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1/12 There continues to be a concerning increase in the number of #COVID19 cases reported in #Canada, with all provinces now reporting cases. #coronavirus
2/12 Most cases in 🇨🇦 are occurring among travellers or their close contacts. This includes 8 cases among the repatriated Canadians from the #GrandPrincess cruise ship, who are all in quarantine at #CFBTrenton. #coronavirus
3/12 🇨🇦 has tested over 34,000 individuals to date. Tests are conducted on patients w/ severe respiratory illness in hospitals or w/ influenza-like illness in clinical settings and/or where there is clinical judgement, whether or not there is a history of travel. #COVID19
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1/3 On March 10, 2020, after arriving at #CFBTrenton #Ontario, one passenger from the #GrandPrincess cruise ship exhibited mild symptoms consistent with #COVID19. A lab test confirmed #COVID19.
2/3 The individual is in isolation at the facility, and regular follow-ups and assessments are being conducted. Appropriate infection control measures are in place at #CFBTrenton. #COVID19 #coronavirus
3/3 The #PHAC, #Ontario, @CanadianForces, @HPEPublicHealth, @redcrosscanada officials in #Trenton are working closely together to respond to and monitor the situation, and to provide care to the repatriated Canadians.
#COVID19 #coronavirus
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1/5 Repatriated Canadians from the #GrandPrincess cruise ship docked in #California arrived @CanadianForces #CFBTrenton earlier today.
#COVID19 #coronavirus
2/5 These Canadians will stay in quarantine and undergo the same medical assessment and observation as those who were repatriated from #Wuhan 🇨🇳 and
#Yokohama 🇯🇵.
#COVID19 #coronavirus
3/5 #GoC, @CanadianForces, #Ontario, @HPEPublicHealth and @redcrosscanada officials are working closely together to ensure that the returning Canadians receive all the medical and ongoing support necessary. #COVID19 #coronavirus
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Press briefing for #CoronaVirusUpdate delayed a half hour. Now expected at 6:30 Image
President brought out the whole squad for the #Coronavirus Update
President keeps remarks quick and passes it off to VP Pence, who touts POTUS’ decision time suspend travel from China in January as a reason the #coronavirus isn’t worse #nexstarDc Image
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The Grand Princess cruise ship has arrived at the Port of Oakland
Coast Guard just confirmed the Grand Princess cruise ship is now docked at the Port of Oakland
Passengers aboard the Grand Princess cruise ship stand on the balconies of their cabins and wave #coronavirus #GrandPrincess #oakland #eastbay ImageImageImageImage
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#GrandPrincess Update: We can confirm that disembarkation of guests onboard Grand Princess is expected to begin tomorrow in the Port of Oakland. We received official confirmation during a press conference held by California Governor Gavin Newsom and others.
Disembarkation will commence in order of priority, as defined and directed by both state and local authorities. It is expected to be a multiple day process.
The U.S. Coast Guard will be sending California Health & Human Services teams to assist with medical triage, screening and interviews, and prioritizing those who require the most acute care.
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MAR 8 #CoronaVirusUpdates will begin using #CV19MD THREAD 1: New #UptotheMinute MAP SITE link below US AT 463 cases as of 8:07 AM #GrandPrincess to Dock MON at #PortOfOakland. W Oassengers still Quarantined
#SantaClara #CA cases were from #India.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: This is US (Can) RealTime site last update 8:07 shows 463 TOTAL WaPo MAPPING w LIST of 34 states w cases NOTE Does Not Show 66 #DiamondPrincess (Japan) cases.
MAR 8 #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: THIS is current ARCGIS MAP .. #Italy nears 6.000 and #France #Germany 1,000. #Spain 600 #UK #Switz #Neth near 300 #Sweden 200, #Canada 60 #Lebanon 28, #Russia 15 #Mexico 15 .. eg still spreading
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🚨🚢#GrandPrincess 🦠 #covid19 Update 1 of 2

3500 ppl - 54 countries

Dock Oakland Mon 3/9

Fed med checks

Disembarking over several days

Med/Acute patients:
to hospitals

CA residents:
local fed quarantine in CA facility for Tests and Isolation…
🚨🚢#GrandPrincess 🦠 #covid19 Update 2 of 2

Other US citizens:
Fed transport to fed facilities in other states for
Tests and Isolation

Foreigners aboard:
TBA (to be announced)

