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1/ #EUETS #carbon reform gets through Parliament. Now Council‘s 27 members have to reach their views. They tend to sail much closer to the law. And then it goes to Trilogue discussions. So whilst Parliament’s view is important, it is not final. Summary of Parliament view
- 2030 target slightly tighter: c64% instead of EU’s original 61% proposal
- One-off reductions of 70mt in 2024 and 50mt in 2026
- CBAM kicks in 2027 ramping up fully 2032 (prior 2034) with corresponding reduction in free allowances
- Market access getting Commission to -> 3/
produce a report in July 2023 assessing impact of restricting access to physical allowances. Frankly, this just shows a massive naivety: the vast majority of speculative elements happens in the options/derivatives market
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1/ The role that yield has played in the rise of #crypto is undeniable. Sustainable yield is a different story. Join us as we deep-dive into earning yield on #Carbon, and how the protocol maximizes your returns in a secure manner.

2/ Don’t let your cryptoassets sit idle. Earn passively (be it a bear or bull market) with Carbon — the DeFi protocol that puts your assets to work, so you don’t have to. There are 2 key ways to earn passively with Carbon:

⚡ Staking
🌊 Liquidity rewards
3/ Staking⚡

Carbon operates on a dPOS mechanism, rewarding stakers for securing the network. As $SWTH emissions inflate at a decreasing rate, the floating supply of SWTH reduces as development ramps up, calibrating a balance between sustainable yields & rewarding early adopters
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Our new report: 'Unburnable #Carbon - 10 Years On' finds global stock markets 🏦 are financing energy companies which are sitting on 3x more #coal, #oil & #gas reserves than can be burned without breaking the 1.5°C Paris climate target… #CarbonBubble
🧵Despite growing urgency to tackle #ClimateChange, 'Unburnable #Carbon' reveals “embedded #emissions” in the #FossilFuel🛢️reserves of companies listed on stock exchanges – the CO2 released if they’re extracted & burned – has grown by nearly 40% since 2012…
@CarolineLucas @EdwardJDavey @Ed_Miliband @MichaelEMann @CFigueres @AnnPettifor @billmckibben @martinwolf_ @AlokSharma_RDG The report warns that 90% of all known #FossilFuel🛢️reserves & resources held by companies must stay in the ground as 'unburnable #carbon' to limit global warming to 1.5°C🌡️🛑… #KeepItInTheGround
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1/⚖️ [CIP-11] The V2.6.0 upgrade is here 😉

Key improvements to #Carbon
🔹 Bridge module
🔹 Token import
🔹 Promoting greater participation → Slashing inactive oracles

Calling all $SWTH stakers!

📜 Proposal details…
🗳 Vote…
2/ Bridge module 🌉

The bridge module will enable users to bridge tokens in just ONE transaction — without needing an account on Carbon. Soon, you will be able to bridge $SWTH across #BNBChain, #Ethereum, #Neo, #Zilliqa and #Osmosis directly on CarbonHub!
3/ Token import 🪙

#Carbon is here to streamline your #DeFi experience. With the upcoming token import feature on #Demex, users can list tokens permissionlessly in just 2 steps without having to submit a proposal!

Simply select your desired blockchain & token address to go🚀
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1/9 VeChain x DNV ☑️

Gabriele Manno, DNV Head of Digital Assurance, presents the future of #blockchain in this high-level overview, 'Blockchain: Bridging the Physical and Digital in the New #Metaverse Paradigm.' 👏

Full Deck in the 🧵

#VeChain $VET #NFTs #Tech #Technology Image
2/9 VeChain x DNV ☑️

"From money to supply chain, IoT and AI, to governments," blockchain will change everything. ⛓️

#VeChain $VET #VeFam ImageImageImageImage
3/9 VeChain x DNV ☑️

Blockchain: The Next Disruptive Technology: #blockchain improves relations of production i.e. incentive structure to motivate every participant involved in a single process.

