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No mention was made of the facts that a Saudi invasion, not Iranian meddling, began this war, which has led to what has been assessed as the world's worst humanitarian crisis, in 2015;that the Saudi occupiers, who receive at least 70% of their weapons
from their chief strategic partner, the #US, have killed thousands of #Yemeni civilians; that while #Houthi missile strikes have mainly targeted Saudi military installations and oil infrastructure, the #Saudis and their invasion partners have indiscriminately attacked
civilians, partially or completely destroying over 500 healthcare facilities and bombing over 100 ambulances, even as the Covid-19 pandemic has ravaged the country.

But the #Houthi moves also point to the simpler, more-sinister reason why this war has turned so violent:
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#YEMEN:Mine Action Centre: Humanitarian disaster caused by coalition bombs and munitions.

The Director of the Executive Mine Action Centrer Brigadier General Ali Safra confirmed that the suffering in #Yemen is great and the humanitarian catastrophe is indescribable at the
level of cities, farms, water wells, roads, and residential neighborhoods polluted with remnants of the US-Saudi aggression.

“The raids that were dropped in various areas of #Yemen have represented permanent suffering and are still reaping #Yemenis. They are considered to
be the death of dozens of children and women,” Safra said during an event held by the National Committee in corporation with Executive Mine Action Centre on Sunday.
#6YearsOfWarOnYemen #YemenCantWait
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#YEMEN:The brutal US-Saudi-Emirati coalition of aggression continues to escalate its air strikes today, as it launched 31 raids today on the districts of Serah, Majdhal and Majzar in Marib governorate, including 19 strikes on Serwah, 7 on Medghal, 5 on #Majzar.
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The aggression warplanes also launched a raid on AL-Boqa’a off #Najran, and another raid on Al-Marazeeq area in Khub Al-Sha`af district in Al-#Jawf governorate.

In #Hodeidah governorate, a source in the Liaison Officers’ Room stated that the aggression forces committed,
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during the past 24 hours, 131 violations, including an infiltration attempt at Kilo 16 and the creation of combat fortifications in Al-Jabaliya and near Al-Khamseen Street.
He added that among the violations are 4 spy bombing raids on Wal-Faza and Hais,
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#YEMEN:#Ansarullah condemns recent #US sanctions against leaders in #Sanaa.

The Political Bureau of Ansarullah on Wednesday condemned the recent US sanctions against a number of the movement leaders in Sanaa.

Ansarullah Bureau considered, in a statement, the sanctions
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contradict Washington’s claim of desire for peace, especially in light of the continuation of the aggression and siege on #Yemen.
“These sanctions have no real value at a time when America is carrying out aggression against Yemen, with sanctions and other things,”
"the statement read.
With regard to what is happening in #Marib, the Political Bureau indicated that it is one of the enemy fronts from which it launched an explicit and declared aggression against a number of districts of Marib province and the rest of the
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#YEMEN:15 Strikes On #Marib And Al-#Jawf, And 148 Violations Recorded In #Hodeidah.

Today, Monday, the American, Saudi, and Emirati forces launched 15 airstrikes on the governorates of Marib and Al-Jawf.

A security source indicated that the
aggression’s jets launched 10 airstrikes on the districts of Sirwah and Medghal in the governorate of #Marib, and 5 airstrikes on Souk Al-Thuluth and Al-Muhashimah, and Astr in Khub Washa`f district in al-#Jawf governorate.

In #Hodeidah, a source in the Liaison Officers
Operations Room stated that the aggression forces committed more than 148 violations of the truce agreement on Hodeidah fronts during the past 24 hours, including the creation of combat fortifications near Al-Khamseen Street, Al-Jabaliya and Al-Mazhar.

The source added that
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#YEMEN:Coalition buys unknown-source cluster bombs to escape legal liabilities
Acting Minister of Human Rights Ali Al-Dailami said on Sunday that the United Nations requires and impedes cooperation to complete the file of removing the internationally banned #clusterbombs.
Al-Dailami pointed out that the cluster bombs are only part of internationally prohibited weapons that are used in the aggressive war on #Yemen.

