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#BombayHighCourt to hear suo motu plea concerning #COVID19 situation in districts falling within the Aurangabad Bench jurisdiction.

Hearing before Bench of Justices RV Ghuge and BU Debadwar.

#CovidIndia #COVIDSecondWave #maharashtralockdown #MaharashtraFightsCorona
Adv Satyajeet S Bora is the amicus curiae.
Chief Public Prosecutor DR Kale appears for State.
Adv SG Chapalgaonkar appears for Aurangabad Municipal Corporation.

#CovidIndia #COVIDSecondWave #maharashtralockdown #MaharashtraFightsCorona
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#BombayHighCourt is hearing the plea suggesting special masks for speech and hearing impaired people for easy recognition and uniform policy for collection of fines throughout the State for not wearing masks as per #COVID19 protocol.

#COVIDEmergency2021 #MaharashtraFightsCorona
Hearing before Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice GS Kulkarni.

Advs Ajinkya Udane and Aseem Sarode appear for the petitioners.

#COVIDEmergency2021 #MaharashtraFightsCorona

Court asks State and BMC if it is not possible for them to distribute masks to the homeless and people staying below the flyovers.

#COVIDEmergency2021 #MaharashtraFightsCorona
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#BombayHighCourt to hear plea alleging improper management of #COVID19 medical treatment in #Maharashtra.

Hearing before Bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and Justice GS Kulkarni.

#COVIDEmergency2021 #maharashtralockdown #BreakTheChain

The Bench had in the previous hearing took cognizance of the fire accidents in hospitals in #Maharashtra and directed Municipal Corporations to conduct fire audits in all hospitals with immediate effect.

Adv General Ashutosh Kumbhakoni appears for State, ASG Anil Singh appears for Centre, Sr Adv Anil Sakhare appears for BMC.

Advocates Simil Purohit, Arshil Shah, Rajesh Inamdar, Ajinkya Udane appear for petitioners.

@ArshilAjay @rajinamdar22
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#BombayHighCourt is hearing Suo Motu plea concerning #COVID19 situation in districts falling within the Aurangabad Bench jurisdiction.

Hearing before Bench of Justices RV Ghuge and BU Debadwar.

#COVIDEmergency #Maharashtra #MaharashtraFightsCorona
The Court had in the previous hearing directed all persons stepping out, except during relaxation hours, to carry Aadhar card as lockdown violators will be subject to RT-PCR test.…
Chief Public Prosecutor DR Kale submits the figures of RT-PCR tests conducted in the previous week.

Court notes there is a reduction in the number of tests.

Court: But what about vaccines? How much percentage is covered from Aurangabad population?

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केंद्र सरकार काय करत आहे.......

🟣 केंद्राने जर्मनी मधून 23 ऑक्सिजन जनरेशन प्लँटस विमानाने आणले

🟣 केंद्राने UAE मधून ऑक्सिजन टँकर विमानाने आणले

🟣 केंद्राने सिंगापूर मधून ऑक्सिजन टँकर विमानाने आणले

🟣 UK चे प्रधानमंत्री बोरिस जॉन्सन यांनी व्हेंटिलेटर आणि ऑक्सिजन
कॉनसेंट्रेटर मशीन भारताला पाठवून देत आहोत अस सांगितलंय..

🟣 केंद्राने हाँग काँग सरकारच्या माध्यमातून 800 ऑक्सिजन कॉन्सन्ट्रेटर मशीन उपलब्ध केल्या..

🟣 केंद्र आपल्या मित्र देशांकडून जवळपास एकूण 10000 ऑक्सिजन कॉन्सन्ट्रेटर मशीन उपलब्ध करण्यासाठी प्रयत्नशील आहे..
🟣 केंद्र ज्या राज्यात आवश्यकता आहे त्या प्रत्येक राज्यात ऑक्सिजन एक्स्प्रेस या स्पेशल रेल्वेच्या माध्यमातून ऑक्सिजन टँकर पोहोचवत आहे

🟣 आजच केंद्र सरकारने लक्षद्विप सारख्या बेटावर 35 ऑक्सिजन सिलिंडर, रॅपिड अँटीजेन कीट,PPE किट्स, मास्क असे जे काही लागेल ते सर्व भारतीय
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#BombayHighCourt to continue hearing the plea seeking door-to-door #COVID19 vaccination for citizens above 75 years of age and those who are specially-abled or bed-ridden.

#COVID19 #MaharashtraFightsCorona #BreakTheChain #MaharashtraGovernment
The Central Government filed its response to the plea on Wednesday stating their reasons why the door to door vaccination policy is not possible.

