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You may have noticed that I have used sources in Arabic, Armenian, Latin, Persian, and Syriac! That's because languages are fun! But also because the medieval Middle East was astonishingly polyglot.

In a Mosul market one might hear all those languages, & even more.
1/x ~tac ImageImageImageImage
At the crossroads of Africa and Eurasia, many peoples moved into the Middle East and brought their languages. This had practical implications: how did you greet a stranger? How sell things in the market? Every language borrowed from every other (Pic: Sanjian 1969: 443).

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One relic of this multilingualism is the survival of polyglot texts, such as the famous ancient Rosetta Stone and Behistun Inscriptions which helped Europeans decipher ancient scripts!

Rosetta Stone pic: Hans Hillewaert, CC BY-SA 4.0,…

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It's all set for another big day over the #HornofAfrica today. This big picture view contains some measurements of the monsoon wind plumes which are from Myanmar and India to the Horn.

Today's rainfall forecasts for #NorthAfrica the Horn and the #MiddleEast follow: Image
And while its still early, 2.30pm local time, we already have #ArbaianStorms lighting up in Saudi Arabia.
Here's a view of the storms after sunset last night from 7pm to 10pm. At present the storms over Ethiopia appear to die down by midnight. But those further West continue through the night.
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There was a second day of big rains over the horn today. In this image on the right hand side you can see the incoming water baring winds from across the Arabian Sea from the Indian Monsoon.

Today's #HornOfAfrica #NorthAfrica & #MiddleEast forecasts follow:
Here's a wider angle view. The water bearing mid-altitude jets provide much of the moisture that fuels the West African Monsoon, and its East African extension. Image
Three 10-day (+ one 12-day) accumulated rainfall forecasts for North Africa for June 15th from the GFS, CMC and KMA weather models. ImageImageImageImage
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The new scenes showed army forces and Popular Committees taking full control over a number of Saudi army positions in the #Jizan axis, inflicting heavy human and material losses on the #Saudi army forces.
#YEMEN:The military media of the #Yemeni Armed Forces have revealed video footage showing the recent large-scale operation of the army and the Popular Committees in #Jizan,
The military media also documented scenes of large quantities of various weapons and ammunition being seized by the #Yemeni forces during the operation.
#YEMEN #Jizan, #SaudiArabia
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Europe has cleared out, the Western Sahara plume has finally slowed down to a crawl and the Leviathan low (as I call it remains in place over the Black Sea. Also there is an interesting burst of activity in the Horn of Africa.

Today's #NorthAfrica & #MiddleEast forecasts follow.
As you can see in this animation there was some intense convection over the the #Ethiopian highlands and Sudan today, certainly more than we have seen for a fair few days.
Here we see a wider angle view of today' convection over the horn before sunset. This storm is continuing strongly into the night. Question of the day is, is this signalling the beginning of the big rainy season for the horn.
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#Sanaa’s Stipulations Confuses US Policy in #Yemen

As the #Omani delegation left Sana’a, the #American positions on the #Yemen file witnessed a clear contradiction. What are the dimensions of these developments? Are they a reflection of Washington’s

Exclusive- @alkhabar_ye
failure to exploit #Oman’s relationship with Sana’a to pass its agenda? Or did Sana’a put forward a new vision to mix #Washington’s cards in its new course in #Yemen?
#Washington was counting on its success by embarrassing Sana’a, given the relations it had with the
Sultanate of #Oman, which would eventually lead to pass the American proposals that originally aimed with the recognition of #US State Department, to halt the progress in #Marib or, more accurately, save its allies from an imminent defeat in their last strongholds in northern
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#YEMEN:Health Ministry: Detention of fuel ships has exhausted health sector in #Yemen.

During a vigil organized by the Ministry and the Yemeni Petroleum Company in front of the United Nations office in Sanaa, the official spokesman of the Health Ministry Dr.Najeeb Al-Qubati
referred to the size of human suffering as a result of the #Saudi-led aggression coalition forces’ piracy on fuel ships.
In a statement issued during the vigil, Dr. Al-Qubati stated that the continuation of the blockade and the detention of fuel ships have caused the supply
of oil derivatives to stop at 75% of health facilities, in addition to the prevention of the entry of medical and diagnostic devices and medicines.

The statement appealed to the United Nations, its affiliated organizations, the international community and free peoples, to
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On this day ( June 11) the coalition air force targeted this hotel with at least 14 bombs within 15 minutes .. I used to live in an apartment under this hill you see ... The building the apartment was in shook terribly with each strike.

BY Shihab Anam
My kids, my wife and I gathered in a small hallway behind the main door of the apartment away from the windows , trying to avoid the breaking and flying glass because of the pressure. We were holding each other in that small spot very rightly comforting each other.
The kids holding us tightly and screaming with every bomb , shaking with the shaking of the house. My wife wanted to open the door and flee the house but I told her this is safer than going outside to avoid the shreds of the bombs and the flying debris.
Imagine five
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#YEMEN:Fighting renewed north of #Marib city on Sunday, with Yemeni army forces on the one hand and Saudi-led coalition forces and #AlQaeda militants on the other, after a lull that lasted for several weeks.

