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I was at the UN right after the #GulfWar. I had something dreadful to say abt #SaddamHussein on a daily basis, which he deserved b/c he invaded #Kuwait. The Iraqi media compared me to an unparalleled serpent. I happened to have a snake pin, and wore it to my next meeting on Iraq.
The press asked me about it, I thought, “Well, this is fun.” On good days, I wore flowers butterflies & balloons, on bad days, all kinds of bugs & carnivorous animals, as an additional way of expressing what I was saying a visual way to deliver a message.…
I had an arrow pin that looked like a missile. When we negotiated the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty the Russian foreign minister asked, “Is that one of your missile interceptors you’re wearing?” And I responded, “Yes. We make them very small. Let’s negotiate.”
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.@SpeakerPelosi retains her gavel with 216 votes.

Dem Reps. Lamb & Golden voted for other people, while Reps. Slotkin, Spanberger & Sherrill voted "present."
House makes it official: @SpeakerPelosi elected with 216 votes to keep her gavel.

#117Congress #OpeningDay
So, in his House speech, is McCarthy going to say anything about #Georgia today?…
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Seis lecciones sobre #RedacciónLegal

"Los abogados tienen la obligación de ser los mejores escritores que puedan ser tanto para sus clientes como para el público"
Cuanto más efectivo sea un abogado en el habla y la escritura,mejor profesional será
Va hilo👇🏻(1)
1. "A leer y redactar se aprende trabajando"
El derecho es una profesión esencialmente intelectual y literaria basada en saber redactar.

👇🏻 (2)
2. "La virtud de la brevedad frente al vicio del exceso"
Es necesario un trabajo previo destilando el resultado, diferenciando entre aquellos motivos que son importantes de aquellos otros que son simplemente anecdóticos.

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#SCOTUS up first.

What does Trump mean Democrats didn't have the election with #MerrickGarland?

@BarackObama was in the White House!

#2020Debates #2020Debate #RBG #RuthBaderGinsburg
.@JoeBiden insists should wait on #SCOTUS confirmation & see the outcome of #2020election.

If #Obamacare / #ACA struck down, what happens? Women's rights fundamentally changed.

Not appropriate before election.

#2020Debates #2020Debate #RBG #RuthBaderGinsburg
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I didn’t knw abt the case of Susan Struck. Now that I have, I’ve even more respect for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
To the anti-abortion (refuse to call them pro-lifers bc they aren’t) ppl who’re shit-talking RBG, celebrating her death, calling her a baby-killer, SUCK IT.
A thread 1/7
In the 60s/70s bf Roe v. Wade, abortion was not only legal on US military bases, it was actively ENCOURAGED, basically mandated.

Capt Susan Struck was a combat nurse in Vietnam. When she got pregnant in 1970, the Air Force gave her a choice: Get an abortion or be discharged.
Struck wanted to keep her baby. So she “chose” to be kicked out of the service.
She decided to sue the US govt for putting women in a horrible position to choose btw getting an abortion they didn’t want or not being able to serve their country.…
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"Should I be confirmed, I will be mindful of who came before me," #AmyConeyBarrett honoring #RuthBaderGinsburg's career, "a woman of enormous talent," and noting RBG's "warm and rich friendship" with Scalia
Barrett family is adorable and full of smiles today
awww looks like one of the little ones was a bit too nervous to go up in front of the cameras
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THREAD: Mattinieri questo sabato? Ma anche qualora vi svegliaste a mezzogiorno, nelle vostre cartelle c'è Jefferson - Lettere sull'America! Si parte subito con un ritratto di @violastefanello sull’eredità di #RuthBaderGinsburg (1/6) Image
@violastefanello Subito dopo, @aletapparini ci spiega come funziona la Corte Suprema (2/6)
Sempre restando in tema Corte Suprema, @MatteoMuzio vi dice in breve chi era Sandra Day O'Connor, prima donna nominata alla Corte (3/6)
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In the least surprising news, Trump has chosen #AmyConeyBarrett to replace #RuthBaderGinsburg on the #SCOTUS.
Trump will make the formal #SCOTUS announcement Saturday. #AmyConeyBarrett is 40yrs younger than Ginsburg and will still be on the #SCOTUS in 2060, if she lives as long as #RBG. That is how long the Trump Supreme Court will rule.
Can folks see my tweets?
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#RuthBaderGinsburg the first Jewish person to lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda. She died at the start of the Jewish New Year. According to Jewish tradition, a person who dies on Rosh Hashanah, is a tzaddik, a person of great righteousness.
May her memory be a blessing. Image
The casket is led by a procession with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer at the head. Image
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USA 24 hours of madness😖
Wed AM, #Trump :
“Get rid of the ballots & you’ll have a very peaceful — there won't be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation. The ballots are out of control. You know it & you know who knows it better than anyone else? The Democrats...”
"President Donald #Trump would not commit to providing a peaceful transition of power after Election Day, lending further fuel to concerns he may not relinquish his office should he lose in Nov."
Seemed in line w/@bartongellman dystopia.
BUT, "The winner of the November 3rd election will be inaugurated on January 20th. There will be an orderly transition just as there has been every four years since 1792," McConnell said today in a tweet.…
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🇺🇸 Los restos de la jueza #RuthBaderGinsburg entran a la Corte Suprema para su último adiós.

