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Ce qui s’est réellement passé dans le laboratoire de #Wuhan quelques semaines avant que la #Covid n’éclate,De nouvelles preuves tirées de dossiers confidentiels révèlent que des scientifiques chinois ont fusionné des agents pathogènes mortels peu avant la pandémie. Image
Des scientifiques de #Wuhan travaillant aux côtés de l’armée chinoise ont combiné les #coronavirus les plus mortels du monde pour créer un nouveau #virus mutant juste au moment où la pandémie a commencé. Image
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The Strategic Defence Review has highlighted fuel supply as a significant point of vulnerability and recommends creation of a national Fuel Council. The Govt has not agreed to this. Meantime #FOI documents shows our tanks are close to empty. 🧵1/4 #auspol #SNAFU Image
After BP and Mobil shut their refineries in 2021, we now import 77% of our refined fuel. Of the 33% locally refined fuel, 3/4 of its feedstock is imported. Minister Bowen’s most recent fuel security brief reveals we only have 22 days of diesel stored in-country. 🧵2/4 #auspol Image
In April 2020 we entered into a lease agreement with the US to store oil in their Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). We also purchased and put 1.7 million barrels of oil into the SPR. In June 2022 this reserve was quietly sold. Australia’s has no SPR fuel reserves. 🧵3/4 #auspol Image
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NHS Lothian has confirmed in a Freedom of Information response, that only 32 patients died solely from #COVID19 in NHS Lothian hospitals, during the ‘pandemic’

32 deaths where Covid was the ONLY cause of death on the death certificate

NHS Lothian serves a population of 1M

1/ Image
In total, the Lothian region (which includes Edinburgh) reported 2,368 deaths within 28 days of a positive PCR - or where COVID was suspected

2,225 of the 2,368 had a known pre-existing comorbidity (94%)

Only 143 (6%) died from COVID only- on a par with missing FLU deaths

2/ Image
A stunning Freedom of Information response also confirmed just 94 deaths were recorded in NHS Glasgow & Greater Clyde hospitals, solely due to #COVID19

94 deaths from the 4,496 GGC deaths reported by #ScotGov

#NHSGGC serves a population of 1.2 Million people

3/ Image
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1/5 🚨 Conservative Chairman Graham Brady caught in tax haven controversy 🏝️✈️ Brady received £19,000 in free trips to the Cayman Islands, seeking access to Foreign Office ministers for a senior Cayman official. #TaxHaven #GrahamBrady Image
2/5 📧 Emails released under FOI reveal Brady's attempt to connect Cayman Islands' Eric Bush with Foreign Secretary James Cleverly and Lord Goldsmith. 🤝 #CaymanIslands #FOI #ForeignOffice
3/5 💼 Brady's recent sting by anti-Brexit group Led by Donkeys revealed his negotiation of a daily consultancy fee of £6,000. 🐴💰 No allegations of rule-breaking, but transparency is key. #LedByDonkeys #ConsultancyFee
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#1 The time a former Wirral Labour Councillor almost went to prison ... and much more ...


@FreedomAllian11 on May 4th 2023
@FreedomAllian11 #2 The time when Adrian Jones, a Wirral Labour Councillor from Seacombe protected, gagged and paid off two abusers of disabled people, one of whom went on to become Head of Adult Social Services at @ReadingCouncil…

Vote @FreedomAllian11 on 4th May 2023
#3 Wirral Councillor from Seacombe humiliates himself AGAIN. Trashes a critic… then breaches his data privacy.…

Vote @FreedomAllian11 on4th May 2023
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Quelle sera la prochaine #psyop? Elle est déjà là. Et c'est pas le climat, ni la monnaie. La guerre de 5egénération est là, sur nous.