According to local sources, the army and Popular Committees
repelled a large-scale military attack, carried out by the coalition forces and #AlQaeda, on the areas of Malbouda, Al-Atif and Jabal Al-Haqin, while another attack was aimed at a regional pipeline.

The sources confirmed that the army forces were able, after violent battles,
to implement a successful counterattack against the coalition forces by advancing from their positions in Hamat Al-Diyab and Al-Sahida.

The coalition forces suffered heavy losses during the confrontations, in which dozens were killed or wounded, the sources added.

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#Saudi War on #Yemen. 6 year Epic Failure: #Riyadh’s colonial genocide enriches depraved #USA and #UK .. #Video…
6 years have passed already. Yesterday I saw an old map of North #Yemen in the 1970s.. The borders were nearly identical to the #Houthi held area today. So what went wrong? Yemen should never have been made into one State.
March 26, 2021 – From The Free
SEE ALSO.. Depraved #USA and #UK green light Genocide of Millions for Profit in #Yemen

The #Houthis have their own ancient culture based in the high mountains, their own branch of Shia religion, and their own social revolution , called #Ansarullah (#Houthi is just the
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#Yemen – Having Lost the War Saudis Try Genocide – Media Complicit

ByMoon of Alabama 13 Nov 2017

#Saudi ends its blockade of Yemen’s ports and airports – Daily Mail
Saudi-led coalition says will reopen Yemen ports – Anadolu
Yemeni ports to reopen for aid, says Saudi Arabia – Deutsche Welle

The above headlines are false. The Saudi government announced the re-opening of some #Yemeni ports and airports. All of these are in the south and under control of #Saudi proxy forces who are fighting the
#Houthi west #Yemen. Some 70% of the population lives in the north-western areas which will continue to be under an extreme blockade. The most important port in their area is #Hodeida which will stay closed. Back in March the U.S. Pentagon tried to get control of the port.

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world’s worst ongoing humanitarian crises and this crises happens to be in #Yemen. Not everyone hears much about the #Saudi aggression against Yemen in the western or eastern media, except for the sketchy articles one finds here and there. However,
there are enormous reports from the World Health Organisation, #UNICEF, Save the Children and Chatham House, all of which have published endless reports and studies about the catastrophic situation in #Yemen.Yemen lies on a very strategic location in the Middle East,
whilst not forgetting that #Yemen has very important ports and overlooks one of the most strategic shipping routes that connect to many destinations throughout the world.The #Bab_AlMandab Strait at the Southern end of the Red Sea and the #Yemeni territorial waters on
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Yemeni girl kidnapped in Tripoli.

(YPA) – Unknown gunmen kidnapped a Yemeni girl from a street in the Libyan capital Tripoli on Friday.

This was reported by #Yemen News Portal, citing Human rights sources.

According to human rights sources, the kidnapped #Yemeni girl,
Sumaya Abdullah, has been registered with her mother for years with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Tarik Lamloum, a Libyan human rights journalist, said the child had been harassed several times and she and her mother had informed #UNHCR, but the
organization did not provide them with any assistance or protection.

He said in press statements that the mother and her daughter were selling products at the Karimiya market in the capital #Tripoli. The girl has been abducted from the market Friday morning.
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Today's #NorthAfrica, #HornOfAfrica and #ArabianStorms rainfall forecasts follow.

I was wondering if this might happen. With all the moisture streaming along the North African coast and north east from central Africa. Also some forecasts had this indicated as a possibility.
Admittedly the rain is very light. But it is June and close to Solstice, the hottest month in this part of the world. Here we see the broader picture. The #EuropeBigWet is continuing in a fairly stable pattern for another 48 hours still.
Here's a close up of the North Western quadrant with some big storms bursting to life near the Morocco/Algeria border.
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#YEMEN:#Emirati transport ship carrying military equipment arrives on occupied island of #Mayyun
yemen News Agency

An #Emirati ship has unloaded military equipment on the #Yemeni island of #Mayyun, near the strategic #Bab_AlMandab Strait.
This was reported by #Yemen News Portal, citing navigation data.

The data showed the arrival of #UAE cargo ship Naayem to the island of #Mayyun on Thursday evening.

Satellite data showed that the #UAE cargo ship arrived at the port of #Mukalla on June 7, and then
moved towards the island of #Mayyun, arriving on Thursday evening.
The vessel unloaded military equipment on the island, before continuing its way to the port of #Mocha, in the west of #Taiz province.
The Associated Press revealed earlier that recently, a mysterious air base
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#YEMEN:#Sanaa: The Supreme Council for Women, in its meeting Saturday headed by Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor, approved the matrix of the executive plan of the National Committee for Women for the second half of 2021.

The plan, presented by
the committee’s chairwoman, Ghada Abu Talib, included a number of main and subsidiary objectives that the committee seeks to achieve in coordination and cooperation with various concerned government agencies, in a way that contributes to poverty alleviation through policies
and programs for economic empowerment of women, as well as enhancing the role of women at the family, community and public life levels.

