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Exclusive: Some in int'l community trying to oust @RW_UNP, Minister Tiran Alles tells me. “Sections of the international community worked to topple President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, now they want to topple President Ranil Wickremesinghe, too.” (1)
(2) The UN, US, Canada, EU & UK expressed serious concern, the Norwegian Ambassador strongly condemned last week's pre-dawn military assault on the protesters occupying the presidential secretariat. Journalists & lawyers were among those assaulted. At least 5 ppl were abducted.
(3) Responding to wave of int'l condemnation, Min Alles says: “Some sections of the tinternaional community don't like President Ranil Wickremesinghe as he is a strong leader. Their intention is to weaken #SriLanka to control our country’s affairs.”
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Scenes from Colombo's first ever Pride March yesterday, continuing the protest against the 'sTaBiLiTy' ie repression of the Gota-Ranil government. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #Pride
Beginning at the Liberty roundabout, where the LGBTQ+ community gathered for the first time a few years ago to protest after Sirisena's homophobic 'butterfly' remark during the constitutional crisis. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #Pride
This incredible flag colouring the whole stretch from Kollupitiya to #Gotagogama. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #Pride
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1/.@ReAdSarath kindly allow me to present facts.

On 4-9-2018, Buddhist monks with statute of Lord Buddha & building materials came to site & when queried by locals of purpose of visit stated that the Archeological Dept had authorized them via letter to engage in research at site
2/The validity of letter issued by Archeological Dept is still under review. Further, were the monks qualified to engage in research at the site? If they were engaging in research, why did they bring a statute of Lord Buddha & construction materials?
3/Court ordered that experts at Jaffna Uni, which has a History Dept and offers a special degree in Archeology, & locals should be consulted by Archeological Dept & a report to be submitted to Crt. They weren’t consulted & report wasn’t submitted to court. ImageImage
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It's with absolute pleasure (& exhaustion) that @deshan10 & I share our book "#KaputuKaak: A Very Sri Lankan Struggle".

This protest & civic education book for kids is in solidarity with the #GotaGoHome2022 aragalaya:…

Please read & share for free! 1/8 The cover of the book with the title "Kaputu Kaak Kaak
The book talks to kids about the people's struggle & how they can safely join in.

It also talks about our past, how we've treated each other, our violent and uncomfortable history; & our future, how we can be active citizens to build a fairer, safer & more beautiful country. 2/8
Trying to write our country's complex & challenging story for kids forced me to really drill down to core concepts & issues.

Deshan's fabulous artwork elevates the book to another level. It was sheer joy to watch him create such beautiful, surreal, funny & painful images! 3/8
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1/ #GoHomeGota

50 days of #GotaGoGama marked in the backdrop of @RW_UNP’s attempts to undermine protests by trying to co-opt protestors as “part of solution”. Are his claims to support system change, while working to assist @GotabayaR & co retain system at any cost, credible?
2/In this context, it’s also relevant to ask why PM is focusing only on the 8 demands presented by only 1 group from GGG. These demands, which are silent on his acceptance of PM position, don’t always reflect position of groups working on said issues for decades, for eg re #PTA.
3/Criticism of PM is being labeled as anti-stability. All ppl want stability. Just that some don’t believe it will be achieved by enabling @GotabayaR, who’s shown he will sacrifice lives of SLs to retain power, to remain in power. Also, clearly, PM doesn’t have much traction.
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I usually write threads about early second millennium Buddhism, but my MA (my first step into Sri Lanka Studies) was about contemporary Buddhist nationalists coopting US “war on terror” rhetoric. Something similar has recently targeted #GotaGoGama and the අරගලය
I’ve also written these rather hasty thoughts up on my website, if you prefer that format to a Twitter thread!…
In my MA, I argued that groups like Bodu Bala Sēnā don’t just invoke LTTE-era narratives about the Mahavamsa, Dutugemunu or the need to protect Buddhism.
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Thread: Why we must keep fighting

I have noticed that a significant amount of individuals who were actively engaged in the struggle for good governance have now either lost faith or trivialise the People's movement.
This is precisely what Gotabaya Rajapaksa wanted from the appointment of Ranil Wickremasinghe. To offer up a meaningless consolation prize to placate the masses. To make it seem like he's taking a step back. To make it seem like he's listening to the People. (2/_)
To wrap us up in an Economic crisis of his own creation and oppress us under a State of Emergency. To tell us that OUR lives aren't safe from an Economic crisis that HE created, which can only be solved if HE stays. Ranil Wickremasinghe is a friend of the Rajapaksas. (3/_)
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"Is #GotaGoGama and the violence of the 9th evening orchestrated by left-wing parties?" -- A THREAD.
Those who know me, will identify me as historically right-of-center, pro-west, pro-free-enterprise and generally anti-communist. #SriLanka 1/
I am a vice president and shareholder of a global tech company (previously VP of a fortune 100 corporation) and a graduate of Moratuwa University, then heavily opposed to IUSF. Read these comments through that lens. 2/
I (and many other tech company leaders) joined the protests to help create an environment in #SriLanka that can retain our best minds (who are now leaving), without whom I have no job. 3/
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May 11th, yesterday - scenes from a mellow but alert and hopeful #Gotagogama. Tents have been repaired, there are books in the library again, everyone speaks to of calm and non-violence and tea was being made in the evening. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota
'We ask everyone to be calm. Save your strength - we have more to do, not to set fires. This isn't a place to sacrifice lives. We remember those who hit us till we bled - 'nahi verena verani, වෛරයෙන් වෛරය නොසන්සිදේ' (violence doesn't drive out violence) #lka #srilanka #GoHomeGota
'Many think those who follow the law are spineless. Politicians see if we break their laws while they broke them completely.

