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WATCH THESE VIDEOS TODAY! Then share them far and wide. Systematically dismantles the argument that Biden actions in Ukraine were anything but corrupt. This primary source evidence (interviews, docs etc) is LETHAL to #Shampeachment. MUST BE INVESTIGATED
Their analysis of how Washington Post and other MSM outlets #astroturfed Pro-Biden talking points is especially powerful... #FakeNewsDebunked
They do not take a strong position on Shokin being corrupt. However, they provide documents proving that Shokin had AT LEAST SIX ongoing investigations into Burisma/Zlochevsky. Then Biden trashed Shokin, got him fired and the investigations went away. The media covered it up. SAD
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Adagasih yang mau baca cerita gua yang baru ini?
Takutnya pada ga minat dengan thread gua

@ceritaht @bacahorror @SimpleM81378523
#ceritahorror #bacahorror #bacahoror #threadhorror #kisahhorror
Sedikit bocoran dlu nih sebelum cerita dimulai nanti 😊

"Tio pulang sendirian melewati alas yg tadi keluarga nya lewati,hingga ada pengemudi yang menawari tumpangan, yang tanpa disangka akan membawa bencana buat dia"

#bacahorror @bacahorror @ceritaht
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[Thread ] #30DaysofThreads
How to College with little debts?

College is a risky investment with hope for a “possible” return that everybody is advised to make.
But it brings in 4 years of bills with little to no wages.
So how can you survive it without jeopardizing your life?
1. The Best Solution ever is
Making College FREE and all that will be left to worry about is Housing, Food and Acing those tests ... such a beautiful dream!
But apparently only politicians can make that happen so ... choose wisely!
*Not endorsing anybody*
2. Financial Literacy
It is really important to know more about the obstacles you are tackling. In this case, it is about money. So learn about it. This will be quite helpful in understanding loans and how to best navigate taking loans. make sure you know what you are signing.
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I have taken a break from evangelical conferences, both intentionally and unintentionally. And this has been necessary for me to be liberated and be creatively free. This may sound corny, but I thank God for the courage and space for discernment and clarity! #worship #comingsoon
For the first time since 2014 my voice doesn’t feel broken. I am writing songs again. I’ve met some really cool ppl. Collabs with world renown musicians. Book deals and job offers. Letting go of the old/familiar has been the best thing!
I don’t need prestige or power. I don’t need to convince anyone or prove myself to anyone. This is so freeing! Creating is in my pores. And it’s in you too. ❤️
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1) question: did you know that just one day after being sworn in as POTUS, Barack Obama signed an EO sealing his own personal records in the name of “transparency and the rule of law,” ringing in a “new era of openness.” … wait… wha… let's look into this. #Diveinordie
2) on 01/23/09 then POTUS Obama signed EO 13489 sealing records containing past names, adoption, his mother’s repatriation as U.S. citizen, baptism, student status, foreign travels, passport info, educational transcripts + more.. all in the name of transparency. and we're off ...
3) people all over the U.S. were enthralled. finally, a president (seemingly out of nowhere) who will end the "corruption" in D.C... do you remember how the MSM sung his praises? iconic art was created. it was so historic that many people even got tattoos of POTUS 44
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1) question: how much do you really know about Walt Disney?

“If the world only had the eyes to see the fibers which lay under the surface of Walt Disney’s image, they’d tar and feather him, and drag him through the streets. If only they knew Disney’s primary goals."

let's see!
2) while widely researched, Walts birth (12/05/01) is still shrouded in secrecy due to the lack of a birth certificate or DNA testing. it's almost certain that he (and brother Roy) was a bastard child. one of his many dark secrets used to blackmail him throughout his career
3) growing up in an abusive home environment, he fell in love with animation, nature and children. he seemed to have an intuitive ability to bring his dark experiences to light in cartoons that appealed to children. just check out some of the earliest Disney comic strips. normal?
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| tagalog seulrene au |💐

LDR — tatlong letra pero sanlibong hamon ang dala. Pero para sa mag hs sweethearts na sina Joohyun at Seulgi, kakayanin nila, basta't may tiwala at disiplina. Ngunit sa kabila ng lahat, hanggang kailan kaya nila ito mapapanindigan?

` u know the rules naman e
` ignore the dapat iignore
` no replies pls, kowt nlng para keme nyo
` kung manlalait, shut up nlng
📍DISCLAIMER: Kung may pagkakahawig man ang likhang ito sa anumang gawa ng iba, isinusumpa kong ito'y isang aksidente lamang dahil pucha never pa akong nakabasa ng ibang seulrene au dahil tubong wanseu si otor. Kaya sorry kung may magalit man if ever.
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Is this Ryan Reynolds as a talking Pikachu? Because his voice is so recognizable from Deadpool and the similarly “witty,” sarcastic banter is.... off putting. It’s Deadpool with yellow fur. #ComingSoon
Idris playing a superhuman bad guy and hulky Rock (as opposed to family friendly Rock) and still balding but still not bald Jason Statham. I’m all in. #ComingSoon
Frozen 2. Really wish Elsa had Let It Go. Somehow the Snowman is still alive. #ComingSoon
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Never ever ever ever ever ever ever purchase a new car.
Next to purchasing a used Range Rover or BMW (any model year within the last 20), this is the single dumbest thing you can do.
If you feel you must have a new car, LEASE that car when its on a ridiculous lease special and then buy it after the lease ends.
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The Aralam Farm High School for children of tribes living in Aralam Farm. Place with barely a mobile network, forget Internet connectivity.
Three months back, the MP from #Kannur, PK Sreemathy Tr, approved Rs. 4.5 lakh from her MP fund for setting up a Smart Classroom here.
But to set up a good Smart Classroom here, one would need a well-furnished room, air-conditioning, 3 phase power & internet connectivity
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