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‘Former attorney general in key state withheld evidence debunking 2020 election fraud’

‘Republican Mark #Brnovich’s successor releases reports that debunked claims of fraud in Maricopa county in 2020 election’

“… His successor, the Democratic attorney general Kris #Mayes, released the records, which showed several reports that debunked rampant claims of election problems in Maricopa county.

“… #Brnovich, a Republican, was running for US Senate in 2022 while his office oversaw an investigation into the 2020 election.”

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Thank you defeatists Never Trumpers for whining all month how no-chance @HerschelWalker has in the runoff which helped depress GOP vote.

Thank you!

Go ahead. Let me read your latest Blame-Trump Thread/Article.

(Walker is a rubber stamp for @LeaderMcConnell so whatever).
For an OMG-BAD candidate, Walker held his own.

In 2018, Abrams lost to Kemp by 1.4 points. She was held up as a good candidate and ran again in 2022.

Walker lost to an incumbent Senator by only 0.9 points in November, and it is quite close in the runoff (despite defeatist NTs).
A reminder to @EWErickson et al that in early 2020, Kemp appointed Loeffler as Senator as the Establishment's choice to the seat now held by Warnock.

"McConnell backs Georgia governor’s pick for Senate amid Trump skepticism." - Politico 12/3/09.

Go ahead. Blame Trump!
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This week's episode of The Downballot is coming at you a day early so that you can download & listen before the holiday! Guest-host @JoeSudbay is back to discuss the last few results of 2022 and look ahead to 2024…
On tap:

• Why the #AZAG recount likely won't change the D win

• The huge win for AZ's Prop 308, which allows financial aid regardless of immigration status

• Dem flips of two big county boards in CA: Orange & Riverside

• Ds we'd like to see run for the House again in '24
In a hurry? Consume The Downballot in transcript form!…
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There's no doubt that the way Arizona conducted its election is badly in need of reform but Kari Lake is losing by nearly 17,000 votes. To suggest that 17k people walked away from the polls because of long lines & that all of them would have voted for you is insane.
This is not to say that the Election Day issues & horrendous vote counting procedures aren't a major problem that needs to be fixed ASAP to restore faith in the integrity of Arizona's voting system. But margins matter.
Abe Hamadeh (R) who is currently trailing in the #AZAG race by 148 votes could have a legitimate complaint. But Kari Lake who is losing by 16,693 votes lost. The few hundred people who may have been turned away because of voting machine problems wouldn't have changed that.
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First time candidates, fully and complete Trumpian and with a big focus on 2020, essentially broke even in #AZGov and #AZAG. Yet, Never/Non-Trumpers think that this (which would tip into wins with a slight better GOTV op) proves something AGAINST Trump...

A slight better GOTV Op, and #AZGov #AZAG R in GOP hands.

Less broken machines on election day; a day where the GOP outnumbered Dems, and #AZGov, #AZAG R in GOP hands.

Less Sabotage by Anti-Trump Blackmailers, and #AZGov, #AZAG (AND #AZSen) R in GOP hands.

But cry about Trump.
I love the GOPs/Cons who decry Trump's focus on 2020 but then those same folks keep whining how AZ and other states have the same election day/vote counting issues that Trump complained about and wanted corrected, yet you told him to move on.

Make up your mind, folks.
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BALLOT UPDATE Maricopa County posts 98,000 ballots. #AZGOV race tightens:
▶️@KariLake w 55% nets a gain of 8,911 votes.
▶️@KatieHobbs w 45% lead shrinks to 26,011
▶️MariCo has 85K-95K remaining ballots. Statewide est. 170K
Hobbs 50.5%
Lake 49.5%
But ... @KariLake can't keep up with @Rachel1Mitchell
BALLOT UPDATE @AbrahamHamadeh slices @krismayes lead in half with net gain of 10,122 votes in #AZAG race.
Mayes 50.2%
Hamadeh 49.8%
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I posted a long thread about this yesterday but here again is my analysis of the possible impact of the #GOPCovidDeathCult on House races: 1/…
In short, there’s really only a dozen races where the GOP candidate *might* end up losing by less than the #GOPCovidDeathCult margin, which ranges from 0 - 600 votes in these 20 races (some of which have already been called since yesterday). 2/
I estimate that perhaps ~150K more Trump voters died of COVID than Biden voters between the 2020 & 2022 elections nationally. That’s a lot of people, but it’s tiny vs the ~112M who voted in the midterms, and most of these deaths happened in solid red/blue districts anyway. 3/
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📣📣 A few days ago I posted my analysis of whether the GOP's COVID Death Cult 💀 is likely to be the decisive factor in any *statewide* races. My conclusion was that #NVSenate is the most likely candidate for this (& potentially #AZGov, #AZAG & the upcoming #GASenate Runoff). 1/
I estimate that *if* CCM ends up winning the #NVSenate race by less than ~2,400 votes, there's a very strong argument to be made that the GOP COVID Death Cult is what made the difference.

The same applies if Dems win #AZGov or #AZAG by less than ~4,100 votes. 2/
In the case of #GASenate, if Raphael Warnock ends up winning the upcoming runoff election by less than ~5,700 votes, I would also put it in this category.

