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"Mi dispiace che #Macron cerchi di strumentalizzare una questione interna del #Brasile e paesi amazzonici per un ritorno politico personale. Il tono sensazionalista con cui si riferisce all'#Amazzonia (di cui circolano foto false) non fa nulla per risolvere il problema"
"Il governo brasiliano rimane aperto a dialogo basato su dati oggettivi e rispetto reciproco. Suggerimento di #Macron di discutere le questioni amazzoniche al #G7 senza la partecipazione dei paesi della regione evoca una mentalità colonialista fuori luogo nel 21°secolo"
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Tensions are already rising on the #ChampsElysees as Macron Regime Thugs drag a man away for no apparent reason & protesters chant "Tout le monde déteste la police."
Everyone hates the police.

Globalist Rothschild Puppet for the Corporate Oligarchy Macron is loudly booed as he passes by on the Champs-Elysées parade.

Well deserved - he is a traitor to his own people & his country.
#GiletsJaunes make their views known.

Protesters chant #MacronDemission as he passes by on Champs-Elysées amid scuffles with Macron's enforcers.

#GiletsJaunes are banned from wearing Yellow Vests in Macron's anti democracy crackdown so they are waving Yellow Balloons.

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#Acte26 in #Rouen the #CRS well equipped as always #GiletsJaunes #Macron #ActeXXVI #YellowVests
#Biarritz #Acte26 The #GiletsJaunes gather in Biarritz this Saturday protesting against the holding of the #G7 summit. #ActeXXVI #Yellowvests #France #Macron
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We need to make pple aware that discontent related to inequality is mainly discontent about rent seeking and rent seekers.

Prevent rent seekers from exploiting this discontent by making it look like society need more IYIs like them to solve it.

The problem isn't inequality, it's RENT SEEKERS without skin in the game.…
3) Easy to deconvert someone from State worship via Martin Luther's argument that "God & clergy are different "tings"". Show them that bureaucrats-cronies-nudgeboys-virtue merchants & "State" aren't the same "ting" & "the State is among us".
Keep the State distributed!
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#Breaking: Just in - Up to 7000 to 10000 #GiletsJaunes taking part in the protests today in #Paris in #France. That is a new increase since last 5 protests. #ActesXXIII
#Update: Again armoured police vehicles spotted in #Paris, at the place de la République in standby for the #GiletsJaunes protests. #ActeXXIII
#Breaking: Just in - Some #GiletJaunes protestors thugs in #Paris, have started looting a store in Paris in this #ActeXXIII.
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La journée nationale des #giletsjaunes à #Toulouse commence par un spectacle abordant notamment le rapport entre "l’Etat et le peuple »
Suivez cette mobilisation nationale en direct sur le site de @France3MidiPy…
La matinée se poursuit avec des prises de paroles #Toulouse #giletsjaunes
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French cops wearing #Giletsjaunes to infiltrate movement. #Yellowvests #Acte19 #Acte20 #Macron
#France The morning procession launches in the streets of #Rouen with slogans for the police and the media #GiletsJaunes #ActeXX #YellowVests #Macron
#GiletsJaunes #Acte20: #Avignon is blocked "Tolerance is really zero, we search everyone, children, adults"
#Yellowvests #France #Macron
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#Breaking: Just in - The #GiletsJaunes just set fire to a bank in downtown in #Paris. The bank would have been in association to the Rothschild owned bank.
#Update: Other video of #GiletsJaunes protestors set the bank on fire on the #ChampsÉlysées in #Paris. Situation is rapidly changing grim in #France. As protestors are taking a aggressive approach this time.
#Update: Police in #Paris are also getting aggressive and start beating everyone they can see in their path, as they are sick and tired of the 18th weekend of #GiletsJaunes protests around the country. #ActesXVIII
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On this day, February 9, 1737 one of the greatest Patriots & Champions of Truth to have ever lived was born.


#WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited #MAGA #QAnon @POTUS
“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

Born in England, Paine migrated to the British Colonies in 1774 in time for the American Revolution.

A Patriot, philosopher and Founding Father.

#WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited
3) Paine authored of some of the greatest works of political literature ever written.

Common Sense (1776)
Rights of Man (1791)
The Age of Reason (1793)