Crew- will be tested and quarantined on the ship
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#GrandPrincess Update: We have received word from state and local response operations that Grand Princess will proceed to the Port of Oakland on Sunday to begin disembarking guests who require acute medical treatment and hospitalization.
Exact timing is still being determined in a coordinated manner with all operations resources. These guests will be transported to medical facilities in California.
Disembarkation will continue Monday for other guests. According to Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, following health screenings, guests who are California residents will go to a federally operated facility within California for testing and isolation...
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We were requested by the CDC to share information about a crew member who previously served on #GrandPrincess and transferred to #RoyalPrincess 15 days ago.
After sharing all information and details about the crew member, the CDC approved clearance for Royal Princess yesterday, to sail today, with no restrictions placed on the vessel.
However, late this afternoon, the CDC informed us of their decision to issue a “no-sail order” until the crew member was tested for COVID-19. We have unfortunately been unable to obtain this test given the lateness of the request.
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MAR 7 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 1: First two #Florida DEATHS.. Both had traveled outside US. NOTE if using ARCGIS MAP (See next tweet, both #Iran and #Italy have not reported in days, and #NoKorea never has.) Use WIPES
MAR 7 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 2: eg by Ret MD NOTE Ppl have #COVID19 and are infectious, as with colds for about 2 days. Reports of 2 Baggage screeners (TSA) At #LAX and 2 at #Heathrow WIPE YOUR LUGGAGE HANDLES. Remember cases in #Houston from #Egypt #NileCruise @AMSA_News
MAR 7 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 3: Here is link to MAR 6 THREAD via @threadreaderapp .. SEE AND SHARE. @MelanieNathan1 @waymon @sfpelosi @goodasyou @bilerico @davidbadash @DavidMixner AND ALL #ActUp Activists @maddow @AC360
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Hi all, we submitted the #COVIDー19 genome sequence from the viral strain linked to the #GrandPrincess cruise ship off coast of San Francisco to #GISAID. Phylogenetic analysis shows that it clusters with the outbreak clade circulating in Washington State. @UCSF #coronavirus
Please note that this finding does NOT prove that the virus was transmitted from Washington State to California, or vice-versa. There are other scenarios possible, such as separate introductions from outside of the US, that are compatible with the phylogenetic grouping.
Phylogenetic map of the #COVIDー19 Washington State cluster showing the #GrandPrincess cruise ship strain from a patient in California. @UCSF #coronavirus courtesy of
@trvrb and the @nextstrain team.
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We can confirm that the results from the first phase of health screenings of 45 guests and crew onboard #GrandPrincess were completed. We were notified by Vice President Pence while he was conducting a press conference....
...and simultaneously by the CDC speaking to our doctor onboard, that among the samples tested, 21 people have tested positive for COVID-19 which includes 2 guests and 19 crew.
We are awaiting official specific plans for future positioning of the ship from relevant authorities. We will continue to closely follow the guidance of the CDC and other federal and state government authorities, and provide updates as they are made available.
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The #coronavirus kills the elderly who are already in a physically weak condition, just as does influenza, says @POTUS visiting @CDCgov.
"Leave everybody on the ship for a period of time" is his preference on the fate of the thousands of #GrandPrincess passengers off #California coast, says @POTUS. #coronavirus
"Instead of being negative, you should be positive," @POTUS tells a reporter who asks about travel concerns amid #coronavirus outbreak.
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MAR 6 #CoronavirusOutbreak #CoronavirusUSA Live UPDATES MD THREAD 1: Sorry no time to start now .. will just post this. Crowdfunded TRUCK @CDCgov #Atlanta for #IMPOTUS45 Photo Op. SEE ACT BLUE TO KEEP IT ROLLING .. And Breaking 100,000 Cases. @votevets @AMSA_News @maddow @CNN
MAR 6 #CoronavirusUSA from LIVE UPDATES MD THREAD 2: FROM 10:24 PM Yesterday: U.S. death toll rises to 12, as worries increase over possible #viruscluster on #GrandPrincess #cruiseship off #CA GOT THAT #Trump @GavinNewsom uses HIS Army to help. SEE MORE
MAR 6 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 3: NOT GOOD. There were 62 Passengers who stayed on board w other sick ones, one died. BUT They DID NOT DELIVER enough TEST KITS for them ALL...Why Not @GavinNewsom?! @USArmy @uscoastguard QUIT LISTENING to BAD LAY ADVICE from #TrumpsCDC @UCSF
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I've been talking with passengers on the #GrandPrincess cruise ship that's being held off the coast. They tell me helicopters just dropped off #coronavirus test kits.
Passengers tell me about 100 people who have been identified will be tested

They says those include:

