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#womenshealth is #disparate because medicine evolved in a patriarchal society. Male presentations of disease are “typical”, female ones are “atypical”. Society becoming more #gender #equal, doesn’t undo the historical bias of medicine we still rely our practice on - as a result,……
While #postpartum care is an obvious example. @American_Heart published that women don’t classically present with chest pain like men in heart attacks, but instead may have fatigue or insomnia. This can be easily written off by doctors as “stress”…
“Stress” is a generous explanation I hear of writing off symptoms. More commonly, I hear “dramatic” or “being extra” as explanations. Those aren’t ICD codes, but implicit biases disproportionately assigned to female patients.
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Great 🧵- my takeaway since having a 👶🏻myself: if a patient comes to the ER postpartum, DO NOT BLOW THEM OFF. The barrier to leave the house is so high, that if they put on pants to come to the ER, they NEED something. HELP.
Women’s symptoms are often seen as histrionic or atypical at baseline by a medical system grown in patriarchy. Postpartum is one of the most vulnerable times in a woman’s life, so if they seek help, do so, without judgement or barrier.
The issue may be social or a knowledge gap or a lack of healthcare access, but it’s our duty to counsel/reassure/coordinate just as much as it is to treat a classic medical complaint.
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Il est tard sur les autres réseaux mais il est tôt sur twitter, voici donc la suite des résultats de mon #enquetepostpartum
Cette fois-ci je suis le fil de la durée du #postpartum sous l'angle non pas des mois mais du vécu. Qu'est-ce qui fait que les femmes se sont dit "c'est derrière moi" ?
(pour rappel : enquête réalisée dans le cadre de la bourse de la Ville de Paris pour les études de genre lors d'un séjour postdoctoral au @Cermes3 Le sujet de la recherche était le vécu du postpartum à Paris et Mexico (accouchements entre 2019 et 2021).
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This mornings rant will be correcting how leaders should address the mom from MA w/ #postpartum #psychosis who killed her kids

#1: "district attorney said the incident was an unimaginable, senseless tragedy."

No it's not - we know this social issue.🧵…
In fact, #postpartum depression not only is the number one killer of birthing parents - it is killing us in the long term too - 20% of deaths in the postpartum period are due to #Suicides

U.S. policies that hate families and women perpetuate this obvi.…
#2: "Authorities have not said whether they're looking {postpartum psychosis} as a factor in her alleged crimes, but "It does seem like a pretty classic case of postpartum depression with potential psychosis,"

This is the problem: they ignore us.…
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“Having a baby is one of the most amazing, miraculous, and life-altering moments of life. Yet with all the focus on the baby, it can be easy to forget that your body has just undergone a very physical+emotional experience and that it takes a while to recover+feel “normal” again” Image
“Most new moms are unaware about the toll of pregnancy on the body and the process of postpartum recovery leaves a lot of moms surprised by how intensive and lengthy the healing process can be.”

Are you an expectant mom? This thread will be helpful in your preparation.
Week 1 and 2

“The first week postpartum is the most intensive in terms of adjustment and recovery. You have just given birth, are taking care of a newborn, and may have experienced vaginal or perineum tearing (and stitches) or other delivery complications.
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#Pregnancy and #puerperium confer an ⬆️ risk for ischemic as well as hemorrhagic stroke, with incidence rates being 3-fold higher as compared with nonpregnant women


a short 🧵 Image

@DrRickSwartz @patrice_lindsay et al metaanalysis
👉11 studies
👉>85 million #pregnancy and #postpartum admissions in various countries
👉overall incidence of #stroke was 30 per 100,000 hospitalizations👈
@IntJStroke… ImageImage
☑️Age, >40yo OR3.1
☑️Migraine, thrombophilia, SLE, 🫀disease, HTN, thrombocytopenia, diabetes
☑️Pregnancy complications
✅For hemorrhagic stroke: aneurysms, AVM, Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy… ImageImage
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#ncsen #ncpol 15M for PFAS research. dozen new positions to investigate emerging compounds. #ncga
Funding for GREAT program w 30M + 700M in federal funds for rural broadband. #ncsen #NCGA budget
#ncsen budget does not do #medicaidexpansion but uses #ARP funds to allow for #Medicaid extended #postpartum coverage for up to 12 months #NCGA also adds 1000 #innovationswaiver slots for #peoplewithdisabilities
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Hello everyone! A small thread for the study “Intrapartum pudendal nerve block analgesia (PNB) and risk of postpartum urinary retention: a cohort study” - - PNB is used as #pain relief in the final stage of childbirth. 1/4
The authors hypothesized PNB is associated with higher rates of #postpartum #urinaryretention. A #cohort study in Norway with women receiving PNB (n=499) was done. The unexposed group was women without PNB (n=508) giving birth 2/4
They have found that, in adjust analyses, women receiving PNB did not differ in likelihood of postpartum urinary retention compared to women with without PNB in either spontaneous or instrumental births. 3/4
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Post partum bodies! Please read full thread

