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🚨 GPT-4 has outperformed human entrepreneurs in a pitch competition! Investors and business owners found GPT-4 generated pitch decks to be more compelling, convincing, and of higher quality than those created by humans. #GPT4 #pitchcompetition

A quick recap👇 Image
🤖🤯 This game-changing solution not only saves time in creating a pitch deck but also has the potential to be a highly lucrative option. Entrepreneurs should consider using GPT-4 to increase their chances of securing funding and impressing investors. #AI #investing #funding
💡The implications are clear: if you want to captivate investors, you should reconsider writing your own pitch decks. GPT-4 has unveiled a groundbreaking opportunity to disrupt the traditional approach to securing funding. #Pitching #Investment
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1. Generate Picture Books with AI for free (code open-source👇) with @OpenAI Function Calling, @LangChainAI, #DeepLake, & @StabilityAI.

- Prompt -> a PDF storybook with illustrations.
- Stores image & text pairs in the multimodal #DeepLake VectorDB for model training/finetuning!
2. Read the 🧵 to learn how @OpenAI Function Calling & @LangChainAI helped.

FableForge is built by @ethanjdev & handles:

1. Prompt -> text & images
2. PDF creation
3. Deep Lake DB to view the multimodal images + text dataset or stream it in real-time to train/fine-tune an LLM. FableForge diagram
3. But first... What's @OpenAI's function calling update?

In essence, it's bridging the gap between unstructured language input and structured, actionable output that other systems, tools, or services can use.
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.@Microsoft just released a new #LLM model called Orca, a 13B Language model that has been trained on (Large Foundation Models) like #GPT4! 🔥

#Orca crushes state-of-the-art instruction-tuned models such as #Vicuna-13B, showing an improvement of over 100% on BigBench Hard!

🧵↓ Image
Reddit discussion:…
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1/5 🔍 Unleash the power of me, "Q, ChatGPT for Slack" to answer queries based on your company's PDF manuals using @LangChainAI. 🚀

🎥 Demo Video and its Challenges
🛠 Getting Ready
🎯 Sample Queries
📝 Analysis & Suggestions
💡 Finally

Join us as we dive deep into each topic!
2/5 We've captured a demo of "Q, ChatGPT for Slack" answering questions based on @nvidia 's latest GPU (RTX 4090 by @NVIDIAGeForce) manual. 📺 Imagine the same for your company's product or business manual, and how it can help solve recurring Q&A issues in your organization! 🙌
3/5 Getting ready is simple: Upload your PDF by direct messaging it to me and activate the 'Pre-Uploaded Document Search' plugin from the home tab. 📁💡

Once done, ask away! Check out our demo for some inspiration:
#LangChain #GPT4 ImageImage
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We’ve got huge plans at @streamlit for LLMs and #GenAI! 🎈🙌

✔️A new customizable chat UI
✔️@LangChainAI integration
✔️Easy connection to the LLM ecosystem
and more!

Our founders @myelbows & @cutlasskelly give you a glimpse into our future! ⬇


We now have over 5K #LLM-powered @streamlit apps created by our fantastic community! ✨

Powered by @OpenAI, @LangChainAI, @llama_index, @huggingface, #StableDiffusion, @pinecone & more! 🙌

To celebrate, we've published our new #GenerativeAI hub!

🔗 Image
So why are LLMs like #ChatGPT so great at writing @streamlit apps?

Because of all the Streamlit code our community has shared!

190K+ snippets of Streamlit code on @github alone, helping train #GPT4 and the likes!

No more coding skills needed to hop on that Streamlit boat! 🤗
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I've tested >120 work prompts over 5 months

2-Prompt SAGO is THE most time-saving AI workflow

📕AI Guide: How to use SAGO to save hours at work

Copy Paste prompts below🧵... 📕AI Guide: How to use SAGO ...
⚠️Don't let the simplicity fool you: there's an *2nd* prompt, to get much better results

SAGO stands for:
S cenario
A ct
G oal
O utput

Why will you LOVE using this?
- versatile
- simple & easy to remember
- give's you expert results

so what's the catch?
✅Prompt 1 [SAGO]: fill in each line with your info

⚠️Prompt 2 [+refine]: use an extra prompt to refine your output (this is where the magic happens)

Why does this work?

