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Our new report: 'Unburnable #Carbon - 10 Years On' finds global stock markets 🏦 are financing energy companies which are sitting on 3x more #coal, #oil & #gas reserves than can be burned without breaking the 1.5°C Paris climate target… #CarbonBubble
🧵Despite growing urgency to tackle #ClimateChange, 'Unburnable #Carbon' reveals “embedded #emissions” in the #FossilFuel🛢️reserves of companies listed on stock exchanges – the CO2 released if they’re extracted & burned – has grown by nearly 40% since 2012…
@CarolineLucas @EdwardJDavey @Ed_Miliband @MichaelEMann @CFigueres @AnnPettifor @billmckibben @martinwolf_ @AlokSharma_RDG The report warns that 90% of all known #FossilFuel🛢️reserves & resources held by companies must stay in the ground as 'unburnable #carbon' to limit global warming to 1.5°C🌡️🛑… #KeepItInTheGround
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🧵In 2011, our 1st report: 'Unburnable Carbon: Are the World’s Financial Markets Carrying a #CarbonBubble?' found ~80% of declared reserves of listed #FossilFuel companies were at risk of stranding, if the world stayed below 2˚C temp rise...… Image
Since 2011, both #emissions & #FossilFuel🛢️reserves with listed ownership have increased 📈, while the world’s climate policy ambition has strengthened post #ParisAgreement to not exceed 1.5˚C temp🌡️rise🛑… #CarbonBubble
Despite the global distribution of #oil, #gas & #coal mining production, financing of #FossilFuel companies is concentrated in a small number of financial centres & stock exchanges in likes of New York, London, Moscow… Image
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1/13 #ClimateChange is a result of a mindset, that is based on monoculture, fossil fuels, chemicals, corporate control. @BillGates cannot alter a condition with the same mindset that created it in the first place @Trevornoah @drvandanashiva…
2/13 The mad rush for #FakeFood and #FakeMeat, ignorant of the #diversity of our food cultures & the role of biodiversity is a recipe for accelerating the #climatecrisis, the destruction of the planet & our health @drvandanashiva…
3/13 The perpetrators of the industrialized & now digitized predatory economic model that has led to worldwide ecological devastation are trying to sell us their solutions as the only path forward @drvandanashiva @NnimmoB #FalseSolutionsToClimateChange
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@CFASocietyDC @andytuit @SRI_Natives the real question today is not what is the future of ESG, the question is:

Is there a future w/out the #ESG?, say Catherine Banat @rbcgamnews introducing the panel

(a very good, visionary start! 👍)

#ESG2020 @onegoodchart @CampanaleMark @GThoumiCFA @CFASocietyDC @CFAinstitute ImageImageImage
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Such good news: "the current fossil fuel system runs at a loss, and will amass losses every year."

The world's 8th largest bank, BNP Paribas, says: "The economics of renewables are impossible for oil to compete with when looked at over the cycle." Read their report.


Oil's days are numbered. 👇

"The economics of new wind and solar projects combined with EVs are set to become irresistible."

"Renewable electricity has a short-run marginal cost of zero, is cleaner environmentally, could readily replace up to 40% of global oil demand."


"oil industry has never before in its history faced the kind of threat that renewables... pose to its business model:

* short-run marginal cost of zero
* much cleaner environmentally
* much easier to transport
* could readily replace up to 40% of global oil demand"

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Hey team:

This section of @JayInslee's climate platform is the biggest climate news from the 2020 campaign trail, so far.

And this has been a season of breakthrough announcements.
If you're not paying attention to the interactions of climate risk, risk assessment, insurance, finance, financial oversight, the over-valuation bubbles in unsustainable/ brittle assets, and the risk of a carbon crash—well, then you're not paying attention to the climate crisis.
Some essential context: central banks sound the alarm...

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It is hard to overstate how awesome this is.

I may need to thread, briefly.…
If we're serious about holding the line at dire climate change, preventing a genuinely catastrophic climate breakdown, we need to stop using fossil fuels.

(We need to do a lot more, but that's job #1.)

That means ending the fossil fuel industries.

Now, a presidential candidate's campaign has put forward a set of proposals to do just that:

"Freedom from Fossil Fuels: A Plan to End Corporate Welfare, Hold Polluters Accountable & Transition the U.S. Economy Off of Fossil Fuels"

This is crossing the climate politics Rubicon.
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So this is an actual stress test scenario the Bank of England is expecting British insurance companies to run now:

("Firms are requested to consider the expected impact under three different climatic states on their assets, liabilities and business models")

Edited for brevity:

"A sudden transition (a Minsky moment), ensuing from rapid global action and policies, materializing over the medium-term business planning horizon, that results in achieving a temperature increase being kept below 2ºC."

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New York Times reporting that financial market regulator days Climate Change poses major risks

Yes it does. BIG RISKS.

#carbonBubble #ClimateCrisis

Climate Change Poses Major Risks to Financial Markets, Regulator Warns
"[He] plans to detail the formation of a panel of experts at the trading commission assigned to produce a report on how global warming could affect the financial sector, potentially impacting food costs, insurance markets, the mortgage industry and other economic pillars."
"The report, which [he] said he expected would focus in particular on potential harm to the nation’s agriculture sector, is likely to emerge at a moment when Mr. Trump will be making the case to farm states, [already hurt by] his crop tariffs, to re-elect him in 2020."
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Young climate warriors: This Friday, you may be launching the largest coordinated protests of young people and children in history.

The future you're fighting for? That's what I've spent my life working to see.

I'd like to share some truths, from an old warrior to younger ones.
1. First, you're right. You're right to strike; you're right to march; you're right to feel your fear and rage and longing for a better world.

You are the victims of a monstrous intergenerational crime, and you are as right as humans can be to demand justice.
2. You are so right that—even though I'm a tough-skinned veteran of three decades of this fight—your truth brings tears to my eyes.

You should know that there are millions of older people whose hearts are with you.

You should know you are not, in any way, alone.
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