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La crise hospitalière est la partie émergée d'une crise globale des services publics en France. Cette crise touche aussi la justice, l'école, l'éducation supérieure et la recherche.
Depuis 2000, la stratégie des politiques publiques n'a pas varié: compresser les coûts salariaux, supprimer des postes, baisser le pouvoir d'achat des agents du secteur public par le gel du point d'indice et la transformation de postes de titulaires en emplois précaires.
Tout cela a dégradé les conditions de travail dans le secteur public, d'autant que ces compressions salariales se sont produites durant une période où, tant dans la justice, que dans l'éducation ou la santé, les besoins ont eux augmenté à un rythme accéléré.
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Anniversaire #GiletsJaunes, quelques centaines de personnes ont déjà répondu à l’appel du côté de #PlacedItalie. Une partie de l’équipe de LaMeute est sur place [Thread]

« Tout le monde déteste la police 👮‍♂️ ! » « ça va péter! » « On est là....! » les #GiletsJaunes occupent maintenant le rond point et se réchauffent en entonnant les premiers slogans.
Porte de Champerret : un groupe de gilets jaunes est parti en direction du périphérique. Les forces de l'ordre viennent de descendre des véhicules et de dirigent également vers le périphérique.
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La grenade lacrymogène instantanée #GLIF4 est tristement célèbre pour avoir causée de nombreuses mutilations durant les #GiletJaunes et #NDDL
Grenade avec 25gr de #TNT, la France est le seul pays europeen à en utiliser

Photo : désarmons-les
Utilisée depuis 2011 et massivement durant les #giletsjaune (339 grenades utilisées à Paris le 01/12/18) elle crée un effet sonore jusqu'a 165db pouvant causer des dommages irréversibles à l'ouïe.
Le souffle, créé par ses 25gr de TNT et 5gr d'héxocire, peu arracher des mains comme on a pu le voir. Une fois envoyée, la grenade met 5 sec pour détoner. Elle n'est alors qu'un simple tube blanc sans description, loin de son bouchon jaune reconnaissable.
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Tensions are already rising on the #ChampsElysees as Macron Regime Thugs drag a man away for no apparent reason & protesters chant "Tout le monde déteste la police."
Everyone hates the police.

Globalist Rothschild Puppet for the Corporate Oligarchy Macron is loudly booed as he passes by on the Champs-Elysées parade.

Well deserved - he is a traitor to his own people & his country.
#GiletsJaunes make their views known.

Protesters chant #MacronDemission as he passes by on Champs-Elysées amid scuffles with Macron's enforcers.

#GiletsJaunes are banned from wearing Yellow Vests in Macron's anti democracy crackdown so they are waving Yellow Balloons.

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#Acte26 in #Rouen the #CRS well equipped as always #GiletsJaunes #Macron #ActeXXVI #YellowVests
#Biarritz #Acte26 The #GiletsJaunes gather in Biarritz this Saturday protesting against the holding of the #G7 summit. #ActeXXVI #Yellowvests #France #Macron
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We need to make pple aware that discontent related to inequality is mainly discontent about rent seeking and rent seekers.

Prevent rent seekers from exploiting this discontent by making it look like society need more IYIs like them to solve it.

The problem isn't inequality, it's RENT SEEKERS without skin in the game.…
3) Easy to deconvert someone from State worship via Martin Luther's argument that "God & clergy are different "tings"". Show them that bureaucrats-cronies-nudgeboys-virtue merchants & "State" aren't the same "ting" & "the State is among us".
Keep the State distributed!
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La journée nationale des #giletsjaunes à #Toulouse commence par un spectacle abordant notamment le rapport entre "l’Etat et le peuple »
Suivez cette mobilisation nationale en direct sur le site de @France3MidiPy…
La matinée se poursuit avec des prises de paroles #Toulouse #giletsjaunes
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French cops wearing #Giletsjaunes to infiltrate movement. #Yellowvests #Acte19 #Acte20 #Macron
#France The morning procession launches in the streets of #Rouen with slogans for the police and the media #GiletsJaunes #ActeXX #YellowVests #Macron
#GiletsJaunes #Acte20: #Avignon is blocked "Tolerance is really zero, we search everyone, children, adults"
#Yellowvests #France #Macron
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On this day, February 9, 1737 one of the greatest Patriots & Champions of Truth to have ever lived was born.


#WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited #MAGA #QAnon @POTUS
“We have it in our power to begin the world over again.”

Born in England, Paine migrated to the British Colonies in 1774 in time for the American Revolution.

A Patriot, philosopher and Founding Father.

#WWG1WGA #PatriotsUnited
3) Paine authored of some of the greatest works of political literature ever written.

Common Sense (1776)
Rights of Man (1791)
The Age of Reason (1793)

In 1776 he wrote a 16-pamphlet series entitled “American Crisis” to embolden and boost morale amongst the Continental Army 🇺🇸 The American CrisisWashington at Valley Forge
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Covering Yellow Vest protests in France, for #ActeX on Saturday #19Janvier

Large crowd of #GiletsJaunes protest against Macron's disastrous Neoliberal policies in #Beziers

Crowds of #GiletsJaunes protesters waving French Flags, gather in #Paris, for the start of #ActeX

Vive La France!

