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🔴 [THREAD] De la crise sanitaire à l’état d’exception permanent : comment la France est devenue la matrice d’un nouveau totalitarisme techno-sanitaire (et pourquoi, si nous ne réagissons pas maintenant, nous n’en sortirons jamais).

#PassSanitaire #DictatureSanitaire #Covid19
Mars 2020. Souvenez-vous, tout a commencé comme ça : un spot anxiogène diffusé en boucle à la TV. Interdiction des déplacements, distanciation physique, attestation dérogatoire : au nom de la santé publique, nous étions désormais tous assignés à résidence jusqu’à nouvel ordre.
Dans son allocution, #Macron donne le ton : nous sommes en guerre. L’ennemi est invisible. Et il est partout. Un discours qui tranche avec l’attitude habituelle des autorités, qui ont plutôt tendance à minimiser les scandales sanitaires (sang contaminé, Tchernobyl, Lubrizol...).
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Is it okay to label #delta variant as #Covid21?

I think it is too premature to even think so. AFAIK, there is still only one ST of #SARSCoV2. It is nothing but a SCAREMONGERING news! 1/

Like all viruses, #SARSCoV2 will continue to evolve. But it has limited number of moves available. It seems it is near to its ‘end game’. There is just not a lot of space for the spike to continue to change in ways that allow it to evade Abs but still bind to its receptors 2/
#Substitutions that allow the virus to resist antibodies will probably also decrease its affinity for #hACE2. This is exactly what we have seen with #DeltaPlus 3/
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Amy Tan: in BC we should be keeping an eye on the variants, actually doing the genome sequencing, not just assuming (as we are) that everyone has a variant. Which variant, what's the severity, does it lead to death, what's the attack rate in households. To be precautionary..
Dr. Tan: But also, as we reopen, we need to ensure that we are still taking care of the people who've continually been disproportionately affected, and protect their workplaces, we are going to keep exposing people and the virus will keep spreading like wildfire..
Dr. Tan: I treated recent immigrants, recent refugees, & they all had to work in the first wave and were frightened. They did not feel protected by their employers or by society. We must not lose sight of this. We're not safe until we're all safe, that's what #Covid19 teaches us
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Super Thread:

The Digital #NewNormal Part 11:

The globalist's Master-Plan introduces NEW restrictions on our daily lives, we are now being offered only 2 choices.

A. Forced to stay in Economy busting Rolling Lockdowns or B. Prove immunity via Tests & Vaccine Certificates.

The core of this #COVID19 conspiracy is DATA, our Health data, that's what they ultimatly want & according to that data using #AI and #Analytics to form the new social control structures and privileges.

This also opens the way for touchless, #Biometrics & smarter societies.

Tony Blair Today:

"We have the best data systems in the world. Collecting data in one place, with one patient record is going to be absolutely vital, testing, vaccinations, every single thing to do with the development of this disease, is needed."…
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Here we go! Just watch next they will say that covid-18 and h1n2 ‘mutated’ together and they will call it covid-21. 😉👌🏻

“The virus was detected in mid-October after an Alberta patient sought medical care with influenza-like symptoms.“…
“mostly just among pigs. In fact, they can infect each other the same way as humans, through expelled water droplets from coughs and sneezes. They can even transmit it without symptoms.”

“However, the jump from pig to human is incredibly rare.”…
“The positive case was discovered after the patient went to a local hospital and was tested for Covid-19.”

“The individual sought was dealing with mild, influenza-like symptoms but quickly recovered.”

“no link to slaughterhouses”…
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Quali saranno i prossimi step della crisi #Covid19?
Non serve la palla di cristallo x indovinare: é già tutto scritto e pianificato!…
- Introdurre gradualmente le restrizioni del secondo lockdown, iniziando dalle principali aree metropolitane per poi estenderlo verso la periferia. Entro Novembre 2020
- Accelerare l’acquisizione o la costruzione di nuove strutture per la quarantena in ogni regione/provincia. Entro Dicembre 2020
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