#COVID19 #MaharashtraFightsCorona #BreakTheChain #MaharashtraGovernment…
Bench of Chief Justice and Justice GS Kulkarni ask Advocate General Ashutosh Kumbhakoni appearing for State how will the vaccination programme be conducted with the new guidelines #BreakTheChain of April 13.
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#BombayHighCourt to hear their Suo Motu PIL pertaining on the rise in COVID-19 cases in #Maharashtra prisons today.

#COVID19 #MaharashtraFightsCorona #BreakTheChain
Bench led by Chief Justice Dipankar Datta had agreed to certain suggestions proposed by the #MaharashtraGovernment in the previous hearing.

#COVID19 #MaharashtraFightsCorona #BreakTheChain…
Hearing begins.

AG Ashutosh Kumbhakoni begins submissions. Submits an order of the #SupremeCourt where the issue was can prisoners be shifted without court’s permissions. This was about undertrial prisoners.

#COVID19 #MaharashtraFightsCorona #BreakTheChain
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When India is battling Covid-19 second wave, former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis's nephew Tanmay Fadnavis, said to be about 22 years old, got vaccinated. Currently, only those aged above 45 are allowed to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in India.…
In a tone-deaf manner, Tanmay posted a photo of himself getting the second dose, on Instagram. He was injected at National Cancer Institute (NCI) in Nagpur. He is the grandson of former MLA Shobha Fadnavis, the aunt of the ex-CM. #tanmayfadnavis #DevendraFadnavis #COVID19India
When asked how Tanmay was able to jump the queue, NCI Director Shailesh Joglekar revealed that he took the first jab at SevenHills Hospital in Mumbai. After the picture surfaced, which has now been deleted, Congress leaders seized the opportunity and rightfully slammed Fadnavis.
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The first-ever "Oxygen Express" carrying 7 empty tankers left Mumbai for Vizag, where they will be loaded with liquid medical oxygen for transportation to Maharashtra. It left the Kalamboli Goods Yard in Navi Mumbai on Monday for the Vizag Steel Plant.…
According to a release by the Central Railway, the Ro-Ro (Roll-On-Roll-Off) train departed at 8:05 pm. At the Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, the empty tankers will be loaded with liquid medical oxygen and then brought back to Maharashtra. #oxygencrisis #OxygenCylinders #Maharashtra
The state is running short of oxygen required to treat COVID-19 patients. The Central Railway's Mumbai Division built a ramp within 24 hours at the Kalamboli Goods Yard for the loading and unloading of oxygen tankers on and from the train. #MaharashtraFightsCorona #COVID19 #roro
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#Live_updated :- हॉस्पिटलमध्ये "काँट्रॅक्ट बेसिस" वर काम करणाऱ्या लोकांना मूर्खात काढून पगाराचा काळाबाजार चालू आहे.
हिशोबात घोळ चालू आहेत त्याचे प्रत्यक्ष उदाहरण डोळ्यांनी पाहून घ्या.

Shift. Per duty pement
Morning - 330₹
Evining - 235 ₹
Nightshift - 280₹ 👇
म्हणजे #COVID19 योध्याची रोजची हजेरी 845₹ रुपये होते बरोबर का ??

पण काँट्रॅक्ट वाल्यांचा अकाऊंटंट वेगळाच हिशोब सांगणार तो असा 👇
Morning 9 duty = 330 × 9 = 2,970
Evening 7 duty = 235 × 7 =1,175
Night 9 duty = 280 × 9 = 2520
(Total payment = 854 × 25 =6,665)
आता किती कोव्हिडं हा अनुभव आलाय ??
माहिते तुम्हाला नोकरी करायची आहे हॉस्पिटलमध्ये पण तरीही तुम्ही दिवसरात्र काम करता आम्हाला तुमचा आदर वाटतो, त्यामुळे विचारतोय .
कस काय adjust करता तुम्ही घरखर्च ??

