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Geopolitical Analysis: A 🧵on Obama Administration's Bombing Campaign in Asia, specifically in the Middle East. The bombing campaign in the Middle East is a major foreign policy legacy of Obama!
#UnitedStates #Obama #MiddleEast Image
In 2016, the USA dropped a staggering 26,000 bombs in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Yemen under President Obama's authorization. This thread explores the implications of this extensive bombing campaign and its impact on civilian populations. #Geopolitics #MiddleEast #Obama
The sheer scale of the 2016 bombing campaign is staggering. On average, the US military unleashed 72 bombs per day, amounting to three bombs every hour, 24 hours a day. #syria #Iraq #Afghanistan #Libya #Yemen
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Sana'a negotiating member reveals the alliance's goal of "legitimacy"

A member of the delegation of the Sanaa negotiating authority, Abdulmalik Al-Ajri, considered that the authority loyal to the Saudi-led coalition is just a means to tear Yemen apart, pointing to
1/2 Image
the state of contradiction between its components.

Al-Ajri said in a post on Twitter @alejri77: "The Coalition to Support Legitimacy from Bab Anz, even if it flies, the legitimacy of part of it denies unity and the other part does not recognize the Republic of #Yemen."
1/3 ImageImageImage
He added, "There is no problem with losing the state, the most important thing is that the legitimacy remain. This is the logic of the coalition and the international community in dealing with the alleged legitimacy."

He concluded by saying:
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#UK court rejects campaigners’ bid for review of Saudi arms sales

The UK’s High Court rejected a bid by campaigners to overturn the government’s resumption of arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in the war on #Yemen.

Two judges dismissed the case brought by the UK-based
1/2 ImageImage
Campaign Against Arms Trade [CAAT] on Tuesda…

The UK’s High Court rejected a bid by campaigners to overturn the government’s resumption of arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in the war on #Yemen.

Two judges dismissed the case brought by the UK-based Campaign Against Arms
1/3 ImageImage
Trade [CAAT] on Tuesday, concluding that there had been “continuing rationality” in a risk assessment performed by officials before sales to the kingdom restarted in 2020.

#CAAT argues that UK arms have contributed to a breach of international humanitarian law and
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US-Saudi-led war left 11 million Yemeni children in need of assistance.

25 May 21:04

More than 540,000 children under the age of five are suffering from life-threatening severe acute malnutrition, with one kid dying from preventable
causes every 10 minutes.

Eight years of Saudi-led war have wrecked the lives of millions of children in #Yemen, leaving 11 million in need of one or more types of humanitarian assistance, UNICEF said today, warning that if urgent action is not taken, millions would face
increased risks of malnutrition.

Yemen's humanitarian catastrophe is the result of a tragic confluence of variables, including eight years of brutal war, economic collapse, and a damaged social support system that affects basic services.

Yemen's continuing malnutrition
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🔴 Qui pille le pétrole du #Yémen et où va le butin de guerre ?

📍Un article de Karim Shami pour The Cradle

Une guerre cachée est menée contre le Yémen, une attaque multinationale contre les ressources naturelles vitales du pays. Depuis des années, des États et des entreprises…… Image
Une raison géoéconomique de faire la guerre ?

En mars 2015, la guerre au Yémen a été lancée par une coalition dirigée par l'Arabie saoudite pour soutenir le gouvernement d'Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, qui avait été évincé par le mouvement de résistance Ansarallah et ses forces…… Image
Deuxièmement, il y a la province méridionale de Shabwa, qui possède plusieurs puits de pétrole et un oléoduc vers le golfe d'Aden (port de Bir Ali). Shabwa est sous le contrôle total du STC, soutenu par les Émirats arabes unis, à partir de 2022.

Enfin, la province yéménite de…… Image
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Over 22,000 families affected by torrential rains and floods across #Yemen.

The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation in Sanaa revealed on Tuesday that more than 22,000 families were
affected by the heavy rains that occurred in a number of provinces during (March – May, 2023).

The Humanitarian Affairs Council stated in a report that the torrents resulting from the heavy rains led to the deaths and injuries of more than 18 people, most of displaced, and
affected 22,306 families in 15 provinces.

According to the report, the number of damaged dwellings reached 21,378 properties, with 8,339 entirely destroyed and 13,034 partially damaged, and 51 houses becoming decrepit.