Más detalles 👉🏻

El féretro de la jueza #RuthBaderGinsburg fue ubicado en el catafalco de Lincoln, que es la plataforma donde descansó el de #AbrahamLincoln en 1865.
El féretro de la jueza #RuthBaderGinsburg se colocará en las afueras de la Corte Suprema para que el público pueda darle el último adiós.


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.@GOPHELP @HELPCmteDems hearing now underway with #NIH Fauci, @SteveFDA, @CDCDirector Redfield & @HHS_ASH Giroir on U.S. #COVID19 response.

.@SenAlexander notes its final hearing as chairman.

#FDA #CDC #NIAID #vaccines #TestingTestingTesting
.@SenAlexander notes development & manufacturing of #COVID19 #vaccines are being done in parallel.

"The risk is taxpayer money."
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.@SpeakerPelosi starts off noting bringing to the House floor the continuing resolution to prevent a #governmentshutdown.

#TheAtlanticFest #COVID19 #pandemic #SCOTUS #RBG #RuthBaderGinsburg
.@SpeakerPelosi calls #RuthBaderGinsburg "almost bionic" the way she was able to stave off cancer for so long.

Pelosi talks about how #RBG called the speaker her "friend."

"We have lost a giant."

#TheAtlanticFest #COVID19 #pandemic #SCOTUS #Obamacare #ACA
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1. ¿Por qué el anuncio de Mitt Romney de apoyar la votación a la candidata al Supremo que proponga Trump antes de las elecciones podría dar luz verde para que los republicanos coloquen a una jueza conservadora si ya tienen mayoría en el Senado?
Te lo explico en este hilo
2. Trump necesita 51 votos de 100 en el Senado para poder nombrar a un nuevo miembro.

En principio, no habría problema, pues son 53 los senadores republicanos, pero se trata de un tema peliagudo debido a la proximidad de las elecciones y varios senadores se declararon en contra.
3. Ejemplo de ello es la senadora de Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, quien tras la muerte de #RuthBaderGinsburg dijo que no votaría para confirmar a un candidato del Supremo estando a 50 días de unas elecciones.

👉Lo que dejaría a los conservadores con 52 votos.…
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1/ As a longtime champion for women’s rights, #SCOTUS justice #ruthbaderginsburg opened doors for women in the law and many other aspects of life.

The Dallas Morning News is taking a look at Ginsburg’s legacy, her impact on Texans and the void left by her death.
2/ Texas women’s rights advocates mourned the late justice this past weekend, calling her an inspiration.
3/ Ginsburg was seen as a drum major in the march toward equality for women. @dmnopinion contributors discussed her storied career and groundbreaking legal victories in this column
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1/ Some thoughts about the devastating loss of #JusticeGinsburg.

I have no idea how this will "play politically," which is good, b/c it allows me to concentrate on #RBG as a person & her legacy.
2/ #RuthBaderGinsburg is like Brandeis & Thurgood Marshall - one of the best legal minds to be put on the bench. It's how it's supposed to be done.

Her life's work made America a more equal and thus a better place.
3/ What she stood for is the exact opposite of what our country is suffering from under the fascist GOP, so her loss right before #RoshHashanah was an overwhelming message from Heaven.

