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Each Friday, AB MDs receive an email from the AHS CMO.

It’s fantastic. It keeps us informed (if we choose to read it).

There are some concerning features to today’s email.

Read on:
This = significant number of the province’s MDs are experiencing long covid. In addition to the ill-advised med school class size reductions in the ‘90s AND no preparation at all for the retirement of baby boomers AND no insight into how many MDs are reducing their hours …
Well. It’s bad news.

Recall, it’s not just docs who are getting old. (Maybe this is why governments everywhere allowed our elderly to die instead of implementing solid changes to protect them from covid19?) Increased age = increased need for MDs.

Now, look here:

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1/3 The weekend is coming, time to brush up on your #COVIDKnowHow and get your #COVID19-Safety Dance on! #HammerandDance #GenZ #Zoomer #GenY #Millennials #GenX #Boomers…
2/3 A few key steps:
1. You put your left foot out 2 m ↔ #PhysicalDistancing
2. You put your both hands in for #Handwashing
3. #ToosieSlide to avoid the 3Cs
4. #StayhomeIfSick and head on over for #TestandTrace as needed…
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1/4 Early detection of #COVID19 cases when case numbers are low facilitates rapid #publichealth response to control spread. #TestandTrace #HammerandDance
2/4 Remember anyone can be infected, symptoms vary & some people can spread the virus even if they are not showing symptoms. It is important to get tested as early as possible if you develop symptoms. #COVIDKnowHow:
✔️ Check symptoms:…
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✔️ Remember anyone can be infected, symptoms vary, & some people can spread the virus even if they are not showing symptoms. #YourActionsSaveLives
✔️ Check symptoms:…
✔️ Know when and how to get tested for #COVID19:…
✔️ Support, don’t stigmatize others who are getting tested #YourActionSavesLives
✔️CONSIDER THE RISKS to you, your family and others
✔️AVOID higher risk settings as much as possible
✔️Take precautions to reduce the risk of infection and spreading to others when in public spaces:…
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1/3 We all need to be aware of the type and range of #COVID19 symptoms to look out for so we can monitor our health closely. Remember, it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to appear after exposure to the virus.
2/3 Based on the latest evidence, the list of commonly reported symptoms has been expanded to include fatigue, loss of appetite and loss of smell and/or taste, among others. Find information on the expanded list of symptoms here:…
3/3 If you think you may have been exposed to or have symptoms, even if mild, #StayHomeIfSick and avoid contact with others. Contact your local public health authority to be guided safely to testing and care.
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1/7 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, a Sunday statement has been issued. You can read in full here:…
2/7 #COVID19 is most often spread through close contact with an infectious person via respiratory droplets. Less often, it can be spread when someone touches something with the virus on it, then touches their mouth, nose or eyes, before washing hands.
3/7 We don’t know yet exactly how long the virus causing #COVID19 lives on surfaces. Current evidence suggests it can live on objects and surfaces for anywhere from a few hours to days.
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1/6 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Tuesday statement you can read in full here:…
2/6 Restarting social & economic activities is about striking a balance - resuming priority activities & services with appropriate controls in place to limit health & societal impacts of #COVID19.
3/6 Jurisdictions are moving slowly and cautiously keeping a close eye on the local epidemiology of #COVID19 b/c that is what drives which #publichealth measures are required and activities are permitted.
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1/5 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: maintaining epidemic control will require a team effort with #publichealth and Canadians working together. We all have a key role to play to lower the risk to ourselves and the people in our bubbles.…
2/5 Individual behaviours can help or hinder the spread of the virus. Let’s all be helpers! Keep ↑ #publichealth measures to ↓ your risk and keep #COVID19 away from older adults and those at higher risk of severe outcomes.
3/5 Go OUT SMART. Remember to practice #PhysicalDistancing, #GoodHygiene, incl. meticulous #handwashing, #StayHomeIfSick and wear a non-medical mask or face covering when it’s difficult to keep 2m <-> distance from others.…
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1/3 This is an #OldieButAGoodie. As we reopen, stay home means #StayHomeIfSick. #PhysicalDistancing remains as important as it ever was, but as we adapt to living with #COVID19, #DoYourPart has new meaning for epidemic control.
2/3 Keeping #PhysicalDistancing + #GoodHygiene ↑ & AVOIDING high risk -CLOSED SPACES, CROWDED PLACES & CLOSE CONTACT- helps keep our daily # of contacts low so #publichealth is able to rapidly #TestandTrace to control flare-ups.
3/3 Contact tracing is a vital tool for #COVID19 epidemic control and all Canadians have a role to play in preserving this #publichealth capacity. Read my next thread on “Contact Tracing and You 101”. #DoYourPart
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: today #GOC updated on the national epidemiology and the modelling work we are using to inform ongoing control of the COVID-19 epidemic in Canada.…
2/4 The efforts of Canadians working collectively to #StayHomeIfSick and maintain practices like keeping 2 metres of #PhysicalDistancing from others and #HandWashing often has allowed us to #CrushtheCurve of #COVID19. #TeamCanada
3/4 To keep #COVID19 ↓ as 🇨🇦 reopens and restrictions relax, it is EVEN MORE IMPORTANT that Canadians continue with collective #publichealth practices + AVOID high risk settings to keep our daily number of contacts down.
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a statement you can read in full here:…
2/4 Every year on this day, la Fête nationale du Québec and Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day bring Canadians together to celebrate Quebec’s history and the vibrancy of Francophone language and culture. #stjeanbaptiste #FeteNationaleQC
3/4 La Francophonie is intrinsic to Canada’s diverse and inclusive identity. I encourage Canadians to observe this important celebration while maintaining of #publichealth measures that keep #COVID19 under control.
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1/3 2 Rules for the long game of #COVID19 control:

