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Day 26 of #selfisolation due to suspected #covid19 coming to an end – the symptoms linger on and I’ll share some resources that may help you if you’re in a similar situation 1/n
In case you weren’t aware, I’ve been diagnosed over the phone by my GP, but have not been tested yet here in the UK 2/n
I tried testing my abilities yesterday. Walked up and down the stairs at home, quicker than normal, 3 times. My legs were burning in pain, my heart rate was noticeably elevated and I started to feel very dizzy, so just sat down 3/n
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The "Isolation" Facebook group where Russians stuck at home impersonate famous paintings is by far the best thing to come out of the #coronavirus lockdown. I'm going to post my top 3…
Russian #Covid_19 self-isolation art #3
Russian #Covid_19 self-isolation art #2
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The (Unofficial) Joe Exotic guide to coping with Coronavirus #TigerKing
#COVID19 (quite rightly) has people very worried
It can be difficult to keep a positive attitude
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THREAD (please read & RT)

As you've noticed, the guidelines coming from public health have been changing. Please know: in a pandemic, things change rapidly. As we endeavor to pass along the most up-to-date info, sometimes it means changing what we're telling you to do. (1/8)
For instance, up until recently the guidance for returning international travellers (who were asymptomatic) said it was ok to go for a walk or walk your dog. That is no longer the case. We understand that this is frustrating, and we apologize for any stress it has caused. (2/8)
But through it all, one thing hasn't changed: we are all in this together. We see your efforts to #PlankTheCurve. We know they're not easy, and we thank you.

If you need info, we've built several websites for you. Our main #COVID19 page is here

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1) The latest statistics out of Montreal on #COVID19 are shocking, to say the least: 82 health workers have been infected by the pandemic #coronavirus. Six police officers infected, too. Eighty-three people hospitalized, of whom 13 are in intensive care. Six people have died.
2) This is all the more troubling as Montreal is by far still the epicenter of Quebec’s #COVID19 epidemic, and arguably represents the most severe cluster of cases in Canada.
3) Montreal’s mayor, @Val_Plante, and the police force, @SPVM, announced Sunday what can only be described as a crackdown. Police have already ticketed people who have gathered or refused self-isolation orders. That will now be stepped up.
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1/6 For #PhysicalDistancing #NewZealand has introduced the concept of knowing & staying inside your bubble.
#Innovation #SlowtheSpread #StayHomeSavesLives #PlanktheCurve #ProtecttheVulnerable
2/6 This is a great way to conceptualise the zone-of-protection that we all need to have around us - to keep the virus out and keep us safe. #COVID19 #PhysicalDistancing #StayHomeSavesLives #PlanktheCurve
3/6 Although optimal protection comes when each person has their own separate bubble that is a 2-metre circumference around us, people cohabitating or self-isolating together can make a bubble together.
#COVID19 #PhysicalDistancing
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1/7 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 right now:
2/7 #COVID19 cases continue to ↑ in 🇨🇦. Of the new cases, those that are linked to community spread now outnumber cases linked to travel or close contact with a traveller.

#SocialDistancing #FlattentheCurve #PlanktheCurve
3/7 Some community cases can be traced back to a known exposure or setting but, for others, the source of exposure is unknown - the latter are the most problematic #COVID19