The Council stated that the heavy rains caused the
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Saudi's Crime of Killing 3,000 Yemeni Pilgrims 100 Years ago was Only the Start.

The 103rd anniversary of the Tanomah massacre committed by the Saudi regime against the Yemeni pilgrims on their way to perform Hajj over a hundred year ago,
coincides with the continuous #Saudi_crimes against the people of #Yemen until this year.
The #Tanomah_massacre is one of the largest, most brutal and heinous massacres that the world has ever witnessed. Gangs affiliated with the Saudi army laid an armed
#Crimes_Al_Saud Image
ambush on Yemeni pilgrims in Wadi #Tanomah and Sadwan in the #Asir region. They attacked them with weapons, as a result of which more than 3,000 Yemeni pilgrims were martyred.

The Saudi crimes against the Yemenis continue to the present day.
#Crimes_Al_Saud ImageImageImageImage
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On 20 April 2023, Army vehicles convoy was targeted by Terr0rists btwn Bhimbar Gali & Poonch in Jammu region. One truck was struck with grenades & small arms ki££ing 5 jawans of Rashtriya Rifles in line of duty.

Why this sudden aggression by #Pakistan ? My Take!

We all know that #Pakistani economy is in turmoil. Choked from all sides. Inflation is sky high. Lot of civil unrest. It's Jokers called #PakistanArmy taking beatings from all sides from TTP & Baloch Rebels.

Then how could Pakistan dare to carry this small Terr0r Attack?

So when I sat to think on this, I could think of some reasons.


It may sound stupid, but it's not! Due to reasons mentioned before, Pakistan's Present Govt is sure to lose upcoming General Elections.

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Looking at the networks that support #Hemedti in #Sudan, an interesting carousel emerges with the #UAE in the middle

Network-centric statecraft at its best, involving #Libya, #Wagner and the War in #Yemen Image
2) starting with the #UAE's direct networks to #Sudan & the #RSF, Abu Dhabi has set up a well-oiled network of companies and financial institutions to support #Hemedti to bring gold to market and manage personal finances…
3) The #UAE have provided arms to #Hemedti's #RSF in #Sudan since 2019 - recent evidence suggest as late as 2021…
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The Continuing Regional Rapprochement of #Syria and #Assad

A thread 🪡

1/25 Image
In January I wrote about how, after over 10 years of brutal war pushed and funded by outside powers, the #MiddleEast was accepting that the #Syrian Arab Republic, led by #Assad would stay in power.…

The #USA and #NATO countries have been unhappy about things turning out this way, especially as #Syria is a close ally of #Russia. However, the Muslim states of the region are seeing that the future is cooperation, and that the SAR has won the war.

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#China’s #Iran-#Saudi Deal a Tool to Avoid Any Wave of Democratic Regime Change:

I was quoted
@EpochTimes @venusupadhayaya


I highlighted: Saudi MBS Vision 2030, requires
“De-escalation with Turkey, Qatar, Syria, resumption of relations…

with #Iran and de-facto relations with Israel are all linked to his 2030 vision,”. Bahrami said that although these deals are being defined between China and Iran, they are still waiting for US to revive #JCPOA.
“As long as international sanctions and banking sanctions

against Iran exist, such deals with China remain on paper. #Iran was also blacklisted by the #FATF. China is not in a position to take the risk of U.S. sanctions for dealing with Iran,” Bahrami said. Regarding China-Iran military deal, Bahrami said: China is seeking to

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1\#yemen Qualche approfondimento in più: Nelle ultime settimane le forze del southern giants brigades (truppe del sud ma legate ad UAE), si sono ritirate dalle vicinanze di harib e da alcuni villaggi. houthi hanno occupato zone , non è ben chiaro come siano scoppiati gli scontri
2\#yemen houth si sarebbero ritirari da gran parte delle zone e gli scontri ad ora sarebbero sporadici, anche se è probabile controattacco delle Giants brigades. Ho già parlato inoltre dell'attacco al convoglio del ministro della difesa del sud, effettuato con droni a Taiz
3\#yemen ministro rimasto illeso. Nel complesso si registrano violazione della tregua in varie parti del paese, compresi strike (con droni) da parte saudita. Nel sud, ed in particolare ad Abyan e Aden, situazione tra governo ed STC (fazione separatista del sud, sostenuta da UAE)
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It remains to be seen whether #Iran will temper its behavior after the deal with #SaudiArabia or if it will embarrass the guarantor #China and relapse into its old ways, says @JackRosenNYC, President @AJCongress.