TODAY, as promised, I'm looking at this question for HOUSE races, which are a lot trickier to do due to district borders. 3/
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The gains the Dems made here is *VERY* important for understanding how the next several days are likely to go as they process the remaining 275,000 or so ballots in Maricopa County

BLUF: Dems are well-positioned to win these statewide races
You can take the #AZSEN and #AZSOS races off the table -- AP has called the Senate race for Kelly, NBC has called the SOS race for Fontes. Both lead by 5%+ and would need to win nearly 2 in every 3 remaining ballots to come back. That won't happen.
In the #AZGov, #AZAG and #AZSPI races, the Republicans still have the ability to come from behind. But today's drop favoring Dems means they have a steeper hill to climb.
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MariCo has posted 74k ballots. The surge of GOP voters predicted by Republican campaigns failed to materialize

Kelly's lead today grew from 114,894 votes to 123,916 (@AP called the race for @CaptMarkKelly

Hobbs' lead went from 26,879 last night to 31,097
Fontes' lead went from 109,244 to 118,125

Mayes' lead went from 16,414 to 19,151

Hoffman grew her lead from 3,852 to 6,665
This batch of ballots were the 17,000 that couldn't be scanned on Election Day at polling sites (likely VERY heavily favoring GOPers) and early ballots dropped off at polling places.

Dems made significant gains all around
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MariCo has posted 78k ballots that favored Dem candidates

Kelly's lead went from about 104,570 votes to 114,894

Hobbs' lead went from 19,385 to 26,879
Fontes' lead went from 98,329 to 109,244

Mayes' lead went from 9,800 to 16,414

*Lead change*
Hoffman went from trailing by 2,568 to leading by 3,852

This batch of ballots included only early ballots that were mailed back, not those dropped off at polling places on Tuesday.

Republicans believe that those ballots will be heavily GOP, similar to Election Day voters, which were heavy GOP
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Meijer takes a 50.5-49.5 lead with 55% of estimated vote in thanks to more votes out of his Kent County base. Again, not getting a winner for a while. #MI03
We're minutes from a LOT of results out of Arizona and Washington, though more votes will be tallied in both states over the coming days.
AP calls GOP primary for red #MO04 for Mark Alford, a former TV anchor in Kansas City.
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Polls have closed in Missouri and most of Kansas and Michigan for a huge election night. We'll be liveblogging the results and tweeting here…
While we wait for our first results, check out our preview of what to watch here…
We've also put together our cheat-sheet of the night's big races, which we'll be updating as contests are called…
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#TheDreamThieves for #AZAG is in #PreOrder!

This is the first official module for this #SwordAndSorcery #TTRPG of modern reinterpretation of classic British #Games (and it’s compatible with Troika as well).…

#DnD #FightingFantasy #ShowYourWork #RPGLATAM Image
In this adventure the characters try to steal back a #Dream from the #Sorcerers who take them from those who enter their domain.

#DnD #AFF #FightingFantasy #ShowYourWork #RPGLATAM ImageImage
It’s a #Surreal #Heist adventure that can be played with different levels of difficulty and is procedural generated, allowing you to play it differently every time you sit at the table!

#DnD #AFF #FightingFantasy #ShowYourWork #RPGLATAM ImageImage
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Timothy Henry, a Cochise County drug ringleader, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. Henry’s co-defendants, Jaime Rene Leza, Jennifer Sue Phillips, and Shalmarie Tulk, were also previously convicted for their roles in assisting Henry traffic the drugs.… ImageImageImageImage
In January 2018, agents with the @DEAHQ Cochise County High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) task force discovered that Henry was a drug ringleader distributing methamphetamine in both Cochise and Pima Counties.
In March 2018, they purchased one pound of methamphetamine from Henry in an undercover operation at a Tucson-area truck stop. Then in July 2018, agents purchased an additional two pounds of methamphetamine and one ounce of heroin from Henry in Tucson.
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I support the TRACED Act, which requires service providers to verify incoming calls are legitimate before reaching consumers, and gives the FCC more ability to impose and collect fines for illegal calls. Violation fines raised to up to $10,000 per call.…
Last year, the #AZAG's office obtained a $1 million dollar civil penalty against Adobe Carpet Cleaning for repeatedly calling consumers on the “Do Not Call” registry. The company is also banned from making telemarketing calls for six years.…
Earlier this month, the #AZAG's office obtained a $600,000 judgment against a Sun City vacuum sales business and its owners for making thousands of calls in violation of the National “Do Not Call” Registry and deceiving Arizonans over the phone.…
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Operation Counter Strike youth volunteers were recognized today by the @Dbacks for their work to help reduce youth access to tobacco in retail outlets by monitoring retailer compliance with Arizona’s tobacco & e-cigarettes laws. Thank you volunteers!
The #AZAg Counter Strike Program conducts approximately 2,000 inspections per year, with over 30,000 retail inspections performed since the program’s inception.
From July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018, the statewide failure rate dropped to 9.8%, the lowest annual failure rate ever recorded by the Attorney General’s Office.

So far in 2019, more than 580 inspections have been conducted, and the failure rate has increased to 15%.
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New #AZAG Request for Grant Application released: Homeless Support Services Program. Approximately, $600,000 in settlement funds are available for
homeless support programs to be administered by the #AZAG.…
Funds available for essential supportive services for adults who are homeless or at risk of homelessness including, but not limited to, vulnerable populations such as veterans, seniors and individuals suffering from mental illness or neurocognitive disease.
Services can include case management, life skills training, financial literacy and other education, employment services, childcare, short term rent and utility assistance, transportation, meals, and referrals for health services.
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The #AZAG opinion you've all been waiting for: Arizona’s statutory and constitutional provisions on the Rule Against Perpetuities.…
The Arizona Constitution provides that “[n]o hereditary emoluments, privileges, or powers shall be granted or conferred, and no law shall be enacted permitting any perpetuity or entailment in the state.”
A.R.S. § 14-2901(A)(2) likely violates Article II, § 29 of the Arizona Constitution by allowing a person to create a “perpetuity” within the original meaning of Article II, § 29.
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