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Looking forward to todays 'Making a difference in Wales' conference, organised by @MHAWSNAG, at @RCNWales. There will be tweets and the hashtag to follow is ➡️#MHNWales19
@MHAWSNAG @RCNWales @WeMHNurses @Mental_Elf @MHNAUK @benhannigan @niadla @cityalan @UniteinHealth @Unite_MHNA @GavinFergie @HazelPowell11 Here's the flier for todays @MHAWSNAG event. The focus of the event is on the Mental Health Nursing Framework for Wales which you can access here:… #MHNWales19
@MHAWSNAG @RCNWales @WeMHNurses @Mental_Elf @MHNAUK @benhannigan @niadla @cityalan @UniteinHealth @Unite_MHNA @GavinFergie @HazelPowell11 First up, @HazelPowell11 is welcoming everyone to the day. She's talked about the aims for today and pointed us towards the days agenda 👀⬇️. We're also warned that we'll all be making pledges later, on how we'll support the role out of the Framework. #MHNWales19
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I’m a few days late, but I want to tell my story for #WorldMentalHealthDay. I really struggled with whether I would share this. I’m still recovering &, to some extent, still fear retribution.

That being said, I feel I have a responsibility as someone with a platform to speak up.
When I was in college, I dated someone I thought was perfect. Everyone liked him. He was smart, kind, genuine. I hit the jackpot, I thought.

Just 1 month in, he started to change. In public, he was wonderful. In private, he was a different person.
As our relationship progressed, he got worse. He checked my phone for text messages; forbade me from seeing my friends; yelled at me for hours into the night.

Then, the death threats came.
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This year's #WorldMentalHealthDay in UK included more voices than ever before fed-up with the bunting and awareness-raising pointing out that change has not come quickly enough. This is a thread has always been present but has really gathered steam over the last couple of years
A few things have contributed to this. There's more people each year for whom things haven't 'got better'. More people finding their connections with each other organically, not through membership of organisations and initiatives. And there's the effect of policy on communities
I think also connection via social media has moved #mentalhealth into being a political rather than personal issue. More people are asking concrete questions and making concrete demands that are not about changing attitudes in everyday life but changing policy and public spending
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Feeling vindicated by a new paper on the Lusi mud volcano disaster in Marine & Petroleum Geology.

This is not your usual geoscience paper! The author is a Professor of English – and you do not often see geoscience papers that are written like this one!

First, a bit of history.

Lusi, or Lumpur Sidoarjo, is a unique disaster that I have covered quite a lot, most recently as part of the #MudVolcanoOfTheDay series here:

Debate on how this disaster was triggered is ongoing, & basically falls into two camps. One side argues the disaster resulted from an accident in the adjacent gas exploration well. The other camp argues Lusi was triggered by a big quake that struck 250km away, 2 days earlier.
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I met an Associate Product Manager at #ProductTank last night, who asked my advice about staying sane in what he could see what becoming a stressful job.

I'm the spirit of #WorldMentalHealthDay I'll share my advice:
Product management is one of the most stressful roles.

You're outnumbered by developers, support, sales, and everyone else... often the only one of your kind on the team.

Start by acknowledging how tricky it'll be, and be prepared to be forgiving of yourself 👐
Figure out where pressure is coming from:

Is it coming from yourself, as you're constantly pushing yourself to be the best PM you can be?

That's okay, there's some ways you can help get a healthy balance, hopefully helping you to ease up on the internal pressure.
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Just saw Joker today. On #WorldMentalHealthDay, no less!

Was concerned coz my fellow QPOC pals said it's problematic, but honestly, I think it's a *great* film. An *important* film.

And, speaking as someone with mental illness, I'm glad this film exists.

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I don't share this often: I have gory intrusive thoughts.

Never acted on 'em, but still. I was an angry, narcissistic loner kid. When I hear a news story of a shooter, I think – if it weren't for LGBTQ-supportive pals & counselling – I could've been a monster.

[thread 2/5]
THAT'S the point Joker was making: if we don't better support our most vulnerable, lots of people *will* go down that path.

I thought it was dang clear Joker was NOT glorifying monsters, but *showing us* we need to change our society so it stops creating monsters.

[thread 3/5]
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A short thread:

I havent shared this here, because, well… but I think its worth it on #WorldMentalHealthDay. Not for sympathy, but for awareness.

A few weeks ago, my uncle took his own life.

Like me, he was a career 1st responder. He had been retired for less than 90 days.
In his case, as in many cases, its evident that his decision rested at a confluence of emotions, not all of them understood.

