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1/ 🚀 Google now offers FREE courses on Generative AI! Master the future of AI and unlock new possibilities in various applications. #AI #GenerativeAI #Google #courses
2/ 🧠 Get introduced to Generative AI Studio, a powerful tool within Vertex AI that allows you to create and personalize generative AI models for your applications.
#Vertex #AI #Google
3/ 🌐 At Google I/O 2023, Google unveiled a suite of generative AI features for Gmail, PaLM 2 language model, Med-PaLM 2 for medical applications, and Bard for #developers.
#GoogleIO #PaLM2 #MedPaLM2 #Bard #MedTwitter
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Title: Google's Response to Market Pressures: Unveiling AI Plans at Google I/O…
Resume: In this episode, we delve into Google's long-awaited response to market pressures from Microsoft and OpenAI. We explore how Google revealed its AI plans during the Google I/O developer conference.
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Google met fin à tes habitudes et va révolutionner internet 🔥

Je te partage les 14+1 innovations annoncées par Google que tu dois absolument connaitre 🧵

@ia_enbref #ia #ai #google #GoogleIO #GoogleIO2023
1. Le nombre 143
C'est le nombre de fois ue le CEO de Google a dit AI lors de la conférence.

Ca te donne une (très) bonne idée des intentions de Google.
2. PaLM2, le nouveau LLM

C'est le modèle d'IA sur lequel repose plus de 25 produits de Google

Il possède de puissantes capacités multilingues, de raisonnement et de codage, et fonctionne dans plus de 100 langues différentes. Image
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கூகிள் நிறுவனம் சார்பாக வருடம்தோறும் நடைபெறும் #GoogleIO Event நேற்றைய தினம் உற்சாகத்திற்கு சற்றும் குறைவில்லாமல் நடைபெற்றது. இந்த Event துவங்கவதற்கு முன்னர் எல்லாரும் சொன்னது போலவே கூகிள் Artificial Intelligence முழு கவனத்தை செலுத்தி இருக்காங்க நேற்றைய தினம் Event Image
பார்த்தவங்களுக்கு எல்லாருக்கும் தெரிந்துருக்கும் வார்த்தைக்கு வார்த்தை AI, AI அப்டினு சொல்லிட்டே இருந்தாங்க, உண்மையா சொல்ல போனால் அவங்களோட எல்லா Productளையும் AI கொண்டு வந்துட்டாங்க இல்ல கண்டிப்பா கொண்டு வருவாங்க அப்டினு தான் சொல்லணும்.
அப்படி நேற்றைய தினம் நடைபெற்ற என்னென்ன
முக்கியமான Update கூகிள் கொடுத்தாங்க அப்டினு இந்த பதிவில பார்ப்போம். நிறைய அறிவிப்புகள் இந்த பதிவில் குறிப்பிடாமல் இருக்கலாம் அல்லது நிறைய தவறுகள் இருக்கலாம். முடிந்த அளவு தவறில்லாமல் குறிப்பிடுகிறேன்.

Gmail Help Me To Write

நேற்றைய தினம் சரியாக 10:30 மணிக்கு இந்திய நேரப்படி Image
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Hilo con todas las novedades anunciadas por Google para el buscador y la integración de IA en búsqueda.

¿Ha muerto ya definitivamente el SEO? ¿Se acabará la lluvia de tráfico desde Google hacia webs de terceros? Lee y lo verás... 😉

1/15 #GoogleIO Image
Primero: lo más revolucionario va a ser lanzado como producto experimental y por ahora sólo en EEUU. Puedes intentar apuntarte a la lista de espera para probarlo (aunque me temo que sin VPN, nada).

Se pide acceso a través del nuevo Search Labs:

2/15 Image
Este producto experimental (Search with Generative AI) es una interfaz nueva, más en línea con ChatGPT o el nuevo Bing.

En lugar de párrafos de texto, la respuesta será una SERP completa con contenido en varios formatos diferentes, dando contexto y links para profundizar.

