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(1/9) We just poured everything we got into making sure @BernieSanders won the New Hampshire primary. Here's what we accomplished...

#FITN #NHPolitics #BernieWonNewHampshire
(2/9) In the lead up to the primary our volunteer powered team:
🙋Filled <2000 volunteers shifts
📋Collected < 12,000 pledge to vote cards
📱Sent >18,000 texts
🏡Knocked >20,000 doors
📞Made >33,000 phone calls
(3/9) On average, democratic voter turnout in the four major college towns we organized in (Durham, Keene, Plymouth and Hanover) increased by over 10% since 2016 and over 30% since 2008.
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#NH #FITN results are coming in!

Klobuchar 6
Warren 4
Yang 3
Bernie 2
Biden 1
Steyer 1
Gabbard 1

Klobuchar 2
Bernie 1
Biden 1
Buttigieg 1

Bloomberg 2
Bernie 1
Buttigieg 1

Bloomberg also won a vote in the GOP primary, suggesting Indies, who statistically lean right, might be going Bloomberg.
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Going to be VERY interesting to see who goes to NV, who goes to SC, and who goes to ST states between NH and NV. You’re kind of handcuffed to go to NH after IA given the short runway and #FITN etc. but there’s some more flexibility for the rest of the month.
Before we suspended the campaign, we had some very fun strategy and scheduling meetings about this very topic!
IIRC, our initial plan was to hit SC/ST states over Presidents’ Day weekend then land in NV by Tuesday. The logistics of getting x-country played a big role — once you get to NV, you kind of want to stay relatively west.
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The pragmatic Progressive Amy Klobuchar has passed over 100 bills as the lead Democrat:

Secure Elections Act: Provides $380 million for states’ election security improvements and to replace outdated voting machines.

#Democraticdebate #Klobuchar #FITN
A bill to prohibit the introduction or delivery for introduction into interstate commerce of children’s products that contain lead, and for other purposes: Bans lead in children’s products.
Abolish Human Trafficking Act: Strengthens and reauthorizes key programs that support survivors of human trafficking and provides resources to federal, state, and local law enforcement officials.
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Moments ago in New Hampshire, Joe Biden made clear what is at stake in this election when in comes to health care.


Joe Biden stood by Barack Obama's side in the fight to secure Obamacare.

Thanks to Obamacare:

100 mil Americans w pre-existing conditions no longer can be denied coverage

20 mil Americans gained coverage (50k Granite Staters just due to Medicaid expansion alone #FITN)
Thanks to Obamacare:

Kids can stay on parents' plans until age 26

Insurers can no longer place lifetime or annual caps on coverage
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Starting off on our “Seven New Hampshire Town Halls To The New Year!” The Countdown is on! Here in Dover and then Wolfeboro, Conway, Gorham, Littleton, Claremont and Keene. Join us if you can, or follow us on line!
NH TOWN HALL 1: Dover! We kicked off our three-day, 7 town hall swing with over 500 fired up Granite Staters this morning.

From now until the New Year, we’re taking our town halls all across the state to meet people where they are. New Hampshire is ready to win big. #FITN Image
NH TOWN HALL 2: Wolfeboro! What a crowd.

Honored to be introduced by Rep. Edie DesMarais. She was the first Democrat in more than 100 years to be elected in this town and she knows the importance of winning big up and down the ballot. We’re ready to go in 2020! Image
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So: the Iowa Caucus is going to be an absolute bonkers trainwreck that will make 2016 look like a mild row at the summer camp.
That's me, far left, tonight. @goetz_hal and @johndeeth put on a good training, but it leaves me deeply pessimistic.
@goetz_hal @johndeeth The @iowademocrats and folks like Hal and John are doing everything they can within the constraints they've been handed, but we're deep into, or beyond, 'one legged man in an ass kicking contest' territory here.
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As the #DemocraticDebate is happening, let me say a few words about @ewarren ... yes - I’m sorry to say - a thread. 1/
I supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. Like, really, really supported ... as in, was a Bernie delegate at the DNC in Philadelphia. 2/
Living in NH, we don’t have to seek out primary participation. For better and/or for worse, it comes to us.

I went into this election cycle with an open mind. Maybe slightly predisposed to Bernie, but willing to consider all candidates whose values mostly align with mine. 3/
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Hey New Hampshire! Hear me out?

PETE BUTTIGIEG (a thread):

I'm a person in long term recovery (no alcohol/drugs 25 years!), and work in SUD treatment. My recovery, and work in the field, continues to reveal something important:
We all need each other. A LOT.
The beautiful life I now enjoy, was literally planted in the fertile soil of simple kindness from others...and grew into a sustainable lifestyle around my recovery community's principles of unity & service to others.
At my job in recovery, we work w/the whole family *whenever* we can, because recovery works SO much better as a "we" thing!