- you refine the prompt with the right info
- you find areas you may have missed

Here's the prompts..
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#ChatGPT: A New Era for #Startups in Marketing and Lead Generation

In today's digital economy, #startups are always on the hunt for innovative and cost-effective ways to market their products and generate leads. If you're an entrepreneur, you're likely well-acquainted with the…… Image
#ChatGPT: The Game Changer for #Startups in Talent Acquisition and Hiring

In the competitive landscape of startup growth, #Hiring is a crucial aspect that can significantly influence the trajectory of a business. In this age of AI and digital transformation, #ChatGPT, developed…… Image
#ChatGPT-4: Unleashing Next-Gen AI Capabilities with OpenAI's API

In the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, the latest incarnation of OpenAI's powerful language model, #GPT4 or Generative Pretrained Transformer 4, is making waves in the startup ecosystem.…… Image
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2.通过 #GPT4 来计算Web3项目估值情况。获取协议收入,获得P/S估值。

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#dts23 is about to begin! Excited to be here! My name on a badge against ...
Ready for a welcome address from @dccahalane, group CMO @dogpatchlabs #dts23
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La nuova funzione di condivisone delle chat di #GPT4 funziona abbastanza bene.…
1/n Image
la chat può essere inoltre caricata sul proprio account utilizzando il pulsante "continue this conversation", ma se si cerca di caricare questa chat sul proprio account e non si dispone di GPT4 il blocco è quasi inevitabile. 2/n… Image
Inoltre la gestione di questi link è decisamente migliore di quella di #Bing: restano efficaci fin quando l'utente che li ha generati non decide di cancellarli dall'apposita area di gestione nel setting del proprio account 3/n ImageImage
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A #GPT4-generated thread

Why should surgeons master communication?

#Communication is a vital skill for any professional, but especially for surgeons. In this thread, I will share some reasons why surgeons should master communication and some tips on how to improve it.
#GPT4 #SoMe4Surgery
#Communication can improve patient outcomes. Effective communication between surgeons and patients can reduce anxiety, increase satisfaction, and enhance adherence to treatment plans. It can also help prevent medical errors and malpractice claims. #GPT4 #SoMe4Surgery
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#NewPaperAlert When and where does pretraining (PT) data matter?

We conduct the largest published PT data study, varying:
1⃣ Corpus age
2⃣ Quality/toxicity filters
3⃣ Domain composition

We have several recs for model creators…

1/ 🧵 Image
First, PT data selection is mired in mysticism.

1⃣ Documentation Debt: #PALM2 & #GPT4 don't document their data
2⃣ PT is expensive ➡️ experiments are sparse
3⃣ So public data choices are largely guided by ⚡️intuition, rumors, and partial info⚡️

2/ Image
PT is the foundation of data-centric and modern LMs. This research was expensive but important to shed light on open questions in training data design.

Here are our main findings:

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Wolfram offre da tempo una utility molto comoda nella gestione di diete speciali che i medici conoscono poco.
L'interfaccia web del servizio costringe però a numerosi passaggi per calcolare bisogni dietetici speciali 1/N Image
Il plugin Wolfram di #GPT4 consente adesso di evitare di annotare passo passo tutti i componenti di un pasto con singole interrogazioni, permettendo di superare passaggi come questo che determinano grande dispendio di tempo 2/N… Image
Usando il plugin Wolfram in #GPT4 l'interrogazione è estremamente semplificata. Vi mostro un esempio di come è possibile calcolare in pochi passaggi il contenuto di magnesio di un pasto per un soggetto affetto da Sindrome di Gitelman 3/N
#Wolfram #OPENAI ImageImage
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🔥 Les plug-ins ChatGPT ne sont pas nécessaire pour devenir riche avec l'IA.

Tu es noyé dans le flot d'informations sur les innovations de #ChatGPT, #Bard, #GPT4 ? 🤮

Je t'apporte ici une solution clé en main !

Voici les 5 prompts qui vont te rendre riche 💰 :
1⃣ Quels sont les sujets à aborder (sous forme de mot clé) dans le cadre d'un site spécialisé dans les parasols afin de guider les internautes dans leur achat ?
1⃣ Liste 150+ mots clés transactionnels. Inclue différentes typologies, matières, couleurs, tailles, marques/sites vendues en France (Ikea, Conforama, Leroy Merlin) etc. pertinents dans la création d'un site SEO afin d'être le plus exhaustif possible.
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🔍📚 luci e ombre nell'uso attuale delle #AI nella ricerca bibliografica. Proviamo a leggere insieme i risultati ottenuti con #autoGPT, #GPT4 con plugin browsing attivo e #Bing A seguire i dettagli! 🤖💡 1/n #AIResearch #Bibliography Image
Proviamo a leggere la risposta di #AutoGPT a questa richiesta: 🔍📚"Find evidence about the use of bubble test combined with transtemporal ecodoppler in the diagnosis of patent foramen ovale (PFO) and summarize your results in a table" 2/n #AIResearch… Image
Proviamo a leggere i risultati di #Bing alla stessa ricerca, con una avvertenza preliminare: il salvataggio è più laborioso, Bing fornisce link attivi soltanto su microsoft_edge e questi link sono di durata incerta, è necessario sempre salvare i risultati anche in altro modo. 3/n Image
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.@spacy_io introduces `spacy-llm`, an extension for integrating LLMs into structured NLP pipelines!🚀

It offers a modular system for fast prototyping, prompting & turning unstructured responses into robust outputs for various NLP tasks, no training data required!

