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It’s so embarrassing to me that we’re still letting Trump masquerade as our POTUS. 🙈 This is undoubtedly one of the most shameful travesties America has endured in its history.
Also I’m saying this after being doubly embarrassed for my state and my country during the GWB years. Even still I wasn’t perpetually nauseous then like I’ve been ever since November 2016.
Trump is viscerally disgraceful.
Did you know Trump is the first POTUS* since Calvin Coolidge to NOT hold a state dinner his entire first year in office?
The embarrassment is so profound that not even Trump’s WH staff wants to put him or themselves through more unforced debacles.
Beyond that, no one but other authoritarian sociopath dictators wants to even be associated with Trump. Reputable world leaders can’t be certain he won’t sell them out to the Kremlin, and frankly I don’t blame them. SAD.
We literally used to be the envy of the world when President and First Lady Obama traveled the globe, but now the office is so desecrated that no civilized nation wants Trump to pay them a visit. He has no dignified world leader friends because he’s an #AmericanSociopath.
Also the longer this shit goes on the more embarrassing it becomes. Our shame can’t be mitigated until he’s removed from the people’s house. His mere presence there is a blatant contradiction of America’s stated ideals and will forever be documented as the wrong side of history.
I truly feel blessed that my oldest son is old enough to have known, admired and respected President Obama, and that my youngest son won’t be old enough to understand how terrible Trump is until he’s gone.
It’s also embarrassing AS FUCK that the allegedly exceptional system of American democracy is still so antiquated and ass backwards that our election could so easily be manipulated by our adversaries.
It’s embarrassing that we live in a country that declares the person who won ~3 million *more* votes than her opponent the loser.
It’s also embarrassing that we have NO fucking checks and balances on this mayhem in the WH because Congress and SCOTUS are also overrun by authoritarian sociopaths.
It’s also embarrassing that we’re still using the electoral college to decide our presidential elections as if it isn’t a racist and undemocratic relic of 18th century slavery government.
It’s embarrassing how many folk still don’t know this.…
It’s embarrassing that roughly 30% of Americans approve of Donald Trump and they aren’t embarrassed to admit it.
Every time I see him walking across the White House lawn or I hear a talking head on cable news call him “President Trump” my soul aches at how far we’ve fallen as a nation in such a short period of time.
To quote Michael Jackson, I feel like a stranger in Moscow...
I just needed to get all the shit I’m embarrassed about in Trump’s America on record because it never stops being appalling to me that people are trying to normalize this UNMITIGATED DISASTER AND INTERNATIONAL FUCKING EMBARRASSMENT.
Still as true today as it was on 11/9/16, if not more...
You know what else is embarrassing? Thousands of mental health professionals have exercised our #dutytowarn the world that Trump is sick and dangerous, but no one in his cabinet or the @GOP Congress gives enough of a fuck to invoke the #25thAmendmentNow.
Also it’s embarrassing how every fucking week the MSM publishes yet another “breaking news” story about how pathological and corrupt Trump is as if this wasn’t a blatantly obvious fact decades before he stole the 2016 election. Where were y’all last year?
America looks STUPID AS FUCK for patiently enduring this #TreasonousTrumpTravesty for as long as we have. No amount of attempted normalization by the GOP and MSM will change this reality.
And don’t you think for one second that the embarrassment ends with Trump. 62 million Americans voted for this atrocity and damn near 80% of Republicans still approve of every last ounce of dysfunction that has ensued since 1/20/17. They ALL make the ENTIRE country look bad.
It’s embarrassing and pathetic that Americans are so petty, apathetic and disengaged that we can’t even muster 60% voter turnout for presidential elections and keep allowing the GOP to make it harder to vote on purpose.…
It’s embarrassing that our failure to demand accountability for the theft of the 2000 election and the crimes of the Iraq war laid the groundwork for everything we’re embarrassed about today. It’s unacceptable that we don’t learn from our history because we don’t know it.
Our reflexive belief in the mythology of American exceptionalism prohibits us from acknowledging our numerous shortcomings, and Trump is a manifestation of our national narcissism. He doesn’t know how fucked up he is and we don’t how fucked up we are either.
None of this shit is “great” or normal. It’s disgusting and embarrassing every single minute of every single day, and pretending it isn’t is PRECISELY how we ended up here.
Bottom line is if you aren’t sufficiently embarrassed by Trump’s America yet you either aren’t paying attention or you willfully helped create this disaster.
Those are the ONLY options, y’all.
Donald Trump Is Making America Embarrassing Again… via @docrocktex26
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