Mon dernier post sur le fake de "preuve de #graphène" a eu des réactions compréhensibles. Mais certains avaient un comportement bizarre..⏬suite
Donc on a eu sur le graphène:
#Inversion accusatoire, inversion de la charge de la preuve. Raisonnement #circulaire, #adpersonam direct. Ca rappelle les #bots de 2020.
#Affirmations "mais si c'est prouvé", genre 5 liens hors sujet. Jamais de preuve sur les vaccins Covid.⏬suite
Autre comportement bizarre quand on débunke le fake du graphène: certains posent 5-6 questions d'affilée en #rafale sur d'autres sujets.
Quand j'y réponds, beaucoup m'ignorent et repostent des vidéos du même fake. Et les mêmes questions reviennent, encore et encore.⏬suite
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The Liverpool Echo has revealed – via #FOI disclosures – that 14 different Liverpool City Council elected members had parking tickets cancelled outside normal procedures. Whatever you think of FOI, it’s a smart use of it.
When I read it, I didn’t know which angle was the best. I nearly went for records management, but I suspect that the records for these transactions were insubstantial by design. I wondered if I should make a point about public interest journalism but the story speaks for itself.
The crucial thing about the FOI aspect is that ‘nothing held’ can be as revealing and compelling an answer as incriminating emails. If there was a rigorous process for dealing with councillors’ parking tickets with an audit trail, it would be a very different situation.
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It's all change for Data Protection as the 'Digital' being extracted from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport to be planted in the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology, although the Secretary of State (Michelle Donelan) is going with it.
Freedom of Information sits under the Cabinet Office, their main involvement being to issue codes of practice and run the so-called 'Clearing House' which acts as a coordination unit for cross-government requests.
The Clearing House was always a source of concern with evidence that the CO's aim was to monitor people who asked awkward questions. The CO is now on the backfoot over the Clearing House following a series of well-targeted articles in Open Democracy and The Times in 2022.
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We responded to @ICOnews consultation on prioritising #FOI complaints. We welcome the objective of prioritising complaints of significant public interest & target of prioritising 10-15% of all complaints, while improving the speed with which non-prioritised cases are dealt with.
If these ambitious targets are achieved they will – together with the ICO's proposed action to address public authority delays – reinvigorate the #FOI system.
However we do not agree that particular types of requester, including journalists & civil society orgs, should be prioritised. Others, such as independent experts, researchers, bloggers, prof bodies & unions may equally contribute to public debate and should not be disadvanaged.
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𝐏𝐂𝐁’𝐬 𝐑𝐞𝐥𝐮𝐜𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐜𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐩𝐥𝐲 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐞𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐚𝐥 𝐑𝐓𝐈 𝐀𝐜𝐭, 𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟕 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐚 𝐥𝐨𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐛𝐚𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞:
On Jul 6, 2021, I filed an Info request to @TheRealPCB under #federal #RTI Act for obtaining information
regarding contracts signed with legal firms to represent PCB at legal forums and copies of contracts signed by #PCB with cricket managers. No response was received from @TheRealPCBMedia @TheRealPCB & I lodged an appeal with @PkInfoCom on 27 July 2021.
in response to my letter, PCB quoted “the magic time frame itself shows that the law at hand is being abused for personal and ulterior motives”. I submitted my argument to @PkInfoCom on 27 Aug 2021 that the response of PCB lawyers is evasive and not satisfactory.
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📢 We are urging peers to amend the National Security Bill whose Lords 2nd reading is today. It creates wide offences for people who use ‘restricted’ info to prejudice key govt policies if they have been funded by any non-UK government.

#FOI #NationalSecurity #officialsecrets Clause 1 of the National Security Bill (Obtaining or disclos
Civil society orgs with grants from friendly govts for work on environment, human rights, press freedom, asylum, aid etc may commit an offence by using such info to block govt policies. Journalists working for non-UK state broadcasters may also be at risk.
Info is ‘restricted’ if people know or should know govt does not wish to release it to protect UK interests. These are determined by govt and could include energy policies damaging to the environment or measures to limit asylum.
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📢Social housing providers would be covered by #FOI under a proposed amendment to the #SocialHousing (Regulation) Bill whose Commons committee stage starts today. The Campaign supports proposed New Clause 9 tabled by Shadow Housing minister @mtpennycook & drafted by @gmlawcentre
The Bill proposes a new and limited ‘access to information scheme’ for social housing tenants. The Campaign believes the more obvious and effective solution would be to bring social housing providers under the Freedom of Information Act.
This has already been done in Scotland, where registered social landlords were brought under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act in November 2019. @ICOnews has also called for registered social landlords in other parts of the UK to be made subject to FOI.
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"New Brunswick decision makers had a staggering quantity of high quality information detailing the prevalence & mechanisms of the long term complications of #COVID19 infection. They simply chose to ignore it."