We don't want a military government. We don't want a dictatorship. We want a government that respects people's sovereignty.' #lka #srilanka #GoHomeGota
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alright tweeting this mainly for my peace of mind and I really need to say this all out.
non-SL moots please read
Lankans, please feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes or add anything I might miss.
What's happening in Sri Lanka - a thread
The situation in SL is not something that blew up and out of proportion overnight yesterday, the seed was first placed when 6.9 million people voted for Gotabaya Rajapaksa to be president in Nov, 2019. (if you've seen more mentions of a 69 by your Lankan friends, this is it)
Now to those of you don't know, Mahinda Rajapaksa is GR's older brother who's been in politics for over 40 years, the 2nd son of DA Rajapaksa who was also a member of parliament until 1965.

"Viewed as a centre-left politician, he became known as a defender of human rights—
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We got to #GotaGoGama around 2.30pm yesterday. By then the lawyers had done their job. We were allowed to move through two heavily armed lines unhindered. Was unable to livestream due to bandwidth issues in the area.
Crowds were thin at first, but soon the cavalry arrived. The Cardinal spoke from the barrier soon after.
GGG began to receive reports of the Temple Trees crowd’s buses being attacked around 4pm. Gladly the violence did not reach GGG. Only as we went home in the night did we see the full extent of the carnage.
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1/This is #GotaGoGama around 6.15 pm today. Nuns, priests, lawyers- diverse group of ppl as always. Some protestors said there is feeling of insecurity now b/c in context of recent events & state of emergency, there is concern state sponsored violence could take place again.
2/Protestors said attackers knew what to attack & seemed to be targeting ppl. They had sticks & knives & chased women in particular. They also seemed to target tents to be destroyed, such as the showers. They destroyed tents on the periphery & didn’t venture into center of GGG.
3/The breakout of supposedly spontaneous violence around the country is concerning. But also raises so many Qs. The coordinated nature of the spontaneity is particularly intriguing. Do we engage in violence easily b/c we are a society in which violence is normalized?
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'Today is one month that Nande has been at home'

Scenes from a #Gotagogama that has immediately started rebuilding, and evolving situations elsewhere.

Please stay safe. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota Image
Police and Army barricade at Lotus Road, 2.31 pm. They eventually left. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota ImageImageImageImage
'You thought you could crush our protest with your violence and bloodshed. We thank all those who stood with us and say, we will be stronger now'

Spirits seemingly high on the barricade when we eventually made it there. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota ImageImageImageImage
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Scenes from the Maadan Badhrakali Puja, last night at #Gotagogama/Galle Face.

With thanks to everyone who translated and explained the parts of the ceremony as it went on. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota
The rituals came to #LKA with Indian labourers brought by British colonisers & are continued by their descendants, the Malaiyaha Tamil community.

The deities are village guardians, who were worshipped before formal Hinduism began & they can speak to in their own languages. #lka
The Vikki Parai Isai group from Ingiriya heating the drums to tune them before the ritual. Parai drums are played by oppressed castes & is a key part of Malaiyaha Tamil culture, along with dances such as the kooththu, all of which their ancestors brought from India. #lka.
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The Samathai drummers from Batticaloa joined in and lead the final stretch of the artists' protest yesterday.

Thread of some scenes and stories from both these powerful elements. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #GoHomeGota2022
Tamil and Muslim women from Ampara, Batticaloa and Jaffna visited #Gotagogama yesterday. They raised the issues they were facing due to the #EconomicCrisisLK and issues of justice they'd been fighting for years. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota
They drummed, sang and took up space at the barricade. I might be wrong but I've never heard that much Tamil spoken at the barricade since this protest started. There were short translations so listeners could understand. It was A Moment. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota
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Blindfolding Bandaranaike: Arrived at Galle Face to this powerful sight.

Thread of a few more things that happened at #Gotagogama today.

#lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #GoHomeGota2022 #TakeBackOurPower
Rally by the Medical Faculty Student Action Committee, raising issues of the lack of medication and the patients whose lives are at risk. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #GoHomeGota2022
Medical Faculty rally and the ongoing protest by IT Professionals merge near the statue. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #GoHomeGota2022
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General strike - some scenes of various trade union protests that arrived at Galle Face/#Gotagogama today. The uniting demand - #GoHomeGota - is for GR & his family must answer for their failures, then go to jail. Power to the people ✊🏾 #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota2022 ImageImageImageImage
March by a mixture of trade unions leaving from Fort Railway and heading to GGG. Posters focus on state violence & the murder in #Rambukkana. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #GoHomeGota2022 ImageImageImageImage
Collective of Ports unions & several other small groups protest outside Fort Railway Station. #lka #SriLanka #GoHomeGota #GoHomeGota2022 ImageImageImageImage
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REGISTERING YOUR BUSINESS IN THE #USA FOR #SRILANKANS! As promised, here is a 🧵 on how you can register your business in the USA and open yourself to a global market of potential customers, accept foreign payments and open a US Corporate bank account!
Please note that since this is a thread, I have simplified the entire process here. There may be a few extra steps, which ARE NOT substantial. Once you go through this, I will host a Twitter Space to answer your questions. And before we start, total cost for this is under $400.
First things first. The actual legislation can get a bit confusing, and there are different types of business entities you can set up. For the sake of simplicity, I will assume most of you are single-owner businesses and SMEs. Therefore, a Single-Owner LLC is the way forward.
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A quick thread on how government expenditure is almost always paid for the people - in 1 of 3 ways

#SriLankaEconomicCrisis #SriLanka #lka (#GotaGoGama #GoHomeRajapakshas #GotaGoHome2022 #අරගලයටජය for reach)

Whenever a government has an expense, it's paid in 1 of 3 ways.

1. Taxes
2. Loans
3. Money printing

Despite what it looks like, taxes are often the least anti-poor

Let's start with money printing - I explained it detail here but what matters is that excess printing just results in inflation.

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In our continued look at #protests and past civil disobedience in our #history, today we're covering the May Day Rallies and labour strikes of early 19th century #srilanka and seeing what we can learn from their success...

#GoHomeGota2022 #EconomicCrisisLK #GotaGoGama #lka ImageImageImage
The origins of these labour protests can be traced back to colonial rule. Many low-class native Sri Lankans worked in factories and estates while British business owners simply managed their monopolies. Wages were low, hours were long, and little to no facilities were provided. ImageImage
Across the globe during the 19th, people in these circumstances began demanding better rights. Many were inspired by the ideas of the ideals of the Buddhist Theological Society and the Sarasavi Sandaresa, the first unions were formed and teachers began striking in the 1890s. Image
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Following import substitution, self-sufficiency, and local production didn't work out for Sri Lanka in the last 2 years. My longest 🧵yet to explain - promise it's worth it!


#SriLankaCrisis #SriLanka #lka (#GotaGoGama #GoHomeGota #GoHomeRajapakshas #අරගලයටජය for reach)
Now, these ideas are often "common sense". It sounds good - if we have a forex problem, lets stop importing and make it ourself! Lets be self-sufficent, why depend on others?

But econ ISN'T common sense - so let's go through my view on why these don't work.

The main idea behind these is basically - produce goods locally, ideally goods we currently import, and sometimes, hope to export later.

So 3 broad benefits spoken of

1. Save/grow forex
2. Increase GDP
3. Have a backup if global trade fails

Lets go through all of these

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I promise I'll try my best to make this not-boring, but let's talk taxes in Sri Lanka.

#SriLanka #SriLankaEconomicCrisis #lka (also #GotaGoGama #OccupyGalleFace #අරගලයටජය #GotaGoHome2022 for reach)

Our tax revenue before 2019 was about 11-12% of GDP. After the tax cuts, this came down to around 8%. Both in comparison to around 12-14% in non-debt expenditure (about 16% in 2019 due to election goodies)

Explained how this was a problem here

In an attempt to make this easier to digest, going to bring back Rehan (our rich guy), Pasan (who I've made less poor than he was), and a new fellow Ayesh who's basically in poverty.

Rehan earns 500k a month. Pasan earns 50k. Ayesh earns 15k.

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Let me try and explain the Uganda banknote mess as much as I can and how it relates to Sri Lanka and how it doesn't.

#SriLanka #SriLankaEconomicCrisis #lka (also tagging #GotaGoGama #OccupyGalleFace for the reach)

As I understand it, there are 2 separate issues here, which may be linked together in a way we don't yet know.

1. Uganda's own money laundering issues
2. De La Rue printing Ugandan money and SLA airlifting it

Lets start with Uganda's own issues.

Uganda has had money laundering concerns for a while, and especially terrorist financing issues. This is unfortunately true for some countries in Sub Saharan Africa.

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මෙන්න සුමල් පෙරේරාගේ අද ගේම. පැටිකිරිය සහ පරණ කතා coming soon. If you are wondering why Johnston Fernando was one of just FOUR ministers kept in Cabinet, its to do one LAST GREAT HIGHWAY ROBBERY.
#SriLanka #GoHomeGota #GoHomeGota2022 #lka #GoHomeRajapakshas #GoHomeRajapaksas
While the people are demanding that #RajapaksasGoHome, the family is trying to pull one major scam in close partnership with crony businessmen of the likes of Sumal Perera of Access Group. #GotaGoGama #අරගලයටජය #GotaGoHome #SLnews
The consortium, calling itself the Lanka Infrastructure Development Consortium (LIDC) comprises of Access Engineering, Maga Engineering, ICC, KDAW and NEM Construction.
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