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Today October 10th is World Mental Health day.
(yep it's still broken)
Here is my reminder to you that it's ok to talk about your mental health issues, anyone who would judge you for being open about struggles doesn't deserve a spot in your life.
#WorldMentalHealthDay #depression
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This #WorldMentalHealthDay millions of us are struggling with our mental health & finances.

Our research, published in June, found the #CostOfLivingCrisis is having a devastating impact on our #MentalHealth - with 1 in 5 UK adults saying they felt ‘unable to cope’. Text: Over half of UK adult...
But things have changed since then - that’s why we’ll be asking our Research Community again about their experiences soon.

We want to hear from as many voices as possible, to make sure we understand how the crisis is affecting people now & what practical solutions could help.
Would you be willing to share your story? As Amy explains, by joining our Research Community, you can share your ideas & help us campaign for change. Headshot of Research Commun...
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It's #WorldMentalHealthDay

While good, it means countless well-meant posts/platitudes encouraging people to reach out, open up, practice self care, etc.

Such things *can* help with mental health, sure. But you know what would really improve mental health all round?


Whether it's #WorldMentalHealth or any of the other many related occasions, one common theme is that the messaging pretty much always focuses on the 'stuff that doesn't actually cost anything to anyone with any power'. And that's... not great, really.

Telling people to 'reach out to someone' is good advice. Although the onus is on the person struggling with mental health to actually do the work or pay the phone bill.

"I'm here to talk" is also nice. But talk isn't exactly pricey, as the old saying goes (sort of)

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Здравствуйте, прекрасные! С этого твита стартует тред, посвящённый Всемирному дню психического здоровья. Тред будет состоять из ответов на вопросы, которые в течение нескольких дней задавали люди в моём профиле. Перед тем, как мы начнём (по традиции) будет несколько дисклеймеров
Дисклеймер №1 Если вы считаете, что психиатрия не настоящая медицинская специальность, а шарлатанство и/или карательная практика, то можно не высказывать своё мнение. Я на это даже не буду отвечать, как делал во всех своих тредах
Дисклеймер №2 Я не отвечу на все вопросы, которые мне задали, хотя бы потому что какие-то из них требуют полноценной врачебной консультации, а некоторые так и вообще уходят больше в область клинической психологии. Но даже и без них нам будет о чём поговорить сегодня. Поехали!
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On #WorldMentalHealthDay, we thought we’d take a look at one of the best-known economics textbooks, Greg Mankiw’s Principles of Economics, to see how the discipline treats mental health…
There are many links between mental health and economics. Mental health can be impacted by peoples’ working situation, their level of income, and the state of the macroeconomy. Similarly, mental health can impact productivity, well-being, and other economic outcomes.
These issues are recognised in some areas of the economics literature, for instance Layard (2013) or Knapp and Wong (2020).……
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It's #WorldMentalHealthDay and #MenopauseAwarenessMonth.

One of the hardest impacts of #perimenopause for me has been anxiety. I've written about the ways it's kicked my fucking ass…
There have been mornings when I am overwhelmed with an impending sense of doom. And I wonder if my anxiety–brand new, I was never an anxious person–is my despair at that fuckery that once flummoxed younger me.… #WorldMentalHealthDay #MenopauseAwarenessMonth
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Oggi non è un giornata come le altre, è la giornata Mondiale della salute mentale: un problema che interessa una persona su 8. Basta con lo stigma. Il problema della salute mentale è reale, ma allo stesso tempo ancora poco compreso. Vediamo perché. 1/n 🧵 #WorldMentalHealthDay
Alcuni numeri: ad esempio in Italia sono circa 3,5 milioni le persone con depressione ma, secondo un'indagine Istat, si calcola che meno della metà sia diagnosticata e che solo un paziente su 3 possa ottenere cure adeguate. 2/n
Diffidate da chi vi dice che la malattia mentale sia uno stato d'animo passeggero o una colpa individuale. E lasciate perdere chi vi dice di non chiedere aiuto perché sarete soltanto giudicati. 3/n
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🧵 Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay.

Our research published in 2020 found that #Rohingya refugees in #Bangladesh continue to experience severe mental health impacts of genocide and atrocity crimes perpetrated in Myanmar, affecting their lives after physical wounds have healed. 1/ Image
Most Rohingya survey participants reported experiencing “recurrent thoughts or memories of the most hurtful or terrifying events” (97.6%), “feeling as though the event is happening again” (96.6%), and “recurrent nightmares” (82.2%). 2/

📸 Saiful Huq Omi, Counter Foto Image
Rohingya reported experiencing symptoms of anxiety and depression, incl “worry[ing] too much about things” (92.5%), “feeling sad” (91.3%), “loss of interest in things [they] previously enjoyed doing” (89.5%), & “feeling tense” (88.7%). 3/