The Council urged all government agencies to cooperate effectively with the National Committee for Women and its various activities related
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Sanaa launches higher education observatory for scientific conferences in #Yemen.

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Sanaa launched on Saturday the Higher Education Observatory for Scientific Conferences in the Republic of Yemen, and issued the
first version of the documents of the first scientific conference of Bayda University.

At the launch ceremony, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, @husseinhazeb, confirmed that the launch of the observatory aims to monitor and document all documents of
scientific conferences and their research outputs and publish them to the public of researchers locally and internationally.

Hazeb noted the importance of the observatory to enable decision-makers and relevant authorities to identify the most prominent knowledge outputs of
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Today's #NorthAfrica, #HornOfAfrica and #MiddleEast rainfall forecasts follow.

The images below from @NASA below show 3 north-south cross sections of the Sahara taken this morning.
1. Morocco to Ivory Coast
2. Algeria to Nigeria & DRC
3. Levant to Uganda.
An updated precipitable water animation - 10 Days - for the Sahara. The transit of water in a north easterly direction is finally starting to slow down, albeit not just yet.
10-day rainfall forecasts from four models for North Africa.
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Top member in the Supreme Political Council, @Moh_Alhouthi, commented on the new #US sanctions on a number of people, including #Yemenis, whom Washington claimed were affiliated with Iran’s Revolutionary Guard and the #Ansarullah#Houthis”, running financial operations to
support #Yemen army forces.

Mohammed Ali #alHouthi said in a tweet today that #America is putting the option of war as a priority in #Yemen while demonstrating peace.

He added: “Imposing sanctions allegedly in favor of imposing peace is an obstacle to achieving peace.”

#AlHouthi considered the #US sanctions as a new crime targeting the private sector after targeting the central bank and stopping the export of oil, bombing factories and starving #Yemenis by siege and cutting salaries

This is a systematic plan to eliminate the economy,
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The head of the negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdul Salam, said on Friday, “we discussed with the Omani delegation about a possible vision for ending the aggression and lifting the siege imposed on #Yemen, starting with the humanitarian operation.”
The delegation, accompanied by the #Yemeni delegation negotiating for #Sanaa, left the capital Sanaa, after meetings that included Sayyed Abdul-Malik #alHouthi, the head of the Supreme Political Council, the General Staff, the Coordination and Redeployment Committee in
#Hodeidah, and several social and political figures from #Marib.

Abdul Salam told Al Masirah TV that the various meetings discussed the different situations in #Yemen, adding that the Yemeni vision focused on the humanitarian process and the subsequent steps that lead to
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#YEMEN:A heinous crime.. Islah party kills a prisoner of Sanaa under torture in #Marib prisons.

A Yemeni prisoner was martyred in the prisons of Saudi-led mercenaries in Marib province due to torture, the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs said in a statement issued
on Thursday.
According to the statement, the mercenaries brutally tortured Omar Idris Hassan Idris until his death inside one of their prisons in the province.

The prisoner is from Bayda province, the statement read.

The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs condemned
this heinous crime, blaming the leadership of the Saudi-led aggression and their mercenaries in Marib for it.

The Committee called on local and international organizations to condemn these crimes and take responsibility to protect all the prisoners.
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Today's #NorthAfrica and #HornOfAfrica forecasts follow.

Below a satellite picture taken this morning of the #HornOfAfrica.

#Ethiopia #Somaliland #Somalia
The wider region this evening.

More #ArabianStorms and #Abbay convection. The Atlantic continues to be active now looks set to deliver a surprise summer storm early next week. [See #EuropeBigWet for that coverage.]
This close up shows more Atlantic moisture pouring into North Africa over Morroco and Western Sahara. You can also see a substantial dust cloud is now forming which will be helping to suppress Atlantic cyclones.
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Undersecretary of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA), Raed Talib Jabal, Yesterday Wednesday said “the Saudi coalition continues to impose a full blockade on the airports of #Yemen, especially Sana’a Airport.”

He added that the authority has nothing
to do with what is being circulated about the announcement of opening or closing #Sanaa airport or other airports in the country.
Jabal indicated that the countries of the aggression have sought to paralyze air traffic at the Republic’s airports, especially Sana’a
In this regard, a source at Sana’a airport said “the opening Sana’a International Airport to flights as soon as possible is a popular demand and a human right for all #Yemenis at home and abroad.”

In the face of this crime, the @CAMA constantly taking the necessary measures
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#YEMEN:Gunmen believed to be affiliated with the #UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) kidnapped a woman in the Yemeni’s southern port city of #Aden, local sources said.
According to the sources , the gunmen kidnapped “Mona Hashim Ismail” since last Friday, a day
after security crews broke into a land owned by her husband Wahid Saeed Kulaib .

Mona Hashem works for a civil society organization in Aden, and the kidnapping shocked the Adani street and the extent of the situation.

The abduction came a day after military forces occupied
a piece of land belonging to the kidnapped woman’s family in the city.
The husband blamed the security services in Aden for the kidnapping of his wife and demanded that she reveal her fate.

#Aden and other southern provinces have been witnessing assassinations and security
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