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When the Air Force (Helicopters) of a country, #Iraq, carry the coffins of those assassinated by a guest country, #US. Do you @realDonaldTrump believe your troop will be safe in Iraq after your violation of the agreement with the Iraqi government?

@realDonaldTrump The 1st of 3 expected Funerals in three cities of #Iran today and tomorrow of the most famous and loved #Qassemsoleimani General assassinated by the #US in #BaghdadAirportAttack . The US and neocon sitting in tanks all day, pretending & trying hard to think, believe he is hated
@realDonaldTrump The will of the most famous General in #Iran Sardar Haj #QassemSuleimani assassinated by the #US in #BaghdadAirportAttack:
A دثقغ simple grave with the name of "the soldier Qassem Soleimani, without any Flowery phrases (praising compliments)"
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Okay, this Europol on Telegram thing worked, easily the heaviest hit jihâdism online has ever taken. I like how most of the old channels simply lost their admins, the channels are still available as an archive. Good for research.
In the past most action was intended to wipe propaganda - especially videos - from the web. Made it somewhat annoying to search for older things but really didn't work.
This was about distribution of new propaganda. The only cases I specifically remember in the past was the 10 years 911 video of #AQ and #AQAP's Inspire (don't remember the issue) that were delayed some days due to high pressure by security services.
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1)Breaking: Reports that #ISIS leader #Baghdadi killed in a #US op in #Idlib, #Syria. No official confirmation yet. ISIS silent on the matter thus far. Tho various reports in the past claimed his death, this claim def carries more weight.
2) If confirmed, Baghdadi’s death is a huge blow to #ISIS & its intern network. However, based on group's history (death of Zarqawi & other leaders), ISIS has illustrated its operational resiliency, and will def capitalize on Baghdadi’s death for recruitment & calls for attacks
3) Tho #Idlib would not be first guess as to his whereabouts, it’s not surprising at all. #Syria was #ISIS' stronghold in the country, and it’s leadership still holds prominence in region. Idlib is still a hub of various jihadi groups including #AQ affiliates.
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"We're doing better" at using all elements of nat'l power, per @FDD_CMPP Chair, former Nat'l Sec Adviser, ret LTG HR McMaster at @FDD

But warns against viewing military ops as "ends in and of themselves"
@FDD_CMPP @FDD "The map of the world is being reshaped" per @JCZarate1 at @FDD "There's a physical reshaping, there's a virtual reshaping... You also have reshaped alliances"
"We are not very good at not just combining elements of power but thinking about how the asymmetric properties of the global environment are actually taking place & how we operate in it" per @JCZarate1
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As @azelin just posted, a previously unknown jihâdist group - Humât al-Tawhîd - has claimed killing King Salmân b. 'Abd al-'Azîz's bodyguard 'Abd al-'Azîz al-Fagham. #KSA
@azelin The group first appeared in early September, their first statement "Fight the Allies of Satan" is dated 02 Muharram 1441. The group has since released two short video clips and a number of short infographics detailing its belief system.
@azelin The group is clearly salafî-jihâdî, rather certainly not linked to #IS, and probably also independent of #AQ. The guidelines for terrorist operations announced by the group look stricter than those of either before mentioned movements.
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1) #alQaeda releases eulogy for group veteran Abu Khalad al-Muhandis (AKA Sari Shihab) two days after AQ-aligned Hurras al-Deen in Syria reports he was killed in a car-bombing in #Idlib on Aug 22. Unclear who killed him, though car bombing (not airstrike) suggests local rivals.
2) Abu Khalad was friend & brother in-law of high-ranking AQ official and top FBI-wanted subject Saif al-Adel & is thought to be released from Iranian prison w him in 2015. He was also close w Zarqawi & cofounded AQ in Iraq w him. More recently, Abu Khalad was active on Telegram.
3) #alQaeda has never formally endorsed Hurras al-Deen, but the latter’s announcement of Abu Khalad’s death is another indicator of how many al-Qaeda figures comprise the group and how much al-Qaeda Central quietly backs it.…
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THREAD: here is some expansion on what I discussed on @MSNBC @KasieDC RE: what could be done yesterday to elevate our Federal #DomesticTerrorism prevention efforts, h/t to @tribelaw for the thread prompt and @SeamusHughes for his insight 1/
My former office, @DHSgov Ofc of Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention once had a budget of $22 mil now $2.7-3 mil and once 40 FTEs now 7-10 FTEs, the #Trump Admin actively atrophied the office w/ specific focus on #DomesticTerrorism prevention programming 2/
This systematic atrophy included the pulling back of announced grant funding for programs specific to #DomesticTerrorism (DT) prevention, grant award were pulled back from #LifeAfterHate bc the org was critical of #Trump for example (evidence in FOIA req) 3/
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Ex-Nusra (#AQ rebranded HTS) walked into its own death by taking a large territory in #Idlib and its surrounding. The defeat of large groups like Ahrar and Souqourv al-Sham (who showed little resistance) and the elimination of Zinki group will have deadly consequences on AQ.+
No doubt #Turkey asked Ahrar et al to stand down & avoid fighting (for now). It means #Ankara would be happy to see the end of its presence in #Idlib on the long term. For this, Erdogan needs to see a very large battle taking place first in the north between these groups and #AQ
Erdogan & Putin will have a meeting soon to discuss the #Kurds and #AQ in #Idlib. I expect hot spring in Idlib and a large offensive against Hayat Tahrir al-Sham. Abu Mohammad al Joulani's ambition (from ex-ISIS emir to AQ Emir to ruler of Idlib) is helping to end this phenomena.
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I can only see positiveness in the expansion of al-Qaeda in #Syria. The more cities and villages it controls, the faster it will lose.

