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1. Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay. A chance to talk about mental health & how we can better support good mental health. 
The past 18 months have impacted the country's mental health like never before. The number of people contacting the NHS for support is at a record high. 🧵
2. But thousands of people are going without the mental health support they need. Services are stretched, under-resourced and under-funded. 
There is just 1 psychiatrist working in the NHS for every 12,500 people.…
3. Research by @drrosena found the number of mental health beds is down 25% on 2010. 
This means there's fewer beds for people reaching mental health crisis & more people are sent miles from home, away from their support network to receive care.…
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Delighted to publish thread of brilliant speeches at our public meeting #LWDBrighton at #Lab21. Tonia Antoniazzi MP: "There is no way that it is fair for a male-bodied person to be on a sports pitch with a woman in a contact sport".
Outside, steward Ali Ceesay said, "That noise is a perfect example of drowning out women's voices in this debate. I don't have any hate for anyone - we're just here to support women's rights, and every time we try to speak we get harassed". #LWDBrighton
Chair Ceri Williams welcomes attendees: "As Labour supporters, don't we all wish that the Labour front bench had spent just 30 seconds listening to Emma's biology lesson... Maybe she can tell us if dinosaurs have a cervix". #LWDBrighton #Lab21
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Wondering what the next Labour government would do?

Here’s everything you need to know about #Lab21 and how we’ll make this country work for working people.

A thread👇
Labour's leader @Keir_Starmer outlined how we’d support the most ambitious school improvement plan in a generation, which would give every parent the chance to send their child to a good state school.

Labour would leave no one behind.
We showed how mental health would be a priority Labour would invest in.

We would also tackle the climate crisis and drive down energy bills by upgrading 19 million homes.
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Despite promising not to trash the last four years, Starmer declared in his #Lab21 speech that Labour would “never again go into an election with a manifesto that is not a serious plan for government”

But was it not credible? 🤷‍♂️🧵

Me for @ipaperviews…
One key pledge in 2019 was universal free broadband. The pandemic proved how necessary that was with children home-schooled and many working from home.

Now the DWP has partnered with TalkTalk to offer jobseekers six months free broadband

So universal free full-fibre broadband?
Labour also promised a ‘Warm Homes for All’ policy – which Starmer re-announced it in his #Lab21 speech.…
The retrofitting scheme would create jobs, reduce bills, reduce emissions, so ..?
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One single person chanted “oh Jeremy Corbyn” as Starmer began his Labour conference speech.

“Get a life,” another shouted back. #lab21
Starmer is dealing with isolated but persistent heckling.

“Shouting slogans or changing lives”? he puts to the conference
There were even heckles as Starmer described seeing his very ill mum in intensive care
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Estimatd #Lab21 CLP faction wash-up frm NCC/card votes: @labtowin 47% (+26%) @PeoplesMomentum/@CLPD_Labour 35% (-27%), Ind Left/Soft Left/Oth 18% (+1%) - no clear @OpenLabour vote in that. Overall Left vote down frm 70% to 49% in NCC vote. Swing 26.5% to @labtowin since last conf
Just 2 add single parl candidate election card vote leadrship lost at #lab21 looks like a 1-off outlier 2 a pretty consistnt othr set of results. Howevr if u adjustd all oth result 4 that the result wd b @labtowin 39%, @PeoplesMomentum/@CLPD_Labour 35%, Ind Left/Soft Left/Oth 26%
For comparison with #Lab21 the #Lab19 CLP vote breakdown was as follows:
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My thoughts and concerns on Labour's long-term political direction, including on @Keir_Starmer's recent essay, written for @tribunemagazine at #Lab21 👇…
Repeatedly Labour leaderships have emerged committed to maintaining the basic structures of the British economy.
Either you embraced the status quo and abandoned the needs of our voting base or you confronted and transformed the economy in the interests of working people.
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Summary of the Labour Conference #Lab21
Next up, the Conservative Party conference

#Con21 #CPC21
And then it's all back to Westminster for another session of Parliament

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What a sad state of affairs. In recent years, the FBU reaffiliated to Labour and RMT consulted its members on doing so.