The death of a justice, the death of Justice, before the day of judgement?! Come. On.
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At stake are a number of protections and programs created by the #ACA, including the law's expansion of #Medicaid.
Most notably, Americans with #preexistingconditions could lose their insurance coverage if the ACA's safeguards are struck down.
#Obamacare #SCOTUS #RBG
Americans diagnosed with #COVID19 would likely be uninsurable or unable to gain coverage for any ill effects to blood vessels, limbs, major organs or their immune systems, which can all be damaged by the disease, tweeted former CMS' @ASlavitt.

#Obamacare #PreExistingConditions
Regardless of #SCOTUS' makeup, the plaintiffs' arguments in the case & the lower courts' rulings are "remarkably weak" & have been "roundly criticized" by even conservative scholars & some Republicans on Capitol Hill, @GeorgetownLaw's Katie Keith wrote in @Health_Affairs.

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🇺🇸 Dos senadoras republicanas se oponen a reemplazar a la jueza #RuthBaderGinsburg antes de las elecciones presidenciales del 3 de noviembre.
.@lisamurkowski se convirtió en la segunda senadora republicana en oponerse a buscar un reemplazo de inmediato para la jueza #RuthBaderGinsburg en la Corte Suprema.

“Durante semanas he dicho que no apoyaría ocupar una vacante potencial (…) tan cerca de las elecciones”.

(1/5) Image
La senadora por #Alaska dijo que era lamentable que se convirtiera en “una realidad”, tomando en cuenta lo que pasó en 2016, cuando los republicanos se opusieron a nombrar un reemplazo para Antonin Scalia faltando meses para la elección.

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La morte di #RuthBaderGinsburg fa scoprire che anche in italia la legislazione sull'aborto può essere oggetto di discussione, e non semplicemente di calcolo aritmetico. Se l'obiettivo è avere meno aborti, cosa sia servito è evidente. Punto. Dovrebbe esserlo per chiunque ->
Che possa non esserlo per le scimmie di cui ci troviamo a essere classe dirigente senza che la smettano di voler per forza votare una di loro posso anche sopportarlo; ho imparato nella vita che essere più intelligente di quasi tutti gli altri richiede innanzi tutto indulgenza. ->
Che lo sia anche per qualcuno che condivide la mia posizione mette in discussione profondamente i presupposti intellettuali su cui dovrebbero fondarsi certe decisioni. E selezionare le parole in modo appena più vigliacco di un Gervasoni non dovrebbe essere uno scudo.
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Quelques remarques sur les institutions US à propos d'1 nomination d'1 nouvelle juge à la #CourSuprême par #Trump à la place de #RuthBaderGinsburg, dont le cours semble s'accélérer grâce à la connivence- qui ne fait plus guère de doute du Sénat ré…
2) Quoiqu'il advienne le 3 novembre, ce dernier épisode #CourSuprême de la présidence #Trump, qui vient après celui de #Kavanaugh et s'ajoute à l'échec total du procès en #impeachment, aura confirmé 2 faits majeurs dans l'équilibre institutionnel US...
3) D'1 part, au Congrès, le Sénat a 1 primauté complète sur la Chambre dont l'importance apparaît de plus en plus comme purement symbolique. Le Sénat, par son pouvoir de confirmation des juges fédéraux, des ministres et de destitution éventuelle d'1 président, est primordial...
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Memorial For Ruth Bader Ginsburg, New York County Courthouse, Manhattan, New York City, 8:23 PM, Saturday, September 19, 2020.
This is a multiple tweet thread.
#RuthBaderGinsburg #manhattan #newYorkCity #NewYork #nyc #ny #courthouse #RBG
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Foley Square is lit up for #RBGRIP.
With @ResistanceRev leading the way. #RIPRBG #RuthBaderGinsburg
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1. Los neoyorquinos se despiden de la jueza #RuthBaderGinsburg en las escaleras del Tribunal Supremo de Nueva York con flores, velas y mensajes como: "We must not be Ruthless". (Sigue)
⚖️👩‍⚖️🇺🇸 ImageImageImage
2. La música también está presente esta noche en Manhattan en el adios a #RuthBaderGinsburg.
3. La música soul también está presente en este adiós al igual que los rezos, entre las dos canciones una rabina (#RuthBaderGinsburg era judía) ha rezado junto con los cientos de participantes.
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