#VeChain $VET #VeFam ImageImageImageImage
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A UK lobby coalition just published a report for the creation of markets for #nature, on #habitats for wildlife, #carbon sequestration, #nutrient reduction credits trading aka #water pollution trading, #air pollution and #flood mitigation. 1/6…
"I look forward to working with the Coalition to make these markets a reality" said British MP Helen Whately, exchequer secretary to the Treasury. The UK govt has indeed committed to working with this coalition to scale up environmental mkts in the UK…
This news follows the recent UK government announcement of the creation of a wetland ‘super reserve’ in the south west of England containing 11 Mt of #carbon in storage 3/6
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🧵on all IBC connected chains in Cosmos and how we came from no #IBC to around 48 active IBC chains and 70%+ in developer growth in 2021. We explore all #Cosmos IBC chains in an easy to digest thread. Or through Medium… #IBCGang #ATOM @cosmos
2) #Cosmos has been having rapid growth over the last couple of years. To give a little context Inter‐Blockchain Communication protocol (#IBC) was only approved on March 29th, 2021 from governance proposal #41.
3) According to a report by Electric Capital Cosmos had a 70% growth in developers in the #Cosmos ecosystem in 2021. This will only continue to grow as Cosmos technology improves and more tools come such as EVM-based chains.
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India’s #power situation may be “comfortable” in May-Aug, but could be challenging in Sept-Nov if #coal supply is impacted during monsoon, @IEX_India_ CMD Satyanarayan Goel told @rachitaprasad.

Read the full interview in our special series #PowerShock 👇…
@IEX_India_ @rachitaprasad @IEX_India_
CMD Satyanarayan Goel said that September is going to be another difficult month.

Read the full interview to find out why 👇…

@rachitaprasad ✍️ | #PowerCrisis #Power #CoalCrisis #CoalShortage #Electricity
In May, wind will pick up and we will get almost about 150 million units of extra generation through #windenergy, said Goel in an interview with @rachitaprasad.

Read the full interview in our special series #PowerShock 👇…

@IEX_India_ #PowerCrisis #Coal
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A LOT of countries have been making noises about introducing new or reformed carbon taxes 💷 of late. Including...THREAD. 1/6.

Starting July 1, Austrians will pay a new #carbontax of 30 euros (approximately $33) per ton of CO2 — a cost that’s likely to be added to consumer bills by companies. That amounts to 55 euros ($60) per ton in 2025. 2/6.…

According to the @WSJ, the American Petroleum Institute has drafted a proposal urging #Congress to adopt a carbon tax. The proposal suggests rebating some of the revenue collected to households & investing the rest of the money in new tech. 3/6.…
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🌍 Our 2022 #Science Board Symposium on "The #Emergent #PoliticalEconomy or #ClimateChange" kicks off with opening remarks from President David Krakauer.

Follow this 🧵 as we provide live coverage of this event all day...
"For those of you who think behavior change can prevent #ClimateChange...behavior WILL change when climate changes. Shutdowns from the pandemic resulted in a reduction of #C02 emissions of about 7.5%."
- SFI/@Harvard Prof Dan Schrag opens our speaker series today
"We *used* to talk about #ClimateChange used to be something that would happen to people in Bangladesh fifty years from now."

Re: #ClimateJustice,
"Children born today are going to deal with climate change they had no role in causing."

- SFI/@Harvard Prof Dan Schrag
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Our analysis of materials released by @IESO_Tweets in response to our Freedom of Information Request

1. Thirty-two Ontario municipalities, representing almost 60% of Ontario’s population, have asked @ONgov to phase-out gas-fired electricity generation. 1/

2. According to Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) October 7, 2021 (misleading) report,Decarbonization and Ontario’s Electricity System, phasing-out gas power by 2030 would raise residential electricity bills by 60% [page 1].

