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TROUBLING—64% of all new cases worldwide last week were recorded in Europe, as well as 57% of all new #COVID19 deaths worldwide. Both exponentially rising. This bodes badly—it’s even before the busy upcoming holiday travel (read: worldwide wave). #MaskUp #ventilation #vaccinate
2) I believe the winter wave under #DeltaVariant or even #DeltaPlus could be even higher caseload than last winter. Hopefully deaths won’t exceed last winter but it could still be 50-66% as bad. Why? Because Delta is 2x more contagious & also more severe than last winter’s Alpha.
3) in terms of cases, no other region comes close currently. Same for deaths - the Americas with comparable population doesn’t even come close to half of Europe last week.

But I do worry if Africa would ever get hit hard & would the world report it? Or would the world not care?
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📍28 days later. Welcome to @BorisJohnson’s 🇬🇧 dystopian domain. There are almost no mitigations anymore. Deaths surging every week… now with #DeltaVariant & new #DeltaPlus surging unchecked. What a cluster.

P.s. also your mess too, @sajidjavid. #COVID19
2) Dear @BorisJohnson — you’ve upgraded UK 🇬🇧 to now #DeltaPlus wave. Play stupid games, win dangerous prizes. Congrats to you and @sajidjavid.
3) UK is only winning… if you compare yourself to Eastern Europe and Russia 🇷🇺— @BorisJohnson’s comrade in the pandemic is now closer to Putin. At least Moscow is sober enough to know when to enter a lockdown. But Boris and @sajidjavid have no courage to save lives.
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GOOD & BAD news on #DeltaPlus #AY42 —it continues to grow in UK 🇬🇧, with higher attack rates (faster transmission) than old #deltavariant. Good news is similar severity & vaccine efficacy as Delta. But #AY42 is gaining ground among non-travelers.🧵#COVID19…
2) Notably, notice how #DeltaPlus is gaining ground against old Delta in both those with or without any recent travel history. This means community transmission is definitely taking hold. Not good.
3) It seems #deltaplus #AY42 has similar rates of ER visits and hospital admissions in England so far. Though numbers still too low to know for sure yet.
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📗🟩🟩Obligado ver la última entrevista de @lucasgonzalez (síganle) , "epidemiólogo", en TV en el que da detalles de cómo ganarle la batalla al virus, sobre #ventilación, #vacunación y #purificacion
Gracias Lucas, por tanto! Hilo resumen🧵1
▶️Hay que buscar medidas que sean #eficaces, que sean lo menos restrictivas posibles, son insostenibles y la gente se cansa.
▶️Una de las medidas eficaces es la #ventilación
▶️Hay muchas iniciativas para tratar de filtrar el aire de los espacios interiores. #FiltraElAire 🧵2
#AguaPura #AirePuro
▶️En ésta década habrá cambios en el #aire igual que en su momento tuvimos con el #agua y la #comida
▶️No queremos agua contaminada, no queremos comida contaminada,
▶️⚠️No seremos usuarios de espacios interiores no ventilados con mala #calidaddelaire. 🧵3
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📍BAD SIGN—Something really bad happening in UK 🇬🇧—especially notable in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿— where hospitalization for #COVID19 resurging—but for first time since vaccine mass rollout—deaths newly spiking now as well ⚠️. Possibly new Delta sub variant. Watching.…
2) in the UK, there has been a sudden rise in a Delta subtype AY.4.2, which some are calling "Delta Plus", contains mutations that might give the virus survival advantages. It’s about 10% now.…
3) this new surge seems unique to UK and Eastern Europe at the moment. Russia is now in a one week semi lockdown, as is Latvia. UK may need fast action to avoid that fate.
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#Thread Les vaccins actuels [spike-vaccines], basés sur une forme modifiée de la protéine Spike du Coronavirus (et non sur le virus entier), pourraient empirer l’épidémie au lieu de la juguler, selon plusieurs études récentes. #ADE #DeltaPlus
Rappel : Après avoir été infecté par le SARS-CoV-2, l’organisme fabrique des anticorps contre le virus, notamment contre la protéine spike (qui permet au virus de se lier à l’organisme)

Spike est à la base des vaccins à ARN et des vaccins à adénovirus autorisés en UE et aux US.
Nos anticorps se répartissent en 3 catégories :

- Les anticorps qui n’ont aucun effet sur l’infection virale (anticorps neutres)

- Les anticorps qui bloquent l’infection virale (anticorps neutralisants)

- Les anticorps qui facilitent l’infection virale (anticorps facilitants)
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Will the newly identified sub-lineages of #Delta may initiate a new wave of #Covid19 in India? What impact the increasing prevalence of the Delta-D clade would have on global #COVID burden?