Full statement🧵⤵️: /1
The agreement between #SaudiArabia -#Iran to restore diplomatic ties renews debate about the future of peace between #Israel and Arab states, Iran’s malign influence in the region, and #America’s role in the Middle East and ties with traditional regional allies-- @JackRosenNYC /2
#AmericanJewishCongress recognizes 🇸🇦 rationale in severing diplomatic ties with #Iran in Jan 2016. Extremists linked to #IRGC+#Basij stormed & burned #Saudi missions, in violation of intl law & as an attempt to exacerbate tensions to advance 🇮🇷’s extreme ideological agenda. /3
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🇸🇦🇮🇷 Le rapprochement entre l'Iran et l'Arabie Saoudite portera un coup fatal au dollar

Un article d'Andrew Korybko
L'intégration géoéconomique de l'Eurasie a fait un grand pas en avant suite au rapprochement entre l'Iran et l'Arabie saoudite, qui a libéré le potentiel 🔽
commercial du Conseil de coopération du Golfe (CCG) avec la Russie et la Chine. Grâce à cet accord, les membres les plus riches du CCG peuvent désormais tirer parti de deux séries de mégaprojets de transit iraniens en une seule fois : le corridor de transport nord-sud (NSTC)🔽
les relie à la #Russie, tandis que le corridor économique #Chine-Asie centrale et occidentale (CCAWAEC) fait de même avec la #Chine.
Le dirigeant de facto du bloc saoudien a donné la priorité à une politique de réforme économique globale connue sous le nom de "Vision 2030"🔽
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#Yemen-#Sanaa: In a press conference, the Yemeni Armed Forces revealed a terrifying statistic regarding the harvest of eight years of steadfastness in the face of aggression.

The official spokesman for the Sana'a forces @army21ye , Brigadier General Yahya Saree,
revealed,on Sunday, the harvest of 8 years of confronting the coalition war on #Yemen
"The number of raids launched by the aggression through its warplanes is more than 274,302 raids, including 59 raids during the last year," Brigadier Saree said in a statement.
The statement added, "During the battle to confront the brutal aggression, our forces carried out more than 13,229 military operations, including 6,702 offensive operations and 6,527 response operations, thwarting offensive attempts and enemy advances."
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🇮🇷🇸🇦 THREAD : À quoi mènera le rétablissement des relations diplomatiques entre l'#Iran et l'Arabie Saoudite ?
▪️Le 10 mars, 5 ans après la rupture des relations, l'#Iran et l'Arabie saoudite sont parvenus à un accord sur leur rétablissement et la reprise du travail des ambassades et missions diplomatiques dans les deux pays.
L'accord a été conclu à Pékin avec la médiation de la #Chine.
▪️Rappelons que la rupture des relations diplomatiques s'est produite en 2017, lorsque des manifestants iraniens, mécontents de l'exécution du religieux chiite Nimr al-Nimr, ont détruit l'ambassade de l'Arabie saoudite à Téhéran.
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A leader in Sana'a reveals the goal of the coalition in its war on #Yemen.

A leader in the (#AnsarAllah) movement mocked the allegations of Saudi Arabia and the UAE to fight Iran in Yemen, especially after Riyadh normalized its relations with Tehran and
1/2 Image
Abu Dhabi joined it.

A member of the political bureau of (Ansar Allah), Muhammad al-Bukhaiti, said in a post on Twitter @M_N_Albukhaiti :"The #UAE is joining Saudi Arabia and developing its relations with Iran, where bin Zayed received the Secretary of the
1/3 Image
Iranian Supreme National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani, and Tahnoun bin Zayed stated that cooperation with (strong Iran) priority for Abu Dhabi.

He added, "There is no doubt that the restoration of relations is a sovereign and wise decision,
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#Sana'a returns to the language of military messages.

