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#UnAnnoFa il #genoma di "un #coronavirus" ricavato da un caso relativo al "focolaio di malattie respiratorie di #Wuhan" veniva pubblicato su #GenBank... 🧐#SARSCoV2
#UnAnnoFa... "Il focolaio di infezioni ha indotto timori di una potenziale epidemia dopo che la Cina ha dichiarato che il virus che lo ha causato è sconosciuto, ma proveniente dalla stessa famiglia di virus che ha causato le epidemie di #SARS e #MERS".🧐
#UnAnnoFa Diventa improvvisamente chiaro che il nuovo virus viaggia velocemente... in aereo. Nessun campanello di allarme in giro per il mondo? 🧐 #covid19…
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#OneYearAgo a "coronavirus #genome from a case of a respiratory disease from the #Wuhan outbreak" was published on #GenBank... 🧐#SARSCoV2
#OneYearAgo "The cluster of infections had raised fears of a potential epidemic after China said last week that the virus causing it was a previously unknown type but came from the same family of viruses that caused the #SARS and #MERS epidemics".🧐…
#OneYearAgo It was suddenly clear that the virus was travelling fast... any bell ringing?🧐#covid19…
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« Le monde médical et scientifique a perdu une certaine crédibilité parce que ce débat est clôturé » ~ @xazalbert #Holdup #Covid19 #DéliresCovid19
« Dès lors que vous faites croire à quelqu’un qu’il est en danger de mort, vous en faites ce que vous voulez » #Holdup #Peur #Psychose #Covid19 #ComportementsIrraisonnés #DécisionsStupides
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1/30 In two forthcoming pieces, I examine #Japan's response to the #COVID19 #coronavirus #pandemic. I'll summarize the main non-theoretical points here (long thread alert!).
2/30 #Japan’s figures have always looked good compared to many other countries, which initially led to suspicion that the ‘real’ numbers of #COVID19 #coronavirus infections & death were being played down.
3/30 #Tokyo Metropolitan Government at least has now released full #COVID19 figures, including general death rates, seeming to put this argument to rest (but these figures are also now being challenged).…
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Great opinion piece explaining why the comparison of #covid19 and #influenza mortality rates are flawed in many ways by @jeremyfaust (1)

THREAD:… Image
Influenza deaths are commonly estimated, whereas #covid19 deaths are counted. Would be more correct to compare counted #covid19 deaths to counted #influenza deaths. (2) Image
The reported number of counted deaths due to #covid19 during week ending April 14 was 14,478. The mean counted number of #influenza deaths during peak weeks of last 7 seasons was 752.4 on average. That‘s a 20.5-fold increase! (4) Image
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1/ Given my interactions with @ASlavitt and @jeremyfaust yesterday, I decided to make a compiled list of data on asymptomatic transmission. This is not complete, but the most striking data I have seen on #COVID19 and #SARSCoV2 worldwide.
2/ A nice summary published in @TIME yesterday:

Covert coronavirus infections could be seeding new outbreaks…
3/ USA (NY) #usaCoronavirus #NewYork

Universal Screening for #SARSCoV2 in Women Admitted for Delivery @ColumbiaWomens @NB83
- 33 positive cases, 29 (87%) asymptomatic
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Thread/ Lousiana #COVID19 Yesterday I spoke with healthcare workers in Chicago, New Orleans, Iowa, and NYC - public health officials, nurses, paramedics, medical assistants all increasingly alarmed at the lack of response to #COVID19 and startling lack of protocols in place
This is about #NOLA my home for several years my daughter attended school in the French Quarter in the days before Katrina and disaster tourism and the city caring more about infrastructure for the Superbowl than the cracking concrete in the Lower 9th Ward…
Text yesterday from person working @OchsnerHealth in #Louisiana and #COVID19 "in the shit" "call after work" -- as a reporter I get calls and texts and DMS from around the country about many things - and now re: COVID19.
(Up front apologies for any/all spelling errors, etc.)
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🚨BREAKING: #GrandPrincess cruise ship appears to be a new #coronavirus “hot zone.”

21 passengers report having #COVID19 symptoms after an ex-passenger just DIED in #California from a #coronavirus infection likely acquired onboard the ship.

A former passenger on the #GrandPrincess DIED today in #California after getting infected with #coronavirus onboard the ship.

Now, 21 NEW passengers on the same ship report having #COVID19 symptoms.😳

The #GrandPrincess planned to dock in San Francisco, but Gov @GavinNewsom delayed it, as 21 passengers/crew developed #COVID19 symptoms.

The ship has 2,600 guests + 1,150 crew.

They *must* be evacuated NOW under quarantine.