In 1776 he wrote a 16-pamphlet series entitled “American Crisis” to embolden and boost morale amongst the Continental Army 🇺🇸 The American CrisisWashington at Valley Forge
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Today in #Paris some hundreds of people peacefully marched against violence against the people in France of French institutions. Video Credit: @Steph_Roy_
Don't forget this is a Pro-Macron activists march in #Paris to counter #YellowVests protests.
Stupid EU flag spotted at Pro-Macron activists march in #Paris today.
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Looks like something is happening a the place de republic in #Paris!
#Update: Something big is happening at the "La Place de la #République" in Paris! Lots of Tear Gas.
#Breaking: Lost of Stun Grenades and police now leaving the scene at #NuitJaune in #paris at the "La Place de la #République" Police enforcement inbound.
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Ok This will be again my #GiletsJaunes Thread of Tomorrow in #Paris and across #France! Keep this Thread open and refresh once it will start! I Will be reporting again in my Home Studio of the situation. #Acte11
#Update: weather of in Paris tomorrow "Rainy day with lots of clouds" and cold 8 degrees Celsius!
#Update: Some little cash withdrawal from the #GiletsJaunes, all lined up for the #ActeXI
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#Breaking: French President #Macron and German chancellor #Merkel arrived in #Aachen!
#Update: Lots of german #Gelbwesten #GiletsJaunes arrived in #Aachen to protest against Merkel and Macron in Germany.
#Update: Even some French people arrived in #Aachen to protest, there are around 10 to 20 French people in #GiletsJaunes dressed. Even screaming "Macron demission" when French president #Macron arrived in front of city hall.
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Covering Yellow Vest protests in France, for #ActeX on Saturday #19Janvier

Large crowd of #GiletsJaunes protest against Macron's disastrous Neoliberal policies in #Beziers

Crowds of #GiletsJaunes protesters waving French Flags, gather in #Paris, for the start of #ActeX

Vive La France!

Watch Live

#GiletsJaunes Medics prepare for expected Police Violence in #Paris.

The Yellow Vests are not being discouraged by Macron Regime brutal tactics causing hundreds of #Flashball & Tear Gas injuries to peaceful protesters

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On the centenary of #RosaLuxemburg's death – actually, that's "Doktor Rosa Luxemburg" to you because she bloody earned that doctorate in economics – let us remember her life. THREAD 1/of shedloads...
Little Rosa. Here she is at about five years old. If you look carefully at the sole of the boot on the right, you can see that it's 3 inches thick. Her congenital hip dysplasia was a serious disability that affected her throughout her life.
Bat Mitzvah photo, age 12 or so. And my interpretation of her as a schoolgirl. Luxemburg never let her disability stop her from doing anything. She just ignored the restrictions that should have held her back.
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Ok This will be my Thread of the Police brutality of in #France of the #GiletsJaunes protests since November the 17th, this will take me a long time and will be a long thread but i don't care. I am going to expose the police brutality going on in France of police officers.
1/ police brutality in #Toulon towards a person who was not even in the #GiletJaunes protests but was walking by when police cornered him, and started to hit him in his face without reason repeatedly. #ActeIX
2/ Meet another #GiletsJaunes protestor in #Paris he lost 5 teeth and fractured his jaw when a flash ball hit his face point blank in the #ActeIX protest.
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#Breaking: Since 17 November, 93 #GiletJaunes across #France were seriously critical injured, of whom 13 protestors lost their eyes, by police fire by Flash balls or rubber bullets,
#Update: Here are some pictures of the victims in the post of #GiletsJaunes protestors loosing an eye or being serious injured in #France.
#Update: And since 17 November till today there are a estimated to be around 2200 #GiletsJaunes protestors who were injured across #France, and who over 300 with serious head injuries by getting hit with a "Flash Ball" on the head or getting bashed by a French police baton.
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#Breaking: The 51 years old men who went and go to protest with the #GiletsJaunes, is an firefighter who got hit with a Flash Ball Saturday in #Bordeaux. The 51 year old men fell into a coma today, after he went into a shock of the brain trauma caused by the flash ball.
If he will die of the trauma that will mean he will be the first #GiletsJaunes protestor who got killed by the police in France. Keep on fighting i hope you will recover.
#Update: A vigil has been taken form outside the Hospital for the Firefighter who was participating in the #GiletJaunes protest in #Bordeaux and landed into a coma today of the brain trauma to the head of an Flash Ball, with candles and some lovely text on it.
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A team of journalists from the news channel "@LCI" was targeted by some #GiletJaunes protestors in #Rouen yesterday. I condemn any violence against Journalists. These people get only paid by showing the narrative the news station wants them to record, It is not their fault.
For the people saying it is their choice to report the news. No it is not only the editor of a news station gets to decide what they want to show you. I am sure these journalists on the ground record both sides but the editor shows you one sided news.
Just look at Jim Acosta he went on the ground recorded it put it on Twitter and exposed some real news on the border that it works, with not even passing it through his editor on CNN first.
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And here is another video of police brutality going on in #France towards the #GiletJaunes protestors. Here you see multiple cops restraining and hitting a women multiple times while she was at a bus stop, saying "please stop" i beg you please stop.
1/2 Upon doing more research on the web. Because the #GiletJaunes protestors tend to spread some misinformation. I have all the facts. What you see is an elderly men, who was dragged away from his wife when the police pulled him away. Then the police started to hit the
2/2 elderly men and his wife started to go on a screaming rant "Pease don't hit him" I am begging you, please stop please please please. The elderly men was taken into custody but got released earlier today. The wife of the elderly men has filled an police complaint.
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