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Quand mes parents se sont séparés, tout est parti en vrille. Mon monde s'écroulait car ils ne nous avaient pas appris à vivre sans eux. Ma mère sombre dans la dépression la plus totale. Je suis l'aînée. Que faire ? Il faut qu'on mange... toute ma famille paternelle nous a tourné
Le dos. Ça a été l'enfer, même pour manger car on ne recevait presque plus rien du boss. Que faire ? Je commence à me prostituer. Oui. Je me sentais sale mais je ne voyais pas quoi faire d'autre. Un jour, je rentre en pleurs. Je me sens sale. Je prie et dis à Dieu que j'en ai
Marre. Que j'ai besoin d'un miracle. Je veux travailler alors même que j'ai laissé tomber mes études après le bac. Un jour ma best m'appelle et me dit qu'une société cherche une secrétaire. Je ris. Je n'y connais rien. Je vais quand même à l'entretien
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🚨🚨A Freedom of Information #foi request has revealed that the Scottish Government @ScotGov spent £3.7 Million on adverts for the #COVID19 vaccine 💉📺📻📰 !!!

That’s £3,700,000 of tax payers money - on adverts & propaganda🤬!

I didn’t vote for that!
No surprise to see the majority of the cash was spent around Christmas as the Government ramped up its ‘Boosted by the Bells’ campaign for their mix n match vaccine programme …

Disgrace …..
The rest of the pirates that took gold in exchange for journalistic integrity are listed below …

Note the BBC is absent from the list, must be part of a free subscription service the Government receives from their own propaganda arm of the media!

One way to buy off dissenters
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Why is the government bothering to set up a brand new access to information scheme, when the obvious solution is to bring housing associations under the #FOI Act?
The enforcement mechanism in the 2020 white paper looks absurd. There will be internal review by the landlord, involving up to 3 stages, followed by complaint to the Housing Ombudsman, followed by the Ombudsman referring systemic breaches to the Regulator for Social Housing.
The Housing Ombudsman will apply #FOI like exemptions, but has no experience of doing so. And unlike the @ICOnews, the Housing Ombudsman cannot enforce their decisions.
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We don’t usually call out highly-questionable freedom of information #FOI decisions.

But @abc730 made an exception for this one about vaccines, and an email exchange between Health Minister Greg Hunt and Brendan Murphy.

Short thread 🧵
After an almost year-long fight to find out why the Government didn’t buy more vaccines sooner, this is all the Health Department will release from an email chain in which mRNA vaccines are discussed.

(How do we know that? Because mRNA documents are what we asked for.)
You can see in red s47C, s47F, and s47G.

These are various *conditional* FOI exemptions.

They’re conditional because the Department of Health must weigh the *public interest* involved.
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The @ICOnews has disclosed a briefing document prepared for new Commissioner @JCE_IC on developing its #FOI strategy.…
It refers to longstanding criticisms @CampaignFOI has made of @ICOnews over the extent to which it uses its enforcement powers under #FOI and a lack of focus on its FOI work compared to data protection.
It also says "delays in our complaint handling system do understandably draw criticism from some high-profile groups, including the @CampaignFoI and @openDemocracy" and "@MySociety have suggested that the Access to Information brief should be split out of the ICO's functions".
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The Scottish Government has confirmed just 536 #COVID19 deaths in Scottish Hospitals, where #COVID19 was the only cause of death, over the 2 years of the #Pandemic

536 from 13,061 deaths reported…
There were NO #COVID19 deaths in the under 25 age group in #Scotland, solely from COVID.

612 of the 946 deaths reported were aged 70+…
#COVID19 deaths by NHS Health Board

You can see now why the Health Boards were reluctant to answer the #FOI requests

NHS Glasgow 1.3 Million population
249 deaths

NHS Lothian 1.0 Million population
123 deaths

See FOIs below ⬇️…
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🚨🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The #ScottishGovernment has announced:

"As of 16 February 2022 #PHS will no longer report COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations, and deaths by vaccination status on a weekly basis"

This is due to the data looking bad for the #vaccintaed & the report gaining global attention

Data from the last report published, didn't look good for vaccine effectiveness

87.9% of #COVID19 deaths #Vaccinated

85.2% of #COVID19 hospitisations #vaccinated

84% of #COVID19 positive tests #vaccinated

76% of #Scotland population #Vaccintated

#IrnBruGraph cancelled!
In the last data set, published on 26/2/2022 it was evident that Cases, Hospitalisations & Deaths with #COVID19 were highest amongst the vaccinated, even when population adjusted per 100,000.

The removal of this public data is a disgrace. What don't they want you to see?
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A Freedom of Information request has confirmed that during 2020 & 2021 there were only 10 #COVID19 deaths in #NHS #Highlands, where Covid was the sole cause of death listed on their death certificate...