3. In response to a Freedom of Information Request (FOI), we obtained drafts of the IESO’s report. These drafts reveal the following facts:

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"We find that, between 2009 and 2013, #tourism’s global #carbon #footprint has increased from 3.9 to 4.5 GtCO2e, four times more than previously estimated, accounting for about 8% of global greenhouse gas #emissions."…
"The United States tops the carbon #footprint ranking (Fig. 1,top left) under both DBA (1,060 MtCO2e) and RBA (909 MtCO2e) accounting perspectives, followed by China (528/561 MtCO2e), Germany (305/329 MtCO2e) and India (268/240 MtCO2e)."
"The majority of these carbon #footprints are caused by domestic travel."
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What if we tell you the reason for your degrading health & increasing mental health problems is the degrading health of our #MotherEarth. Yes, it's true, know #HealthIsWealth every single time with every single action when we indulge in destruction of ...
Our Planet we instigate damage to our health.
Truth is it's a vicious cycle, #Carbon is the cause of the sickness from #health to #Mentalhealth to the health of #MotherEarth . One thing leading to the another....
zeal for development causes deforestation, which causes an increase in carbon in the atmosphere, which causes climate change this causes ecosystem losses -losses to livelihoods scarcity of resources all leading to a Climate Emergency. ....
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BREAKING! The European Commission just confirmed that it promotes "like for like or better" #biodiversity #offsetting, as part of #NatureBasedSolutions!
Why is it major news? Thread 1/11…
Under this approach, the destruction of a habitat for flamingos in Spain could be considered to be offset by the restoration of a habitat for bats in Greece, as long as you claim that it is "better." 2/11
Beyond its obvious lack of environmental integrity, this approach will also enable the financialisation of biodiversity destruction through the creation of a related #offset market, and shift the conversation away from the need to curb destruction: 3/11
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I'd recommend everyone listen to this. Not directly related to #VLRM in terms of the #GSX, but in terms of the 20% option on GSX group! Very exciting indeed! this is very exciting.

If you listen to some of the concepts talked about linking different trading groups together such as FIAT, #Crypto, #Metals #Carbon etc then GSX can do ALL of that.
The story is unfolding nicely, becoming more clearer with each passing week about how this deal came about now and the option on both companies, essentially this is Patrick's vision from his previous works but GSX have the technology to make it happen.
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(1/17) We've been talking a lot about #carbonmarkets — which has felt like a shift for some of our trad #commodities, #metals, #privacy and #tech listeners. We wanted to share how we see #smartermarkets as the thread stringing them together, in this 🧵:
(3/17) Globally, we've had since the 1800s to understand commodity #markets. #CarbonTrading didn't start until 1997 when 180 countries signed the #KyotoProtocol. With it — 4 types of #carboncredits were created: AAU, RMU, ERU and CER.
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There's a carbon rush currently going on in the #Pacific. All sorts of shady characters are being drawn to countries such as #PNG in search of striking gold in the form of 'green' and 'blue' carbon offsets generated by the regions vast forests and oceans...🧵
The sudden demand for carbon credits appears to be at least partly due to the Australian government's continuing support for the gas industry, and the need for cheap carbon offsets to greenwash their image and claim #NetZero emissions.
The predatory behaviour of some #carbon #offset project developers in the Pacific is an inevitable consequence of countries and companies scrambling to buy cheap offsets instead of leaving fossil fuels in the ground or making real reductions in their carbon emissions.
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"I believe IPTC can be a powerful catalyst in the transformation of commitment to action," says Nasir K. Al-Naimi, SVP Upstream of #Saudi @aramco at the International Petroleum Technology Conference #IPTC2022
"We know the world needs us now, perhaps more than ever, to ensure the #energy transition leaves no nation behind," says Nasir Al-Naimi of @aramco at the International Petroleum Technology Conference, held at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre #IPTC2022
.@Aramco is among the lowest #oil producers in terms of #carbon intensity, Aramco's chairman Yasir Al-Rumayyan says at the International Petroleum Technology Conference #IPTC2022
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Iniciamos con el foro 16 del #ParlamentoAbierto con el tema "Transición energética soberana y litio como área estratégica". Abrimos hilo🧵:
Guillermo Zozaya, presidente de la @AmiaMexico, dice que no está de acuerdo con la reforma eléctrica porque dañará a la industria automotriz mexicana.
La reforma eléctrica pone en riesgo los compromisos ambientales de la industria automotriz, dice Guillermo Zozaya de la @AmiaMexico.
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1/ Thank you to @cosmos & @ticojohnny for having us in the community AMA! We’re stoked for #Carbon to be joining the booming Cosmos ecosystem ⚛️💠

