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Part 1 - Optimal Nutrition Vs Vaccines 2 Protect Against Infectious Disease

The topic of vax’s is an entirely reductive 1. Whether ur pro- or anti-vax, it’s likely u fall into the trap 2 argue 4 or against vax’s like it’s the only game in town.

Vaccines are not only the most divisive issue of our times, it also tends to dominate the health conversation wrt infectious diseases. How did micronutrients get pushed aside?

Well it may have something to do w/food & supplements not being “patentable”.

The supplement industry is a multi-billion $ biz whereas the pharma/vax industry is a trillion $ biz. Big Pharma dominates ad budgets, politicians in Congress & has successfully established group think wrt vax’s & infectious disease.

I’ve never been a fan of group think.

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Thread: The *vindication* of Dr Dominic Rowley.
2007: #HPVvaccine schools program introduced for 12yr olds in Australia.
After 10 yrs still no decrease in cervical cancer rates as vaccinated cohort now early 20´s or less and avg age of diagnosis ~age 50.
All self-evident & common sense, obviously there is not going to be any observable effect on national cervical cancer statistics for another 25 years or so.
So if one saw a headline like this in 2016, anyone who knows anything could immediately dismiss it as total nonsense.
Well, not so Consultant Dr Dom Rowley, who is an *expert* in this field of sexual health/STIs.
A vindicated & triumphant Dr Dom Retweets the headline asking: "I wonder will all my haters get embarrassed".
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THREAD: 1/6. The Influence of the #HPVvaccine on Fertility.

STUDY: 'Lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25-29 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection'.…

2/6. 'HPV vaccine carries 25% chance of lifelong sterilization, study finds…
3/6. 'Ovarian Failure in Adolescents Following Human Papillomavirus Vaccination'…
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In a precedent setting case, a US court has ruled that the #HPV #vaccine #Gardasil is responsible for the death of a 21-year-old woman from Maryland.

Christina Tarsell's story:

#LearnTheRisk #VaccineDeath #VaccineInjury #HPVvaccine #vaccines
A healthy 14 year old boy died of #Myocarditis after receiving #HPVvaccine #Gardasil…

Joel Gomez, a healthy boy with no any pre-existing health issues, died next day after his 2nd Gardasil shot.

#LearnTheRisk #vaccines #VaccineInjury #VaccineDeath
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[Thread] This day 7 years ago, I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. I was only 26. It is a hard day for me but I decided to look back on the good and the bad from the last 7 years, to show how far I have come.. ( using pictures!)
This photo was taken 1 week after diagnosis. Shane, who was 4 at the time, was graduating playschool. Thats Evan beside him, only 2. 5 minutes before this photo, I was on the phone arranging my PET scan, Im upset here but I dont show it
This is taken just after my radical hysterectomy. I am absolutely wired. Unfortunately, I go downhill after this and start to bleed A LOT, emergency CT and blood transfusions follow. I was in hospital alot longer than I hoped
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1/ Mother's testimony #gardasil #HPVvaccine
"There are times I feel as if we’re in a bad dream. The medics, the services that are supposed to look after us, they have all deserted us. Girls who are sick after HPV vaccination are labelled fakes...👉2/
2/ "There are no words to describe what this feels like. The abandonment. The fear for your child’s future. The denial of reality. These honest doctors who know what’s happening need to band together & stand up to the system – and the ignorant ones need to get educated 👉 3/
3/ No doctor’s hands should ever be tied from caring for their patients."
Read Maddie's story 👇 - immunocompromised girl gets #HPVvaccine, medical reassurances of safety, devastating consequences.…
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Keep getting asked about @ClareDalyTD & her position on the #HPVvaccine. My personal opinion as someone who's been on front line of this quite a while is that her rationalization / excuses are lacking, & she can & should do better. Short thread why 1/10
First off, doesn't bode well when valid criticism dismissed as work of "political opponents". Vaccine & patient advocates have long sought clarification on her remarks. Many agree with her other positions, myself included. Dismissing concern as partisan is disingenuous. 2/10
Daly asserts she's just asking questions - isn't this a good thing? Sure - but "just asking questions" when answer already known isn't a good faith tactic, ESPECIALLY when one's being lauded by anti-vaccine groups for doing so, & medical-scientific community implore you stop 3/10
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1/5 A MESSAGE TO ALL GP's re #HPVVaccine. Clinical trials were flawed, toxic aluminum placebo used (Fauxebo). Nobel Prize winner Dr Luc Montagnier states #HPVvaccine "a crime against children".
2/5 More reported side effects than any other vax on market. WHO - 86,548 adverse events, VigiBase listed 499 deaths. VAERS - 460+ deaths, 55,788 injuries linked. Ireland - 650+ injuries claimed as per HPRA. OVARIAN FAILURE incidents REPORTED WORLDWIDE.
3/5 Current @HSE evidently untrustworthy. French Oncologist Dr Gérard Delépine states "Cervical Cancer increasing due to #HPVvax", calls for halting until investigation. Dr Bernard Dalbergue states "biggest scandal this country has seen".
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Small thread on conspiracy theorists - it's tempting to dismiss such individuals as crackpots, but this misrepresents societal impact of what they do. Conspiracy theory is one of my research interests, so I thought it'd be useful to share some insights.. (1/n)
.. firstly, what do we mean by conspiratorial beliefs? These refer to narratives that postulate events in a given sphere are due to the machinations of some sinister cabal Stealing from one of my old papers, we might say.. (2/n)
... conspiratorial ideation is the tendancy to see conspiracies everywhere, and attribute events to conspiracy when there's no evidence to do so. Sometimes these people persist even when their assertions are readily debunked. But why? Let's explore! 3/n
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I’m followed by a lot of mums and dads and soon to be mums and dads so on the vaccine issue I will say this and leave it here: as a young medical student I witnessed a young child die of measles meningitis. A horrific death that has stayed with me. (1)
The consultant tried to comfort the shattered team by sharing his certain belief that- and I quote- ‘measles will soon be like smallpox- there is an effective & safe vaccine & soon no child will ever die like this’ This was the early 1990’s.
And then Andrew Wakefield happened (2)
His research has been utterly discredited from every angle & over many, many years. The MMR vaccine saves lives. It is completely safe. There are sick children in Ireland and the U.K. tonight at risk of dying from a disease that is completely preventable & should be history (3)
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