#FlattentheCurve #PlanktheCurve
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Atypical presentations: diarrhoea, vomiting, abdominal pain, post operative pyrexia
Pts at risk: male, elderly, comorbid, HTN, DM (NB based on tested cohort, ? bias)
Organ failure: tachypnoea, tachycardia, arrhythmias, cyanosis
Systemic shock less frequent presentation
2 presentations.
1. Early: Slow progression hypoxic resp failure(5/7)
2. Late: acute, generalised sepsis, hypoxic, urgent intubation & ventilation required
Ix: leukopaenia/lymphopaenia, altered ALT, LDH. High CRP, Low Alb, low Hb. High trop if myocardium involved & D-dimer
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Thread: Mr @KagutaMuseveni here is a list I was asked to share with you from wanainchi yesterday.
1. Tell @NWSCMD and @UmemeLtd issue water& electricity amnesty.
2. Banks and lenders amnesty.
3. Landlords / Rent amnesty
4. Announce that state will pay for Quarantine costs.
5. People live hand to mouth, buy and distribute food so people can stay in their houses. It's impossible to stay in house when children are crying. Desperate people do desperate things. Let @UPDFspokespersn
work with local government LC system on this. @KagutaMuseveni
6. Don't just suggest stop public transport and Bodas. Ban all non essential movts for a month.
7. Announce and demonstrate that the state will treat and pay for everyone sick or isolated due to #COVID19UG . That way they will NOT hide when called upon.
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1/5 A key reason we need to #SlowtheSpread and #FlattentheCurve is to buy time for research and innovation to occur.
2/5 🇨🇦 has stepped up on a wide range of research, from biomedical solutions such as diagnostics, vaccines and treatments, to social and behavioural science. #SlowtheSpread #COVID19 #Innovation #TeamCanada #FlattentheCurve #PlanktheCurve
3/5 Canadians can be proud that our researchers are part of the @WHO large global SOLIDARITY trial that is designed to rapidly gather data on the most promising therapies for #COVID19.
#Innovation #ProudtobeCanadian #TeamCanada
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The next few weeks are going to be tough for socially isolated LGBT people. LGBT communities have come together in response to a virus before. This one won't beat us. LGBT orgs & charities across the UK are offering support & helping us to connect. We'll share links & resources
If you missed it, @TeamPrepster and @THTorguk held a Facebook live event on Friday on #COVID19 , living with #HIV, and LGBT health.

You can watch a recording of the event here -…
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Important PSA: the WhatsApp forward doing the rounds about Daler Mehndi's Tunak Tunak Tun having 168 Tunaks and 64 Tuns is FAKE NEWS. I fact-checked and what I found will shock you. (1)
The original video is 5.03 minutes but many YouTube videos of the song are the 4.17-minute version. I played three different uploads of both versions and checked against the lyrics on two sites. In the longer version, the line is sung 29 times and in the shorter one, 25. (2)
There are 6 Tunaks per line and 3 Tuns.6x29=174 and 3x29=87. 6x25=150 and 3x25=75. Neither version has the numbers 168 and 84. You're all welcome. #selfisolation #coronavirus
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The only video you need to see today.........
How do bats pee? You're welcome.
Stop and listen. h/t @DentistSinging #coronavirus #COVID19
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Thought I'd start a quick thread on some #science type things to do this weekend while stuck at home #selfisolating #SelfIsolation. Thread features @robinince @ProfBrianCox @cosmicshambles @helenczerski @LadyGladrags @NatHistGirl @mattwmusic @thephysicsgirl - Share and Enjoy!
Are you a bored adult or a parent stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine? Try these DIY science experiments from @thephysicsgirl . Prefer to be outside? Try some easy garden tips with @LadyGladrags
Finally, how about a science Q&A from the @robinince and the @cosmicshambles network? Live at 3pm GMT
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Its been drilled into us the importance of #PPE & proper disinfecting to limit disease transmission. Off the job, its proper #HandHygiene, #SocialDistancing & self-monitoring of symptoms. #FlattenTheCurve or the hospitals will be overloaded.
Here is why #COVID19 worries me!
Named for the crown-like spikes on their surface. Coronaviruses are zoonotic, meaning they are transmitted between animals and people. Like MERS and SARS, #COVID19 is an infection of the respiratory system.
First identified in Wuhan, China in Dec 2019. #COVID19 has reached 169 countries, with ~235,000 cases and ~10,000 deaths. And it is spreading quickly. It took over 3 months to reach the first 100,000 cases, and only 12 days to reach the next 100,000.…
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So many possible #SelfIsolation #selfquarantine anthems. Save the world. Don’t leave the house. #WYSIWYG
Get Back @thebeatles
.@remband It’s the end of the world as we know it
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I've been reading a lot of articles about #homeschooling while #SelfIsolation is in place. And they are not helpful. Buckle up folks - we're going to get real on this thread
First Step: Rethink your expectations.
Your kid is not as smart/stupid as you think they are.
You are not as smart as you think you are.
Set your expectations for the day low & then lower them again. Teaching your own children is a VERY STRESSFUL EXPERIENCE & it may break you.
Let's get practical.
You will need somewhere to work. If you have the space, a dedicated table in a central area is great. If not, be prepared to pack everything away for meal times.
The floor is not great. Kids will complain, your back will break & your knees will kill you.
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A thread about #COVID19 and #SelfIsolation and #selfquarantine and #SocialDistancing. (Also, #SocialDistanacing appears to be trending too, I get it; we're worried and distracted).
I've had group chats and phone calls and video chats with friends recently. Everyone is so anxious. it is SO hard not to consume ALL the media and ALL the speculation about what might work and what might not and how long this is all going to last and if we can ever hug again.
It's impossible to know right now. there are few facts available. this is uncharted territory. But I do have something to share that you might find heartening.
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Great demo of the power of #SocialDistancing (aka #PhysicalDistancing for those not at immediate risk) and #SelfIsolation (for those at immediate risk).