#AQ in Syria is trying to earn the heart and minds of the locals but it is trying to full up their pockets. This group has learned nothing.
Today I am very confident & much more positive that #Turkey will not occupy north of #Syria and will not stay in the territory it occupies today for ever.

@RT_Erdogan is confirming his strategic relationship with #Russia & #Iran is more precious than #USA
#AQ was planning long ago to expand its control. #Turkey rejected Joulani's wishes for very long. By accepting or closing an eye on the ex-#ISIS Emir, i.e. Abu Mohammad al-Joulani, #Turkey has found the best way to liberate itself from al-Qaeda's burden.
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1, At this very moment perhaps several thousand Al-#Qaeda & #ISIS fighters are in the open near #Manbij threatening 🇺🇸 @USSOCOM. If @realDonaldTrump does not give orders to eliminate the people who attacked NYC @NancyPelosi should force an impeachment vote this week. #ORANGEISIS New York on 911
2. Make the @GOP admit they are really traitors or, if not, willing to remove their own party's President. Whether motion passes or fails, the 116th @HouseJudiciary can bring impeachment articles. Make the 115th @GOP go on record as #AQ supporters. Then make them own it in 2020.
3. Trump and his pal @RT_Erdogan are supporting the ISIS AQ Jihadists. Teach the Manbij Jihadist force what being a US enemy means. @CENTCOM must unleash B-1 racks of SDBs for 12 hours of hell. Put Al-Qaeda and ISIS on the run.

Do it for New York. @NYPDCT @ChiefPentSpox
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1️⃣ Let’s see if @IlhanMN knows what she’s talking about,

This is a simple challenge:

What is moral compass? What is the definition?

In fact, #Leftists, #MBrotherhood use the same tactic where they sink people in floating terminologies.

2️⃣ Before we’re dragged 2 deception, we should ask the essential questions that #Leftists & #MBrotherhood are not able 2 answer, so we can educate people to expose scams that leads 2 division through glamorous terms like peace, human rights, freedoms and justice.
3️⃣ #Leftists & #MBrotherhood led by #Obama, #Hillary supported the largest wave of violence in ME, stretching Arabian Gulf 2 Atlantic, leaving millions of dead, wounded & displaced, yet they’re bragging about values ​​of humanity without a shred of shame.

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Ladies/Gent: don't bother.
#USA killed many top AQ in #Idlib; is aware it is the biggest concentration & gathering of AQ; the US establishment is not fooled but fully aware of the situation. Thus, it will stand against any attack on Idlib, period.

Only if #Russia's biggest military manoeuver in the Mediterranean remains in the Mediterranean until the end of #Idlib ops, it may persuade the #USA not to bomb #Syria.

Did you realise that if #USA bomb #Syria, the #idlib operation won't stop? The bombing would give a little boost to al-Qaeda that is on #Turkey #Russia #USA terrorist list but won't stop the end of #AQ and Jihadists control of #Idlib.

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Beware #Canada: Any terrorism threat should be taken seriously.

