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1/9 Has #Gardasil approval ushered in an era of #overprevention? @RecheckHealth’s @CatherineRiva published on @thejospi an intriguing, original research piece co-signed by MD Jean-Pierre Spinosa:… #HPV
2/9 The article tracks back the approval history of the first vaccine to have been granted the FDA’s accelerated approval and fast track. @CatherineRiva and MD @gipispinosa combined published documents with DAPs and correspondence obtained with a #FOIA #Gardasil #HPV
3/9 The authors of @thejospi piece sought to understand how the evaluation criteria were selected during #Gardasil approval and the impact of the FDA experts’ choices on the quality of the available evidence about the vaccine’s efficacy. #Gardasil #HPV
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#vaccination #vaccins

A compter de ce jour, le #Gardasil, vaccin contre les #papillomavirus humains (#HPV) est désormais remboursé aussi chez les garçons, selon les recommandations de l'HAS, qui a élargit la vaccination aux adolescents de 11 à 14 ans révolus.
Jusqu'alors, la #vaccination contre les #HPV était recommandée chez:
- les filles de 11 à 14 ans révolus
- les immunodéprimés
- les hommes ayant des relations sexuelles avec des hommes (jusqu’à 26 ans)
Désormais La HAS @HAS_sante recommande la vaccination de tous les jeunes de 11 à 14 ans révolus, avec rattrapage possible de 15 à 19 ans révolus.

La vaccination reste recommandée jusqu’à 26 ans pour les hommes ayant des relations sexuelles avec des hommes.
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"This is our moment of opportunity! But how?"

This is a short thread on how "trusted #messengers" & technology ("#vaxbots"; "vaccine bots"; AI) will (most certainly) be utilized to mitigate/overcome vaccine hesitancy.

Vaccine Confidence Project, Nov 9 2020

A "Pro-vaccinate #movement"

"The big search for new, trusted messengers to reach the hesitant audiences (Kim Kardashian or the #NHS?)"

"#Health Providers are confused". In truth, many health providers are not confused. Rather, they are increasingly concerned.
"Increasing Confidence in the Flu #Vaccine among African Americans and Implications for #COVID19 vaccines"

"Building #trust"

"We have built many relationships and a high degree of credibility which means we can engage other researchers with our community partners."
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1/ Mother's testimony #gardasil #HPVvaccine
"There are times I feel as if we’re in a bad dream. The medics, the services that are supposed to look after us, they have all deserted us. Girls who are sick after HPV vaccination are labelled fakes...👉2/
2/ "There are no words to describe what this feels like. The abandonment. The fear for your child’s future. The denial of reality. These honest doctors who know what’s happening need to band together & stand up to the system – and the ignorant ones need to get educated 👉 3/
3/ No doctor’s hands should ever be tied from caring for their patients."
Read Maddie's story 👇 - immunocompromised girl gets #HPVvaccine, medical reassurances of safety, devastating consequences.…
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Tweetorial 1 / Eficacia de la vacuna #HPV de @RecheckHealth

¿Te importaría empezar el año nuevo con un TWEETORIAL? Nuestro humilde homenaje a-@VPrasadMDMPH te guiará a través de la evidencia sobre las vacunas #HPV y lo que @Cochranecollab hizo de ella.
2/n Primero acordemos una cosa: los ensayos controlados aleatorios (ECA) son superiores a los estudios observacionales @JuanGrvas @RedeSciELO
3/n En las vacunas contra el VPH, muchos estudios observacionales publicados y los ensayos controlados aleatorios promocionados de #Gardasil #Cervarix no pudieron demostrar la eficacia esperada sin embargo. Es triste, verdadero y poco discutido. Echemos un vistazo más de cerca
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Care to kick off the New Year with a TWEETORIAL? Our humble homage to @VPrasadMDMPH will walk you through the evidence on #HPV vaccines and what @Cochranecollab made of it. Let’s first agree on one thing: RCTs are superior to observational studies
On HPV vaccines many observational studies published and hyped Randomized Controlled Trials on #Gardasil #Cervarix failed to demonstrate the expected efficacy though. It is sad, true and rarely discussed. Let’s have a closer look. @garyschwitzer @HealthNewsRevu @senseaboutsci
In 2006 @US_FDA VRBPAC Committee required @Merck to provide data and analyses on Gardasil RCTs FUTURE I and II.
Which outcome would you consider as the most relevant to assess Gardasil efficacy?
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