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#CongressHearings: there was a third option between continous war and surrender to the #Taliban. Win that war, empower the people and reform the educational system.
There was no option to go in, defeat the Taliban in 2001, and leaving with no change in society. Like going to n WWII Nazi Germany, and leave without establishing a democratic republic.
In my view any #TalibanDeal is wrong, as would have been a #NaziDeal, or #FascistDeal. But the "deal" that was applied by the #Biden Adm on the ground, facilitated the rise of a #JihadiState. Reality on the ground.
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Pro-#AQ media channels on Telegram today published in Pdf, the second updated edition of Fayez Mohammed Ahmed al-Kandari's book, entitled: “Serious affliction and new birth, fourteen years in Guantánamo”.

1/ Short thread:

Who is al-Kandari?
Al-Kandari is a Kuwaiti jihadist, detained from 2002 to 2016 in the prison of Guantanamo Bay (central topic of the book, the author's dedication quoted: “I will not try to convince you, but I will try to put truth, grave affliction and new birth in your hands”).

Al-Kandari is a Jihad veteran, recruited militants for the Afghan-Soviet war, trained and worked in the Khaldan camp. He personally knew Osama bin Laden and was with him in Tora Bora. Member of #alQaeda and alleged leader of AQ and member of the #AQC.
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NEW: Just released @UN report warns of "heightened threats emerging" from #ISIS #alQaida affiliated groups worldwide

"This is especially true in parts of West and East #Africa" per the report, based on member state intelligence
In West/East #Africa, affiliates of #ISIS #alQaida "can boast gains in supporters and territory under threat, as well as growing capabilities in fundraising & weapons, for example, in the use of drones" per the @UN report
#ISIS in #Syria "has evolved into an entrenched insurgency, exploiting weaknesses in local security to find safe havens & targeting forces engaged in counter-ISIL operations" per the @UN report
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#Mali première longue production #JNIM #AQMI depuis un moment avec des images inédites des affrontements & bombardements des derniers mois au #Mali
On remarque l’usage d’un véhicule blindé de la MINUSMA lors des entraînements, peut être celui utilisé à #Boni en février dernier ImageImage
Présence du kamikaze au tricycle qui a visé un convoi #Barkhane à Issey Image
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HAPPENING NOW: Senate Intelligence Committee's Hearing on Worldwide Threats

"We look to our intelligence agencies to provide their best & most objective analytic judgments" per Chairman @MarkWarner " of bias, & not “shaded” in any way to fit a particular policy or agenda"
"We're going to need to discuss the situation in #Afghanistan" per @MarkWarner, in introductory remarks...…
"It's the one time a year where the American public & the members of Congress here in the Senate get an unvarnished presentation by an apolitical intelligence community of the real national security threats" per Vice Chair @marcorubio
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This is great by @jeromedrev & @patrickhaenni -- #HTS has come to represent something uniquely challenging.

After violently achieving domination (vs. #FSA, #AQ & #ISIS), it's now pursuing a policy of "gradual opening & mainstreamisation," giving concessions & seeking acceptance.
@jeromedrev @patrickhaenni The U.S, #Europe & #Turkey should press #HTS to address concerns & "define clear benchmarks which (if met) could enable HTS to shed its “terrorist” label," argue @dkhalifa & @NoahBonsey.

Doing so would symbolize a new diplomacy+military approach to CT.…
@jeromedrev @patrickhaenni @dkhalifa @NoahBonsey Following yesterday's public revelation of #HTS hosting @FrontlinePBS (& others) in #Idlib, my thread below details how the former #AlQaeda affiliate has adapted in recent yrs & created new realities & challenges/dilemmas we'll have to deal w. eventually:

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Months ago, the top @StateDept Counterterrorism official said #alQaida was "on the ropes, no doubt"

Now, @SecPompeo says #AQ poses "a grave threat" from its new "home base" in #Iran

A look at the long, complicated AQ-Iran relationship & what it means...…
NEW: US slapping #Iran, foundations controlled by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei w/new sanctions

Sanctions target Execution of Imam Khomeini’s Order (EIKO, Astan Quds Razavi (AQR) which allow regime "to exploit a system of ownership over a wide range of sectors of Iran’s economy"
"While purportedly charitable organizations (bonyads), EIKO and AQR control large swaths of the #Iran|ian economy, including assets expropriated from political dissidents & religious minorities" per @USTreasury
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Thread: 1/5
#AQ loyalist group in #Syria Hurras al-Din (#HaD) attacked a Russian military base in Tal as Samn in al-Raqqa's countryside this morning.

