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23 Global Developments to Watch Over The Next Five Years.

(See Thread).… Image
#1 - DEI gives way to DEI 2.0 which focuses on Diversity (of perspective), Equality (of opportunity), and Incentives (to do well). Image
#2 - As education and incomes rise, birth rates plunge. Demographers increasingly worry about an underpopulated planet instead of an overpopulated one.
@JohnIbbitson @darrellbricker Image
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2️⃣ #Hélium : He

Bon, 2ème élément le plus abondant dans l'univers (environ 10%) mais pas le plus fantastique pour autant.

1er du groupe (colonne) des gaz rares : ces gaz dits nobles pour leur snobisme, raison suffisante pour les ignorer mais j'ai un thread à écrire moi 😮‍💨 Image
Comme son cousin l'hydrogène qui lui vole toujours la 1ère place (d'où le snobisme), c'est un gaz abondant dans l'Univers mais rare dans notre atmosphère.

Même dans les étoiles, l'hydrogène se moque de lui en lui rappelant qui est le précurseur (fusion nucléaire) :

H + H -> He
En fin de vie des étoiles (pénurie hydrogène), c'est lui qui prend la relève dans la fusion (exemples ci-dessous), et permet ainsi de produire tous les éléments suivants jusqu'au fer.

L'étoile devient une sorte d'ognion géant où chaque couche concentre un élément en particulier. Image
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#RSNA2022 diaries:
Conversation between MP & MRI
MRI (3T): Hey doc! U seem excited, r u heading to @RSNA meeting?
MP: Yes, u know its my yearly pilgrimage time
3T: I am kind of jealous doc
MP: Why?
3T: I read your comments about scarcity of Helium, which we need a lot

3T: We need lot of helium, but I heard they are showing new MRI scanners that uses much less or almost no #helium than us. Both 1.5T and I are worried that we will soon become extinct
MP: I wouldn't worry much about that buddy. I am looking forward to checking new things...

MP: But they are years to come. Only very low field MR scanners (<0.5T) are rolled out that have permanent magnet & not strong like u guys!
3T: Either way let me know what you think when you return. I need to update my MRI Union people
MP: Ok, I will sure do
3T: Good trip doc!
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Project/Token Deep Dive @helium x @solana

Conclusion: Helium will be moving to Solana pending HIP 70. For those of you unfamiliar with #Helium or if you want to know why this matters for the #Solana ecosystem .. lets dive in to this @SpaceXStarlink / 5G competitor 🧵

Overview of the Project:

The Helium network is a decentralized wireless network that enables devices anywhere in the world to wirelessly connect to the Internet and geolocate themselves without the need for substantial energy consuming satellite location hardware.

This next gen of IoT tech positions #Helium as the provider of both the hardware & software required to build out a global infrastructure, coined as a people built network now built on Solana. The ultimate goals for Helium is to make wireless network coverage a commodity.

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Mesh+ project #analysis

[1] #Mesh+ is a revolutionary project that improves IoT and M2M communications by creating a chain of nodes placed around the world to increase the efficiency of data reception and transmission

#crypto #blockchain #Helium $DEFY
[2] Now we will figure out why this project is so promising; fasten your seat belts, let's analyze!🚀

P.S. This does not serve as a substitute for professional investment advice.

#crypto #blockchain #Helium $DEFY #cryptocurrency
[3] A global LoRa (long-range) network designed specifically for the Internet of Things and machine-to-machine communication. Billions of LoRa devices can be used in a Mesh+ network and make the Internet of Things.

#crypto #blockchain #Helium $DEFY #cryptocurrency
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#Helium madenciliği yapmak mantıklı mı?
Helium madenciliği kârlı mı?
Geliri nasıl?
Bulunduğum bölge de yapanlar var mı?
Cihazlar ne kadar sürede kendini amorti ediyor?
Karşılaşılabilecek sorunlar neler?
Hangi cihazı tercih etmeliyim?
İlk yatırım maliyeti ne kadar?
#hnt #mining
Bu soruların tamamına #hnt #mining'e başlarken yaşadıklarımı anlatarak cevap vermeye çalışacağım, buyrun.
Başlarken yapılacak ilk şey bulunduğunuz konumun #hnt mining için uygun olup olmadığını tespit etmek olacaktır. Bunun için adresinden bulunduğunuz konumda ya da yakınlarda başka cihazlar var mı kontrol etmelisiniz.
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1. Sanayi Devrimi (Buhar Gücü Yıl:1722)
2. Sanayi Devrimi (Teknoloji Devrimi Elektirik Yıl:1860)
3. Sanayi Devrimi (Dijital Devrim Bilgisayar Yıl:1976)
4. Sanayi Devrimi (Nesnelerin İnterneti Yıl:2011)

IoT (Nesnelerin İnterneti) Nedir?
Bu sektöre hizmet eden altcoin hangileri?👇
1-)Geçmişi, tarihi öğrenmeden geleceği öğrenemeyiz! Geçmişten geleceğe sizi yolculuğa çıkartarak sırası ile kısaca Tüm sanayi devrimlerini özetleyip günümüz ve geleceği sizlere paylaşacağım.
2-) ''1. Sanayi devrimi'' Buharın Gücü Atölyeden Fabrikaya Geçiş, sanayileşmenin başlangıcı olarak kabul edilen dönem 18.-19. yüzyıllarda Avrupa'da ortaya çıkmıştır. Ayrıntılar👇
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#Helium model works perfectly and this is the proof!
@helium 🎈
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سلام به همه
توی این #رشته توییت #کریپتومان همه توییت های مربوط به @helium رو سرجمع کردم تا از پراکندگی دربیاد و سر جمع باشه ٬ توییت قسمت های آینده رو هم به همین رشته اضافه میکنم به ترتیب .