My write-up deliberating on these issues in @TheWireScience 👇…
#Delta variant and its extended family: How much do we need to worry?

During the first few months of the #pandemic, the evolution of the virus was relatively predictable, with substitutions accumulating at a fixed pace: 1 substitution every second week 2/
In contrast, the 2nd year of the #pandemic is punctuated by the emergence of several #variants that bore evidence of dramatic evolution 3/
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Media briefing on the actions taken, preparedness and updates on #COVID19 to begin in a few minutes

Live from ⏰ 4 PM


@MoHFW_INDIA @airnews_mumbai
📡 Live Now 📡

Daily new cases continue to show a decline

Progressive decrease in districts reporting high cases

51.51% of the total cases in last week reported from Kerala



37 districts still reporting an increasing trend in daily new cases (last 2 weeks)

including 11 districts in Kerala

Solapur and Beed districts in Maharashtra are districts of concern


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Is it okay to label #delta variant as #Covid21?

I think it is too premature to even think so. AFAIK, there is still only one ST of #SARSCoV2. It is nothing but a SCAREMONGERING news! 1/

Like all viruses, #SARSCoV2 will continue to evolve. But it has limited number of moves available. It seems it is near to its ‘end game’. There is just not a lot of space for the spike to continue to change in ways that allow it to evade Abs but still bind to its receptors 2/
#Substitutions that allow the virus to resist antibodies will probably also decrease its affinity for #hACE2. This is exactly what we have seen with #DeltaPlus 3/
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The #UttarakhandHighCourt to hear a batch of #Covid-19 PILs.

Matter being heard by a bench of the #ChiefJustice and Justice Alok Kumar Verma.
Chief: If you read the newspapers, the reports are alarming.

We had 25,000 tourists coming to Nainital on the weekend. No one is wearing masks, hardly anyone uses sanitisers because sanitisers are not being provided.

#UttarakhandHighCourt #Covid19
Chief: Why are we not adhering to the Centre’s instructions?

#DeltaPlus variant is on the rise and the #thirdwave will strike us by second week of August according to WHO.
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#SARSCov_2 viral variants / mutants and vaccination seem to be consuming most discussions on #COVID_19 these days. We’ve let incomplete data and general knowledge create misinformation and confusion amongst us all. An explanatory thread...
We’ve heard of the #Delta, the #DeltaPlus & unknown future variants which may be either more transmissible or more lethal than previous ones. This has either created panic, or worse, a sense of futility about both vaccines and precautionary measures to avoid the infection
The chatter about variants and mutants is fascinating, but linking them to the futility of getting over this pandemic is dangerous. An unfortunate line of thought seems to be that if these viruses mutate and vaccines are ineffective against them, why bother getting vaccinated?
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Latest on #COVID19 #Variants is now on Delta Plus .. reputed to be even higher percentage in transmissibility.. But at the moment, no such cases in Singapore..
Delta Plus #SARSCoV2 has extra mutation on spike protein K417N.. 1/n…
Latest about #DeltaPlus #Variant here .. It has made appearance obviously in India, also in UK & USA.. 2/n…
Here it is as reported in an article from India.. #DeltaPlus #Variant ..
A note in this article also abt the K417N mutation being present in the Beta Variant.. 3/n…
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India has classified a new variant #DeltaPlus as a "variant of concern". 🇮🇳 health ministry says studies show #DeltaPlus—aka AY.1–spreads more easily, binds more easily to lung cells & more resistant to some monoclonal antibody therapy. Unclear risks.🧵…
2) “The variant is related to the Delta, an existing variant of concern, which was first identified in India last year and is thought to have driven the deadly second wave of infections this summer in India.
3) “The health ministry says the Delta plus variant, first found in India in April, has been detected in around 40 samples from six districts in three states - Maharashtra, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh.
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[Class 12 Exams amid COVID-19] 

