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Estimatd #Lab21 CLP faction wash-up frm NCC/card votes: @labtowin 47% (+26%) @PeoplesMomentum/@CLPD_Labour 35% (-27%), Ind Left/Soft Left/Oth 18% (+1%) - no clear @OpenLabour vote in that. Overall Left vote down frm 70% to 49% in NCC vote. Swing 26.5% to @labtowin since last conf
Just 2 add single parl candidate election card vote leadrship lost at #lab21 looks like a 1-off outlier 2 a pretty consistnt othr set of results. Howevr if u adjustd all oth result 4 that the result wd b @labtowin 39%, @PeoplesMomentum/@CLPD_Labour 35%, Ind Left/Soft Left/Oth 26%
For comparison with #Lab21 the #Lab19 CLP vote breakdown was as follows:
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This isn’t going to get much attention today but worth noting. #Lab19 is still just about ongoing and they’ve just unanimously passed a motion which pledges to maintain Freedom of Movement as part of any Brexit deal.
So...does this mean Freedom of Movement will be part of Labour’s Brexit deal which they’ll put against remain? Which will also include a customs union and single market alignment. So Norway+ essentially. That could be...politically tricky.
Labour source confirms that Freedom of Movement is now Lab policy as conf is “sovereign body”. When I asked if it will therefore be included in any Labour Brexit deal put to the people (vs remain) source said that’s up to the EU but “some form of it” could well be.
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Today Jeremy Corbyn promised to bring medical research into common ownership at #LabourConference2019. This is a huge campaign victory, and a huge challenge to the power of Big Pharma. Here’s what it means: (1/9) #Lab19
At the moment, medicines are produced by a monopoly of giant corporations for super profits. They cost our #NHS over £18bn last year - an increase of 4.6% from the previous year - and means it can’t afford some new medicines. People are dying, the NHS is being undermined. (2/9)
Luis Walker featured in Corbyn’s leaders’ speech is an 8-year old boy with cystic fibrosis. There’s a drug, Orkambi, that could alleviate his symptoms and slow the disease, potentially adding years to his life. But it’s too expensive for the NHS (£105,000!) (3/9)
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Standing ovation in the conference hall as Jeremy Corbyn calls on the PM to resign. “Johnson out!” shouts start again #Lab19
To counteract the possibility that the court ruling feeds into Johnson’s ‘people vs establishment’ narrative, Labour is highlighting the entitlement aspect of unlawful prorogation. “He thinks he’s above us all. He is part of an elite that disdains democracy.”
Corbyn now addresses this head on: “Johnson and his wealthy friends are not only on the side of the establishment, they are the establishment.”
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We’re here to discuss ‘Democracy Broken: Can Labour save politics from itself?’ with the @thefabians at #Lab19

We’ll be hearing from @lisanandy, @rokhsanafiaz, @BeckettUnite, @JN_Brock and our Director of Policy and Research, Dr Jess Garland.
#FabiansLPC19 Image
.@lisanandy starts off discussion by taking us back to the EU referendum.

‘How could it be that in a representative democracy we’d become so detached and unmoored that we couldn’t feel that political earthquake coming? This detachment has been felt for a very long time.’ #Lab19 Image
.@lisanandy: ‘The settlement we have in this country isn’t working for most people – investment concentrated in some areas, leaving others behind.

This system has failed to protect what matters most for people.’ #Lab19
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Feeling on the floor from some of the delegates is that Corbyn’s opponents have turned Composite 13 into a form of confidence vote on the Corbyn leadership, so lots of rallying around him/urging to vote it down. #Lab19
One member told me: “the media have made this about Jeremy so we need to support him.”
Screaming from the conf floor asking to be called. Shouts of “points of order!”
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For Labour to enact their amazing policies they need to win the election. They need to win over Labour leave seats to do this. By becoming a party officially backing remain, there's a real risk Labour will lose these seats by alienating voters in these constituencies. 1/7 #Lab19
Both the country & the party are clearly split on this. To sway one way or the other, as the Tories & Lib Dems have done, is surely not going to solve anything. There has to be compromise on both sides: leavers accepting that there should be another vote... 2/7 #Lab19 #LabConf19
the reasonable one being proposed by Corbyn & Labour - with leave still being an option - but under a much better deal; and remainers need to acknowledge that by Labour being pushed to adopt a staunchly remain position risks completely trashing how far the party's come 3/7 #Lab19
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McDonnell: “We are tight to give the people the final say on the deal on Brexit, deal or remain.” #Lab19
McDonnell: “Though I will campaign for Remain I profoundly respect those who wish to leave with a credible deal. I warn those who would revoke A50 without a democratic mandate. Just ask yourselves what message that would send to the people.” #Lab19
McDonnell just promised to:

-cap rents
-build a million homes.
-introduce full employment rights from day 1
-stop rollout of universal credit
-reintroduce collective bargaining where abolished