RULE 1: BE AWARE of the risks for exposure so you can make informed decisions to keep you & your loved ones safe.
RULE 2: ↓ risk by taking PRECAUTIONS and AVOIDing high-risk situations.
2/3 PRECAUTIONS: maintaining our habits of keeping the 2-metres of #PhysicalDistancing, frequent #handwashing, #CoughEtiquette, layering on a non-medical mask or face covering, as appropriate & #StayHomeIfSick.
3/3 AVOID or strictly limit time in #COVID19 risk settings like: CLOSED SPACES with poor ventilation – CROWDED PLACES with large numbers of people gathered and CLOSE CONTACT where you can’t keep 2 metres apart from others.
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1/8 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, I am taking a moment to reflect on the updated numbers. Although we read and post these numbers online everyday, we can’t forget that each case is a person, with family, friends & community.
2/8 All have confronted illness & uncertainty; some have endured painful separation during severe illness & hospitalisation and too many have suffered the unspeakable pain of a loved one lost to #COVID19. #COVIDloss #COVIDCoping
3/8 As I take a step back to reflect on the human stories behind the numbers today, I want acknowledge the lives lost and offer my deepest sympathy to those who continue to grieve their loss the deepest. #COVIDloss #ProtecttheVulnerable
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1/4 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Sunday statement you can read in full here:
2/4 We are now updating #COVID19 in 🇨🇦 numbers once a day, in the evening on As of last evening (end of day Saturday, June 6), there are now 95,057 cases including 7,773 deaths & 53,614 or 56% recovered cases.
3/4 This #Sunday, remember as we continue to live with #COVID19, we need to keep up with our prevention efforts: #WashYourHands #PhysicalDistancing #CoughEtiquette #StayHomeIfSick
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1/3 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 : Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Saturday statement you can read in full here:…
2/3 We are now updating #COVID19 in 🇨🇦 numbers once a day, in the evening on…. As of last evening (end of day Friday, June 5), there are now 94,335 cases including 7,703 deaths & 52,568 or 56% recovered cases.
3/3 #KeepItUp #ShoutoutSaturday to keep #COVID19 ↓; Go OUT SMART & layer with #publichealth practices #PhysicalDistancing #CleanYourHands #CoughEtiquette + non-medical masks when you can keep a 2 metre distance from others, but #StayHomeIfSick!
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1/4 When it comes to peaceful protest during #COVID19, virtual protest is the safest bet. First consider the risks to yourself, your family & community. Follow #publichealth advice and let that be your guide to safe & peaceful protest. #TogetherApart
2/4 When we feel strongly about something, it’s natural to want to stand up, join others & be heard. If you can’t protest virtually during #COVID19, GO OUT SMART to peaceful protest. 1st check local #publichealth guidance on safe gathering size.
3/4 For all gatherings during #COVID19, incl. peaceful protest, bring hand sanitizer & #CleanYourHands often, practice #Physicaldistancing, wear a mask when you can’t keep 2-metres apart & use #CoughEtiquette BUT #StayHomeIfSick!
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1/7 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦 : Today, in lieu of a daily in-person update to the media, I have issued a Sunday statement you can read in full here:…
2/7 Today, on World #NoTobacco Day, we are reminded about the dangers of smoking and the importance of lung health. Smoking tobacco is a known risk factor for many respiratory infections, including #COVID19. Image
3/7 In 🇨🇦 , smoking is the leading preventable cause of premature death & disease. Based on current evidence, a history of smoking or having an underlying health condition caused by smoking increases the risk of serious #COVID19 outcomes.
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1/3 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: nationally epidemic growth continues to slow but outbreaks remain in long term care, shelters, workplaces, etc. Most worrying is community spread in & around hotspots, e.g. greater Toronto & Montreal areas.
2/3 Outbreaks represent closed settings where #publichealth measures can be targeted to #StoptheSpread, however community transmission presents additional challenges for #TestandTrace to control spread at the population level.
3/3 This is where everyone’s TIRELESS EFFORTS ARE NEEDED #DoYourPart:
#publichealth ➡️#testandTrace
#healthcareheroes ➡️treat & heal
You ↔ Me 2m. #TogetherApart #PhysicalDistancing #WashYourHands #CoughEtiquette #StayHomeIfSick
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1/3 #HealthcareHeros appreciate 👏 but are even more thankful when you keep up #publichealth practices. Do them a solid by always #PhysicalDistancing, #Handwashing, & covering coughs, incl. w\ a mask where #COVID19 is active. #Gratitude
2/3 With #COVID19, OUTSIDE spaces ARE BETTER than inside (keep 2metres #PhysicalDistancing), SMALL BUBBLES of core contacts ARE BETTER than big, and #CleanYourHands & #CoughEtiquette are needed always & everywhere!
3/3 And one vital rule: #StayHomeIfSick
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1/4 Get outside on SUNdays by going OUT SMART: keep UP with tried & true measures that we know can keep #COVID19 spread DOWN: #PhysicalDistancing #Handwashing #CleanYourHands #CoughEtiquette #StayHomeIfSick
2/4 BUT, going OUT SMART does NOT include going out when you are sick. If you are experiencing even mild symptoms of #COVID19 the RIGHT THING TO DO is #StayHomeIfSick & stay away from others to #StoptheSpread. #DoYourPart #ProtecttheVulnerable
3/4 In areas where #COVID19 activity may still be occurring, wearing a non-medical mask or face covering when you can’t keep a 2-metre physical distance can provide an additional layer of protection to help prevent spread.
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1/5 Getting outside is important for our physical & #MentalHealth during #COVID19. Go OUT SMART by #PhysicalDistancing #Handwashing #CleanYourHands #CoughEtiquette #StayHomeIfSick #COVIDCoping
2/5 Going OUT SMART also means KNOWING WHEN TO STAY IN!! Going out is NOT okay when you are sick, even if you are experiencing only mild symptoms of #COVID19. #StayHomeIfSick is a MUST DO. #ProtecttheVulnerable #StayHomeSavesLives.
3/5 As #COVID19 ↓ and reopening ↑, keeping 2-metre #PhysicalDistancing is a must, OUTSIDE spaces ARE BETTER than inside, SMALL BUBBLES of core contacts ARE BETTER than big, #Handwashing & #CoughEtiquette are needed always & everywhere!
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1/4 Today’s broken record “Going Out Safely During #COVID19” by artists #PublicHealth, features top hits for #FridayFun safety dancing like:
Track 1. 🎵#PhysicalDistancing – lets keep 2 metres between
you & me babe🎵