अरे हो तुम्हाला तर ओव्हर टाईम चे पैसे मिळतात ना मग जाऊदे.
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केंद्रीय आरोग्यमंत्री श्री हर्षवर्धनजी यांनी एक वक्तव्य आज जारी केले. त्यातील महाराष्ट्राशी संबंधित प्रमुख मुद्दे असे :
1️⃣कोरोना प्रादुर्भाव होऊन एक वर्ष उलटले तरी अनेक राज्यांना कोरोना आटोक्यात आणण्याचे व्यवस्थापन जमलेले नाही.
#vaccination #MaharashtraFightsCorona
2️⃣आज अनेक राज्य 18 वर्षांपेक्षा अधिक वयाच्या नागरिकांच्या लसिकरणाची मागणी करीत आहे. परंतू मागणी-पुरवठ्याचा निकष, सर्व राज्य सरकारांशी दरवेळी पारदर्शीपणे चर्चा केल्यानंतर लसिकरणाचे धोरण निश्चित करण्यात आले.
3️⃣लसिकरणाचा मुख्य उद्देश हा सर्वाधिक प्रभावित गटातील मृत्यूदर कमी करणे आणि यातून उर्वरित घटकांना कोरोना संक्रमणापासून दूर ठेवणे हा आहे. त्यामुळे आधी आरोग्य क्षेत्रातील आणि नंतर 45 वर्षांपेक्षा अधिकचे सर्व असे घटक यांची निवड करण्यात आली.
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In the meeting held today for discussing possibility of switching to #hybrid format of hearing matter, the #BombayHighCourt has deferred the decision till April 5, 2021.

#Covid_19 #COVID19
The Court in conjunction with the #BMC has decided to hold a #CovidVaccine drive for the High Court judges at the Principal Bench and their spouses (above the age of 45) from April 2 to 4, 2021.
A similar #CovidVaccines drive will also be held for the lawyers, their spouses and their office staff ALL ABOVE THE AGE OF 45 years in the same weekend viz. from April 2 to 4, 2021.
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#Maharashtra: New Coronavirus cases in a single day for the first time crossed 16000 at 16867 with 328 deaths at fatality rate of 3.15% on August 29.

➡️ Progressive #COVID__19 cases 764281, discharged 554711, active 185131,deaths at 24103 on August 29. #MaharashtraFightsCorona
✳️ #Maharashtra COMPLETE BULLETIN | 29 AUGUST 2020

(2/3) #MaharashtraFightsCorona
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कडक लॉकडाऊन असूनही कोरोना रुग्णांची संख्या कमी होत नाहीये.. ते ही विशेषतः मुंबई, कडोमपा, ठाणे, पुणे याच महापालिका क्षेत्रात? हा कोरोना घोटाळा तर नव्हे?

सत्तेत सहभागी असलेल्या लोकांचा इतिहास पाहता एक सामान्य माणूस म्हणून मनात आलेली शंका?

#MaharashtraFightsCorona Image
संपूर्ण भारतातील राज्यात कोरोनाचे रुग्ण कमी होत असताना केवळ टेस्ट जास्त होतायत म्हणून रुग्ण वाढतायत हे कारण पचनी पडत नाहीये आता. सुरुवातीला हे कारण असू शकेल असे वाटले होते. पण आता नाही वाटत तसं. वरळी-धारावी सारख्या दाट वस्त्या सोडून आता कोरोना शहरात सोसायटीत घुसलाय.. -
(की टेस्टच्या माध्यमातून घुसवलाय?) कारण सोसायटीतली लोकं तर तीन महिने घरातच बसून होती.
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My Covid Experience
My father had body pain and tiredness for 2 days . I consulted local physician who tested his temperature and informed that it is normal and need not worry. My father's health seemed not to improve ,upon doctor's advice I took his blood sample tested. (1/n)
His blood test came out to be triple typhoid . I immediately consulted other MBBS doctor to started his typhoid treatment . He gave him 2 bottle saline (IV). I asked doctor whether I should go for Covid test for which he said he doesn't see any such symptoms (2/n)
Father's condition worsened further . He started developing breathing problems post which I directly took him for Covid test . Thyrocare person tested him and charged me 5000 which he asked me to Gpay him directly. (3/n)
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LIVE: CM Uddhav Thackeray address the state on #COVID19 situation

Follow updates on
We had an all-party meeting, I would like to apprise everyone that everyone gave constructive suggestions. It was a sign of unity, everyone kept politics out of it.

LIVE updates:

#COVID19 #MaharashtraFightsCorona
I am upset at what has happened early this morning. It saddens me to see what happened. I want to once again tell the migrants that the state govt is with them
5- 6 lakh migrants have been accommodated in camps. The state government is with you: CM Uddhav Thackeray

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So there was this news that Maharashtra govt is providing free health insurance to all its residents.

How can you make use of it? Or can you?

Here's a quick thread.


Researched online on govt websites to find out more about the cover. No information on the state government website about the coverage, hospitals, or link to the scheme's website.

After some research effort, here are the details I could find.

This is *not* a new scheme. This insurance is on since 2012!

The scheme covers infectious diseases, critical care all these years - hence Covid19 was part of the cover.

The only change is the scheme now includes people in the higher economic class (white ration card)

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