The spokesman for the Sana'a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, is scheduled to appear again after a relative hiatus from statements that are always associated with threatening messages to the
1/2 Image
Saudi coalition.
Brigadier General Saree said in a tweet, Thursday, that he will hold a press conference next Sunday on the eighth anniversary of the war.
According to political and media sources, the spokesman for the Sana'a forces may send warning
messages to the coalition, related to the response to the coalition's disavowal of the armistice understandings, and its refusal to perpetuate the state of no war and no peace.

Sana'a had reduced its military rhetoric towards the Saudi-Emirati coalition in response to
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#Chinese mediation between Riyadh and Sanaa.

YNP/Private -
China said that it will work on a political solution to the Yemeni issue, referring to Beijing's new mediation between #Riyadh and #Sanaa, similar to the mediation that led to a Saudi-Iranian agreement.

In a rare press conference in Riyadh, the Chargé d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy to #Yemen, Ambassador Zhao Cheng, said today, Wednesday, that his country "will continue to play a positive role in resolving the Yemeni issue politically."

The press conference of the
Chinese Embassy in #Yemen is trying to capitalize on the momentum of the success of the Chinese mediation between Riyadh and Tehran, and to present China as an important player in the region.
He urged the parties to give priority to the interests of the Yemeni people, end
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#London Auction Sold Stolen 2,200-Year-Old Yemeni Statue

On Tuesday, the British capital, London, hosted a new auction to sell Yemeni antiquities at a cheap price.

A Yemeni activist and researcher specialized in tracing looted and stolen Yemeni antiquities,
Abdullah Mohsen, published pictures of a 2,200-year-old bronze statue that was sold during an auction held on Monday evening in London.

The antiquity was sold for around £1,400.

The statue is one of several antiques recently sold at auctions, at prices that sometimes
do not exceed 20 pounds. The auctions in London are part of auctions in several Western countries, including the United States.

These auctions take place amid the silence of the ambassadors and diplomats of the coalition government in those capitals, which lends
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#Sanaa calls on the international courts to do their part towards the crimes of the coalition in #Yemen

The Minister of Human Rights in the government of Sana'a, Ali Al-Dailami, called on the international courts to play their role in the crimes of the coalition
committed against civilians in #Yemen.

Minister Al-Dailami said: The Criminal Court should have moved and filed cases against the coalition countries by itself in front of major crimes and compound crimes, but it did not do so.
He pointed out that
the ministry has been working to monitor and document coalition crimes over the past years, and informs international organizations of all details.
He explained that the crimes monitored by the ministry are linked to civilians and what they were able
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🧵on the Talmud תלמוד

1) Social media is full of fake quotes attributed to the Talmud and myths about "talmudic rituals"

It's due time for some truth and education about the Talmud!

The central text recording the ancient oral traditions of Judaism
2) Originally, Jewish scholarship was oral and transferred from one generation to the next

Rabbis expounded and debated the Torah without the benefit of recording the discussions or conclusions

Traditions were transferred from Rabbi to student, from parents to their children
3) Following the Roman destruction of the 2nd Temple in #Jerusalem in 70 BCE, the traditional system oral scholarship could no longer be maintained

It is during this period that rabbinic discourse began to be recorded in writing
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Angry protests denouncing the collapse of living and security conditions in #Hadramout

On Tuesday, the Hadramout governorate, in eastern #Yemen, witnessed new popular protests against the Ma'in government of Saudi Arabia, condemning the collapse of the living and security

Thousands of people took part in the districts of Al-Shihr and Brom Mayfaa, in demonstrations against the local authority and the Maeen government, in protest against the escalation of complex crises, led by the high prices and the lack of gas and
oil derivatives.

The protesting citizens raised slogans denouncing the corruption of Maeen's government and its officials, stressing that the government is deliberately multiplying the crises with the approach of the holy month of Ramadan.

The oil governorate and all of
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Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian said the Islamic Republic supports intra-Yemeni talks to find a political solution to the crisis in the war-wracked Arab country.

In a meeting with United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy
for #Yemen Hans Grundberg in Tehran on Monday, Amir-Abdollahian reaffirmed Tehran’s support for the continuation of the ceasefire and the end of the Saudi-led blockade on #Yemen.

He emphasized that Iran supports any dialogue which would help promote peace and stability
in #Yemen.

The top Iranian diplomat also commended efforts by the UN secretary general and his appointment of a special envoy in order to follow up on the situation in Yemen.

The UN special envoy, for his part, called for Iran’s support for the world body’s efforts to
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