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🚨 7 Ways Your Restaurant Can Use Social Media

A Thread 🧵 :

#MarketingStrategy #SmallBusiness #restaurantowner #smallbusinessowners #socialmediamarketing #MarketingTips
1. Promotions and discounts: Restaurants can use social media to advertise special deals and promotions to attract customers.

#MarketingStrategy #SmallBusiness #restaurantowner #smallbusinessowners #socialmediamarketing #MarketingTips
2. Menu updates: Restaurants can use social media to showcase their new menu items and specials.

#MarketingStrategy #SmallBusiness #restaurantowner #smallbusinessowners #socialmediamarketing #MarketingTips
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Thread: Monter votre projet de 0 à 10k€ en quelques semaines seulement Image
⚠️ Les différentes informations que je vais vous partager ici représentent ma vision. Ce n’est pas une façon unique de réussir mais c’est selon moi l’une des meilleures manières de monter votre projet le plus rapidement possible.
1. Introduction
2. Comment un algorithme va fortement me faciliter les choses ?
3. Stratégie 1 (court terme)
4. Stratégie 2 (long terme)
5. Conclusion
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How Digital Marketers can get Superpowers using OpenAI [chat gpt tool] 🦸🏻

#OpenAIChatGPT #digitalmarketer #digitalmarketingtips #ChatGPT #marketingtips #digitalmarketingexpert #DigitalMarketing #AI #DigitalTransformation
1. As a digital marketer, you're always looking for ways to improve your skills and get ahead in your field. One tool that can give you a serious boost is the Chat GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) tool.
2. Chat GPT is an advanced artificial intelligence system that uses deep learning to generate human-like text. It can help you with a variety of tasks, from crafting engaging social media posts to writing compelling copy for your website.
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MemberOwls [ An A.I Powered Membership site creator in 2 Minutes for dummies.]: What are the features of MemberOwls?…
#webdeveloper #digitalmarketingagency #digitalmarketingtips #digitalmarketer #Sales #Salesforce #marketingoptimization Image
How To Rank ANY webSite on the first page of Google Without Backlinks [Ranking Number 1 on Google Made Easy]…
#SEO #seorankjng #DigitalMarketing
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🚀What was the best sales pitch demonstrated by Apple Founder Steve Jobs?
🚀Read on to find out.

In the 1980s when Steve Jobs was setting up Apple Company, he met John Sculley. John Sculley was then the CEO of the Pepsi brand. Pepsi was already one of the most profitable businesses in the world during that time. And John Sculley was a celebrated CEO.
Jobs wanted Sculley to join his Apple startup. But Apple was an unknown small company back then and getting Sculley on board was nearly impossible.
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Being an #expert in #SEO means you have to keep track of #Google's updates and algorithms. So, How can you do that? 🧐

A #thread on the #updates to Google's algorithm & how to track them 🔍

#searchengineoptimization #digitalmarketing #marketing #marketingtips Image
First, Google updates its search #Algorithm thousands of times a year. And these changes or updates can either help or hurt you. Keeping #monitoring #tools to track is handy and smart! 😎
Why should you track it? 🔍
If you’re in the profession of optimizing websites and content for #SearchEngenes. It makes sense to keep track of big and important changes that could impact your SEO strategy and tactics. 👌🏻
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5 Steps To Reduce Churn Rate 🧵
#SaaS #MarketingTips
#1. Make sure users are consuming the product. Monitor their progress and hold them accountable!

@AppSumo 's Email To reduce churn for new customers

See full email here:…
#2. Monthly "VALUE" webinar/ live calls

People want to feel belonging to the community, what i do is hold a live webinar once a month to talk about new ways to use the product, client showcase, upcoming features etc
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How to with a BREAKUP, Google?...

A Thread 🧵🧵on Allegations on Google by US Govt.

@Abhishekkar_ @FI_InvestIndia
@Sanjay__Bakshi @dmuthuk @ipo_mantra @RichifyMeClub @Rishikesh_ADX @FinKrypt @Vivek_Investor @join2manish #scamdemic2020 Image
The Department of Justice (DOJ) in the US has filed a lawsuit against Google, which could potentially break-up the company.

#Google #Commission #StockMarket #USA #DOJ #Scam1992 Image
But, why the case?

The Government alleges that Google is using unlawful tactics to maintain its dominant position in the search and online advertising market.

#DigitalMarketing #MarketingDigital #marketingtips #Scam1992TheHarshadMehtaStory Image
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By definition, The Decoy Effect is a cognitive bias in which consumers will tend to have a specific change in preferences between two options when also presented with a third option that is asymmetrically dominated.
Let me explain this to you with an example.

You go you for a movie. Assuming you enjoy munching popcorn while watching your favourite movie.

