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So New Hampshire, I have a story to tell you.

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and just had a bilateral mastectomy.

No history of breast cancer in my family, best guess is that it’s environmentaly triggered (as is the majority of cancer cases.)

I’m not alone, there are a ton of cancer cases in our town of Merrimack. THREE cases of colon cancer just in my neighborhood. We’ve got kids with cancer, tons of women with breast cancer, men with prostate cancer, kidney cancers.

Hell even our cats and dogs (our canaries in the coal mine) are dying off with cancer and skin tumors.

I live 3 miles from our polluter, I was told by our state that I had nothing to worry about. You live too far away, your well is not impacted.

@EWGPrez @ewg
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Libertarian poster boy and NH House Majority Leader Jason Osborn obtained millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded loans, grants, and incentives for his debt collection business before closing the doors and laying off 521 employees. #NHPolitics 🧵
In 2016, when Credit Adjustments, Inc. announced plans to expand and build a new headquarters, the Defiance City Council gave the company two parcels of city-owned land for the project, more than 22 acres, at no cost to the company. #NHPolitics 2/

The next year, the Defiance County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) approved the transfer of an additional 5 acres of city land to a company affiliated with CAI as part of the incentive package for the construction project. #NHPolitics 3/

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#NHPolitics #NHCorruption
So this year:
Secretary of State resigned
HHS Commissioner resigned
Autofair CEO Andrew H Crews resigned
Dartmouth head Phillip Hanlon resigned
Why do I think these are all related @GracieGato @realaudratoop #PandoraPapers…
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@NHDems @NHGOP @ChrisSununu @TomShermanNH @USAO_NH
This story illustrates the lack of accountability that has harmed lives. McLaughlin has been protected by Gordon MacDonald. Arsenault by Gordon MacDonald, Jane Young. Why?…
You cannot pretend as the AG of New Hampshire to have children's safety as a priority when you delete corrupt police files or protect corrupt police. You cannot pretend to be an honest US Attorney when you have allowed this to happen either.
Gov. Sununu invited public comments to the LEACT commission. I wrote. I was doxxed by an interceptor, public official. I brought up serious concerns about the coercion of minors by police. Jane Young said Geoffrey Ward would respond. He didn't. He deleted the files instead.
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So Scott Murray, DA in NH v Owen Labrie then became US Attorney for NH (calling the trial "a victory for victims rights") and now he is Federal Prosecutor with new US Attorney Jane Young from AG's office which deleted police files...hmmmm…
So the question is @NH_DOJ @JohnFormella - Did Geoffrey Ward in your office delete Concord Police Detective Julie Curtin's file to save face for DA Scott Murray and Councilwoman Amanda Grady Sexton in fact? Otherwise, why did he do that?
The records are crystal clear that Detective Julie Curtin did not follow protocols on more than one occasion re St Paul's School. Just shuffling her to another police department and deleting records is not serving the public interest or public safety.
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A Justice Department task force to go after physicians? Housed in Concord? YOU KNOW the issue is ILLICIT FENTANYL & POLY SUBSTANCE use NOT prescribed medication! Patients are being abandoned here in the Granite State! You’re allowing this? @GovChrisSununu
@NHSenateDems @NHGOPSenate @NHHouseDems @NHHouseGOP @SenatorHassan @SenatorShaheen @RepChrisPappas @RepAnnieKuster @NHDHHSPIO #NHPolitics

Have you not heard a word I have been saying? Legitimate patients who suffer with chronic illness and pain are going to suffer further!
New Hampshire’s own Medical Examiner’s office, directed by the State Attorney General, publishes the very data that PROVES overdose deaths are not the result of prescription opioid pain medication!

@TomShermanNH @SenCavanaugh @SenJeb @BeckyWhitleyNH @TeamEricaNH @CindyR4NH
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If you stood by under this tyranny and didn’t fight, then you aren’t fit for office.

If you don’t fight this, when would you fight?

Support of vax mandates, lockdowns and masks is an absolute disqualification for public office.


We are not going to forget or let this one slide.
Fauci, Biden, Hassan & every democrat and rubber stamp Republican who voted for this or who stood by and didn’t fight this tyranny must be held accountable.

Get involved. History is happening. We must take our country back.
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The New Hampshire Senate has passed a large amount of pro-liberty bills that are waiting to be signed by @GovChrisSununu! Here’s a thread of some of the awesome legislation that have passed the NH House and Senate! #NHPolitics
HB1178 prohibits state and local law enforcement from enforcing certain federal firearms laws.
HB1636 extends constitutional carry to OHRVs and snowmobiles, the main area that was overlooked in the historic CC bill passed in 2017!
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Right wing extremists in Concord, NH today
Dude wearing tacticool gear (see:…)
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New Hampshire had a considerable amount of historic pro-liberty bills pass the House this week! Here’s a thread of some of the awesome legislation that passed the House!