Director General of the #Yemen Executive Mine Action Centre (YEMAC), Ali Sofra, said that the center is dealing with a new type of
cluster bombs, stressing that the United Nations has not provided the materials for destroying these catastrophic waste.

Safra pointed out that the statistics of cluster bombs discovered in separate areas of the country amounted to 3,179 cluster bombs, and that the
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#COVID-19 has yet to be documented in #Yemen, but Abdel Ilah, who manages the factory that opened three days ago, is getting ready for its arrival. “#Coronavirus is knocking on the whole world’s door,” he said.…
The five-year conflict has killed more than 100,000 and unleashed a humanitarian crisis in which many others have died. Yemen’s shattered healthcare infrastructure and already weakened population suggest the virus could wreak more havoc if takes hold.
On both sides of the divide, #Yemen has stepped up measures to contain and mitigate against coronavirus should it appear, including screening and tracking arrivals.

In #Sanaa, a rush on face masks as awareness about the disease increases has
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Yemeni Military Spox: Yemeni Forces were able to liberate most of Al-Jouf Governorate from Saudi-Led Aggression troops and mercenarie except for a few pockets in Shab A-Shaghaf area & Hazm Desert area.


Hussein Al-Haifi
Operation lasting 5 days obliterated the so-called VI Military Axis manned by mercenaries financed and armed by Saudis/UAE. Operation resulted in death, injury and capture of hundreds of enemy troops and mecenaries.


50 operations were also carried out by Unmanned Aircraft and ballistic missiles, including missions deep inside Saudi Arabia, in retaliation for escalation of Saudi-Led Aggression Aircraft raids into #Yemen.

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Despite the massacres and the unimaginable cruelty perpetrated by the imperialist invaders, despite thousands of innocent people tortured and killed, the courage and faith of the Yemeni people will prevail in the end.

By Brecht Jonkers…
This month (March 2020) marks a tragic anniversary of a conflict that has plagued the people of Yemen for five years. On March 26, 2015, a coalition of the most corrupt and bloodthirsty regimes in the Arab world invaded the Republic of #Yemen, led by #Ksa and the #UAE and
with full backing of the #US, #Britain and the #Zionist entity.

In their rabid hatred of the blessed land and people of #Yemen, and in their desperate attempt to destroy the Ansarullah liberation movement and the National Salvation Government that had freed #Yemen from

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12. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany
#Yemen #CrimesAgainstHumanity #WarCrime #Holocaust #YemenCantWait #YemenHolocaust #WorldHypocrisy
1. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
2. Holocaust in Yemen caused by US, France, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAEmirates, Israel, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Senegal, Sudan, Qatar, Morocco, Canada, Australia, Germany 🤨👇🏼…
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After almost 5 years of fight, #ISIS "caliphate" has been eliminated from de map. Many actors have contributed in the liberation of an 300000 Km^2 zone between Syria & Irak : (1) Image
- #ISF / #PMU : 150214 km^2 (52 %) [#Coalition & #IAF]
- #SAA : 81950 Km^2 (28 %) [#RuAF, #IRGC & #PMU]
- #SDF : 44054 Km^2 (15 %) [#Coalition]
- #FSA /#TFSA : 8866 Km^2 (3,2 %) [#Coalition & #TSK]
- #KF : 4687 Km^2 (1,6 %) [#Coalition]
- #LAF : 350 Km^2 (0,2 %) [#RuAF & #LAF]
With the end of #ISIS "caliphate" the terrorist fight enter in a new phase in #Syria.
After loose control of the villages & towns militants will increase their presence as sleeper cells around the country as we see in #Irak. Nowadays many areas still have #ISIS presence: (3)
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#Yemen : pro- #Saleh forces almost expelled #Houthis from the cities of Al-Mahweet, Ibb, Dhamar & the capital #Sanaa , clashes continue in Hajjah, Amran, Sayyan cities & many other villages of countryside
#Yemen : Current situation in #Sanaa
6/12/2017: #Yemen #YSF captured Ziblah village & Jabal Ghubārī in order to isolated #Houthis in a big pocket in #Taizz province
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