You see the following two popcorn sizes.
(2/n) Image
You’re most likely to buy the small size because your brain tells you that small size is reasonable while the other is expensive.
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Do You Understand the Anatomy of Your Brand?

Follow @CompleteDigi for Digital Learning.

#DigitalMarketing #marketing #brand #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #SEO #PPC #DigitalIndia #DataScience #CompleteDigi @_DigitalIndia @startupindia @Brands_India

A company's brand is the backbone of its operations – it informs business strategies, internal and external communications, and business development and marketing programs.

#DigitalMarketing #marketing #brand #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation #ML
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Thread on #graphicdesign
“The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.” –Adam Judge
Designed by our inhouse creative design team.
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#animation #ArtistOnTwitter #artwork #design #DigitalMarketing #Digital
Thread CONTD.
Asking right question, always helps in better understanding of client's need.
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#FridayMotivation #fridaymorning #ArtificialIntelligence #SEO #PPC #marketing #DataScience #marketingstrategy #MachineLearning #socialmediamanagement
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We’re about to start live-tweeting our Summer Student Showcase: Visualizing Science virtual event! Check here for tweets on visual communication research and how it applies to #scicomm, #infographics, #branding, and #socialmedia! ⬇️ @ComSciConCAN @ComSciConQC @AlexGelle
Give us a follow, tag us @designsthatcell and use #DTCSummerShowcase to let us know what you think about the event! We'd love to connect with you 🤗
Our founder, @NersesianSarah, is opening today’s event by introducing our summer internship program and today’s awesome speaker lineup! The intern program was developed to support undergraduate students who lost #research or #scicomm opportunities due to COVID-19 restrictions.
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Thread CONTD.
Hashtag game is all about the planning and the process.
You don't just happen to get lucky
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#DigitalMarketing #Digital #ArtificialIntelligence #SEO #PPC #marketing #MachineLearning #Hashtag
Thread CONTD.
Hashtag game is all about the planning and the process.
You don't just happen to get lucky.

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#SEO #PPC #marketing #DataScience #marketingstrategy #MachineLearning @debjani_ghosh_ @nasscom
Thread CONTD.
Hashtag game is all about the planning and the process.
You don't just happen to get lucky.

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#DigitalTransformation #Digital #AI #marketingdigital #PPC2020 #wednesdaymorning #DataScience
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SEO Methodology: How to rank website on top in Google search. Get more traffic now using Smart SEO.

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#DigitalMarketing #Digital #ArtificialIntelligence #SEO #PPC #marketing #DataScience #marketingstrategy #MachineLearning
Thread CONTD.

SEO Methodology: How to rank website on top in Google search. Get more traffic now using Smart SEO.

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#SEO #PPC #marketing #DataScience #marketingstrategy #MachineLearning @debjani_ghosh_ @nasscom @OfficialIndiaAI @ZDNet
Thread CONTD.

SEO Methodology: How to rank website on top in Google search. Get more traffic now using Smart SEO.

Follow @CompleteDigi for more #marketingtips

#DigitalTransformation #Digital #AI #marketingdigital #PPC2020 #MarketingMonday #DataScience #ML #businessmastery
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Want to post successfully on Hacker News? follow these simple tips

These are the tips that i followed and got my post to first page of @newsycombinator multiple time

A thread 👉 Image

Tip#1 Title should always be as unique as possible. At the same time simple, HN doesn't like cheesy titles. Title like "Show HN: XXX - does YYY" only works when you have something entirely new or unique. So try to find unique angle.… Image

Tip#2 Best time to post is on Weekends. On weekends there is less traffic on HN but also less competition to reach the front page. If you make it to frontpage, your posts will likely get less views than frontpage posts at a more popular time, so it’s a tradeoff.
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1/ Hey all! Sometimes people ask me how I would approach marketing if I opened my own restaurant. Here’s what I tell them. A thread:

Oh and my hypothetical restaurant would of course be a hits list of my parents’ home cooking!
2/ To start, a few assumptions. I assume we’ve created a good “product”. We must have good food, fast service, and friendly hospitality. This is obviously not a given but something that needs to be nailed before even considering marketing
3/ Once “product” is set, I’d start defining all local “customers” near me. Let’s say our restaurant is near Union Square. Our core customers would be office workers, university students, and residential tenants. Great! Now let’s solve for “distribution”.
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How To Get More Out Of Affiliate Marketing.

See guys the whole gist to make your first earnings with affiliate marketing is quite simple.

It just takes time but if your ready to put in the the work.

3-6 Months down the line, you would smile
Now follow me closely on this one....

If you all have been following he trend of Marketing, I mean core intelligent marketing in its true form.

You will notice that before all these gurus on YouTube sell you a:

You will notice that what we call 'Adding Of Value' to their audience.

Which entails telling their prospects about what that product does before actually prompting them to buy.

As you can see VALUE before OFFER which = 💰
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