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Oct 4, 2020 13 tweets 21 min read
Separating the #men from the #boys
Here is a #PubMed #indexed, #Elsevier published #journal reporting '#exclusive' #treatment of #covid19 through #Ayurveda leading to full recovery in a #patient. Great #news right?! No. The #proof of the #pudding is in the eating! Spoons out
The #journal. Its legit, 'becoz' its publishd by #Elsevier. Journal ownd by World Ayurveda Foundation & Trans-Disciplinary Univ, #Bengaluru. 4mer, a 4-men 'world foundation'[], latter @TDUFRLHT founded @sampitroda, vettedby likes of @kiranshaw
The study - 43yr old #newyork #banker develops fever,cough durng peak #COVID season, 'PRESUMED' to be #coronavirus. Self #Quarantine at #home, phone calls #ayurvedic #Doctors at #Chennai, #india, offer☎️ treatmnt until fever break, therby reporting #covid19 cure via Ayurveda
Be4 this saga, #patient tuk #sudarshan tabs, 3 months - gav him 'wellness, improved sleep'. But Sudarshan tabs for fever, CAN also be #quackery used for liver disease He tuk tabs 4 fever be4 fever hit, but then fever hit him anyway. So all good😖
So how did #authors finally #diagnose #covid19? That's the best part -symptoms (ok,cool😎),season (wow🧐)&"VAST LITERATURE AVAILABLE ON PUBLIC DOMAIN" (mindblown🤯).VR wasting time, resources on #RTPCR, #antigen #tests, wen all we need was not so common, common sense, right?
How is this #COVID19 witout confirmation! No real #evidence hungry journal wud allow! SO, they did confirm. Or did they? Like a @Chris_Nolann movie. Table1, authors say patient confirmed it becoz his doc said so. But patient nevr says it. Readers, this is wer U hav 2 imagine
But V wont leave the #diagnosis! We have to diagnose, becoz that is what #alternative #medicine strives for! So they send another swab 4 #SARS_CoV_2 - 16th day frm fever start. Bummer! Insufficient material. Finally,day 33,antibody test +ve. Yeah! We diagnosed #covid.🤯🤯
What was this #life saving #phone #treatment?
▶️Mix of #herbal #drugs witout clinical evidence, no data on #safety,#efficacy
▶️Rice porridge(reality, unbalanced/malnutrition)
▶️Avoid sleeping during day, avoid waking at night😭
1 drug has semen of civet cat,elephant excreta.
There is a limitation section! Yaay!
1of the limitations was that the phone doctors could not prescribe more #medicines &they had to make do with what patient had with him.
Moral: If I wanted to have fried fish, & I did not have oil, I just ate it anyway and called it sushi.
So conclusion, after the roller-coaster ride?
Authors keep mentioning this part in the abstract & conclusions "first case, treated entirely with Ayurveda...Modern Medicine, no cure has been found" - there can only be 1conclusion made from this - INSECURITY of #pseudoscience
Real limitations - no confirmed diagnosis, irrational use of invalidated #drugs 4 #covid. Supreme eg of anecdote. @TDUFRLHT - plz improve UR journal #peerreview. @ElsevierConnect plz remove this article from UR 'Public Health Emergency Collection', its misleading& #quackery
@ElsevierConnect need 2 review ethics in publication in Journal of Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine. How can docs who havnot seen, examined report on the patient? This is not #science.
@compandalt @gorskon @d_s_thakur @pash22 @drcheruvarun @EdzardErnst @ScienceBasedMed

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May 24
A young girl & her father enters OPD
14y and is deeply jaundiced

Teary eyed, her father requests ONLY one thing
"She's advised liver transplant. We are poor. Can you please help us avoid it?"