RT: " #SaudiArabia threatening to use 9/11 style against Canada and Canadian citizens. The Tweet has been deleted. @RalphGoodale @CanadaFP @JustinTrudeau @rcmpgrcpolice @HarjitSajjan" via @Brasco_Aad
This is the first time #SaudiArabia overtly terrorises the west: In the past

1. Saudi threatened to retrieve $750 bn from the US is JASTA law is implemented
2. Saudi threatened to stop any financial support to the UN if accused of violating Human rights

#SaudiArabia changed its deleted tweet, unaware it can never be deleted and hidden, in a photoshop, the 9/11 hijacked plan used by #AQ.

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Just for you all to keep in mind:

#Russia will never ask #Iran (and allies) to pull out of #Syria or out of the south of #Syria.

Russia wants to avoid further clashes between #Israel & #Iran in Syria and will try to do so to the benefit of the central government In #Damascus.
#Russia understands that #Iran was in #Syria 1st (2013 heavily) to help #Damascus to fight #ISIS, #AQ and their allies supported (finance, weapons, intel) by Arab, Israel and western countries to stop "regime change".

Russia came to join the already ongoing effort in 2015.
Unlike what many "pop-corn analysts", "Twitter or divan journalists/analysts" might say, #Assad - although very grateful for Moscow's intervention not only in Syria but also at the UN and various platforms - can and did disagree with #Russia in few battles north and south.
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Asking the Syrians gov not to retake Syrian territory and advertising for a "terrible civilian toll" is a deja vu. A ridiculous anti-Syria report by @crisisgroup.
De-confliction never included #ISIS and #AQ.

Keeping the Calm in Southern Syria…
Watch all the "sensitive" analysts now turning in direction of southern #Syria (never #Yemen of course): whenever the Syrian Army wants to recover the control of territories under #ISIS #AQ or their Jihadists allies, the same old story starts picking up.

Prepare yourself for south #Syria ops: "Chemical attacks", "last doctor", "Last Hospital", "hundred thousands under siege and without food for medicine".

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1+/ Many Syrians I spoke to on the ground told me:" We have tried the opposition, #AQ #ISIS. Because of these, we are so grateful to return under the ruling of a government no matter who is ruling. These have destroyed our country with no purpose but to return to 2011 situation".
2+/ Syrians on the ground, who were opposing #Assad:" Different rebels fought one another in the street, over taxes, money, food supply, humanitarian aids, imposing taxes on merchandise w/o offering security at least. We are at a point where #Assad looks almost as a saver to us".
3+/ #Syrian. on the ground told me:" Eight years of war for no purpose. Today the west wants to bomb us. We don't care anymore because we want either to die or to end this nightmare and go back to our previous life".
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The first busses carrying hundreds of "Jaish al-Islam" and members of their families are leaving NOW #Duma. The beginning of clearing #Damascus. #Syria.
626 "Jaish al-Islam" militants/families have left #Ghouta towards #Aleppo - #Jarablus . The evacuation is slow because the Syrian Army wants to make sure the 100s of millions (JAL requested to take away $900 m but the request was rejected) r not taken away
Jaish al-Islam is expected to join the fight against #AQ & other Jihadists under #Turkey flag in the city and rural #Idlib where #Ankara is planning to eliminate those who don't obey its agenda. #Russia threatened #Idlib if #AQ remain in it, strong.
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NEW - #Ahrar al-Sham & Nour al-Din al-Zinki have merged, creating Jabhat Tahrir Souriya, branded with “green” revolutionary flag.

- Ahrar leader Hassan Soufan = leader
- #Zinki leader Tawfiq Shahbuddin = deputy

“JTS” calls on other groups to join for greater unity.
#pt: What does “JTS’s” formation mean?

- Unlikely to be a full merger, but closer Ahrar-Zinki coordinating ties have been clear for months.

- Northern #Syria’s two biggest non-#HTS factions are compiling (with Syrian Islamic Council backing) pressure on #Jolani & HTS.
I’m told that x4 sub-factions of #HTS have agreed to join the newly formed Jabhat Tahrir Souriya (#JTS) and at least x5 others are negotiating possible terms.

#Syria #Idlib
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Missiles launched over #Damascus; Rockets over the Golan Heights and a drone downed over #Israel: all in the last hour.

Israel said it is "an #Iranian drone". If that is the case, it is a "forced reconnaissance" to exhaust the Israeli defence system, #Hezbollah's style.
#Israel F-16 downed by what seems to be #Syria air defence system
#BreakingNews: Private source
All Syrian military and intelligence and their allies (#Hezbollah) positions in #Syria and #Lebanon on full alert
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