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Shamelessly stealing an idea from @jacksonfall and prompting GPT-4 to help me build a profitable business.

I'm going to start with the same prompt and do whatever it asks me to.

Let's goooooooo

Alright so the approach here is to find a product or service with high demand and low supply using a website like @junglescout or @GoogleTrends

On Google trends, the term "chat GPT" is exploding in popularity so I asked HustleGPT to suggest products related to that.

#gpt4 Image
@junglescout @GoogleTrends Top ideas generated by the bot 🤖

- AI-related books
- Ergonomic keyboards
- High-quality microphones
- Webcams

It also suggested digital products and I liked that more so I asked it to elaborate.

The answer? Chat bot scripts. That sounds easy enough 😅 Image
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7 Flutter Open Source Projects to Become a Better Flutter Developer

Reading a lot of code is one of the best ways to improve your development skills. The open-source project is the best place to learn about best practices, coding styles, and a lot of other topics.
1. libretrack

If you want to create a parcel tracking app then this is a good resource for you. This app helps to track postal items directly on your device using the accounts of postal services.…
2. food-delivery

Food ordering and delivery apps are one of the most demandable apps. If you want to create one then this is a good resource for you.…
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1. Math and Statistics
Intro to Statistics - Udacity

Statistics - Udacity

Statistical Learning - Stanford University
2. Excel
Introduction to MS Excel - Simplilearn

Microsoft Excel: Online Tutorial for Beginners - Chandoo

Microsoft Excel Tutorial for Beginners - Free Code Camp
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🦄I have created so many #free #YouTube #courses that even I've almost lost count! Here is a list of all my courses (#Flutter 💙, #Rust 🦀, #Python 🐍, #Django), with explanations and links! A #thread 👇🏻
Free #Full-#stack Course
In this course we will create a backend with RESTful API endpoints together with JWT token authorization using Django and Django REST Framework to serve our Flutter and Rust clients (This is an ongoing course)…
#Riverpod 2.x #State #Management Course for #Flutter Developers (17 hours long course)
In this course we will develop a fully functioning Instagram application with Flutter and Riverpod where users can upload photos, videos, comment, like and more!
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Error handling is hard, harder than you think 🤔

Let's just see a simple example 💁🏼‍♂️

In how many ways can this #dart code below fail?

The answer will surprise you 👇🧵 Image
Note: fail can mean different things ☝️

Here we mean anything that will crash the app (if not handled)

Errors or Exceptions 👇

And the answer is... 🔟

Yes, 10 ways 🤯

Basically every function hides a potential issue

What? Well, let's see them all 👇
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What if your #flutter app fails? Should you throw? Error? Exception?

#dart gives you both Error and Exception 🎯

But how do they work? Which one should you choose? 🤔

Here is the answer 👇🧵
Error & Exception ‼️

#dart has both of them, but they are not the same 💁🏼‍♂️

👉 Exceptions: conditions that you can plan ahead for *and catch*

👉 Errors: conditions that *you don’t expect*
Exceptions should be handled in your code 💻

You (developer 💁🏼‍♂️) know that they can happen, and so you plan accordingly

👉 *It is intended to be caught*

👉 It should contain useful data fields

👉 Should not crash the app
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💙 Are you a Flutter Developer? 💙

A list of useful GitHub Repos for Flutter Developers 🤩🔥🚀


#flutter #github
awesome-flutter: A list of Flutter libraries, tools, tutorials, articles and more.…


BlackHole: An Open-Source Music Player App made with Flutter…


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💙 Are you a Flutter Developer? 💙

A list of 20 great YouTube channels where you can get quality contents on Flutter topics🤩🔥🚀


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I want to go into Tech. I need a tech job.

Read this:

With a Tech certificate you can get a good job anywhere in the world.

But Tech Certificates are expensive.

Here are 10 FREE Tech Certifications you can take today. Image
1. Artificial Intelligence For Everyone

AI For Everyone is only for enginers especially those not in tech already.

With this certificate you are prepared to take on entry level jobs in any tech organisation.

It's a FREE on Image
2. IBM Data Science Professional

This Certificate course helps you to pursue a career in data science to develop career-relevant skills and experience.

This course will provide you with the latest job-ready tools and skills. Image
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🦄16 most important components of #Flutter #Riverpod explained using #flashcards 🔥
Thread 🧵👇🏻 Image
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Why your users uninstall your app?

#saas #iOS #android #flutter
❌ It's not because it's not perfect.
❌ it's not because you don't do everything.

🤫 It's because you don't talk to them.
Don't start by sending 40 notifications...

You need to do like a new relationship.
Increase notifications progressively.
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OK, time for an unboxing thread with a difference. I needed to test some web apps written in #Flutter on a really low-powered device. TIL that you can buy a Lenovo Chromebook for LESS THAN $100? 🤯
Yes, for barely more than the price of an Apple power adapter, you can buy a WHOLE laptop -- including the power adapter!
It's really not a bad looking device either. Sure, that's a bigger bezel than most modern laptops, but it's smaller than a MacBook Air. It even has USB-C ports on BOTH sides of the device, which seems to be a Pro-level feature for Apple.
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