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Hadi government suspends work of passport department in #Aden
According to the Sources, Hadi’s Interior Minister, Ibrahim Haydan directed to suspend the work of the Immigration and Passports Department after its building in Khor Maksar directorate was stormed by
a force belonging to the #UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (#STC) and its attempt to arrest leaders of the department, including the financial official, in connection with a conflict over revenues.

“The measure includes separating the networking between the
department in #Aden and the main issue center in #Jeddah, #Saudi , which means stopping the issuance of passports and disrupting the interests of thousands of people wishing to travel, especially patients,” the sources explained.
Hadi’s decision to move the department’s issue
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#YEMEN:New #UAE Security Measures to Control #Socotra
Yemeni sources have revealed new security moves by the UAE in the Yemeni Socotra Archipelago, as part of #AbuDhabi’s plot to control the strategically located island.
The sources said that the UAE established a few days
ago a marina for #Emirati ships in the port of Olaf on the island of #Socotra.
#AbuDhabi had formed a cell of 112 people, a spy cell consisting of local informants with attractive rewards, and distributors in all the residential communities on the island, according to (YPA)
The #Emirati authorities use humanitarian aid as a cover to perpetuate the occupation of the strategically located island of #Socotra in #Yemen.

In parallel, the sources monitored the arrival of dozens of female recruits to the airport of #Hadibo, the capital of Socotra,
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The conflict in #Yemen’s southern provinces will see a major escalation in the future between the #UAE and #Saudi, according to the analysis of Sufyan al-Ammari, a southern Yemeni political leader and General Secretary of the Yemen People’s Democratic Party.
“What is happening in the southern provinces is a very natural product of the conflict of agendas that has reached the hour of truth today,” al-Ammari said.

He pointed out that the problem of the coalition factions is that “they are implementing the agendas of agents who
today have lost their own compass, because Washington’s interference in the negotiations about #Yemen is now without a clear agenda.”
“The US Special Envoy for #Yemen @TimothyLenderk1 arrived in the region recently, but has no clear project of what to do, which has caused
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Violent explosions rocked one of the main military bases for Hadi and Islah militants in #Abyan, southern #Yemen, on Saturday, as they managed to move deeper into the #UAE-backed southern Transitional Council (#STC)’s strongholds.

These explosions showed an indication that
the #Emirates had intervened by launching airstrikes on this base.

Southern activists said on social media that the explosions occurred early inside the headquarters of the 103rd Brigade located in Jahin area south of Lawdar district,
They confirmed that warplanes were heard
flying over the city and watched drone planes also roaming the airspace.

During the past few hours, the camp has received reinforcements of Hadi’s forces from #Shabwah and #Marib provinces, and is currently used as an advanced base to manage the battle against the
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A member of the #UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (#STC) Militia on Monday threatened to blow up the passenger terminal at #Aden International Airport.

Abdulraqib al-Omari, the director of Aden airport, which is under coalition control confirmed that a member of
the airport guard battalion affiliated with #STC stormed the passenger terminal and threatened to detonate a bomb he was carrying in his hand, without giving reasons.

In a memorandum submitted to the Hadi Government’s Aviation Authority, he noted that the “STC” battalion
has not complied with regulations and laws, leading to a disaster that threatens to withdraw international flight reception permits by #ICAO Aviation.

Air navigation experts considered that the incident would be recorded in the International Air Transport Association (IATA)
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#YEMEN:The so-called Southern Transitional Council (STC) backed by the #UAE has prohibited the activities of the peaceful sit-in committee in #Socotra province.
A statement issued Saturday by the STC security committee said that “The peaceful sit-in committee represents
1/2 Image
a danger to the social fabric, establishes a culture of hatred for neighboring countries and harms #Socotra’s relationship with #Saudi and the #UAE.”