The longer they remain, the MORE infected.🚨
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🚨Whistleblower says @HHSGov sent >12 workers to receive Americans evacuated from #Wuhan China—#CoronavirusOutbreak epicenter—WITHOUT proper training for infection control or appropriate protective gear.

Workers were NOT tested for #COVID19.

😱HHS workers were potentially exposed to #coronavirus via “face-to-face contact with returning passengers” from the #coronavirus hot-zone #DiamondPrincess.

Meanwhile, @CDCgov personell wore “full gown, gloves and hazmat attire.”

🔥~14 HHS personnel were sent to March Air Force base in Riverside County CA, and ~13 were sent to Travis Air Force in **Solano County, CA** where the first “community spread” of #coronavirus was recently reported.

Team Trump’s negligence led to this.🤬

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#Coronavirus UPDATE Feb 23 9PM EST
The current statistics for #China alone:
Of the 79,157 confirmed cases globally
- 76,554 cases are in China
-10,968 cases of those are severe
-2,450 patients have died
-23,532 have recovered
1a/7 Info outside China & US #Covid19USA 👇🏾
1b/7 #Coronavirus outside China Feb 23 9PM EST

Graphic indicates all cases outside China EXCEPT:
for the #DiamondPrincess
Of the 3,711 passengers and crew:
-691 are confirmed infected w/ #COVID19
-all are either hospitalized or quarantined

#US #Covid19usa Info below
#US #COVID19 Update Feb 16 9PM EST
- 36* confirmed cases in 6 states
- 42 states waiting on 50 test results
- US Citizens under Mandatory Quarantine: 750+
We are also monitoring the 320,000 US service members stationed in Europe.
2/7 #CoronavirusUS #Italy #Coronavirus #Covid
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1/3 Thanks #GoC & #PHAC teams; @CanadianForces; @redcrosscanada; #Ontario, @CityofCornwall & @NAVCENTRE for substantial efforts in supporting repatriated Canadians from the #DiamondPrincess during their quarantine. #COVID19
2/3 Thanks also to Cdns repatriated from 🇯🇵 for your patience & cooperation. And to @BernadetteClem, #Cornwall #Akwesasne, & #SDGCounties for sheltering repatriated Canadians in your community. #COVID19 #coronavirus
3/3 We are confident in the infection prevention and control measures in place in #Cornwall. Early detection & response to cases in #Canada demonstrate that our health and emergency response systems are working.
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1/5 Repatriated Canadians from the #DiamondPrincess cruise ship which was docked in #Yokohama 🇯🇵 arrived @NAVCENTRE in #Cornwall #Ontario earlier today.…
2/5 These individuals will stay in quarantine and undergo the same medical assessment and observation as those who were repatriated from #Wuhan 🇨🇳 to #CFBTrenton.
#COVID19 #coronavirus
3/5 The #GoC, provincial, territorial and @HPEPublicHealth and @EOHU_tweet authorities are working closely together to ensure that the returning Canadians and their family members receive all the ongoing medical and mental health support necessary.
#COVID19 #coronavirus
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Daily media briefing on #COVID19 with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "As of 6am GVA time this morning, #China has reported a total of 75,567 cases of #COVID19 to WHO, including 2,239 deaths.

In the past 24 hours, 🇨🇳 has reported 892 new confirmed cases and 118 deaths"-@DrTedros #coronavirus
@DrTedros "The significant 📉 in confirmed cases is partly due to another change in the way 🇨🇳 reports numbers.
Last week 🇨🇳 started reporting clinically-diagnosed cases, in addition to lab-confirmed cases. They have now switched back to reporting suspected & lab-confirmed cases"-@DrTedros
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Daily @WHO presser on #COVID19 starts with update of the numbers (as of 6 am Geneva time).

74675 cases, 2121 deaths

Outside China:
1076 cases in 26 countries, 7 deaths
@WHO Data from China continues to show a decline in confirmed new cases, says @DrTedros. Says WHO is “encouraged” by the trend, but no time for complacency. (I would add that the situation outside China looks more concerning by the day.)
@WHO @DrTedros More than half the #COVID19 cases outside China are passengers from #DiamondPrincess, @DrTedros points out. First passengers have disembarked, he says (if: negative test, no symptoms and no contact with confirmed case in past 14 days).
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Daily media briefing on #COVID19 with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "As of 6am GVA time this morning, #China has reported 74,675 cases of #COVID19 to WHO, including 2121 deaths.

The data from 🇨🇳 continue to show a decline in new cases. Once again, we’re encouraged by this trend, but this is no time for complacency"-@DrTedros #coronavirus
@DrTedros "Outside #China, there are now 1076 #COVID19 cases in 26 countries, with seven deaths.