2/4 Track 2. 🎵Can’t Touch that – it might be contaminated! 🎵

Track 3. 🎵Clean ‘em, clean ‘em real good... with #handwashing by often, well & for 20 seconds 🎵
3/4 Don’t forget Side B, with great additional hits like:

Track 4. 🎵Wherever you go OUT, whatever you do OUT, if #COVID19 is there, lay a non-medical mask or facial covering on me 🎵

Track 5. 🎵My mask protects you, your mask protects me 🎵…
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1/3 #COVID19 key concerns in 🇨🇦: As things are beginning to reopen, we may be encountering a bit of #quarantinefatigue, wanting to get out but at the same time, feeling trepidation about how to keep safe? #COVIDCoping
2/3 These are valid concerns, #COVID19 has not gone away and our struggle is not over. So we need to talk about the practices that will allow us to go out smart and stay safe. #COVIDCoping
3/3 There are still uncertainties and lots more to learn about #COVID19, but there are things we know will keep us safe, including that we need to proceed with caution. #PhysicalDistancing #HandWashing #CoughEtiquette #StayHomeIfSick
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1/5 If we can all maintain core public health practices to the best of our ability, we’ll give ourselves the best chance of keeping #COVID19 activity down through the spring and summer. #PhysicalDistancing #WashYourHands #CoughEtiquette
2/5 This will give us the more lead time to work on a full range of #COVID19 preparedness activities in readiness for whatever may come this fall and winter. #KeepItUp #WeWillGetThroughThis #cavabienaller
3/5 As well, suppressing disease activity throughout the summer will continue to buy us more time for research and innovation on medical therapies and vaccine development. #COVID19 #Innovation #Science
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