BFAWU announced its decision to consult its members on disaffiliation weeks ago, only 2 days ago did anyone from Labour leadership even get in touch with them
This tweet from @BFAWUOfficial shows the current Labour leadership made little effort to speak to the union and its thousands of members.
So much for I'll work "shoulder to shoulder with trade unions" ... Image
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#Lab21 balance sheet. 1/ 80% of the members voted for PR after a long left+right campaign, substantially led by @labourlewis. A few union delegates had power to squash it - but when the time comes to form a Labour-led coalition, if consulted, the members will back it...
2/ So this is a major change in British politics, and driven from below. Defying the bureaucracy the members signalled to other parties they understand: we cannot govern alone, and need urgent constitutional change...
3/ @RachelReevesMP commitment to a £224bn climate investment spend also strategic win - a direct response to the consistent Green polling around 6%. This too is the building block for a governing coalition with Greens/PC/SNP...
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Tribune rally opened by @zarahsultana: “Want to open this rally with solidarity for our comrade Andy McDonald.” (Cue enormous applause). Says the current Labour leadership is “shameful.” Attacks the “Blairites.” #Lab21
Sultana attacks the “Blairite clique” which she says is dominating the leadership, “gathering in drinks receptions with Peter Mandelson” [boos] “reliving the 1980s and 1990s.”
More cheers when Sultana says “it’s an absolute disgrace that the leadership have let a scum newspaper have a stand at conference this year.”
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The right of women to determine the language that describes us is not an abstract demand. It is rooted in the material reality of our lives. It is vital for us to describe our experience; to uphold & improve our rights. Our manifesto:… #Cervix #Women #Lab21
Our manifesto has a long list of demands to be enacted so that society can begin to address the oppression and discrimination women face. We are tired of being told to wait for equality. We refuse to be told how and when we can make these demands or the language we must use.
The fact that there are so many demands is an indictment of a political estate which continues to fail women. Women have been repeatedly let down by politicians across the spectrum and organisations which should be advocating for and with us.
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Labour’s feeling a bit more comfortable talking about Brexit, it seems: Emily Thornberry at #Lab21 says the party’s central trade priority would be “fixing our trade relationship with Europe,” not chasing “small gains” from deals with countries further afield.
Thornberry drops a new policy: A Labour government would make it illegal for military/security training to be sold to countries which carry out human rights abuses
The characteristically-lucid @anandMenon1 says Labour hasn’t been critical enough of government’s post-Brexit trade policy. DIT’s strategy isn’t about trade, he says, but politics/performance & “signing as many [trade deals] as you can that do as little as possible economically.”
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Key phrase from Rachel Reeves’ speech - “the everyday economy” - has a good ring to it: shifting the economy to one that works for ordinary working people, taxes tech giants, cutting business rates for high street #Lab21
Reeves accuses Chancellor Rishi Sunak of being “missing in action” over the fuel crisis and says “the Tories have lost control”. #lab21
It might be her day to get the headlines but I think Keir Starmer needs to grasp the fuel crisis too today - call on the PM to convene Cobra etc
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We've just tidied up our chart (and rationalised the colours). So far over 230 political representatives have been contacted by their constituents raising concerns about women in prisons.
If you haven't contacted your political representative yet, please do. Here is our statement with background and useful data. There is also a very simple model letter for you to adapt.… #cervix #womenwontwheesht #lab21 #LabourConference2021
When you have emailed, please complete this very simple form so that we can add this to our data and build a picture of which political representaives care about their constituents' concerns and which do not.…
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It is very hard to believe that @UKLabour are committed to respectful debate when members sign pledges calling for women to be expelled for a belief that #sexmatters or call on MPs not to share platforms with experts like Pragna Patel…
Or when @UKLabour MPs object to women taking part in public government consultations and misrepresent the concerns being raised - accusing women of ‘hysteria’……
Or when @UKLabour student groups attack respected activists and campaigners for attending public webinars or meetings on women’s rights and the Party does nothing……
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Today at #Lab21 conference will debate the rules for electing Keir Starmer's successor.

This has been a damaging spectacle over the last few days, but the consequences of today's vote could be more damaging to the party in the long term ... 🧵
The first thing to note is that the original proposals to revert to a less democratic electoral college have been withdrawn, after a huge backlash

To focus on internal politics at this time is misjudged. To do it incompetently ...
The proposals being debated today keep OMOV but would change the rules in the following ways
-Raise threshold of MP nominations from 10% to 20% (currently c.40 MPs)
-Ditch registered supporters
-Freeze date for members 6 months prior to start of contest (new members can’t vote)
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Wow! That's narrow. Assumed he'd walk it. Show real discomfort with way Labour members and staff have been treated.

Remember, even having a vote on this is unprecedented, it usually goes through on the nod. #Lab21
Has anyone yet seen the union/CLP split on this?
Labour official texts to say they think c.65/35 for among unions, and c.55/45 among CLPs.

Nearly half of CLPs rejecting is big, if right ...
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