Personal favorite: HB1178 prohibits state and local law enforcement from enforcing certain federal firearms laws.
HB1636 extends constitutional carry to OHRVs, the main area that was overlooked in the historic CC bill passed in 2017!
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Scenario: You have a Rx for birth control pills at your pharmacy. When you go to pick them up, the person behind the counter says, “I can’t get those for you. I object to birth control.” This is the crux of HB1080, a bill NH lawmakers will vote on *this week*.🧵 #NHPolitics
NH’s HB 1080 would allow any health care provider – defined VERY broadly – to object to participating in any way with abortion, sterilization, or contraception. Let’s talk about some more scenarios:
Under HB 1080, a cashier at a pharmacy could refuse to sell condoms.
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(1/9) Sorry folks but the attacks on trans kids won't stop. Here's a thread on some recent developments in New Hampshire. I know it's hard to keep up, esp with the 5-alarm fires in Texas & Idaho, but please keep paying attention. #NHPolitics
(2/9) HB 1077: The NH House introduced a bill to REPEAL the ban on conversion therapy. Outrageous, right? The ban went into effect with bipartisan support in 2018. You'd think there would be NO WAY a repeal effort would work.
(3/9) Before voting favorably on the bill yesterday, the Committee amended it so it's no longer an outright repeal. But don't be fooled... the amended bill will gut the protections. The law will no longer protect LGBTQ kids from the harmful impact of conversion therapy.
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@GracieGato @noogajack977 @Melangie @State0fCorrupt @nancywestnews @ACLU_NH
Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere.
Have the AG's office of New Hampshire, police, media, DCYF, victims rights non-profits & attys been complicit in an epic racket? Diocese,St Pauls', Dartmouth
Sylvia Gale, the activist who planted a rumor for PD James McLaughlin in 1988 (when he was already on list of corrupt PD since 1985 - only just revealed in 2022) was asked to resign in 1999 from a child advocacy organization for conflicts of interest. So what is going on?
In 1999 also: Washington Post published article about Chuck Douglas in which his ex wife accused him of tax evasion. 3 years later, working with police (James McLaughlin, later convicted felon Edward Arsenault, Jim Rosenberg, Gordon MacDonald, David Vicinanzo..Doe v Diocese began
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@WikiLeaksUS @JusticeOIG @FBIWFO
How is it that Primary Bank in NH was allowed to start with the directors that it has after the FRM Ponzi Scheme and those were allowed to pay their own companies PPP loans, have them forgiven, sell their companies while not paying employees?
"Some 500 people were defrauded by FRM out of a total of $80 million. Connolly resigned as Bureau of Securities Regulation director in 2009, citing what he said was the government’s failure during Gov. John Lynch’s administration to act on numerous warning signs about the Ponzi "
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Former director of a child welfare agency plead " guilty to endangering the welfare of children when she concealed abuse allegations to cut down a backlog of cases."
Err @GracieGato @noogajack977 @Melangie How come that hasn't happened in New Hampshire yet with DCYF? #NHPolitics
"In January 2020,the OCA issued a report examining the more than 15,000 uses of restraints on children over a five-year period in the state,focusing on the practice of face-down,prone restraints,which can be lethal. " #NHPolitics #CoverUpsMustBeProsecuted…
"At least four providers and the Sununu Youth Services Center (SYSC) ... continue to restrain children in prone positions, suggesting either a refusal to comply with the law or different interpretations in terms of its use."…
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If you have children & you are disturbed by what's being revealed in the Ghislaine Epstein trial, Cindy McCain's resignation of Arizona Human Trafficking org, Bob Iger's stepping down from Disney. Please look at your own state and its agencies and ask questions.
A number of people in New Hampshire took money from Henry T Nicholas III for Marsy's Law. The public was told by the ED for Marsy's Law to ignore Henry T Nicholas III's background. You should not. In one report it looks he may have had an assistant who also worked for Epstein.
Ask yourselves why the Mayor of Concord, the Director of Public Affairs for the NHCADSV, the Chair of the Judicial Selection Committee were all paid to promote Marsy's Law and all turned a blind eye to Henry T Nicholas III's sordid disgusting history abusing women & drugs.
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The 2022 sequel to this year’s ‘divisive concepts’ debate is about to get underway, and it involves an obscure Cold War-era anti-Communist law enforcing “teachers’ loyalty”… #NHPolitics #WMUR
.@NHHouseGOP co-sponsors of HB1255 say the intent is to stifle Marxism, Socialism & the 1619 Project in public education, not to avoid difficult subjects. @cordellifornh: "It's perfectly valid to talk about the history of our country & what we've gone through." #NHPolitics
Manchester NAACP President @jtmckim is troubled by this attempt to prohibit the teaching of racism's role in America's founding. He says the white supremacist views of the Founding Fathers are historical fact & "permeated the way they crafted the Constitution." #NHPolitics
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BREAKING: New Hampshire has REJECTED $27m in federal funding to push COVID vaccines.