📸 Saiful Huq Omi, Counter Foto Image
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Fuimos a la tlapalería a comprar una cuerda. Cuando le pregunté a mi papá para qué la quería, respondió que el portero se la había pedido. Mientras él compraba la cuerda, yo lo esperaba recargada sobre un encino. Sus raíces eran tan grandes que habían destruido la banqueta. (1/3)
Semanas después regresamos a la tlapalería a comprar pintura escarlata para el portero. Entonces noté que el tronco del encino había sido marcado con una gran “X” blanca. Compramos dos botes de pintura y los guardamos en la cajuela del coche junto a la cuerda. (2/3)
Al día siguiente, el portero pintó la puerta del edificio color escarlata, mi papá se ahorcó con la cuerda y los empleados de la delegación podaron el encino. Hojas doradas cubrieron la calle, los transeúntes las pisaban sin mayor agobio. (3/3)

Continua 👇
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It's #WorldMentalHealthDay. I have lived with depression since my teens, and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder almost 12 years ago now. Recovery is about living well in the presence or absence of symptoms, and it is possible. It's not easy, but it is possible. 🧵
I'm well medicated. That took a long time. But, I will take meds for the rest of my life. I don't know how to sleep without drugs now because I'm sedated at night. I wake up with a chemical hangover every day.
I fight my weight continually these days because the drugs screw with my metabolism and eating patterns and will-power. I laugh it off, but it messes with my confidence something chronic. It's the biggest side effect of staying relatively sane most of the time.
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Today is #WorldMentalHealthDay

We might not realize it, but trading is a demanding activity & can be incredibly stressful. Most traders spend most of their time thinking about the markets & their P&L but not nearly enough about their mental wellness.…
If you ignore stress and anxiety, they always catch up—our bodies keep score. What's the point of making money, if you aren't healthy.

Your physical health is influenced by your mental health. If you're stressed, it'll show up physically.

Taking care of your mental well-being isn't rocket science. The basics like eating well, getting enough sleep, regular exercise, periodic breaks, & spending time with your family can go a long way.

Here's a really good guide on self-care from @Verywell…
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События последних двух лет,
бросили персональный вызов многим из нас. Пандемия коронавируса, война в Украине и связанные с ними изменения вовне не могли не затронуть того, что у нас внутри - нашу психику. В последнее время забота о психическом благополучии вышла на первый план
Многие на своём опыте поняли, что психическое здоровье - это такая же по важности часть нашей нормальной повседневности, как физическое здоровье. Это был тяжёлый и болезненный урок, но многим он пошёл впрок, научив обращать внимание на самое важное - на самих себя
Без самих себя, без устойчивого психического состояния мы не сможем сопротивляться всем невзгодам и бедам, которые случаются с нами. Эта та самая инвестиция (необязательно в денежном выражении), которая в будущем принесёт много выгоды и позволит осваивать новое и двигаться вперёд
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Shocking news is coming from Kaimur, Bihar where a woman jumped into the well with her 3 children after a verbal argument with her husband. Matrimonial discords do nt need Laws, Police or courts. It needs proper counselling involving mental health experts
All four including the 32 yrs old Woman Rinku Devi, 8 yrs old Balbir. 4 yrs old Richa and 3 yrs old Aryan died in this unfortunate incident .What was the fault of these innocent kids? Police arrested the Husband Bind Chaudhary.
Rest In Pace , Om Shanti
#WorldMentalHealthDay ImageImage
Three months back in a similar incident in Lalitpur, MP a 31 yrs old Woman Rajkumari threw 3 of her minor children into a well after a fight with her Husband., All the children died. Police later arrested the Woman and her Husband.
Rest In Pace , Om Shanti
#WorldMentalHealthDay ImageImage
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Yesterday, I was accused of belittling a serious mental health disorder by saying I was “a little OCD”. This person, who doesn’t know me, suggested what I really suffered with was merely an obsessiveness to be tidy.

A thread/
Whilst I don’t feel I need to justify myself to anyone, it did make me think more about how we judge people from our interactions on social media when we don’t really know them at all.

So as it’s #WorldMentalHealthDay I wanted to say…
Hi, I’m Jules & I suffer from high functioning anxiety.

If you don’t know what that entails, this article explains perfectly how I feel every single day:…
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If you do one thing today, check in on someone. #WorldMentalHealthDay

Here’s how 🧵👇

Bookmark this tweet, so you’ve got it when you need it. Retweet to help us reach more people 💚
1️⃣ Mention the signs.

If you think someone might be struggling, trust your gut and ask them how they’re doing.

Signs can look different in everyone, and it’s OK to gently mention any signs you’ve noticed. If someone is struggling to cope, they may be... tired, agit
2️⃣ Try to reassure them that:

💚 They’re absolutely not a burden
💚 It’s OK to open up
💚 You’re there for them
💚 There’s nothing to be ashamed of
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"It is time to end all forms of stigma and discrimination against people with mental health conditions, for whom there is double jeopardy: the impact of the primary condition and the severe consequences of stigma."

New @TheLancet Commission…
"What I do know is there are a lot of us fighting. We need understanding and empathy to maintain good physical and mental health. We need support, not shame."