More in 🧵 ↓… Image
`spacy-llm` can do A LOT! 🔥

▪️ modular functions for prompting, parsing & model backend
▪️ access to @OpenAI API (#GPT4 & al)
▪️ integration with @LangChainAI
▪️ open-source Dolly models from @huggingface
▪️ examples for NER & Text Classification
▪️ implement custom functions
The best news? It's free and fully open source!

Here's the link to the repo:…
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📕Top 10 MOST Interesting Prompt Types

Unleash AI for: your work & creativity


#promptengineering #chatgpt4 #GPT4 #Promptshare #AIguide #AI Top 10  MOST  Interesting P...
🧩 Combinatorial Creativity

How you can use it: Blend unique elements for creative output.

List of example ideas:
• "Write a story combining medieval knights and cyberpunk."
• "Imagine a fusion cuisine between Italian and Thai food."
🌍 Multilingual Assistance

How you can use it: Translation or language practice.

List of example ideas:
• "Translate this paragraph into French."
• "Help me practice a conversation in Spanish."
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The average American reads at an 8th-grade level, yet the standard surgical consent form in the United States is written at a college level. Can we truly call this "informed" consent?

Our simple #GPT4-powered solution to this widespread problem:… Image
1/ Our team collected and analyzed surgical consent forms in active use by 15 large hospitals across the country

On average the consents were written at the level of a college freshmen (!)

Next, we asked GPT-4 to convert these consents to the average American reading level: Image
2/ After GPT-4 simplification, reading level of these surgical consents fell from freshman year of college to the 8th-grade, with a 25% decrease in reading time

A medical malpractice defense attorney and 3 doctors agreed no change in meaning occurred for any of the 15 consents Image
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1/10 Hey, fellow heroes, villains and gods!

We're embarking on a cosmic journey today - not through the physical universe, but the expansive cosmos of creativity. Buckle up, and let's prepare for liftoff!

🛸 #TheMetamorphosis #Midjourney #NFT #GPT4 #AIArt #ETH
2/10 The universe is infinite, filled with countless galaxies and stars. 🌌

But what about the universe of creativity? A realm of ideas, art, and stories, each unique and vibrant.

That's the cosmos Alliance of the Infinite Universe (AIU) is exploring! Image
3/10 Instead of physical spacecraft, we're using a different kind of vessel: Artificial Intelligence. 🧠💡

AI opens up infinite possibilities for creativity, just as the universe has an infinite number of galaxies. Image
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How to apply to 100's of tech jobs per day using @LangChainAI and #openai

AI can automate two really annoying parts about applying: 1) Researching and filtering through 100's of jobs, and 2) Customizing cover letters and resumes, etc.

This can be streamlined with LLMs. Image
You can do this either with simple #LLM chains or agents.

Instead of wasting months of your life reading poorly written job descriptions, flip the script on employers.

Employ an AI agent to read job descriptions, filter bad ones, and submit applications. #gpt4 Image
You are still deciding where to apply to, but you are merely using AI to pre-screen jobs.

This service will launch soon. Reply if you want early access

Looking for a job using @LangChainAI ? Sign up for my free job list (for contractors and fulltime)…
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Just gave GPT-4 access to use Chrome however it wants (click, scroll, fill forms) thru @LangChainAI Auto-GPT agent. The results were mind-blowing!

Here's what it did: 👇

🎧Bought me an AirPod
🎉Helped me find an event venue and filled out the contact form
🍽️Booked restaurants
I’ve also open-sourced the project so you can try it out too! ChromeGPT is built using @LangChainAI and @SeleniumHQ , supports Zero-shot, #BabyAGI and #AutoGPT agents.…

More ChromeGPT demos: 🧵


#ChromeGPT #ChatGPT #langchain #generative #GPT4
Demo using #langchain Auto-GPT agent

Prompt: Find me a bar that can host a 20 person event near Chelsea Manhattan. Fill out contact us form if they have one. 👇

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#Chapter8 of #StraightFromTheHeart by @rk_process9
Should you consider Machine Translation? Image
@rk_process9 #ChatGPT has generated more interest & debate in recent months than any other #tech in decades. It has accomplished tasks previously only seen in #scifi movies or read in fiction, marking a significant milestone in the field of #ai.
In 1950, father of #AI - Alan Turing, devised a test where a #machine could be considered AI, if one can't differentiate its responses from a human's. If a machine can accurately #translate text from one language to another, like a human, it would pass the Turing test.
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The following thread about surgeons and social media has been written by #GPT4 to answer the following prompt:

"Can you write a text on why social media is important for surgeons, how they can use it and, what actions should be taken?
#SoMe is important for surgeons because it allows them to:
1. Share their expertise and knowledge with other professionals and the public
2. Build their reputation and credibility as leaders in their field
3. Engage with their patients and potential patients in a more personal and interactive way
4. Learn from the feedback and experiences of other surgeons and patients
5. Stay updated on the latest developments and innovations in surgery
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