Watch Live

#GiletsJaunes Medics prepare for expected Police Violence in #Paris.

The Yellow Vests are not being discouraged by Macron Regime brutal tactics causing hundreds of #Flashball & Tear Gas injuries to peaceful protesters

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On the centenary of #RosaLuxemburg's death – actually, that's "Doktor Rosa Luxemburg" to you because she bloody earned that doctorate in economics – let us remember her life. THREAD 1/of shedloads...
Little Rosa. Here she is at about five years old. If you look carefully at the sole of the boot on the right, you can see that it's 3 inches thick. Her congenital hip dysplasia was a serious disability that affected her throughout her life.
Bat Mitzvah photo, age 12 or so. And my interpretation of her as a schoolgirl. Luxemburg never let her disability stop her from doing anything. She just ignored the restrictions that should have held her back.
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UPDATE 🇫🇷 : French Yellow Vests heckle members of the State-controlled media. Protestors have been shouting, “Paris is OURS!” throughout the morning. 🤝

#GiletsJaunes #WWG1WGA #WRWY

UPDATE 🇫🇷: It is an utter disgrace that so-called journalists in the US have not given this movement an ounce of attention. Citizens of France—We Are With You!

Spoiler Alert: this ain’t about gasoline!

#GiletsJaunes #QAnon #WRWY…
#GiletsJaunes 🇫🇷

So how did we get here? Things a few years ago seemed peachy & wonderful. The French/European Utopia w/ the prized, young, progressive face of Global interest Emmanuel Macron at the forefront. Fast forward to today—citizens rioting in the streets.
#QAnon #WRWY
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#GiletsJaunes march, sing, chant and wave French Flags at the start of #ActeIX in #Paris

Vive La France!

#GiletsJaunes march and chant #MacronDemission (#MacronMustGo) in Rue Saint-Antoine, #Paris

#GiletsJaunes protesters trample the EU flag at the start of #ActeIX

Vive La France!

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Hey, @ArunInParis, you think we could generate any interest if we did a podcast together and argued about the meaning of the #GiletJaunes and whether France needs more cops? Some people seem to make a living doing that, why not us?
Only problem is I really think an actual nuclear bomb would have to go off here to get Americans all that interest in it.
Maybe if @ArunLeParisien and I bickered enough it would have independent amusement value.
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Expect an uptick in full spectrum smearing of Corbyn, ranging from Russia's asset to useful idiot, resuming around now.

Notice who will chiefly benefit from this.
In particular, keep an eye out for long detailed Twitter threads 'proving' it.
Also be aware of this in relation to all movements that threaten the status quo, anywhere.

Notice the attempts to portray anyone suggesting that other sources of disinformation are also available as Russian stooges.
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The tragedy in France with the #GiletJaunes protests is that there is still an expectation from the protesters and their supporters (a majority of The French) which still look up to the government for a solution to job insecurity and seem to hold them accountable for it (1/7)
#giletsjaunes on one hand completely fail to realise that Globalisation and Capitalism operate on a global scale and cannot be tackled at a national level let alone by the government. However, the French Government has a dual responsibility in the emergence of the movement (2/7)
On one hand it cultivates its centrality in the economic affairs of the country including on innovation. The Villani report on #AI on which it hyper communicated is best left to the private or academic sector. By doing so it fosters an illusion of its power and omnipotence (3/7)
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The reason the protests got so out of hand isn't that support for the protests is so widespread. It's because the police are desperately overstretched and undermanned. Still haven't returned to pre-2007 numbers, but their problems have vastly exceeded pre-2007 problems.
Coming up soon, I'll publish my week-long analysis of the situation, which led me to conclude they could probably keep order if they put 20,000 soldiers in force, with 5,000 around stationary targets it Paris.
And to feel really bad for the cops here, who are being asked to do an impossible job. If you feel sympathy for the #giletjaunes, as many of us do--the ones who aren't violent, anyway--feel twice as much for the cops, because they're facing exactly the same squeeze,
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A 3rd weekend of nationwide protests in France by the #YellowVests movement, largely made up of working-class people angry about a planned increase in fuel taxes, left burned cars & smashed store windows in several of the wealthiest neighborhoods of Paris
“The Yellow Vests Will Triumph”
“Macron Quit”
“Topple the Bourgeoisie"
“We Cut Off Heads for Less Than This”
“May 1968, December 2018”

"The graffiti [on the Arc de Triomphe] seemed to target Macron, who has been described as the “president of the rich.”
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I'll use this thread to post media from the Paris protests.

#YellowVests #GilletsJaunes
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"Champs Elysees Burning": French Police Fire Tear Gas, Water Cannon As Massive Fuel Protests Turn Violent by @zerohedge…
マクロン大統領の 燃料税値上げでイエロー・ベスト・デモ⇒暴動化
#ロス茶・マコロン #ファイヤー・ジャングル
どうしてフランス人は怒っているのか?パリ凱旋門 で #黄色いベスト を着たデモ隊に実際に聞いてみた
#カルロス・ゴーン #マクロン #ロス茶・マコロン
"Why are you angry ?" #YellowVest protestors reply @ Arc de Triomphe #Paris #France #Macron #CarlosGhosn
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