-Passengers who were on the first cruise to Mexico,
-Crew who've been in contact with them
-Anyone who went to onboard medical center w flu-like symptoms or respiratory issues
Passengers tell me everyone else, not being tested, is free to roam on the ship.
They tell me dining room, decks, etc. are currently open.
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Two helicopters approaching the #GrandPrincess with #coronavirus test kits. Again, my parents are on board (as well as many other parents and siblings and children). Please pray for them. @PrincessCruises @GavinNewsom @KTVU #COVID19
The helicopters have now departed. I assume all those who need testing will have samples drawn, after which the samples will be delivered to Richmond where the four-hour-long testing procedure commences.
I'll post additional updates here. Again, thanks to the hardworking reporters covering this story.
- No strict order to return to rooms but it's suggested
- Passengers are told to maintain six feet of distance from one another
- Suggested that diners space themselves by a seat
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MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 1: Latest ARGIS Map 3/5 6:53AM .. NOTE #China not supplying DEATHS update.FIRST SEE #IMF Report from yesterday.. AND Breaking #Boris suspends #British #Parliament .. IS #Iran totally sure that Vendor from #Wuhan had come to HolyDays before?
MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 2:
Yesterday's MD THREAD:
by MD trained during #HIV #AIDS Epidemic When we had to fight YEARS for Research, and Treatment.
Still do @VP #Pence killed many in #Indiana in 2015 #maddow @seattletimes @sfchronicle
MAR 5 #CoronavirusOutbreak MD THREAD 3: WaPo Mapping as I note above I like ARGIS JohnsHopkins Map better but this is US alone... HEADS UP..SCARY folks...
While #ImpeachedForLife #IMPOTUS45 #Trump and @VP Pence are clueless @maddow @CNN @votevets
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🚨BREAKING: #GrandPrincess cruise ship appears to be a new #coronavirus “hot zone.”

21 passengers report having #COVID19 symptoms after an ex-passenger just DIED in #California from a #coronavirus infection likely acquired onboard the ship.

A former passenger on the #GrandPrincess DIED today in #California after getting infected with #coronavirus onboard the ship.

Now, 21 NEW passengers on the same ship report having #COVID19 symptoms.😳

The #GrandPrincess planned to dock in San Francisco, but Gov @GavinNewsom delayed it, as 21 passengers/crew developed #COVID19 symptoms.

The ship has 2,600 guests + 1,150 crew.

They *must* be evacuated NOW under quarantine.

The longer they remain, the MORE infected.🚨
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MAR 4 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 1: First see todays #ARGIS map .. US UP to 153 cases.. BUT Remember we can’t TEST! #China has FIVE Tests And TESTS over ONE MILLION per day. @maddow @CNN @PublicHealth @UCSF @StanfordMed @GavinNewsom @MelanieNathan1
MAR 4 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 2: FIRST NOTE : #Princess #cruiseship #GrandPrincess RETURNING to SF wo stopping in #Ensenada. Passengers on a FEB cruise have #coronavirus SAW STORYbut just picking up WaPoUPDATES . Will add here when I find it #SanFrancisco #COVID19 @sfpelosi
MAR 4 #CoronaVirusUpdates MD THREAD 3: American #workers face increasing disruptions to their routines as #companies, #schools and #localgovts implement precautions with many firms restricting travel or weighing work-from-home arrangements. @business @Womenworking @SEIU @maddow
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120. Bannon suggests that 5,000 doctors and nurses may be infected with the #Wuhan #coronavirus
121. New information out of Thailand suggests that #WuhanCoronavirus may be contagious for 24 rather than 14 days, and that #coronavirus-recovered patients can get sick with the #COVID19 infection a second time.…
122. Due to repatriation of the infected #diamondprinces Americans flown into the US against President Trump's stipulations, the number of US #coronavirususa cases has increased from 35 to 53 #coronavirus cases overnight.… Image
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97. #Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) 64,447 cases w newly broadened inclusion criteria not limited to PCR confirmation. Exposure and clinical confirmation inclusive of pulmonary lobar infiltration sufficient for case inclusion.… ImageImage
98. #WuhanPneumonia: China's ambassador to the United States, Cui Tiankai, on "Face the Nation" DID NOT deny that #coronavirus could've stemmed from the Chinese military's biological warfare program; at Wuhan Virology Institute #corona RNA/protein sequences' are researched.
99. The 3,700 people stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, quarantined off the coast of Japan, were placed under a mandatory 2-week quarantine, after 10 passengers tested positive for the fast-spreading #coronavirus. Now, 175 people are confirmed to have the virus.
Read 344 tweets San Francisco.…
2. Roads in and out of #Wuhan (even small side roads) being barricaded with piles of dirt/rocks to block all traffic in or out.
3. "Ye shall not eat any thing with the blood: neither shall ye use enchantment, nor observe times. Ye shall not .. print any marks upon you: I am the LORD. Do not prostitute thy daughter, to cause her to be a whore; lest the land fall to whoredom"..."…
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