Can we normalise REAL post partum bodies please. I'm sick of being asked how I am going to loose my baby weight? How am I going to get back into shape? What creams I am using to get rid of stretch marks?

Piss off.
I was told it would not be possible to carry a child due to the damage my eating disorder had done to my reproductive system. We are overwhelmed with what we have managed to produce.

The last thing my body needs is to be manipulated, punished and starved.
My body has done an incredible job over 9 months, it needs to be cared for, nourished & loved.

I have seen so many # insta perfect post partum bodies. I am also being targeted by adverts to join weight loss programmes enticing me to hate what my body has becone.
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❤️ I am giving it my all. Diet culture has reared its ugly head, I am being targeted by alll the 'post baby body' dieting ads.😮❤️My body has been through so much over the last nine months. It has changed a lot, in order to create the most beautiful gift I could ever wish for.1/3 Image
The last thing I am going to do is put it under more stress by trying to manipulate it. ❌

👍Instead I am going to allow my body to heal, nourish my body with food and thank it for the amazing job it has done. ❤️

Our bodies really are bloody amazing 💕💕 2/3
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A #practical topic for today. #Pregnancy changes things - but more so for our #neurology patients - or not? #pearls from the #EAN2020 #MedEd #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #neurologyresident @EANeurology @WNGtweets
Let’s first address #multiplesclerosis. Patients get better in third trimester and 30% relapse #postpartum. Immune responses shifts to anti-inflammatory in 3rd trimester to accommodate fetus - #etcomehome - but rebounds after birth. #MedEd #doubledoc #AcademicTwitter
Continue #firstlineinjectables #glatiramer and #interferon - these don’t cause #teratogenicity. In flares, consider IVIG and PLEX. How about #steroids? Usually fine except in 1st trimester when they can cause birth defects #MedEd #MedStudentTwitter #MedTwitter
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Allah Maha Baik hanya saja kita terkadang tidak paham maksud dari setiap rencanaNya.

-a little thread-
di thread sebelum ini pernah bikin thread mengenai timeline tiap orang beda-beda. salah satu yang pernah ku alami sendiri adalah pertanyaan "uda isi belum ?" (uda hamil apa blm?)
pertanyaan sama datang bertubi-tubi di awal nikah sampai usia pernikahan hampir menginjak 2 tahun tiap bertemu dengan saudara, teman, maupun hanya sekedar kenalan .
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Let’s consider what we got for the grifter @POTUS bargaining away my and your kid’s future: a corporate tax break that never trickled down to employees. A net reduction on those covered by healthcare and a decrease in life expectancy for those in poverty...
A global military presence with our military families continuously stretched thin - but now we’re switching sides to aid former enemies who continue to undermine our democracy, brutally killing journalists and pro-democracy leaders.
A complete roll back of our environmental standards - taking us away from the few international agreements and protocols that show even the slightest promise of forcing global leaders to change fossil fuel consumption patterns.
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I have spent the last few years trying to rethink #mhealth. As we work to lessen #stigma and fear I ask everyone to keep an open mind, give feedback, and join me as I delve into some unique hypotheses. 1/
This started with my sphere of mental health. (Pinned) . I don’t believe true “normal” exists and feel everyone has issues that fit within the sphere. A dx comes because of observations that are inherently flawed & variable due to relative perceptions. 2/
I use the word “flawed” because none of us can read minds, therefore, there is no objective way to truly know exactly what someone is going through or how extreme their suffering is. This is one reasons #mhealth pros have such a difficult job. 3/
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