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in light of the worrying Elsevier Pilot that was discussed this week, what Pilots do @tweetsunl have with #Elsevier? Is this information online? What are Dutch universities paying Elsevier for? Is that making knowledge dissemination better? How?
@tweetsunl ah, thx for the DM I got.. more info here:… I'll look at the current pilots today and what they mean for Open Science, which they are meant to serve...
the first Pilot I'll look at is "Description Data Monitoring support service":… The description is brief, so there is not much to go on... that's quite ironic indeed...
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In this edition of #scifraud: Ronald Kostoff, an octogenarian generalist w/ a 1000-meter stare, has a fraudulent article in the latest _Toxicology Reports_ claiming Covid vaccines kill 5x more people than they save.

How could @ElsevierConnect publish such deadly nonsense? /1 ImageImageImage
@ElsevierConnect Here's the article, full of scare quotes, conspiracy buzzwords, and bad data.…

How did this pass peer review? Journal editor @aristsatsakis surely knows better. But this fraud is already the most-talked about article Toxicol.Rep. has published all year. /2 ImageImage
Encouraging volume over quality is one culprit.

Toxicol. Rep. launched as an #Elsevier journal in 2014, and has no fewer than thirty-one Associate Editors.

One of them (Daniela Calina), and editor in chief Tsatsakis, CO-AUTHORED this bizarre & deceptive article. /3 ImageImageImage
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Dr.Thakur, this is a huge issue. Big industry. Powerful lobby. They crush critique wit money power. I hav experienced it first hand.

Here is my story.

Last year March, I published this article based on my experience wit a patient who died after consuming herbalife products
It went viral on @Twitter
This caught eye of the big company who then proceeded to email me directly regarding my study, asking for proof. I said all my data was in the paper (samples sourced samples frm Amazon from an 'associate seller' 4 analysis)
They sent a direct letter (written by a prominent professor at Univ of Guelph, Canada / who works with the company) to the publisher #elsevier outlining 'problems' with my study, asking 4 'retraction'. The publisher suggested we provide a rebuttal - which we did, 24 page long.
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Separating the #men from the #boys
Here is a #PubMed #indexed, #Elsevier published #journal reporting '#exclusive' #treatment of #covid19 through #Ayurveda leading to full recovery in a #patient. Great #news right?! No. The #proof of the #pudding is in the eating! Spoons out
The #journal. Its legit, 'becoz' its publishd by #Elsevier. Journal ownd by World Ayurveda Foundation & Trans-Disciplinary Univ, #Bengaluru. 4mer, a 4-men 'world foundation'[], latter @TDUFRLHT founded @sampitroda, vettedby likes of @kiranshaw
The study - 43yr old #newyork #banker develops fever,cough durng peak #COVID season, 'PRESUMED' to be #coronavirus. Self #Quarantine at #home, phone calls #ayurvedic #Doctors at #Chennai, #india, offer☎️ treatmnt until fever break, therby reporting #covid19 cure via Ayurveda
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Open Letter - Our Science is in Danger and we need Your Help!

Dear ALL,

We need your help to restore public trust in science and provide researchers with adequate conditions to do their work in solving the world's problems.

Please help with your comments to make our message as simple, accessible and crystal clear as possible.

Without your support, our voices will be ignored, and nothing will change.

#HelpOurScience #HelpSaveLives…
In May 2020, the prestigious medical journal @TheLancet published a flawed study regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat #COVID19.…

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Given the news on U of California and #Elsevier, I am going to do a THREAD on contracts, negotiations, and publishing in the academy. This thread is meant for humanities folks, grad students to professors, slanted to Western academic contexts. #publishing #AcademicTwitter
Starting point - Get rid of the I'm-an-academic-fumbling-in-the-real-world attitude. Seriously, knock it off. You have a PhD, or you will, and you are making decisions, signing legal contracts, and all that jazz. Own the ethical and practical implications of publishing.
Negotiate your contracts. I negotiate every single publishing contract I sign. Yes, Every. Single. One.

Most commonly, I want the ability to share the full, post-publication / print version of an article online, for free (prepublication version w/o page numbers helps nobody.)
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