NHS Highlands has a population of 320,000 Image
The Highlands covers the largest land mass of all the #NHS boards in #Scotland

10 deaths from 135 is of course a low figure

Also interesting is the 135 total. Similar to the island communities, its more difficult to misattribute deaths in these highland towns

@ScottAnd67 Image
#NHS #Highland refused to answer the questions on #DNR and hospital acquired infections

The variation in response across the boards has been interesting ....

N.B. I didnt expect a response on #Omicron but I was of course making a point Image
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Only 22 of the 395 #COVID19 deaths reported by #NHS #FIFE died solely from COVID19, with no other cause of death listed on the death certificate.

#NHS #Fife has a population of 420,000

Data for 2020 + 2021 and All confirmed in Freedom of Information response #FoI

Only 10 of the 395 #COVID19 deaths reported by #NHS #FIFE were under age 50

The over-whelming majority were aged 75+

How much misattribution is going on?

As confirmed by Freedom of Information #FOI Image
103 OF THE 395 #covid19 deaths reported by #NHS #FIFE were the result of hospital acquired infection #nosocomial (26% of the covid deaths - seeing a trend here with 26%)

When will the MSM start reporting on this data?
@BBCScotlandNews @Daily_Record Image
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Only 80 of the 1,709 #COVID19 deaths reported by #NHS #Lanarkshire died solely from COVID - with no other cause of death listed on the death certificate.

38 of the 80 were aged 81+, including one death in the age range 101-105

'With' or 'From' #COVID19 @calvinrobinson
@calvinrobinson NHS Lanarkshire serves a population of around 700,000 - making it the 3rd largest NHS board in #Scotland

1709 death certificates where #COVID19 was listed

80 deaths where #COVID19 the sole cause listed on death certificate

Have we over-reacted?
Has there been misattribution?
All as confirmed by a response to a Freedom of Information request #FOI

Data includes all #COVID19 related death certificates from March 2020 to end of November 2021

80 from a population of 700,000 - and STILL our kids are wearing masks in school FFS!!!!
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Nearly a thousand ndis participants have ‘recovered from covid’, with 28 dead, says @NDISCommission.

But these are not the true figures - only the registered providers. NDIA know but won’t say, even under FOI.

What does that say?…


2/ Right now, there are scores of disabled people being left without care, infected in group homes. And we know about at least three workers who have died. It’s bound to be hundreds more.

The reporting says zero.

HOW can you erase us, and this man?…
3/ Last year, 72.7% of people who died had underlying conditions.…

And we KNOW you are scrutinising the shit out of this. It makes no sense that you haven’t done the same with @NDIS participants.…
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🚨We're urging peers to support an amendment to be debated this evening to bring the Advanced Research and Invention Agency under the #FOI Act.🚨
As it stands, ARIA will be excluded from #FOI altogether. We are encouraging peers to support Amendment 6 in the name of Lord Clement-Jones, Lord Fox, Baroness Chapman of Darlington and Viscount Stansgate, which would make ARIA subject to the FOIA.
Read our briefing for peers…
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Ten Tory politicians helped firms to secure £1.6bn in PPE contracts, leaks reveal.

The Cabinet Office has been blocking my #FOI for emails between Gove and his personal donor David Meller, who received £164m in non-compete contracts, since March.…
This leak came after The Department for Health and Social Care have been refusing requests from @georgegrylls, me and countless others for a copy of this list since at least December last year.
My appeal is currently awaiting determination by @ICOnews, whose investigation will hopefully ensure that these emails are disclosed. The Cabinet Office has also refused my request for all correspondence around the handling of the request.
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The decay of our Freedom of Information infrastructure in the UK is troubling to witness. @JennaCorderoy of @openDemocracy explains why 👇🏾.
There's an urgent need for those who care about transparency & integrity in the UK - including funders - to act:…
Here's a new report by @openDemocracy on #FOI and #transparency in the UK:…
A crowdfunder for #FOI organisation @CampaignFoI:
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🧵#ThisIsWhyIFOI Remember Dr. Bonnie Henry at the @Canucks home opener? I asked @bcndp #bcgov under #FOI about who paid for the jersey and other expenses. Many readers wonder about the PHO attending such commercial events. #bcpoli #cdnfoi #FOIAFriday #SportsBiz #covid19 ImageImage
This morning, @bcndp #bcgov tells me it has rejected my #FOI request about Dr. Bonnie Henry at the @Canucks game, because she was allegedly there as a private citizen, not because she is the provincial health officer. Where have I seen that lame excuse before? 🤔#bcpoli #cdnfoi Image
Last year, Dr. Bonnie Henry co-authored a book with her sister. When I wanted to know about the contract and other details, I was told I couldn’t see them. The “private citizen” excuse was invoked. #bcpoli #cdnfoi #FOIAFriday…
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The Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill has its 2nd reading in @UKHouseofLords today.