What is known is that he was having a difficult time w/ retirement. As he saw it, his purpose -his ability to take care of the public/his crew- was over.
As I have spent the past few weeks thinking about his life and his death, two things strike me...
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On #WorldMentalHealthDay I would like to say something about a person I advocate for, about #PIP & @DWP & how, over a period of 18 months, this person's mental health was pushed to crisis point again and again by a system designed not to support mental health but to punish it.
With permission to talk about this from the person involved, I want to tell you about how their mental health deteriorated as a direct result of the #PIP system and @DWP decision making, requiring them to access interventions from community MH team, home-based treatment, A&E...
How @DWP decided this person was not eligible for #PIP because of a degree obtained 15 years ago, because they could drive a car, because they owned a business (even though they had not worked due to ill health for a month)...
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Last year on #WorldMentalHealthDay, I shared I was starting therapy. Weird to realize it's been a year.

Here's an update: After 6 months of therapy, I finally spoke to my doctor about going on an antidepressant.

And it's the best thing I've ever done for myself.
Here's my story: My family moniker has been Eeyore since I was a kid, which should tell you something about me and my moodiness.

As I got older, I called my moods "funks." I'd go in an out of them, with no apparent pattern. Sometimes it'd last a few days, sometimes weeks.
Tired, unmotivated, apathetic, I let them wreck havoc on my life, particularly when it came to school and later work.

But I considered them a personal failing on my part. I thought I couldn't cope with them because I just wasn't strong enough, motivated enough, whatever.
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On #WorldMentalHealthDay, we must bring attention to the mental health crisis that disproportionately impacts black youth. In the past 25 years, suicide rates have gone up for black children ages 5 to 11. As a mother, this is deeply personal to me.
I’m part of an emergency task force that’s working to address this crisis. We need funding and policies that support schools as sites of intervention. Schools should have enough mental health professionals and services for their students.
Disciplinary practices disproportionately affect black students and students struggling with their mental health. We need to look at the role suspensions and expulsions play in this crisis.
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Many times there’s a stigma surrounding vulnerability, however I believe being vulnerable can be a source of strength for yourself & also others bc it let’s others know it’s completely okay not being okay all of the time.

That’s why I’m sharing my story.

There are 3 main instances in my life where I heavily struggled with my mental health.

I grew up in a small city where I was one of the only person of color in my entire middle school. I had just transferred schools & I was singled out quickly for being the new kid.
I not only looked different than most of the students, but the plastic container of rice & curry my Mum made for me smelled vastly differently to them than their packaged PB&J sandwiches they brought to the cafeteria.

This wasn’t acceptable by some of them.
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🌏🌍🌎🔥🧠 On #WorldMentalHealthDay, I'm thinking about how climate change and environmental degradation act on our mental, spiritual, emotional, and behavioral health.

It should come as no surprise that a rapidly changing environment changes us, too. 👇👇
In the face of global climate change, there are folks out there who believe their children have no future. Some of us can't bring ourselves to have children in the first place because of this environmental chaos.

You might be one of these people. (I might be!)
We have words for these feelings: ecoanxiety, climate grief, environmental melancholia, solastalgia, pre-traumatic stress disorder.

I know high-schoolers who are preparing for their future with an urgency and uncanny resignation they usually reserve for active-shooter drills.
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When my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer the stress triggered an early menopause, I was already caring for a life-limited daughter who had been born prematurely nearly 10 years previously, she was already under the hospital palliative team (thread)
The complexity of her care meant I was essentially a high-dependency nurse. I had no career, caring was my full time role. My husband died a year after diagnosis and then 13 months later my daughter lay in PICU and I had to make the decision to remove life support.
Our family of 6 became 4. Oh, did I mention that my boys both have a diagnosis of high-functioning autism? I was exhausted..grief, menopause, was draining me but I kept going until a silly car accident shook me up. I was diagnosed with PTSD. I realised that I was
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It is #WorldMentalHealthDay

▪️ 1 in 4 people experience mental health conditions worldwide.

▪️ But in the U.S., 60% of adults and 50% of youth don't get treatment, reports @NAMICommunicate.
@NAMICommunicate Access to mental health care is racially unequal in the U.S., says @NAMICommunicate.

Compared to white people, access is:
▪️ 50% lower for Black people
▪️ 50% lower for Latino people
▪️ 30% lower for Asian people

@NAMICommunicate Black people get "substantially" less treatment for mental illness than white people, says @APAPsychiatric.

Reasons include:
▪️ No availability
▪️ No insurance
▪️ Stigma
▪️ Racism/bias in the health industry

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after my 2nd suicide attempt, following over a decade of struggling with my mental health, all of my friends cut me off and i had to move out of my home, and NHS mental health services kept turning me away.

i realised i was going to have to get better on my own.

i had lost everything & been betrayed by the people i loved; i not only had to fight my way back from suicide without their support, i had to restart my life from scratch.

it was the most painful thing i have ever done. for a year, i just sat in my room at my parents' house.

i realised i had a choice, and this is the part i want to communicate.

i didn't immediately make new friends, and the NHS mental health services still didn't want to know (A&E were even worse). even though i reached out and was refused help and wanted to give up, i didn't.