It is significant because: 👇 Image
It is the first attack ever by HaD outside northwest #Syria where the group’s influence exist. The timing is crucial, HaD is trying to take advantage of the security chaos in the region as the battle is looming in the town of Ain Issa (50 Km from the attack location) 2/5 Image
between #Turkey and its backed Syrian National Army on the one hand and #Russia, the Syrian regime and the #Iran-ian militias on the other. It also came after the release of four consequent statements by HaD top religious senior Sami al-Uraydi,3/5 Image
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#AlAndalous dans une vidéo de 20:26 #AQMI annonce, par la voix d’Abou al-Nouman al-Chinkiti, que le successeur d’Abou Mossaab Abdel Wadoud #Droukdel est Abou Oubaïda Youssef #AlAanabi
Dans cette vidéo que j’ai reçu deux photos inédites d’Abou Mosaab Abdel Wadoud #Droukdel de son vivant et mort
Abou al-Nouman affirme que les jihadistes libérés par Bamako l’ont été en échange de « deux otages » ce qui confirme le processus parallèle concernant les otages italiens
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De source propre #AQMI évoque
(1)« la campagne de la #France pour nuire au Prophète [...] les Français doivent savoir que la poursuite de cette campagne par leur Président ne fera qu’augmenter la détermination des musulmans de venger ceux qui s’attaquent au prophète [...] »
(2) #AQMI appelle « au boycott des produits français est le minimum pour un croyant » évoque nommément « le tchétchène tueur du prof mort en martyr comme tout musulman en capacité d’exécuter cette sentence qui ne revient pas exclusivement au gouverneur mais à tout musulman »
(3)Pas question de mention de #Nice. Au sujet de la jurisprudence #AQ pour épargner les lieux de cultes, on m’a affirmé qu’elle était «implicitement présente p4/ne demandez d’autorisation pour tuer celui qui insulte le prophète...mais épargnez ceux qu’il est illégitime de viser»
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#Mali (1) réception #JNIM #AQMI des jihadistes libérés par #Bamako suite à l’échange #Cissé #Petronin (sur 7:03)
#Mali #Sahel (2) Iyad Ag Ghali #JNIM #AQMI lors de la réception des jihadistes libérés. Des captures ont déjà été diffusées (0:43/3:48) + une 3e vidéo de 8:41
#Mali #Sahel Iyad Ag Ghali #JNIM #AQMI « on est en guerre contre les croisés et cette guerre continue, on ne va pas perdre du temps avec les grands rassemblements, on va s’assurer que nos frères rejoignent et leurs familles, leurs domiciles et leurs positions de combats »
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So, who joined #IS but has been ordered to keep it quite (by al-Qurashî's audio)? The keeping it quite part IMO rules out groups with a monopoly on jihâdist violence in their area. #IS has never been shy to announce such acquisitions even when this meant international scrunity. /
Cases in point would be its provinces in Libya and the Phillipines whose territorial control was crushed by bombings of international coalitions. I don't think that this approach has changed when looking at Mozambique right now. 2/
The #ISCA province is very much on the offensive and has been noted as a security risk by international actors. The military intervention of a strong local or global force is only a question of time. 3/
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#Conflans : le terroriste était en contact avec un djihadiste à #Idleb #Syrie, @jpham_le @jmdecugis @le_Parisien
signe d’une confusion désormais classique dans sa conscience politique, il glorifie #HTS qui est en guerre ouverte contre #AQ & #EI ...…
Une de mes dernières chroniques au sujet de la situation à #Idleb après l’arrestation d’Omar Omsen par #HTS et les raids conduits contre plusieurs « bastions » de Hurraseddine branche #Syrie-nne d’#AlQaeda
J’ai questionné #HTS au sujet des contacts que l’assassin de #SamuelPaty a entrepris avec un russophone à #Idleb
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Who is behind the resignation of #Lebanon PM Mustafa Diab? The answer is @saadhariri who badly wants to return to power but #SaudiArabia veto on him is preventing his return. Therefore, he "burns" all candidates he himself chooses until @EmmanuelMacron convinces the Saudi.
This is the first failure of #France's initiative and an indication to #Paris that it has little - not none - leverage in #Lebanon.

As I wrote in my previous articles, the #US did not give the green light to France to take over but within a specific framework: disarm #Hezbollah
Coz #France understands that #Hezbollah can't be disarmed (#Israel supported by the #US and #SaudiArabia tried by failed to achieve this objective), @EmmanuelMacron divided the problem by concentrating on forming a government first and left #Hezbollah's weapons to another stage.
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By attacking #Iran overtly at the UN, #SaudiArabia helped #Tehran to take its gloves off & express directly & explicitly the nature of the Saudi regime and its sponsors of terrorism (AQ and ISIS). This will reflect upon Iran's allies: no more suave effort.
#SaudiArabia has been an ally of #Israel since 1980 but #Iran never wanted to break the relationship w/ Riyadh or overtly act against it as Saudi did. Fear of a sectarian war was greater & that kept Iran cautiously flirting w/ Saudi but confronting it in the field through allies.
Now that #SaudiArabia has lost its sectarian war in #Syria and #Iraq, is not (and shall not) managing to submit #Yemen, has lost its allies in #Lebanon where #Hezbollah (Iran ally) has won, #Riyadh is turning towards the #UN and wishes fight to the last American against #Iran.
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