New Essay by Jessica Catchpole…
"Anti-stigma programmes are most effective when people with lived experience are involved as co-producers in all aspects of development, and when target groups are consulted on programme content and delivery."

Our Editorial for #WorldMentalHealthDay…
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This #WorldMentalHealthDay we take a look at The Hindu's stories highlighting the importance of mental health. Image
#WorldMentalHealthDay | Poor #mentalhealth amongst employees costs Indian companies a combined $14 billion a year due to absenteeism, attrition and other reasons, Deloitte estimated in a report after surveying almost 4,000 workers.
#WorldMentalHealthDay | Taking up a sustainable and holistic approach that involves the community, Actor #DeepikaPadukone’s #LiveLoveLaugh (LLL) Foundation has launched a rural mental health programme in #Tiruvallur district on Saturday.
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The WHO theme for #WorldMentalHealthDay 2022 is to make Mental Health and Well-being a priority a global priority, which is very apt, considering the rapid & exponential growth of Mental illnesses & disorders in the World population.
What can we do, on our individual levels?

1) Start at home : Make your own mental health a priority.
Seek professional help if required,talk to a friend about how you have been feeling,include a hobby that makes you happy in routine.
Start with your own mental health & hopefully, this shall create a ripple effect.

2) Destigmatize Mental Health issues : Stigma stops people not only from seeking help and talking to their loved one about their mental health issues,it also stops them from reflecting and accepting the struggles they have been facing to themselves.
It's time that changes.

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It's #WorldMentalHealthDay.

Close to 1️⃣ billion people have a #MentalHealth disorder. Despite the magnitude of mental ill health, relatively few people around the 🌍 have access to quality mental health services.

Let's make mental health & well-being for all a global priority!
The serious gaps in #MentalHealth care are a result of chronic under-investment. This #WorldMentalHealthDay we call on more investment for mental health care for all!

📌 Give mental health and phys...
#COVID19 has created a 🌐 crisis for mental health, fueling short & long-term stresses & undermining the #MentalHealth of millions.

#Depression & anxiety went ⬆️ by more than 25% in the first year of the pandemic alone

Photo: Getty Images A person wearing a mask is ...
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nadine for @RankMagazine
Makeup @jellyeugenio
Styling @joannagee
Hair @paulnebreshair using @DysonHair @wpi_ph
#hairbypaulnebres #nadinelustre
©️djmagbanua Image
Day 6 🎥
©️red_mikhail (09/14/22) Image
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Thread lungo in aggiornamento.

Ogni anno il 10/10 è la #GiornataMondialeDellaSaluteMentale #WorldMentalHealthDay

Ho pubblicato un video (l'indirizzo lo trovate nel thread ⬇️) e spero vi piaceranno i 10 minuti che abbiamo preparato.


Il tema del 2021 era emblematico: "Salute Mentale in un Mondo Diseguale". Perché nei Paesi a reddito più basso è più difficile occuparsi di salute mentale. E anche nei Paesi a reddito più alto è più difficile per i poveri avere accesso alle cure.

Sì, perché occorre ricordare che povertà e malattia mentale vanno insieme. Le difficoltà di stabilire relazioni, di avere una buona istruzione, di ottenere e mantenere un lavoro fanno parte della malattia mentale. E sono particolarmente invalidanti.


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A disproportionate number of people with #Schizophrenia smoke vs the general population. Are they self-medicating with nicotine? Can #SaferNicotine products help them stop smoking?
Thread 🧵
A high strength nicotine e-cigarette has the potential to help people with schizophrenia spectrum disorders to quit or reduce smoking.…

Cognitive and early sensory alterations are core features of schizophrenia. A single dose of nicotine can improve those features in patients.…
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We must all do better on mental health
It's a shame to see some of the social media say, do gaps on #WorldMentalHealthDay
Reminder England laws for unfounded claims on SoMe, which can impact mental health of wrongly targetted:
Tort of deceit
Sections 1(1) of Defamation Act 2013).
1/2 As a holder of LLB (half LLM), PGDL, criminal, civil law in England, UK, International law @NorthumbriaUni and holding @NCTJ_news media law essentials from former national, international journo days, it's frustrating see how many PRs miss the essentials of law and...
The legal risk of making assumptions is too high when being evidence-led, very practice of PR, is good practice
I'm sure @DBanksy has a bit to say on this,on the risks of using social media for unfounded claims which have been known to impact mental health
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It’s #worldmentalhealthday and despite progress made around acknowledging mental health needs, suicide is still the 10th leading cause of death in the US and the 2nd leading cause of death among high-school aged youth #SuicidePrevention #ph260720
According to the @CDC_DASH Youth Risk Behavior Survey, 4 out of 5 suicide variables measured have seen an increase from 2009-2019 #SuicidePrevention #ph260720 Image
Suicide variables already increased pre-pandemic. Do you think emergency department visits for suspected suicide attempts among young people went up or down during 2020 & 2021? #SuicidePrevention #ph260720
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