🧍🏼‍♀️<————————> 🧍🏽‍♂️

Do not underestimate #COVID19
Just to help clear things up:

1). If you have symptoms and live on your own= 7 days social isolation

2). If you have symptoms and live with someone else= whole household 14 days isolation

3). If you have an underlying health condition (inc. Asthma)= 12weeks social isolation
4).If you are over 70 = 12 weeks social isolation

5). If you are over 70 with an underlying health condition = 12 weeks isolation

6). Everybody (the whole uk) = social distancing (even if you don’t have symptoms, if you do have symptoms refer to the above)
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#FAQ: What is the difference between #SelfMonitoring, #SelfIsolation and #isolation during the #COVID19 outbreak?

You should #SELFMONITOR for 14 days if you have no symptoms but have a history of possible exposure to #COVID19.
▪️ avoid crowded places
▪️ increase your personal space to at least 2m per person where possible.

You should #SELFISOLATE for 14 days if you have no symptoms but:
▪️ have been possibly exposed to #COVID19 through travel outside of Canada
▪️ close contact with a person who has been diagnosed.

#StayHome and avoid contact with others.

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"Having friends over for dinner is not #SocialDistancing. Arranging play dates is not social distancing. Visiting family in hospital or care homes is not social distancing. Stopping at a grocery story to stock up after travel is not social distancing" - @epdevilla #COVID19
"Like every medicine, it has to be applied in the right dose for the right amount of time...It takes time to work" - @epdevilla on #SocialDistancing #COVID19
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The Rocky Balboa guide to coping with Coronavirus - a thread #RockyVsCovid19
Coronavirus is putting an end to moments like this...
Exercise is ok outdoors at the moment if you keep your distance from others
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For me, the #coronavirus pandemic it has exposed what I already know and resist (often unsuccessfully): a violent imperialist capitalism structured around endless, meaningless work related activity.
Even resisting this overaching regime damages because we have to absorb the disciplinary mechanisms regardless of whether they are activated when we refuse.

So think of potential professional cost and not only in the strictest sense of sanctions (lack of promotion, loss of job)
But also think of emotional, social, psychological, psychic costs of such refusal of these professional sinkholes of meaningless, pointless activity.
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Context: I come from a middle-class background, travelled/lived a lot internationally and financially stable. I’m not an Epidemiologist, but widely read and have an engineering background (analytical) and not an alarmist. /1
My role and background trained me to identify black swans and wild cards: this is the former – there will be more of these in the future. Thread on #COVID – TL:DR its long (28 tweets) /2
How bad will this get – it depends. If we act now ( #socialdistancing), limited interaction we can slow the spread. With vaccines being trialed, theres hope we can quell this, but realistically only toward end of the year (trials, testing, distribution, administration) /3
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