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1/4 This is one of the reasons I chose to do my CrossFit event this weekend, to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

#worldmentalhealthday #fitnessformentalhealth
For those that don't know, this weekend I will be completing a workout named Becky. Becky was a CrossFit coach and US military veteran who unfortunately suffered from PTSD and took her own life.

#WorldMentalHealthDay #fitnessformentalhealth
This weekend will be for all those suffering from mental health conditions and to those who unfortunately saw no other way out.

We need better support systems and we need to support each other, especially on our lowest days.

#WorldMentalHealthDay #fitnessformentalhealth
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#NationalReportOnLongStay #WorldMentalHealthDay
Survey of service users across 43 state psychiatric hospitals, 24 states shows 36.25% of people had lived within the confines of these facilities for one year or more.
Median duration of stay was 6 years; 1 in 10 had lived within these psychiatric facilities for 25 years or more, including one person who had spent all of 62 years of her life inside an institution.
Over three-quarters were living in closed wards – that is locked spaces with no time outdoors; at the time of survey 47 participants were living in solitary confinement in cells.
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Having anxiety & depression is like being scared & tired at the same time. It's the fear of failure, but no urge to be productive. It's wanting friends, but hating socializing. It's wanting to be alone, but not wanting to be lonely. It's thinking, but feeling paralyzingly numb.
Contrary to popular belief, anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, per se, but rather it is the perceived realization that you lack the necessary ability in order to control the outcome of vital future events

It is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind
Depression isn't always sadness, it can also be an assortment or complex meld of emptiness, anger, tiredness or loneliness.

Reminder: Sometimes a cry for help isn't so visible, that's why we must be on the lookout to catch the precursors to severe depression in our loved ones.
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I'm seeing a lot of flack directed at awareness weeks. I can see they are problematic and can be viewed as a cheap way of acknowledging an issue without addressing the root causes / issues underpinning them.
Particularly around mental health there is a justifiable anger about focus on certain more 'acceptable' forms over others and the gaping void between intent and outcome of 'talk to someone'.
Awareness weeks are a chance for people with lived experience to come forward, talk about it and encourage others to either talk of their own if ready or seek support.
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#GratitudeDay 2 : opportunities to play many different instruments, and taking a snare solo yesterday with BABAM.
#GratitudeDay 3 : @zapizzaandsalad has had their fig pizza for a seemingly long duration, so I've been able to have it several times.
@zapizzaandsalad #GratitudeDay 4 : for a new simple recipe easily converted to making in an Instant Pot.
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This week @10DowningStreet announced the appointment of the UK’s first Minister for Suicide Prevention – a monumental move for CALM, everyone in this movement, and, importantly, everyone in the UK. Here's why, and how we got here. THREAD 👇
Around 6,000 lives are lost to #suicide in the UK every year. 76% of those are male, which makes suicide the biggest killer of men under 45.
Suicide has a huge emotional impact – on families, communities and on society as a whole. Government figures estimate the cost of each suicide at £1.67 million, but we know the real cost is the devastation each and every suicide leaves behind.
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It’s #WorldMentalHealthDay, and I am so proud to live in a time where people are starting to be more open about their mental health issues — because it’s important to reduce stigma and it helps others not feel alone, but also, in my case, it’s important for me to say the words.
It helps me for many reasons. When I talk about living with bipolar disorder and alcoholism, I am able to own those parts of my life — those parts of who I am — and that makes them less scary and more manageable.
Talking about it also reminds me that I have to remember that I face those issues. It’s easy for me, at moments, to convince myself that I am leading a pretty awesome life and have “moved past” them. Spoiler alert: I haven’t.
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It's #WorldMentalHealthDay. Time to talk about the impact of #Brexit on mental health. I am sure that much of what I am about to say is more broadly applicable, but, in the end, on something like this I can only tell my story. 1/
As I discovered last week when prepping for @CakeWatchCast, I have now been doing this campaigning for 1250+ days since May 2015. It has taken different forms. In the beginning it was about building a community of pro-EU academics, then against Brexit and for citizens' rights. 2/
My follower number has changed substantially. I'm a fairly well-known 'entity' now - that in itself is a story all of its own in terms of the personal impact. But what I really want to say is that this obviously isn't my job, nor am I a politician with a programme. 3/
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In honour of #WorldMentalHealthDay, let's talk about how the Legislature of California has been passing laws to systematically limit the rights of mentally ill people for many years — largely without any public criticism. A thread:
Like most jurisdictions, California law has long allowed a person to be taken into custody and imprisoned if the person presents an imminent danger to themselves or others. This is a form of preventive detention — imprisoning somebody because of what they might do.
Preventive detention is a potential threat to liberty, because the person might not actually have done the thing that the state is preventing them from doing. Crystal balls are imperfect, and a person's freedom hangs in the balance.
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