By following up the committee’s activities in #Mahra province, it became clear that it is hostile to the orientations of the
coalition countries led by #Saudi and the #UAE, the statement added.
This comes after a series of violations committed by the STC against the peaceful sit-in committee in #Socotra, the most recent of which was the kidnapping of the committee’s leading member Ali Suleiman bin
1/ Image
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Takfiri #terrorists in #Syria are being transferred to #Yemen to join the ranks of Saudi forces and mercenaries fighting #Yemeni forces in the strategic central province of #Marib, Lebanon's al-Akbar newspaper reports.
Citing Yemeni intelligence sources, the
paper said #alQaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (#AQAP) militants are waiting for terrorists from #Syria to arrive in #Yemen's southern province of #Abyan.

The report said the #Saudi command center in Yemen's southern port city of #Aden has even instructed
the #alQaeda warlord in #Abyan to secure the entry points for #terrorists arriving from #Syria and other countries.

Security and intelligence sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said #AQAP terrorists have been tasked with transporting the incoming militants and
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#YEMEN #UAE sends dozens of militants to #Socotra

April 04 (YPA) - The UAE transferred on Sunday dozens of Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s militants to the archipelago of the occupied Socotra island.

According to local sources reported that the UAE-backed #STC
brought 50 recruits with their weapons to #Socotra province to carry out military tasks, explaining that a number of recruits were distributed to the tanks and artillery battalion on the island.

The sources pointed out that the #Emirati occupation forces imposed the ban on
entry of #Yemeni citizens to the island under the pretext of preventive measures against the spread of the Corona virus.

This comes within the framework of the #UAE’s continued implementation of its plans through the #STC militia, especially that the decision of the
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The #UAE is trying to enter #Yemen through the occupation, under the cover of legitimacy. Abu Dhabi imposed its will on #Yemen’s sovereign decision, in order to enable it to exploit the country’s resources, and beyond that, the
violations became continuous and did not stop all day.
Mahriya satellite channel published the #Emirati role on #Socotra Island. The UAE pays tempting offers to the residents of the Socotra Archipelago to concede to the Emirati occupation, but it was faced with strong rejection and made it one of the countries hostile to the
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THREAD: Research Fellow @hu_rdman writes about the attack on Aden airport on Dec 30, 2020, when he and other colleagues narrowly escaped death at what should have been a celebratory occasion welcoming the arrival of the newly formed Yemeni government.…
At the #Aden airport, "the crowd was divided in two: to the right were #STC supporters... and to the left were supporters of the #GoY. However, the groups soon mingled and exchanged greetings... I whispered to a colleague: “It seems Santa Claus has been generous this year."
But around 2:00 pm, the airport was hit by three explosions, & it took @hu_rdman awhile to realize what had happened. "Five minutes & just 20 meters saved us from certain death. A loud explosion rocked the airport lounge, where we were supposed to go to carry out live coverage."
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THREAD: Yemeni PM @DrMaeenSaeed was the guest at the #Yemen_Media_Call during which he talked to over 70 attendees from int'l media, INGOs and UN missions, addressing the formation and priorities of the newly formed #GoY as well as the situation in Aden.…
PM @DrMaeenSaeed: Missiles that struck a runway at #Aden international airport December 30, 2020, were an attempt by the #Houthis to target the airplane carrying members of the new government that had just landed.
PM @DrMaeenSaeed: Debris collected from the attack site indicated the missiles were identical to some fired earlier in Marib for which the #Houthis had taken responsibility. The attack was unexpected, given that the airport is a civilian facility and media were present there.
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What is the #UAE doing on the Yemeni island of #Socotra?
1 SEP 2020
The oil-rich kingdom of the #UAE, which has of late earned the distinction of conducting itself as a rogue state, has seized control of the Yemeni island of #Socotra,
a key archipelago located near major shipping routes between the Indian Ocean States, East Asia and rest of the continents.
Last week, French-Jewish media organisation Jforum, reported that the UAE and Israel are setting up "spy bases"
"in #Socotra and that the two nations have already deployed "espionage equipment" on the island, which is about 350 kilometres far from the Yemeni mainland.
Tel Aviv’s surveillance centres are already monitoring the actions of Houthi militants in Yemen and Iranian naval
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#Subex is setting the market abuzz with many brokers talking of relisting above 20 Rs - which is across a major 8 year breakout level of around 18.50

#CrunchMetrics #IDCentral #DigitalTrust #IoT #IoTSecurity
Will be see a dream run in #Subex post relisting given fundamentals are fast improving for both business operations and balance sheet

See embedded thread for brief history of its turnaround.

