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University #Threatens to Suspend Students Who Leave 4.5 Mile ‘#COVID Bubble’

Tracked via an #app that only allows them to visit “#approved” businesses…

#QAnon2018 #QAnon2020
@usedgov #COVID19 #ChineseCoronaVirus
#WHO #China
California Makes It #Illegal For Students To Skip Anti-racism #Training

Without the credits from the mandatory anti-racism training #students will not b able 2 begin other studies…

#QAnon2018 #QAnon2020
@usedgov #COVID19 #ChineseCoronaVirus
#WHO China
Report: Iowa #University Instructor Issues #Warning That Not Supporting #BLM Is ‘Grounds For #Dismissal

“No arguments against gay marriage, abortion, #BlackLivesMatter, etc.”…

#QAnon2018 #QAnon2020
@usedgov #COVID19 #ChineseCoronaVirus
#WHO #China
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🎖 Oracle Autonomous Database 2019 #Certified Specialist
🔗 Acclaim Badge: 1/2
🔖 Exam No: 1Z0-931-20
🔖 Duration: 85 mins
🔖 No of questions: 60
🔖 Passing score: 65%
🔖 Cert validity: 18 months
🔗 Exam details: 2/3
💡 Skills I learned & validated from this exam:
- Features & workflows
- Managing it using Rest APIs & CLI
- Monitoring & Migration in AD
- Data Pump & Golden Gate 3/4
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21 day deadline count down for @ProSecurityMag #TPSO #firespecial submission deadline

Get your article in to @SecurityRollo or myself as guest editor by 21st August for the bumper September #Firespecial

#security #fire #firerisk #firesafety #majorincident #disasterresponse Image
Day 1/21 @ProSecurityMag #TPSO September 2020 #firespecial

Submission deadline - 21st August

Day 1 #Arson

The #security professionals role in arson assessment, prevention, control & response

DM your views, articles & comments @SecurityRollo or myself ImageImageImageImage
Day 2/21 @ProSecurityMag #TPSO September 2020 #firespecial

Submission deadline - 21st August

Day 2 #FirePrevention

The #security professionals role in fire prevention - tactics beyond security patrols.

DM your views, articles & comments @SecurityRollo or myself ImageImageImageImage
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@CathyCathyFox & @CzebotarJessie#exposing the #WorldwideTheatreShow for all to see

💯Thx to them for making my life easier🙏
I walk out of my front door into a #SatanicWorld

Over 8yrs years people thought I was🤪#MeToo but now others see it too #WelcomeToMyWorld ImageImageImageImage
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Air Commodore Hilal Ahmad Rather, #IndianAirForce is a resident of Bakshi Abad #Anantnag #Kashmir & is an Alumni of Sainik School Nagrota #Jammu

He was commissioned in the #IndianAirForce as a #Pilot in the flying branch on 17 December 1988.
He has more than 3000 hours of accident-free flying on MiG-21s, Mirage-2000 & Kiran aircraft. He is a #Fighter Combat Leader & qualified Flying Instructor. He has commanded a Mirage-2000 Squadron & also a front-line Air Force Base. He graduated from Air War College in #USA ..
..with academic distinction. Air Commodore HA Rather joined as Ops lA, Western Air Command (WAC) on 15 JuIy 2013. With dogged determination, he systematically went about addressing the weak aspects of aircrew #training & diligently monitored the achievement of the set targets.
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After researching #VC investments, I saw a lack of diversity in VCs. SO, I researched a few opportunities for funding, accelerators & other resources for Black/Women-owned businesses. #Thread of ACTIVE opportunities.

#marketing #business #success #startups #black #covid19 #data
If you prefer to view the full list in a browser with more details on each opportunity I'm updating the list on a Google Sheet now and posting on my website.

All opportunities below are open today and applications close within the next 2-3 months.
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We are ready for an #inclusive deliberation: Towards a #PolicyFramework for #Indian #SciComm in partnership with @scicommsci.🥳
Will be discussing #Ecosystem & #Training, #Diversity & #Inclusivity for #Indian #Scicomm.

Day 2 discussion commences in a few minutes!!
This live-tweet thread is curated by @AnamZille, @yaskap94 & @ChampakSuchitha on behalf of @spf_in & @scicommsci. 👩‍💻👩‍💻👩‍💻
🗣️🗣️Yesterday we discussed #funding and #infrastructure, #multidisciplinary #scicomm #research. Here’s the live tweet thread:
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I've been getting asks from a number of folks about #digitalsecurity resources in times of #COVID19 and #BlackLivesMatter .

