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Today it is Mariupol, Kharkiv or #Bucha, at the time it was #Sarajevo30, Višegrad or Srebrenica. 30 years ago from today the Bosnian Serbs, with support from Belgrade, began the siege of the Bosnian capital that was to last 1425 days. A 🧵 on this sad anniversary and... 1/20
also on parallels and differences: Unlike #Ukraine today, at the time the international community treated the siege of Sarajevo almost until the end as a "humanitarian problem”. So the UN supplied the residents of Sarajevo for 3 years with food via an airlift, often interrupted..
... because Serbian forces shelled the airport. Like the Russian troops in Ukraine today, the Serbian besiegers shot from the surrounding mountains at residential buildings and civilians, for example when they had to queue for water supply or search for wood to heat their homes..
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Follow our liveblog for the latest updates on the three summits taking place in Brussels today. ⤵️…
@NATO leaders are meeting from 10:00 CET this morning to agree on additional support for #Ukraine 🇺🇦, which will also include protective equipment against a potential use of chemical and nuclear weapons in the country, writes @alex_owski.
#Russia's invasion of #Ukraine has created “the most serious security crisis in a generation,” @jensstoltenberg tells reporters upon arrival, adding that “there is a new sense of urgency.”

By @alex_owski
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Past couple of weeks have been quite eventful on 🇧🇦.

Following many meetings, emails, (zoom) calls, background talks and tweet-reads, let me bring together some key facts, assessments, positions & actions of different actors.🧵 1/24
What has Milorad #Dodik done so far?

I. Together with RS opposition:

1. Adopted RS law annuling Inzko’s imposition = RS made parts of the state-level criminal code not applicable in RS.

2. Voted against all decisions in state-level institutions except essential = financing.
II. Without the opposition:

1. Laid out a detailed plan to create parallel entity institutions = to collapse 🇧🇦 institutional & legal architecture.

2. Lower RS Assembly house adopted a Law on parallel Agency for medicinal products and devices = to disrupt unified market.
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Peter #Handke, austrijski književnik i dobitnik Nobelove nagrade za književnost, koji negira #genocid u Srebrenici, dolazi sutra u posjetu bh entitetu Republici Srpskoj, gdje će ga ugostiti Predsjedavajući Predsjedništva #BiH Milorad #Dodik.…
Podsećamo na video iz decembra 2019. kada su novinari koji su izveštavali iz rata u Bosni i Hercegovini digli glas protiv Nobelove nagrade za Petera Handkea na Twitteru uz hashtag #BosniaWarJournalists #IzRSEArhive
Zbog podrške međunarodno izolovanoj Srbiji, posete Slobodanu Miloševiću u pritvorskoj jedinici Haškog tribunala, te odlaska na njegovu sahranu – Handke je uglavnom bio kritikovan, pa i ozloglašen u međunarodnoj javnosti, kao skoro nijedan pisac do tada.
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To this date no one in four #WesternBalkan countries recieved a #CovidVaccine:

#BiH🇧🇦, #Kosovo🇽🇰, #Montenegro🇲🇪 & #NorthMacedonia🇲🇰

Many rightfully ask why

In #BiH, for example, authorities relied on #COVAX, #EU🇪🇺 procurement mechanism patience of citizens (?!)👇🏼
Following an agreement of BiH governments in charge for health matters by November 2020 state level authorities (kind of) finalised paperwork to be able to order 1,232,000 dosis of vaccines via #COVAX + 892.000 dosis via an #EU procurement mechanism.…
Already in December 2020 authorities in #BiH made it clear they had no plans to try to negotiate, lobby & get vaccines via direct purchase. They defended their decision by claiming it is safer & cheaper (+legal) to wait & hoped citizens would be patient.…
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I recently submitted my PhD dissertation titled "Illiberalism Beyond Borders. Dissecting Russian and Turkish External Influence in Bosnia and Georgia" at @FU_Berlin. Interested in what I found? Read this thread ⬇️
To begin with, I hypothesise that illiberal external influence (IEX) is more likely to contribute to the contestation of #democracy in a given polity when it appears in the context of a favorable domestic environment and the absence of liberal external counterpressure.
I particularly scrutinise the role of domestic elites in facilitating/obstructing IEX, based on findings by J. Tolstrup, @otansey, R. Vanderhill et al. I also look at how liberal ext. counterpressure can help prevent a major contribution of IEX to the contestation of #democracy.
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Bosnia’s Security Minister, himself an ethnic Serb from RS opposition, claims to have evidence of ongoing preparations by the #Dodik regime in the RS to sabotage Oct elxns, including use of violence in co-op w org crime & paramilitary groups.…
Interesting note: I've said repeatedly that Dodik's association w Russian & Russian-trained paramilitaries is primarily intended to liquidate RS opposition. Mektic confirms as much, noting that was part of Zakhar Prilepin's task.…
Mektic also hints at something that has been rumored for some time: Prilepin & other Russian militants & intelligence operatives have been freely entering BiH for at least two yrs, outside normal border procedures (i.e. via clandestine infiltration, all of it thru the RS).
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So, Putin’s paramilitary “biker gang” the Night Wolves is not only organizing film screenings in #Bosnia’s RS, which are attended by high ranking figures in #Dodik’s govt, but there’s now also a local chapter of said gang. Ominous development for BiH.…
Recall, this organized crime syndicate just “toured” the region like a boy band, only weeks after news broke that Russia was training & equipping a still different far-right group based out of Serbia, one that was also assisting the Dodik regime.…
This was @julianborger’s report from January on that group, “Serb(ian) Honor”. So, we now have at least two distinct Russian-backed paramilitaries cooperating w the Dodik regime ahead of #Bosnia’s Oct elxns. Extremely alarming.…
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