3/15 Image
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1/Today at #GoogleIO we shared the bold and responsible approach we're taking to use AI to reimagine our products, including Search with a new generative search experience coming first to Labs. You can sign up starting today.…
2/ We also introduced our next generation model, PaLM 2. It's powering over 25 new products + features, has improved multilingual, reasoning and coding capabilities, and can be fine-tuned for specific uses, like health and security.…
3/ Bard is now running on PaLM 2, and we continue to evolve it with coding upgrades, export options to @gmail @googledocs, Japanese + Korean language support (with more on the way), the ability to ask questions using images with Google Lens + more.…
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Google highlighted some major improvements to Jetpack Compose at #GoogleIO 2023. Here’s a summary of some of the highlights: Image
In the latest alpha release, Google says they’re seeing an average 22% performance gain for Text and TextField after migrating modifiers to a new and more efficient system. To take advantage of this, update your Compose version.
Compose now also supports the latest emoji version and new text features like outlining text, hyphenation, and line breaking behavior configuration.
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What’s new in Android Studio? A lot of things, some of which make use of generative AI to improve your workflow. Here’s what got announced at #GoogleIO 🧵 Image
Android Studio Hedgehog (the latest Canary version, and no, its logo isn’t Sonic) adds a new AI-powered conversational feature called Studio Bot, better tools to develop for multiple form factors, and new insights, debugging, and testing solutions.
Studio Bot is an AI-powered conversational experience that leverages Codey, Google’s foundation model for coding, to help you generate code for your app. You can also ask it questions about Android development or to help you fix errors in your code. Image
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At this year’s #GoogleIO, Google is announcing a bevy of new features for Google Play, including many that leverage generative AI to make it easier to market your app. Here’s a summary of what they announced 🧵: Image
A new AI tool will help you get started with making a store listing for your app. Just enter a few prompts like audience and key theme, and Google Play’s AI helper will generate a draft you can edit, discard, or use. This is currently only available in English.
Google Play will show review summaries created by Google’s generative AI technology. These summaries — starting with English but expanding later this year — will help users quickly learn about your app from what other users have been saying about it. Image
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Google is showing some love for Wear OS at #GoogleIO 2023. Here’s a summary of what they announced, including the new Wear OS 4 Developer Preview based on Android 13 👀! Image
Do you like watch faces? It’s the thing you stare at/interact with the most, so it’s no surprise they get a lot of attention. Samsung and Google have teamed up to announce the Watch Face Format: a new way to build watch faces for Wear OS. Image
According to Google, the Watch Face Format is a declarative XML format to design the appearance and behavior of watch faces. There won’t be any executable code involved in making a watch face, and no code will be embedded in the watch face APK.
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Here’s what’s new with Android for Cars (Android Auto and Android Automotive OS), as announced at #GoogleIO 2023. The biggest announcement IMO is Android Automotive OS 14 based on Android 14 and the new multi-screen feature it’ll bring 👀 Image
Before I get ahead of myself, though, let’s recap Google’s announcements, starting with why you should care. Google expects the # of cars running Android Automotive OS with Google built-in to nearly double by the end of 2023.
Google’s only counting cars whose makers have licensed Google apps (hence “Google built-in”), so there’ll be even more cars running Android Automotive on the streets as some makers opt not to license Google Automotive Services (GAS).
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🧐 Vamos con las novedades de #GoogleIO relacionadas con inteligencia artificial

Tendremos "Help me write" en Gmail. Como ChatGPT - perdón, Bard - integrado en el correo Image
Este es el nuevo "editor mágico" de Google Fotos

Con Magic Editor, los usuarios podrán editar partes específicas de las fotos - el primer plano o el fondo-, y rellenar huecos en la foto o incluso cambiar la posición del sujeto para un encuadre mejor.

Bard de momento se queda en inglés, aunque abren a más países

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The #GoogleIO keynote has kicked off with an appearance from Sundar! In this thread I'll talk about anything new Google announces that's directly related to Android. 👇 Image
Immersive View in Google Maps for Android is getting a major revamp! You'll be able to see an immersive view of your routes and any relevant weather info.

Coming to 15 cities by the end of the year. Image
Google Photos is getting a new AI-powered Magic Editor feature! This is rolling out later this year.
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Waiting #GoogleIO Direct Link:… What will they tell about #ai? Live now.… Image
Google will implement @ai into Gmail. Say you are disappointed about this message, you want a refund. Image
Now it writes the message for you: ImageImage
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1/ At #GoogleIO today we shared how we're advancing two core parts of our mission -- knowledge and computing -- to deliver products that are built to help. Here are a few things we announced:…
2/ In Google Search, we unveiled a new multisearch feature to help people find information about local businesses. And our "scene exploration" advancement uses your camera to pan a scene and show insights about multiple objects in a space.…
3/ We're helping devices work better together on Android and beyond. The new Pixel portfolio -- Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro, Google Pixel Watch and Pixel 7 -- brings together the best of our hardware, software & AI to create more helpful experiences.…
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Today at #GoogleIO @sundarpichai showed some examples of the capabilities of the PaLM 540B language model. For example, you can prompt the model with:

"I will ask a question in Bengali and get English and Bengali answers"

And then give it two examples of this behavior.