In the past 24 hours the Islamic Republic of #Iran has reported 5 cases, 2 of which have died"-@DrTedros #coronavirus
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Now outside Chun Yeung Estate. The public housing complex used as a quarantine camp to keep hundreds of HK pax from Diamond Princess is completely locked down by riot police and their water horses. The first bus is on its way from airport. #covid19
Three buses have arrived in Chun Yeung Estate. Saw one pax waving from inside.
Second batch of three buses arrived in Chun Yeung Estate. Two more to come.
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LIVE on #Periscope: Daily media briefing on #COVID19 with @DrTedros…
@DrTedros "I’d like to start today by talking not about #COVID19, but about #Syria.
Since the 1st of December, dozens of health facilities have suspended services in the Idleb & Aleppo areas. Out of nearly 550 health facilities in northwest Syria, only about half are operational"-@DrTedros
@DrTedros "2 attacks on health facilities took place yesterday afternoon, on 2 separate hospitals in Aleppo. Luckily, there were no casualties.

We repeat: health facilities & #healthworkers are #NotATarget in conflict & attacks on health are a breach of international law"-@DrTedros
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1/4 The #GoC is assisting Canadians to return home following the outbreak of #COVID19 on the #DiamondPrincess cruise ship docked in Yokohama, Japan. Precautions are in place to detect, prevent and control any potential #COVID19:
2/4 A chartered aircraft will repatriate asymptomatic Canadians at #CFBTrenton, where they will be assessed and transported to the NAV Canada Training Institute in Cornwall, #ON to undergo a 14-day quarantine period in Canada.
3/4 As we assist Canadians from the #DiamondPrincess cruise ship, we are taking every precaution to keep them, and the local community, safe and healthy. Thank you to the people of Cornwall for your collaboration and support.
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They have landed and were warmly welcomed in Texas. They have comfortable accommodations with 2 windows! They can also walk outside, I’m sure with limitations but it’s nice. #DiamondPrincess
They still need to be tested. Hopefully they are currently sleeping, it was an arduous trip back. 8 of the new 14 cases that flew home were on their plane & kept behind a plastic barrier, but they were definitely on their buses. #DiamondPrincess
Still, there were 99 new cases diagnosed in the ship yesterday so even if they do end up getting it we now trust that they are in the best hands w/no ocean/language barrier. 14 more days, maybe more tbd. #DiamondPrincess
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It’s 6:30am in Japan on Monday morning. US #DiamondPrincess passengers have been awake all night for the evacuation process. A lot of waiting but finally got confirmation that they are taking off.
Still unclear about their destination, it now looks like Lackland AFB in Texas. The flight will not be pleasant, it’s a converted 747 & they were told to dress as warmly as possible & to wear two pairs of socks. #DiamondPrincess
This is MAYBE the 1/2 way mark in this ordeal, praying they test negative and just continue their quarantine in this safer space. #DiamondPrincess
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A 80-year-old Chinese tourist hospitalized for several days in #Paris in serious condition due to the #Coronavirus has died !
Chinese doctors say a patient who has recovered from the #coronavirus and gets it again is more likely to die. Re-catching the virus would increase the risk of a heart attack. Image
This is now Taiwan that got their first coronavirus's case !… Image
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Ok, here's the latest for my parents on the #DiamondPrincess:
Early removal is likely just for those 80+ and/or those with a pre-existing medical condition that have a negative test result. @SpeakerPelosi @StateDept @ACSTokyo
Our focus is now to keep positive vibes going that they continue to stay healthy & ensure a plan is in place to get them home safely. When I say safely I mean for them, for the general public, & for those who transport them. #DiamondPrincess @SpeakerPelosi @StateDept @ACSTokyo
If they get to 2/19 w/out symptoms or a + test they should be safe but w/so many cases on #DiamondPrincess, knowing they have to exit through the boat it seems chance of exposure would still exist, + the 2wk incubation period may be longer. @SpeakerPelosi @StateDept @ACSTokyo
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Il y a eu des modifications (à la baisse) dans les chiffres, je vais republier une mise à jour...
#Chine Mise à jour #Coronavirus #COVID19 :
- 64 273 cas confirmés au monde (63 749 Chine + 524 l'étranger dont #Taiwan)
- 1 489 morts
- 10 608 sérieux/critiques
- 6 884 guéris
- 13 435 suspects
- 26 pays touchés
- 2,32 % décès
#Wuhan #2019_nCov #Pneumonia #WuhanOutbreak #China
Afin d'éviter toute confusion, j'ai supprimé un précédent tweet de statistiques qui prenait en compte des données qui ont été révisées à la baisse en raison de l'ajustement des méthodes de comptage des cas confirmés de #Coronavirus #COVID19
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