#CrunchMetrics #IDCentral #DigitalTrust #IoT #IoTSecurity #CyberSecurity
Typo-plz read “Will be” as “Will we”

I think we will 😊-next 2yrs at #Subex should be similar or better to what #TanlaPlatforms achieved in same time since #Karix acquisition in Aug2018

Cash books are ringing at Subex with good visibility

So watch this space for M&A/BuyBack!!
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Why STC Exposes The Most Dangerous Saudi Plan In #Aden?

On Oct 31, 2020  81

In Aden city, which is under the control of the Saudi-Emirati coalition, south of #Yemen, and where obtaining bunch of hashish has become easier than buying cigars, the controversy raged,
on Tuesday, after STC pro-UAE factions, confiscated a shipment coming from Saudi Arabia contain more than three tons of drugs, defying With that, the Saudi forces that pushing to receive them, what are the motives of the announcement at this time and what is its impact on
STC’s relationship with Riyadh?

Nothing is impossible in #Aden since the Saudi-Emirati coalition took control on the city in August 2015 and hire mercenaries from various poles of world, including Colombian gangs known for drug trafficking and sex.
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❗ WARNING: LONG THREAD, but it's important ❗ In 2017, the #SaskParty cut #STC, leaving thousands of people across our province stranded. 🚌

Since then, I've heard so many stories from folks who have been left in bad situations because of this dangerous cut: (1/6)
🏥 seniors who can't get to medical appointments
👍 rural and Northern people who are forced to hitchhike
🚗 low-income folks who struggle to afford a car
🌾 farmers who can't get parts sent out (2/6)
♿ people with disabilities who lost their independence
🚌 small businesses that can't get affordable shipping
🏫 young people away for school who can't get home #sasked (3/6)
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THREAD: Our Researcher @hu_rdman writes how the #UN must take a proactive approach in addressing "the southern issue" so as to pave the way for an all-inclusive peace agreement in #Yemen, offering four main recommendations on how the UN can achieve that.…
"The southern issue" is shorthand for the political and economic fallout from the 1994 civil war in #Yemen that created inequities and a sense of discrimination among southerners that has weakened the social fabric and strengthened identity-based separatist movements.
The #RiyadhAgreement reached in 2019 has helped create an opportune moment to support and transform a political agreement that deescalates hostilities and tension in southern governorates into a more sustainable and comprehensive arrangement for all parties concerned.
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We will be kicking off the panel on #Yemen with Non-Resident Fellow @maysaashujaa and Senior Researcher @AbdulGhani1959, moderated by @uOttawaCIPS Associate Prof @thomasjuneau in 5 minutes.

Watch this space as we will be live tweeting the event here.
.@thomasjuneau: Welcome everybody. This is third event on Yemen organized by @uOttawaCIPS in three years. This year, we have @maysaashujaa as a speaker and @AbdulGhani1959 a senior researcher at the Sana'a Center with over 30 years of experience on #Yemen.
The format for today is each speaker will present 10-15 minutes, then we will open the floor for a Q&A presented by @thomasjuneau.
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📌Nos llega nuevo paciente Re-intervenido de #Síndrome #TúnelCarpiano por #Cirugía Abierta.

En este nuevo #Hilo comentaremos
🔸Claves de su recuperación

Y basándonos en Guías @JOSPT 2019📚
🔸Factores de Riesgo
🔸Factor Ocupacional
👇👇👇… ImageImage
Una vez hecha la intervención de #enfermería ➡️#Fisioterapia donde realizamos
1⃣ Mediciones
2⃣ Educación
🔹Molestias o Hinchazón las primeras semanas 📌Es normal
🔹Clave mover progresivamente + Elevación si es necesario
🔹Evitar coger peso las primeras semanas tras IQ
3⃣ Trabajo Sensorio-Motor y Control Motor de la Mano
🔹En este caso, trabajo de Musculatura Tenar 👌👍
🔹El paciente progresará dificultad según capacidades
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