, the products they consume, the conditions in which they live & work, & in their lack of access to essential health services"-@DrTedros
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Agha Hasan Abedi — legendary banker & founding President of #BCCI (Bank of Credit & Commerce International) — the world’s 7th largest privately owned bank.

A bank run by Pakistanis 🇵🇰 & financed by the Ruling Family of Abu Dhabi 🇦🇪 & prominent family offices of Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦.
Founded in 1972, during a meeting of senior bankers in Beirut, #Lebanon 🇱🇧, #BCCI went on to open up branches & launch full-fledged commercial banking operations in 73 countries around the world by 1989. This included opening the first branch of a foreign-owned bank in #China 🇨🇳.
In the mid-1980’s, Agha Hasan Abedi (or Agha Sahib as he was called fondly by colleagues), negotiated the acquisition of a very unique banking operation in the #UnitedStates 🇺🇸. The bank acquired had licenses to operate in 15-16 states in the US. An unprecedented transaction.
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State Minister for Defence; Hon. Peter Otai, Vice President Paulo Muwanga, President Milton Obote & UNLA Army Commander Gen. Tito Okello Lutwa at @StateHouseUg in May 1984.
A year later, Muwanga and Okello were part of a group that deposed Obote in a coup in July 1985./1
After the fall of the Obote II government , Hon. Peter Otai formed the Uganda Peoples Army (UPA) in 1987 to oppose the new NRA government until a peace settlement was reached in 1992. He passed on in the UK where he lived for many years in Jan 2020./2
Considered the de facto 6th President of #Uganda, Paulo Muwanga's fortunes declined after the fall of Obote. Appointed as Prime Minister (for only 24 days) after the 1985 coup, he was arrested in 1986 after the NRA takeover & had two stints in prison before his death in 1991./3
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One of the three candidate #Ebola vaccines against the Sudan ebolavirus have arrived in #Uganda to be included in a clinical trial
There are no licensed #Ebola vaccines against the Sudan ebolavirus species responsible for the current outbreak in #Uganda, thus the need for the current trial
Thanks to efforts of partners & collaborative approach, the process for this #Ebola vaccine trial was accelerated - with speedy trial protocol design, regulatory and ethical processes, forming & training research teams so that the trial is conducted as per international standards
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Dimanche 4 décembre 2022, ils étaient des milliers à marcher en #RDC après la messe, à l’appel des évêques @CENCO_RDC, pour dire NON à la guerre d’agression. L’une des causes de cette guerre, c’est l’exploitation illégale des ressources naturelles. D’où ce thread 1/n.
De nombreuses études attestent du lien étroit entre l’exploitation illégale des ressources naturelles de la #RDC et les violences dans les provinces du Nord Kivu, Sud Kivu, Ituri 2/n.
Ces études démontrent notamment que les pays voisins ont tiré profit de l’exploitation artisanale des minerais et de leur présence militaire dans les zones frontalières pendant les deux guerres du Congo pour mettre en place un commerce transfrontalier libre et non réglementé 3/n
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#Ebola #Colorado
#StaySafe #Uganda #EbolaSudan @B0tSci #IDTwitter
"In Colorado, health officials are tracking multiple people who recently arrived from high-risk areas..." MORE
2/ The current Ebola outbreak is related to what's known as the "Sudan strain," but the virus is spreading in Uganda. "It's worrisome because previous Ebola vaccines & treatments do not work against this strain. The virus can kill as many as 1/2 of those MORE
3/ who get it. Ebola now is spreading in Kampala, Uganda's capital, a densely populated city of > 1.3 M.

"Mortality is high, between 40-50%. So, this is not insignificant."

"The likelihood of us seeing a patient is next to zero.
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1)How does a #rebellion start?Where do they get funds?One missile shot can cost as much as 1 million$!#Rebels & #superpowers sit down & bargain!Rebels wants to get in power & superpowers wants to #loot your country's #natural #resources almost for free!Then #contracts are signed!
2)Right now were are talking about #M23!Obviously they already signed contracts with superpowers to loot Congo's natural resources freely. Congo to defend itself is also obliged to sign contracts to sell its resources to get funds for war. So M23 is pushing Congo into slavery!
3)Many times #rebels can sign #contracts to invade neighboring countries in the future!When you see a war in your neighboring country, be careful,you don't know where it will end to!As you watch #African #wars on #TVs,better know rebels may have actually sold all of you!Trust me!
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "I’m joining you from Bali, 🇮🇩, where the @g20org Summit has just concluded. Over the past 2 days, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with several 🌍 leaders and to address the Summit itself"-@DrTedros #G20

@DrTedros @g20org "My message was that, as #COVID19 has demonstrated, when health is at risk, everything is at risk. Conflicts around the 🌍, #ClimateChange, & global crises in food and energy security have now overshadowed the pandemic as the most pressing issues for world leaders"-@DrTedros #G20
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LIVE: Media briefing on global health issues with @DrTedros…
"In recent weeks, we have spoken about a surge in #cholera outbreaks around the world. The latest country to be affected is #Lebanon, which is now suffering a severe outbreak after nearly 30 years without cholera"-@DrTedros
"Since the first [#cholera] case [in #Lebanon] was confirmed just over one month ago, the outbreak has spread across the country. There are now more than 2,700 cases, with 18 deaths"-@DrTedros
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