You can then ask novel questions in Bengali, and get surprisingly good answers on both English and Bengali:
Why is this surprising and powerful?

Model has never seen parallel sentences between Bengali and English (or any other explicit parallel training data)

Model has never been taught to explicitly answer questions

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#GoogleAlloyDB. Let’s talk about why it’s a BIG deal for developers and DBAs, and why it might be the best way to do PostgreSQL in the cloud.

And how about a quick look at what the provisioning experience looks like? Quick 🧵 with a bunch of links at the end …

First, it's just PostgreSQL, but operationalized in a way that @googlecloud does so well. It's 100% compatible PostgreSQL 14.
Performance is silly great. 4x faster than standard PostgreSQL for traditional workloads, and 2x faster than AWS Aurora. And you can use it for analytical queries, where it's 100x faster than standard PostgreSQL.
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What's new in #Flutter 3.0? 👀

@FlutterDev, you made us proud again! Here are all the most exciting changes (to me) in one thread 🧵
1. Stable-quality support for macOS and Linux apps 🍎🐧

Remember those beta versions? Yeeeet it through the window 🦶➡️🪟

More stable Flutter platforms go brrr.....

Tamagochi is coming next! (not confirmed)

P.S. have you seen the @SuperlistHQ demo? 🤯
2. Flutter Web: App lifecycle API and faster image decoding and scrolling.

Easier Flutter Web apps' management + constant performance improvements - what could be better, right? 🎉

Pizza. Maybe. But Web improvements are nice, too! 🍕
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There's no doubt we'll see new #Android13 features at #GoogleIO in a few hours, but there's no need to wait for the keynote — I just updated my Android 13 deep dive article with 10 new sections, covering some pretty big changes!…

Here's a summary:
APK Signature Scheme v3.1 addresses some of the known issues with APK key rotation on earlier OS versions.…
In order to access body sensors (like heart rate, temperature, or blood oxygen levels) in the background, apps have to hold a new permission called BODY_SENSORS_BACKGROUND:…
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If you can't sit through all of #GoogleIO this week, I'm going to be doing a recap of all the Android-related news over at the @Esperdev blog. It's going to be in the style of my Android 13 deep dive, which means it's going to VERY long and exhaustive.

Look forward to that!
I have a total of 50 keynotes + sessions marked on a spreadsheet of things I plan to watch.

Send help.
By the way, I don't plan to cover new features in Google apps or focus on any new products they launch. I'm only interested in new features in the Android platform, new tools for Android app developers, etc.

If you want that stuff, there are plenty of other sources to read!
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#GoogleIO @kevinmarks: I'm going to tweet the Chrome RSS session…
#GoogleIO @shekharsharad: when we talked to people, they cared about a lot fo different publishers on the web and wanted ot be updated about all the content from them
#GoogleIO @shekharsharad: from the publishers they want to build an audience and keep in touch with them.
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Today is the start of #GoogleIO and they’re going to spend the next few days talking about how great they are and showing off colorful new phones. But they’re also going to be talking about ads, which is really what they do and how they’re killing journalism. Thread: (1/5)
There are three things to remember. First, Google is pushing this thing called “Privacy Sandbox” which sounds important and good but is really just Google trying to monopolize ads – cutting publishers out of the profits, and doing it under the cover of “privacy.” (2/5)
Second, don’t forget that Google ran a secret project with the codename #ProjectBernanke that was essentially rigging ad auctions in their favor and never told publishers. (3/5)
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After canceling the 2020 iteration of its yearly developer shindig because of the pandemic, Google is bringing IO back for 2021. It kicks off right now:

Follow this thread for updates throughout #GoogleIO's keynote 1/
What product announcement are you most excited about? #GoogleIO2021
How do you feel about Google's natural language voice? @LaurenGoode has some thoughts: 3/
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