Alongside private schools, one of the most radical Labour platforms for years.
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Sadly #LabourConference2019 matters:
#Ofsted was enthusiastically embraced (and reformed) under Blair / Brown ... so it is sad - but inevitable - that #Labour under #Corbyn want to abolish it. Yet Ofsted has been a key part of driving up #educational #standards in England. 1/
Without any doubt children’s #education + #school outcomes are better with an #independent regulator. As a Blairite teacher put it to me:
“No one likes the referee in football but we need them”
Children’s education will be affected adversely if this plan goes ahead 2/
Then #Labour votes to abolish #privateschools + “redistribute” all building/assets = steal!
- obvs Corbyn, McDonnell, Milne, Lansman all ➡️ private schools (Watson did not .. but he’s a Tory now!)
- real Q= how do they integrate 600,000 extra #pupils (+ pay for this)? 3/
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BREAK: It is now Labour Party policy to effectively ban private schools. They will have to be integrated into the state system and forced to sell off land and assets if there’s a Labour govt. #lab19
This is the motion conference has just passed. “Endowments, investments and properties held by private schools to be redistributed democratically and fairly across the country’s educational institutions.”
Political implications?

Obvious one to me is that it almost certainly solidifies Tory vote in Home Counties/southern England who might have been toying with voting Lib Dem.
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.@sussex_police have responded

They have alleged something very serious that DID NOT happen.

They say I'm March 2019 I "threatened to kill people with a handgun & my 4x4."

1st, I didn't.
2nd, I don't own a 4x4
3rd, I was never arrested
4th, I'd be in jail

I will not have this
2/ Their decision say I was visited in March 2019 regarding this allegation.

I was never at any point, visited, interviewed, arrested or questioned about this or any other offense.

They have provided no proof either.

I have *never* at any point been arrested for terrorism
3/ I have made a representation and will have a response by 12.30 tomorrow.
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Just been accosted by Labour Party Marxists' Anne McShane outside a pub. She wanted to know if I was proud of myself. #LabourConference2019 #Lab19
She accused me of assisting a witchhunt against the Labour left, which will be due to my calling out antisemitism, something I'd always regarded as a duty for socialists. I replied that I was ashamed I'd ever been involved in a group that was now facilitating antisemitism.
And that she should be ashamed too. LPM is a front for the CPGB, a group that didn't used to obsess about anti-Zionism but has done that these last few years, spawning Labour Against the Witchhunt and presenting all concerns about antisemitism as some sort of Zionist conspiracy.
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It was the same last year, and the year before
@UKLabour remainers, you can composite, and posture, and tweet all you want

But until you have the integrity to displace Corbyn Labour will be a #Brexit party, who's leadership will torpedo remain…
@UKLabour #Lab19 honestly, grow up - you can have Corbyn or you can fight #Brexit, you can't have both

No one is saying anymore that a #Brexit deal will leave us better off - except your brexiter leader

He will wreck any remain campaign as long as he has any influence
@UKLabour #Lab19 the Watson coup wasn't even about #Brexit or the GE. The people you've handed control to don't even care about winning this GE, only how they secure the leadership after Corbyn fails

They have no interest in Labour voters

As long as you keep Corbyn, neither do you
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Absolutely packed room for the @AbolishEton fringe at #TWT19 #Lab19 🤩 ImageImage
"A private education doesn’t teach you to understand the world. It teaches you to be part of the class that runs it.” -@hollyarigby of @AbolishEton #twt19 #Lab19 Image
Cllr @AydinDikerdem showing us the brochure that Wandsworth Council distributes to parents *encouraging* them to send their kids to private school. Outrageous Image
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Having a sovereign conference, where the rank and file of the party can submit policies without having them subject to bureaucratic stitch-ups or obfuscatory composites, and then policies the conference votes for actually become party policy and are implemented in government...
...rather than policies being made up and announced unilaterally by ministers or having conference debates undermined by statements from the NEC or leader’s office issued right before they’re due to take place... just such basic, 101 stuff in terms of party democracy and empowering the membership. It’s a scandal how poor “Corbynism” has been on this stuff so far. #Lab19 #LabourConference2019
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We'll be at #Lab19 over the next few days. Please join us at these events: 1. @alisongcpag will be speaking at an event with @thefabians & @age_uk: 'Poverty and social security: How to defeat poverty across the generations', Sun 22nd, 5pm, Glyndebourne room, Holiday Inn Brighton
@alisongcpag @thefabians @age_uk 2. Our head of strategic litigation Carla Clarke will be speaking at the event: 'Do Your Duty for Equality' with @thefabians, @Poverty2Sols and @jrf_uk, Mon 23rd, 9am, Glyndebourne room, Holiday Inn Brighton
@alisongcpag @thefabians @age_uk @Poverty2Sols @jrf_uk 3. @alisongcpag will be speaking at @IPPR event on fairer welfare, Mon 23rd, 3pm, Hall 7, Hilton Brighton Metropole #Lab19 #LabourConference
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Tom Watson is much harder to get rid of than you realise: a thread.
There's no point signing petitions calling on the NEC to pass a motion of no confidence against Watson, even if they did it would have no effect as such a mechanism doesn't exist in the Labour Party Rule Book.
The only way to get rid of an incumbent deputy leader is for a challenger to be nominated by 20% of the combined PLP/ELP, as per Chapter Four, Clause II, subsection B, point iii of the Labour Party Rule Book.
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