At the suggestion of @schock this thread will be a round up of some of the resources I'd point folks too — most of which are created and led by BIPOC
Weekly on Fridays — @geminiimatt and @sa0un are running workshops on Twitch: #digitalsecurity #digisec
This week @USABLE_tools @Internews @InternetFF are hosting an Organizational Security Village: Tons of great resources and sessions on #orgsec
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People make me angry when they say that only girls need #PersonalSafety sessions,boys just need to learn to respect girls. Here's my question to you, do you think boys aren't abused or don't deserve safe childhood? Read the petition & you would know
Our sessions for sex education &/ personal safety #Training need to be gender neutral, boys go through sexual abuse and are silenced. They don't have a language just as girls don't. They need empowerment just as much & even more.
Now the concept of boys learning to respect girls/women, all humans need to learn to respect each other and the environment. Now this knowledge should not be gender biased. If we put girls & boys in diff rooms & teach them separately that's not gonna solve anything.
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So @aaron_s_fox jumped the gate on me :) w/ a thread on the #ACL #injury & #AFLW #sport #womanprobs conversation & he did a great job but I'd like my perspective to come in that special 'tone' I may be known for in presentations... My first twitter thread! Expect sarcasm and gifs
1st, I posted my perspective on #injury #women #athlete #development #biomechanics in another tweet, if you missed it, short editorial: & presentation Read those after this thread of fun, I hope the GIFs help you "hear" my tone :)
I’ve seen a bit about #ACL #injury and #menstrualcycles including news stories about organisations ready to study the menstrual cycle and #training - Let me give you some basic information to help you #factcheck before you start #cheering or #praising
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Lets talk about #Argentina and the #IMF. Specifically, lets talk about the biggest IMF #Bailout in #History...
Before we start talking about #Argentina & how the #IMF has extended to them a #Bailout that is by far the biggest in the organisation's history, let us first appreciate what the functions of the IMF are...
The #IMF’s main goal is to ensure #stability of the #international #monetary & #financial #system. It helps resolve crises, and works with its 189 member countries to promote #growth & alleviate #poverty...
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Just received this #drone from @DJIEnterprise to get familiar with prior to an adventure in a week or so. There is so much in this little package. Searchlight (very bright BTW), speaker to communicate, zoomable 4K camera, and a long battery life. Built for #LawEnforcement use.
This #drone requires #pilots or operators to be registered with the @UK_CAA if used in the UK. If you use a #UAV over 250g then you are required to do this by law. This requires a short bit of learning of the fundementals and then your are off!! Click here
If you use your #drone for a commercial purpose, or u get any valuable consideration for your use of it; OR you fly your drone within 150m of a congested (urban) area. Then you will require a CAA permission for commercial operations. Click here to explore
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Hard factual headlines will follow this one:

"Tories have maxed up UK state debt by 2.5 times in just 9 and half years!" This is unprecedented in peacetime!

"Despite #Tory #Lies to the contrary? UK #economy is flat on its back, and likely to fall further - GDP was just 0.1% in the 6 months to 30sep19 being our worst showing since the financial crash!"

GDP(Gross Domestic Product) = total output of UK #economy, on which vital tax-take depends. HMG needs our tax (from companies, employees, householders) to fund OUR public services. Flat GDP growth (low % uplift) means less capability to fund services on which we depend!

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I like @SANSInstitute a lot - I recommend them a lot. But, I'm going to be honest. They've become the gatekeepers of the #infosec practice in many ways and at $10k for a course and travel it's hurting our ability to grow leaders and practitioners. #cybersecurity #training
@SANSInstitute There are many stories about #infosec warriors "pulling themselves up by their bootstraps" which is true! However, we're now beginning to change from a meritocracy into a plutocracy. Only those who work for the wealthiest companies or have the personal fortune can get in easy
@SANSInstitute SANS is not "overpriced" it's priced accurately based on market demand - the same as Harvard is priced accurately based on market demand. But, that doesn't mean it's what is best for our industry.
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Back in #SDNY Magistrates Court: William Skinner is charged with a murder, in 1989 in Brooklyn, of Efrain Cardenas- thread
This is a death penalty eligible case. Spiller is asking for bail, says he was acquitted; AUSA says there is no precedent.
Spiller's wife is his proposed co-signer. She is charged with a separate fraud. They own a house now worth $500,000. #NYC
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For the sake of clarity, #hauliers are NOT responsible for fulfilling the vast majority of #customs & #regulatory requirements needed to be admitted on board the ferry / in the port area to pick up or deliver goods. This is the responsibility of 1/…
The #trader (acting as the 'importer' from an EU perspective). That task can be outsourced to an intermediary - of which there is a lack of in the UK so many companies are struggling to find the help they need. The #haulier needs to ensure his/her #driver is in possession of 2/
The right proofs that the required #formalities have been completed & responsible for dealing with the #safety & #security #declaration if the #cargo is transported through #accompanied #transport (which, again, is a task that can be outsourced). 3/
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Attempting my first twitter thread to describe what we will cover in the free #GoogleAnalytics for #Retailers training workshop in London next Thurs 12th Sept.

We will start with introductions along with a statement on the purpose of digital analytics (its not reporting) 1/9
First discussion will be on the different options available to retailers for how they can increase profitability, with the actions being driven by the data available through analytics tools. 2/9
The first exercise will be to map out your own website, identifying page nodes, common customer paths and required detailed sections. This helps identify where success actions/key behaviour occurs and to define KPIs 3/9
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(Don’t do this very often but....) A #Thread:
We’re nearly at that time of year when #teachers are having #Inset and #training days. Every year I read through the horrors of such days on #edutwitter through the later days of August and the early days of September...
I read about awful training, cringe at quotes from course providers and feel my skin crawl at the thought of sitting through some of it. Dreadful stuff. Nail-digging-into-palm-stuff. I don’t like it at all.
When I’m working with teacher colleagues, I am absolutely giving my best. I don’t take anything for granted. Today there were 200 of us in a tent at a racecourse in #Leicester. This is a big day. It’s chuffing boiling and we all know it. I am delivering for five hours.....
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📋Info - Richtschütze & Mg34/42

◾️Thread on training the Richtschütze (Gunner) on the Mg34/42 - the key weapon(s) of the German infantry Gruppe (section) of #SWW #WW2

📷Richtschütze of IBtl Pz Gr Rgt #GD, Romania - May 1944.


#Training #Mg34 #Mg42
📋Info - Richtschütze & Mg34/42

◾️German doctrine re training on the Mg was based on comparison with the K98. The standard personal weapon of most German soldiers of #SWW #WW2.

Once K98 training had been completed, the Mg was then addressed.


#Training #Mg34 #Mg42
📋Info - Richtschütze & Mg34/42

Basic training on the Mg consisted of 21 lessons before live firing.

The best marksman were chosen as a Richtschütze following the end of live firing.

Those chosen for the heavy mg role had a further 16 lessons.


#Training #Mg34 #Mg42
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