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There is a new strain of #SARSCoV2 which is on the prowl in India. It is called #XBB1.16 and is highly transmissible. It has also been called #Arcutus. These are very early days for us to know the severity of the disease that can be caused by this variant.
There are very important mutations in this variant which affect the immunity of the infected people. #INSACOG, #GISAID and #WHO confirmed the presence of new variant in India.
Last December, there was a slight increase in the number of cases when the Government has cautioned the state governments. I have asked the government not to worry except to monitor for new strains. Only if a new strain comes along, the disease dynamics will changes. XBB 1.5 was……
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The problem is more re bioinformatics software used by Chinese Team to assess quality of SC2 data prior to submission

Failure to do so may have led to the inadvertent sharing of poor quality, contaminated or otherwise misleading SC2 data

@stevenemassey @WashburneAlex @Daoyu15
Did Gao et al. use recommended bioinformatic software to prepare & submit SC2 Sample Data, or even to assess data quality prior to submission to GISAID?

I think not!

But deluded & agenda driven western virologists lap up their raccoon dog's vomit & declare the mystery is solved
GISAID only accepts consensus sequences of assembled genomes, not ‘raw’ sequence data

"Although data in GISAID is considered open, access is restricted to individuals with verified accounts, access to the data is thus more likely to become compromised"…
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@R_H_Ebright @seeshawn @strom_m @edwardcholmes @arambaut @Ayjchan This dispute on 'first open' is getting 'better'. GISAID formally wrote to authors who acknowledged Virological post as world's first release of 2019ncov, penalised authors of MN908947, didn't ID who...... 1/3
Supposedly from Fudan or UoS, ACCESSED and KNEW IVDC's 'initial' submission of IVDC-01/05 on GISAID on 10th Jan, 2020, via login records of his/her/theirs GISAID account credentials. Hence as a point to point rebuttal to 'pressure' & 'urge' to release the fastaqc file... 2/3
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Thread for evidence only,timestamp according to GMT+8, the timezone of China, where first 4 SARS-COV-2 genomes released to the world. Any further analysis subject to individual's discrection. So, Let's roll
When you start to read, first, archive these threads! For background history of related institues and persons, read other threads or do your own research.
For the operation protocol of semi-open, 'real-time',not public owned genome database as GISAID, and participation of China CDCs in GISAID, please refer to any open data.
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A thread ONLY aimed to present PREVIOUS information on PREVIOUS outbreaks. History sometimes repeats itself, so do persons/institutions/procedures. Any analysis based on reappearance of similar institutions/procedures/persons should take difference in time/tech into consideration
#2013H7N9 #H7N9
The 2013 H7N9 has similarities with COVID-19: first detected, Shanghai public health center et al.
So, let's roll.
#H7N9 Well, it also had online remours, chatting, before authority acknowledged the cases. ImageImageImageImage
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 01/27/2021…
Biden wants to squeeze an extra shot of vaccine out of every Pfizer vial. It won’t be easy.…

#vaccine #distribution #contract
More garbage than water: Serbia promises clean-up of hydro reservoir…

#environment #contamination #CleanUp #sustainability
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Suomalainen media on poiminut etusivun jutuksi amerikkalaistutkimuksen, jossa väitetään #covid-19 tautia aiheuttavan koronaviruksen kiertäneen kiinassa jos syksyllä. Tutkimus on tehty puutteelisesti ja väitettä on arvosteltu voimakkaasti tutkijoiden välisessä keskustelussa.
Artikkelin metodit ja tulokset eivät esimerkiksi menisi läpi Suomessa pro gradu -työnä. 160 virusgenomin aineisto on valikoitu #GISAID -tietokannasta, jota käyttävässä @nextstrain sivustossa on tällä hetkellä koottuna yli 4400 virusgenomia.…
@nextstrain Maaliskuun alussa saatavilla oli jo 1900 virusgenomia, artikkeliin on poimittu tästä aineistosta siis 160.
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#BirdFlu detected in Nueva Ecija #quail farm, can affect humans #Philippines

.@WHO said it has not received reports of new cases of human infection with #H5N6 btw January 31 & February 6, 2020

Maybe just maybe STOP EATING OTHER ANIMALS🔥 #Vegan…
February 7 update, WHO said a total of 24 lab-confirmed cases of human infection w #H5N6, including 7 deaths reported frm China since 2014
Whenever #AvianInfluenza #virus are circulating in #poultry there is risk for infection due to exposure to infected birds, envir...
aaannnddd again
#COVIDー19 #genetics of the new virus

#coronavirus group of viruses that cause diseases in mammals & birds
In people coronaviruses cause respiratory infections, inc common cold


#GISAID #Zoonotic #WashYourHands#StopEatingAnimals
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Hi all, we submitted the #COVIDー19 genome sequence from the viral strain linked to the #GrandPrincess cruise ship off coast of San Francisco to #GISAID. Phylogenetic analysis shows that it clusters with the outbreak clade circulating in Washington State. @UCSF #coronavirus
Please note that this finding does NOT prove that the virus was transmitted from Washington State to California, or vice-versa. There are other scenarios possible, such as separate introductions from outside of the US, that are compatible with the phylogenetic grouping.
Phylogenetic map of the #COVIDー19 Washington State cluster showing the #GrandPrincess cruise ship strain from a patient in California. @UCSF #coronavirus courtesy of
@trvrb and the @nextstrain team.
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Just uploaded the first #SARSCoV2 sequence imported from Italy to Germany on #Gisaid. First sequence from present Italian clusters AFAK. Outstanding team @ #charitevirology.
Note that 3 SNPs (positions 241, 3037, 23403) are uniquely shared with Munich cluster virus. Virus also groups with Munich sequence in tree. This is not sufficient to claim a link between Munich and Italy.
Why: viruses are still undersampled, common sources may exist, Italian virus has 5 more SNPs that are not shared with Munich sequence (10265, 14408, 28881,-2,-3; reference: EPI_ISL_40212).
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