New Hampshire is the ONLY state thus far to reject this funding. Texas and Florida both accepted it.
More than a thousand people, primarily organized by @RebuildNH, have kept the pressure up on the government for months to make this happen.

Powerful picture of the protesters at the meeting, with more details in the thread.

Check the #nhpolitics tag for tears from the authoritarians and fear-mongers.

Let them know that New Hampshire is for libertarians and there are 49 other states for them to choose from.
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.@DaveWheelerNH is ready for an up-or-down vote on family planning contracts at this week's Executive Council meeting. He contends Planned Parenthood & other orgs violate the new state law prohibiting family planning funds from going to abortion providers. #NHPolitics #WMUR
The Council's lone Democrat, @CindeWarmington, is pushing back, saying there is no commingling of funds & urging support for family planning. "It is time to stop playing politics with the health care of the women of New Hampshire and approve these contracts." #NHPolitics #WMUR
A showdown over family planning funds is expected at this week’s Executive Council meeting… #NHPolitics #WMUR
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Today at Fiscal: Rep. Jess Edwards, R-Auburn, is requesting to hold up $3 million in federal funding to 13 critical access hospitals due to concerns that some hospitals are requiring vaccines for employees.

Says funding should be targeted to hospitals w/o mandates. #NHPolitics
Edwards appears to have support from Rep. Ken Weyler, R-Kingston, the chairman of the committee.

But other GOP members disagree. Sens. Morse and Giuda say $ should be approved now but legislature should consider additional laws restricting hospitals in future. #NHPolitics
Just now: Weyler in the end votes against tabling the money. Sen. Gary Daniels joins Edwards and one other in voting to table; 7 votes agnst.

But, Sen. President Chuck Morse, R-Salem, adds: "I think we need to have a frank discussion" about vax mandates in hospitals. #NHPolitics
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ICYMI: Sen. Tom Sherman, D-Rye, holds up an ultrasound probe in Rep's Hall, during a speech against the proposed ultrasound mandate for all NH abortions.

"You are requiring this of women," he says. #NHPolitics
Just now: The House has *passed* House Bill 2, the second budget bill, 198-181, sidestepping fears of a fatal GOP split.

Both budget bills head to @GovChrisSununu, who has indicated he will sign them. #nhpolitics
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Carson adds ultrasound requirement is not "anti-woman" arguing it will give women more info.

"How is that anti-woman?" she says. "In fact, I think is probably empowering women to take control over their bodies and their lives."

Sen. Giuda now mounting defense of business tax cuts.

Says that Democrats wrongly argued in 2019 that low biz taxes would hurt revenues.

"We're now well past that point of time and we are running a $25 million a month surplus, because of those tax cuts," he says. #NHPolitics
"We should continue the reductions, which continue to let our coffers grow because of those reductions," Giuda says.

"And put away the flawed notion that wealth is finite and we should tax those that have beyond what's reasonable." #NHPolitics
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The NH Senate votes to approve House Bill 1, 14-10.

Vote follows lengthy discussion over whether Senate Democrats' vision for education funding wld require an income tax. Sen. Jay Kahn says no, but that redistribution between wealthier and poorer towns is necessary. #NHPolitics
Senate now discussing House Bill 2, the policy bill.

Sen. Lou D'Allesandro, in a return to the Senate floor, starts out by attacking business tax cuts.

“Nobody, not one person at our budget hearing, requested a reduction in business taxes," he says. #NHPolitics
Sen. Jay Kahn argues against $100 statewide property tax reduction. Says it favors property-rich towns.

"When you hear that $100 million amount, you need to remember that $15.2 million of that is going to the highest property valuation communities," Kahn says. #NHPolitics
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1/ The fold hypothesis passes another test. This one is a little hard to explain, so please bear w/ me. Audit handcount found average of 299 more votes for the 4 R candidates, an average of 22 more votes for 3 of the D candidates & 101 fewer votes for St. Laurent... #NHPolitics
2/ Typical for handcounts to find more votes: humans can see voter intent better than machines can. Use 22 as an estimate of no. of votes each candidate is expected to gain in the handcount. Then there's an average "unexplained" gain of 299-22 for the Rs, & ...
3/ "unexplained" 101+22 vote loss for St. Laurent. The ratio is 277/123 = 0.444. Now, among the ballots, there are ~597 ballots w/ potential to reduce the Rs' counts by 1 & ~260 w/ potential to increase St. Laurent's count by 1, if scanners read fold as marked oval. 260/597=0.436
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