When therapists teach hurting families how to "fight fair" isn't actually about FIGHTING.
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NH Convention with Team Beto: A Thread

Convention is the superbowl of NH politics. To say the least, @BetoForNH had been preparing for this for months. The results were incredible, and I'm proud to be here for Team Beto.

Let me share what we did.

#Beto2020 #FITN #nhpolitics
@BetoForNH (2) We’d been calling and inviting people to convention for MONTHS. Making endless calls, working long days, meeting after meeting, talking to the people, doing the work necessary to invite people into seeing what Beto wants to bring to America.
@BetoForNH (3) The day of. Huge to convention is how every campaign fights for space on convention grounds. Every campaign has to try to get there by - no joke - 2:30 in the morning to get there and be ready for the day. Here we are after 1 to no hours of sleep ready for the day
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Why I'm Voting for @KamalaHarris in the #fitn NH Primary.

(Thread.) #nhpolitics
Living in the first-in-the-nation primary state, we have a responsibility to learn about presidential candidates early and up close, and to make a decision that will best help that candidate keep moving through the nomination process.
This time around, that responsibility feels overwhelming. When the next president takes the oath of office, she’ll be overseeing a multi-layered national crisis left by her predecessor.
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Found a couple of friends to walk in the Milford Labor Day parade with #fitn Image
Did I just end that tweet with a prepoSITION?! 🤦‍♂️
New swag! Thanks @Kids4Pete Image
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A beautiful #FITN backdrop for @JoeBiden’s second stop today in small town of Croydon: population 757
Canoers behind Biden holding up “Dump Trump” signs while paddling in background
Biden comes out swinging at Trump. "I hadn’t planned on starting off this way but the fact is that day by day we're witnessing a president of the United States who is becoming more and more unhinged. He calls himself the chosen one. This is almost bizarre."
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major turnout for @PeteButtigieg's meet & greet in exeter, NH tonight. i'd guess a few hundred people at least won't get in - the line is down the block. (and there's a merch table!!) #fitn #nhpolitics
fwiw, i've covered buttigieg, harris, inslee and gillibrand in #nhpolitics so far. pete definitely gets the most insta-clicks #onhere. (harris got a fair few too, but that was a few months ago.) the sign of a well-oiled social media machine, a focus from bots, both...? #fitn
a group of juniors from phillips exeter academy, down the street, got pulled from line to stand behind @PeteButtigieg on stage. they'll be able to vote in 2020; top issues are climate change, women's rights & stabilizing democratic institutions (!). #nhpolitics #fitn
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Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R), who is mulling a presidential bid in 2020, took questions from reporters after a #politicsandeggs breakfast this morning. #FITN
He was asked about #MuellerReport and more.
"It's probably not the most pleasant thing to go through, I'm sure ...but, you know, I battled cancer for 18 months, I can probably take it." - Gov. Hogan (R) on the 'wrath' of President Trump
Gov. Larry Hogan (R) talks about his upcoming visits 16 states.
The list includes Utah, where he has an event with Senator Mitt Romney & former House Speaker Paul Ryan.
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After Mr. Trump, who has an appetite for an irritable and inflexible old man?
This article also brushes against the awkward reality that #FITN NH, a state that advertises itself on retail politics, gave big victories in the 2016 primary to the two candidates least skilled at that.
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Someone’s hold on NH is slipping, and another is rising. #fitn
And that’s at the launch, when things ought to be cheeriest.
Always take UNH with a giant grain of salt, but if you're the guy NH voters know the most about, and who won massively here in '16, *and* who just had a launch, and yet today fewer than 1 in 4 support, that's...not good. #fitn
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Always wondered why there would be these pointless Bolton PAC ads in NH. I figured he was vain enough to think he was viable to run for POTUS. #fitn
Cool. Let's see what my psychographic profile is, Cambridge Analytica. Not creepy at all, John Bolton. #fitn
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Since this article doesn't seem to have any interactive element to it, I'm going to hold a series of polls to determine the winner: #DemBracket #DemPrimary2020 #2020Polls #MarchMadness #BracketOfRandomThings #Bracketology #FITN @TheDemocrats
First matchup in the #Lefties portion of the bracket! Of these 2, which would you rather support in the 2020 Democratic primaries for president?
1. @SenSanders i.e. @BernieSanders #Sanders2020
2. @ninaturner #Turner2020
#TwitterPoll #FeelTheBern #OurRevolution
(Oops, I forgot to include the seeds; Bernie is 1st seed and Nina is 8th seed. The '1' and '2' by their names aren't seeds, but rather correspond to the poll options. I'll fix this in the rest of them, seeing as someone's already voted in this one.)
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