I look at the girl the father
& brace myself for the worst case I'd ever seen... Image
It was just 2 months back, the little girl started feeling lethargic

Severe loss of appetite ensued

She did extremely well in school, but the last 2 mo were difficult

She had tremors of both hands and found it difficult to concentrate

And it was not only that...
..her parents noticed that her skin was progressively darker than before

But she was out in the sun most of the times

6 wk ago as the fatigue progressed

she started noticing high colored urine

and then few days later, her eyes were jaundiced

At the two hospitals... Image
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May 22
A young man is referred for spiking fevers and abnormal liver tests going on since 2 weeks

He has no jaundice, but his liver tests are elevated
AST 338, ALT 946 and they don't seem to come down

Doctors elsewhere are baffled and parents are worried as is the young man bcoz...
he had just joined a new job at an illustrious company in Bangalore since 2 mo and he has been on medical leave since 3 weeks and his job is at stake

Whatever this was, we had to get it diagnosed and get it over with, quickly, so that this man could retain his job...
Everything was well until 3 weeks back when the young man started to feel lethargic, slowly but steadily, his appetite reduced, he started to lose weight and lose interest in his work

Office calls were a pain and all he wanted to do was sleep

A nearby visit to a GP ended with..
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May 19
My staff ushers in a man & his mother cradling a 5y old boy into OPD

I luk at my list & ask, Mr Ram?

But the staff tells me, Ram is next on list
But this boy looked very sick & was given priority

One look at the boy & I knew what this was

A race against my worst enemy

The boy's name is Dheeraj

which in Sanskrit means 'patience'

- but this was not a time to be patient becoz

"If we lose time, we lose the little patient"

Dheeraj was diagnosed with a dreaded liver condition a few weeks after birth

called biliary atresia...
Biliary atresia is a blockage in the tubes (ducts) that carry bile from the liver to the gallbladder

This congenital condition occurs when the bile ducts inside or outside the liver do not develop normally

The bile formed stagnates within the liver, leading to inflammation...
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May 18
I asked the son, who was flustered and trembling, looking at his father lying on the green sheet ER bed

"What happened?"

Trying to cover his shame, but not the disgust, he replies, "This has never happened before"

"What?" I ask him

"My father defecated on the dining table"...
..."in front of us, in front of my cousins"

"& then what did u do?", I ask him

"I tried to pull him down & then
...he called me son of a bitch"

"My dad's never been abusive, he's the sweetest person"

"What did the ER doc at the 1st hospital tell you?"

& he says, "Ammonia"...
The young man's father was at his nephew's celebrating a birthday party, had a hearty and meaty dinner and went to bed late

Early morning, he woke up groggy. He was muttering and murmuring. Even though he identified his wife, he could not name her and his speech was slurred...
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May 16
28 y old young mother is referred for evaluation of progressive jaundice

Docs are mind-boggled

Patient is getting sicker - increasing jaundice/persistent itching 2 mo after delivering healthy baby girl

She's scared, of the possibility that she wont get to see her baby girl...
...bcoz her primary care GP, while referring to our tertiary center, also hinted at the possibility of liver failure and need for liver transplant

Their diagnosis - post delivery unknown cholestatic viral hepatitis, possibly hepatitis E infection

But it didnt seem right...
...cholestasis means stagnation of bile inside liver - due to issues within the liver (hepatitis, bile duct damage) or outside liver (block in bile ducts due to stone, tumor)

This young mother had no obstructive features to bile flow, but her liver tests had shown...
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May 15
I received these samples for analysis

Formula 1
Batch: A221752B04

Personalized Protein
Batch: A221726G21

Afresh Energy Drink
Batch: E821712A27

Here are results, discussion...
...Analysis was done by an independent lab approved by the central and state government for food analysis and NABL accredited for general testing in chemical and biological parameters

Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, method was used to identify different substances...
...rather than conclude based on analytical findings, I wud like to know whether these findings r NORMAL for a protein supplement?

Herbalife supplements unlike other pure proteins, use herbal components 2, mayb this would have led to complex results...
@minicnair @PriyankaPulla
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