Check out the AMA with @ivan_switcheo 👉

2/ Say hello to Carbon, a Layer 2 trading protocol powering cross-chain financial markets and infrastructures. Carbon envisions to be the core of all financial ecosystems in the multi-chain world, & hopes to integrate every chain and token possible ♾

3/ Meet $SWTH! The native governance token of Carbon that helps to secure the Carbon protocol via the dPOS system. ☑️

You can choose to stake your $SWTH on Carbon or to provide liquidity to our $SWTH pools on #Demex to start earning rewards! 🎁
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1) #HBARbarians! Let’s talk #NFTs. #NFT skeptic? 🧐Read this 🧵. NFTs go far beyond #jpeg & are the future of #Web3, “gateway” to #crypto, & will be larger than #cryptocurrencies. This aims to educate #Hedera community & raise awareness to our #HBAR #NFTartists. Wallet flex 💪👇
2) #HBARbarians who think #NFTs are a bubble or do not want to buy an #NFT. That's fine. But #NFTs are vitally important for #HBAR to appreciate in value. See #Solana ($SOL) this year? Yep, #NFTs 🤯 (1)
3) Even if you don't buy an #NFT, you can help. See a #Hedera artist whose art resonates w/ you? Simply hit "like", "RT", or "comment" something nice. It goes a long way in ushering in new #HBAR buyers & #NFTartists.
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The @OECD Economic Survey of 🇸🇰 #Slovakia has been released!

Preparing for rapid population ageing, boosting productivity & greening the #recovery from #COVID19 represent key policy priorities going forward.
After a deep economic contraction in 2020, #Slovakia’s economy is recovering.
Risks surrounding the outlook remain high. Supply disruptions are leading to volatile production and surging #inflation in #Slovakia.
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Between June 2021 & January 2022, the price of “nature based” #offsets — such as those from tree-planting schemes 🌳🌳 — increased more than 3-fold from around $4.65 per tonne of #carbon to around $14.40, according to S&P Global Platts… #CCUS #NetZero
Interest in unregulated #offsets market, has grown with proliferation of #NetZero emission pledges since the #COP26 summit + rising pressure on curbing global warming. Expectations are the voluntary carbon market will grow this yr into a space worth $ Bn's…
Though #oil companies claim to use only “high-quality” #offsets as part of their #NetZero goals, monitoring millions of acres of forest is hugely challenging. Experience of recognised programs like UN’s REDD initiative = mixed at best…
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Thread: General comments & forecasts for the global oil market in 2022. Constructive comments are welcome. If comments don't fit your books, just ignore them.

1-13 The oil market will be tighter than forecasts, especially relative to OPEC’s forecast. No major inventory build.
2- The biggest surprise might come from increased demand for oil in the oil-producing countries themselves. That is a double-edged sword; BULLISH.

On the other side, if #COVID19 & its varients come back with vengeance: lockdowns, inventory build, etc.. OPEC+ is expected to react
3- Average oil prices for 2022 will be higher than that of 2021, but prices will be range-bound, even when China refills its SPR.

No $100 oil under normal circumstances. Possible under certain conditions. #Oil #OPEC #OOTT #China
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