Supreme Court to shortly hear a plea by @anubha1812 seeking to cancel state board Class 12 exams amid #COVID19 & be on par with CBSE & ICSE students

#SupremeCourt @AdvMamtaSharma #StateboardExams Image
Supreme Court was informed on Monday by the States of Assam, Tripura and Punjab that they have cancelled Class 12 State Board exams in view of the ongoing COVID-19 situation.…
However, Andhra Pradesh (AP) government informed #SupremeCourt that it will conduct State board examinations for class 12 students in physical mode since there is no other alternative in the state @ysjagan #apboardexams…
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La variante #DeltaPlus di cui si legge oggi non è nuova. È solo la nuova nomenclatura per quella che qualche settimana fa era stata impropriamente chiamata Nepalese. Si tratta di un mutazione (K417N, già creava problemi in quella sudafricana) ora acquisita dalla Delta 1/3
Ricordate quello che si diceva già mesi fa: le varianti variano a loro volta man mano che il virus si adatta all'ambiente intorno a sè. Finora variava per diventare più contagioso; ora la pressione evolutiva lo costringe a diventare più evasivo 2/3

I vaccini rendono questo processo molto, molto più lento ma soltanto il 15% circa della popolazione mondiale è vaccinata e finché quella % non cresce considerevolmente il rischio non cessa. 3/3
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AY.1 or #DeltaPlus, a new variant of the coronavirus, has been categorized as a "Variant of Concern" by the Indian government, reports said, leveling up from its previous status as a "Variant of Interest." What does it mean for you? #VariantofConcern… Image
A #VariantofConcern shows some of the following traits: 1) An increase in transmissibility. 2) An increase in virulence. 3) Detrimental change in COVID-19 epidemiology. 4) A reduction in the effectiveness of public health measures, diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics. Image
Worryingly, more than 40 cases of #DeltaPlus have been identified in India through genome sequencing. Of them, 21 are from Maharashtra, six from Madhya Pradesh, three from Kerala, three from Tamil Nadu, two from Karnataka, and one each from Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, and Jammu. Image
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Logik: Die indische Mutante #Delta (#B16172) breitet sich massiv in #England aus und da sollte man erwarten, dass das #RKI sofort die unzureichende #Einreisequarantäne verbessert - aber nein - das RKI stuft die #COVID-Gefahrenlage für Deutschland herunter
Hallo Dr. #KaiSchulze, ist für das @rki_de der Ausbruch der indischen Mutante #B16172 in #England isoliert? Kann #Delta nicht durch die löchrige #Einreisequarantäne nach DE eingeschleppt werden? Wie kann man jetzt die COVID-#Risikobewertung herabstufen?
Strategie #Herdenimmunität
Todesfälle wurden offenbar einkalkuliert. #Brasilien sollte durch natürliche Infektionen zur Herdenimmunität geführt werde. Das bedeutet mit 1% IFR, 70% Herdenschwelle >1,4 Millionen einkalkulierte Todesfälle #Bolsonaro #COVIDZID…
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Logik zum #Öffnungsplan der #Bundesregierung
Wo, wie und wie schnell infiziert man sich mit dem #Coronavirus? Solange die Regierung Entscheidungen - magels Datenlage - ohne Evidenz trifft, solange ist es Willkür, wann welche Bereiche geöffnet und andere geschlossen bleiben #Spahn
Die Mutante #B117 erreicht in diesen Tagen -in den ersten Bundesländern- ihre #Dominanz. #R steigt zeitgleich und die #Regierung erhöht per #Öffnungsplan die #Mobilität: B117, Öffnungsplan u. gesteigerte Mobilität sind drei Faktoren die logisch #R exponentiell beeinflussen können
Zeitgleich werden #Kitas u. #Schulen geöffnet, also die Versammlungsorte, vor deren Öffnung uns Experten und Ärzte aus #Israel u. Kanada warnen. Begründet wird die #Öffnung mit "Meinungen" von Wissenschaftlern, deren #Studien -manipulierte Daten- aus #Schweden zitieren #twlz #KMK
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