We are calling for peers to reverse ARIA's exemption from Freedom of Information.…

#FOI #ARIA #opengovuk
The idea that complying with #FOI would be an obstacle to the UK becoming or remaining a ‘science superpower’ is utterly implausible. The obstacles to innovation by funding bodies have been discussed at length and do not include FOI.
All public bodies have important tasks to fulfil in the public interest & ltd resources. ARIA has no greater claim to avoid complying with #FOI than any other body. On the contrary, its budget, which outstrips that of many FOI bodies, provides compelling grounds for its inclusion
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1/ I'm sitting in on an @ifgevents live stream with @ICOnews's Elizabeth Denham… #IfGDenham

If there's something relevant from a public engagement perspective I'll add to this thread
2/ Some prepared remarks from ED first. The law worked best, she says, when the publics' views are put front and centre of any data use #IfGDenham
3/ Big things on her desk are #transparency, #AI #algorithms and #BigData < I wonder how many of those are big things from the public's perspectives? Suspect outcomes and impacts are much more relevant, less about data #IfGDenham
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The Information Commissioner recommended an audit of the Cabinet Office #FOI clearing house in May 2021 to provide an "independent view" of its compliance with the #FOI Act.

Cabinet Office declined and opted to investigate itself.…
The ICO's written evidence to @CommonsPACAC highlights that it can only conduct an audit with the consent of the public authority and calls for its powers of audit under #FOI to be strengthened.
.@ICOnews also says @cabinetofficeuk is "the most complained about public authority to the ICO with respect to FOIA" #FOI
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An individual used the #FOI website What Do They Know to ask @ICOnews about complaints made about the Met Police; effectively, they wanted to know how many of the complaints were upheld. The info was disclosed, but the response also contained an interesting statement. (1/7)
The ICO reply said: “Please keep in mind that there is no requirement to produce a formal decision in data protection cases such as the Decision Notices issued in FOIA ones.”… (2/7)
There’s a solid argument that this is true – there isn’t a line in the Data Protection Act 2018 which is as unambiguous as S50(2) of the FOI Act (the Commissioner “shall” make a decision unless certain conditions are met. (3/7)
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The FOI Act is a vital tool for journalists and campaigners. Here is a thread of some of the things we’ve recently learnt through #FOI requests 👇

If you want to protect your right to know, please consider supporting our urgent funding campaign
A report from a 2016 pandemic preparation exercise warned Government of the need to stockpile PPE and set up a contact tracing system.

Request by @DrMQureshi covered by @Robert_Booth @guardian.…
At least 750 allegations of sexual misconduct were made against serving police officers across Britain over five years, with the highest number made against @gmpolice.

Request by @PA covered by @SamuelOsborne93
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'the story ... is how “trans activists” and their “allies” have actively prevented FiLiA from doing grassroots work to benefit the #women and #girls of #Portsmouth - with the complicity of local institutions and elected representatives.'


'A year-long series, which FiLiA was due to run alongside the Play Youth Community youth groups within @portsmouthtoday , working with #girls excluded or at risk of being excluded from school was #cancelled.'


'The @BritishRedCross individual refused to share details of the events with local #women and lobbied other service providers to also boycott them, again based on spurious accusations of “#transphobia”.'

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Video of @CommonsDCMS's pre-appointment hearing this morning with John Edwards, the Government's preferred candidate for Information Commissioner… #FOI #dataprotection

I haven't watched the whole session yet, but 🤦
#GDPR be like 🤔 Rubin's vase
Edwards on #FOI: "For some requests, I think it is legitimate to ask a requester to meet the cost of some of that administration. Otherwise, you see, there is a potential for cross-subsidisation of people who are over-using or even abusing those rights …"

Not great.
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NEW: ‘A blatant attempt to dodge accountability, the modern equivalent of shredding vital documents.’

This week’s newsletter has lift-off 🚀 with latest on our legal action against the use of disappearing Whatsapp messages in government…
Vital evidence of how the govt makes decisions – on #Covid19, on #Brexit, on private contracts – is being lost irretrievably. Not only is it undemocratic, but it’s unlawful. Which is why we decided to take action with the brilliant team @Foxglovelegal
This follows a 2 year campaign by @iainoverton to get an answer to the q: are special advisers using encrypted software apps such as Whatsapp to conduct govt business? The request was made under the #FOI act.…
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1. CTV has a story on how the #ableg Privacy Commissioner is investigating the War Room’s hiring of Hamish Marshall’s PR/lobbying firm… #cdnpoli
2. It all started with the War Room’s Netflix/Bigfoot petition alerting me to fact that @CDNEnergyCentre was running petitions. Why, I wondered, was a publicly-funded comms outfit gathering names & postal codes like a political party?
3. The War Room is funded thru tax revenues but was set up as a separate corporation with 3 UCP Cabinet ministers on board of directors to TRY to shield it from Freedom of Information requests (more on that later).
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