#LongCovid #cdnpoli…
#RTI #FOI #BringBackMasks #SARSCoV2 #NBpoli #PublicHealth

CC: #BCpoli #covid19bc

Policymakers across Canada - not just in NB - have been negligent.
Thanks for all your hard work @PoPNB_kindness @HallwayOrchard
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The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy recently published a privacy notice covering their intention to gather data related to gas and electricity consumption. Data gathered includes the meter number and postcode of the house, plus the level of consumption.
This is, by any standard, a vast data grab, covering millions of households. Although the purpose of the scheme is the Energy Price guarantee, there are huge risks here. Energy consumption can tell you an enormous amount about how a household behaves.
I made an #FOI request to DBEIS to dig into the background. In particular, I wanted to see the #DPIA that DBEIS must have carried out to get as far as publishing a privacy notice about the scheme and whether they’d discussed the project with @ICOnews.
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If this decision (first spotted by @DataCorrection) gets any traction, the myth will become that the First Tier Tribunal said that a dog’s name was personal data. To be fair, I don’t think they did that, but it’s their fault if people come to that conclusion.
The dog in question bit a woman on the leg when police were breaking up an illegal rave in Bristol causing what sound like very severe injuries. The description in the original ICO decision is grisly. This post is a lot less jokey that it would have been had I not read it.
A @WhatDoTheyKnow regular made an #FOI request for the name of the dog, the name of the handler and their qualifications, plus a bewildering final demand for "Your reasons for the dog attacking". The Tribunal says the dog info is personal data.
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#RailStrikes @transportgovuk released material showing how they agree a plan with train operating companies for handling strikes. Some material is highlighted in black. We think this shows they tried to redact material which should not be redacted.… #FOI
@transportgovuk We urge the Information Commissioner - @ICOnews - to consider if an attempt was made to wrongly apply exemptions here.…
@transportgovuk @ICOnews Subject matter experts may find the material released of interest. We encourage using annotations to link to any further requests eg. for the omitted template costs spreadsheet, or for specific, completed, Dispute Handling Plans.
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🔴Leçon de #séparatisme au Centre #ElHikma en 🇧🇪. Par #MohamedNadhir .Les discours #islamistes qui dictent les règles aux jeunes filles. Pr les #séparer , les #exclure #études #stages #Hijab . Voyons les stratégies habiles des #ennemis de l’#école 👉…
2- #Radicalisation des jeunes filles . Conférence à #Bruxelles : « Une #foi en baisse , que faire? » . Au Centre #ElHikma . Par l’#imam #MohamedNadhir #DinUlQayyima . Qui répond à « la question la plus épineuse d’une soeur 🧕» dans le public sur le #voile
3- Une soeur inquiète s’interroge : « Elle souhaiterait continuer à porter son #voile dans son cursus #scolaire , dans ses débouchés , c’est possible. Mais , malheureusement , pas dans ses stages …
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#FOI We are very keen to see people use our service to obtain information from Parish Councils. This new @ICOnews decision is concerning as it suggests a very low threshold for deeming requests to small Parish Councils an unreasonable burden…
@ICOnews We don't think responsible local campaigners, especially those seeking information which one might expect to have been published, should have their requests rejected. @ICOnews
@ICOnews At a time of declining trust in democratic institutions, engaging citizens at a local level where their input makes a more noticeable change is key to rebuilding that trust.
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Since 1969 @dfat has exploited complicit and unwitting prime ministers & ministers from both sides of politics to defraud #TimorLeste of its oil & gas resource. DFAT's made the bed we now sadly have to lie in. All Aussies should read this thread! #auspol…
1969: Australia granted 5 petroleum exploration permits over parts of the seabed that lay closer to Portuguese-Timor than Australia … and then refused to talk to Portugal about a sea boundary, even after their 1970 formal protest about Australia's Timor Sea claim. #auspol Image
1975 - 1999: Alone in the world, and with the aim of accessing #TimorLeste’s oil & gas resources, Australia encouraged and lent support to Indonesia’s invasion of Timor, whose citizens preferred independence. 204,000 Timorese died opposing Indonesia’s occupation. #auspol Image
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Cast your minds back a couple of months to LDR gate. Bristol City Council was criticised for questioning whether a local democracy reporter was supposed to be asking questions of mayor Marvin Rees at a regular press conference.
Local Democracy Reporters are BBC funded local journalists who are meant to make sure politics at council level are properly covered, and work for an array of local titles.
The video of the incident went somewhat viral.

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Excellent news @ICOnews has listened to the Campaign and others in the FOI community and is "committing to delivering more systemic enforcement action against public authorities that clearly and consistently fail to meet their #FOI obligations.
We have also called for greater transparency about the ICO's #FOI casework, so welcome the commitment to publishing "quarterly updates on our FOI casework so people can see how we are performing as a regulator and how long they can expect to have their cases resolved".
The ICO is also looking at how it can speed up #FOI complaints handling by:
🔴prioritising requests where there is a clear public interest
🔴early resolution w/out a formal decision notice in some cases
🔴exploring how it can clear the existing backlog more quickly than planned.
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💡Zététique ou Autodéfense intellectuelle ? (thread)

Lors de mon enseignement des bases de la #PenséeCritique, la « #zététique » et l'#AutodéfenseIntellectuelle m'ont été présentées de façon confondue : il m'a été longtemps difficile de faire la part des choses entre les deux.👇
De plus, sans même parler d'#AutodéfenseIntellectuelle, la définition du terme #Zététique elle-même semble être différente d'une personne à l'autre.
Je vais ici vous en exposer ma compréhension depuis les cours de @RichMonvoisin à son utilisation dans la communauté des #SceptiquesRationnel·les française et parler brièvement des idéologies associées comme l'#AutodéfenseIntellectuelle afin d'éviter les épouvantails.
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The Department for International Trade (DIT) has broken #FOI laws more often than it has followed them, new figures have revealed.…
The ministry responded to #FOI requests within normal time limits on less than one in five occasions in the first quarter of this year. Including permitted extensions, it provided just 45 per cent of responses within legally mandatory timescales.
While by far the worst, DIT is not alone. The Department for Health and Social Care, Department for Culture Media and Sport and the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy also regularly broke transparency law. Image
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It’s taken 4 months but Cabinet Office has finally answered my #FOI request for names/membership of Cabinet Committees:

They’re refusing to release the info, citing ‘future publication’

(Background: ) A Freedom of Information re...Image
They’ve applied a public interest test about releasing the info now versus some undetermined time in the future (this is a real flaw with section 22 – they don’t have to say when it will be published).
They say there's a ‘public interest in cost effectiveness’ & allowing govt to deal with the necessary ‘preparation, administration & context of publication’.

We’re talking about a short Word doc published as a PDF.

We should be worried if that much prep is needed.
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