#Helium #هلیوم
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My crypto guide for new people who are here for the long run and willing to put in the work. It is based on my journey and should not be taken as financial advice. Start by asking yourself why are you here, what are you expecting from crypto and what is your exit strategy- a 🧵👇
Whether or not you decide to invest in #btc it is the king, the leading indicator for the rest of the market. Therefore you need to be familiar with:
-Overall crypto market capitalisation
-BTC dominance (percentage of BTC vs rest of the market)
- ALTS season
Education - there is no free lunch, you must put in the work if you don't want to become someone else exit liquidity.
- Follow Will Clemente @WClementeIII and Willy Woo @woonomic to better understand BTC on-chain metrics. Subscribe to Will Clemente's free weekly newsletter
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#Bitcoin 57.200$ üstü kalıcılığını sürdürmesi durumunda,

Portföyünüzde yer vermeniz gereken, projesi güçlü yüksek kazanç potansiyeline sahip 3 #altcoins ⬇️

📌1-) #Helium $HNT
📌2-) #Quant $QNT
📌3-) #Audios $AUDIO
1-) #Helium Proje WhitePaper Analiz⬇️
$HNT Ne işe Yarar?
Kurucuları kimlerdir? ImageImage
2-) #Quant Proje Whitepaper Analiz⬇️
$QNT Ne işe Yarar?
Kurucuları Kimlerdir?
New banking system 🤫👑 ImageImageImage
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1. Sanayi Devrimi (Buhar Gücü Yıl:1722)
2. Sanayi Devrimi (Teknoloji Devrimi Elektirik Yıl:1860)
3. Sanayi Devrimi (Dijital Devrim Bilgisayar Yıl:1976)
4. Sanayi Devrimi (Nesnelerin İnterneti Yıl:2011)

IoT (Nesnelerin İnterneti) Nedir?⬇️
Bu sektöre hizmet eden #Altcoins ⬇️ Image
1-)Geçmişi , tarihi öğrenmeden; geleceği öğrenemeyiz! Geçmişten geleceğe sizi yolculuğa çıkartarak sırası ile kısaca Tüm sanayi devrimlerini özetleyip günümüz ve geleceği sizlere paylaşacağım. Image
2-) ''1. Sanayi devrimi'' Buharın Gücü Atölyeden Fabrikaya Geçiş⬇️ Image
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I get a kick out of the long term price predictions for $HNT (@helium) that I see all over the web. In short, they're bogus.

Thread on why HNT (currently ~$4) is either going to be a 3 to 4 digit token or worth zero👇 #cryptocurrency
The predictions will be like $30 or $40 or whatever in 10 years, but that completely ignores the one or zero nature of the platform. If helium 'works' the market is massive. Like many billions of $ of IoT data transfer spend massive. /2
To simplify the Burn-to-Mint Equilibrium (BME) that drives the economics of HNT, the long term price of the token MUST be $20 per $1 M per month of data transfer spend on the network. If it's not, BME will deflate the currency circulation until the relationship is restored. /3
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I have been bullish on helium and still am in the shortterm because the potential for supply disruption is high. We have seen it already

Qatar 3 has been delayed from its 2020 start. Now likely to start in Q1-Q2 2021 if COVID allow. Amur was set to start mid 2021. 1/4
Amur could likely be delayed until the end of 2021, potentially ramping-up in early 2022. With that said, the landscape for helium companies during/after 2022 is bleak.

Once Qatar 3 & Amur are complete the market will be flooded with helium... 2/4
Yearly demand was 180mm^3 before COVID, supply was around 160mm^3. 10-15% deficit.

Production from Qatar 3 (12mm^3) and Amur (20mm^3 at first, 60mm^3 by 2024) will more than overcome demand if nothing changes. There is already a surplus because of COVID... 3/4
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Over 10 years ago, @ChemistryWorld started a project with the @NakedScientists (especially @Meera_Senthi) to tell the story of each chemical #element: The Chemistry in its Element #podcast. Let's look back for #IYPT2019. Here's @brianclegg with #hydrogen:…
@ChemistryWorld @NakedScientists @Meera_Senthi @brianclegg The podcasts weren't published in atomic number order – we jumped around the #periodictable a bit – but here's @peterwothers getting grumpy about party balloons and the loss of the precious elemental resource: #Helium…

#Lithium lubricates bearings & boosts batteries, but is also an important drug for depression and bipolar disorder. Nirvana sang about it in 1990 and, hot on their heels, Matt Wilkinson wrote a #podcast for @ChemistryWorld in 2009:… #IYPT2019 #Mendeleev
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