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In this thread I will mention precautions to be taken by #Diabetes patients in today’s scanario with #COVIDー19 #coronavirus #India #Mumbai (Ref IDF) @drmohanv @DrAmbrishMithal @AskDrShashank @docanoopmisra @Unnikri @DrDeepakKrishn1 @serioustaurean @DNeurosx @viswas_mr (1)
Recommendations for general public are doubly important for patients with #Diabetes & those living in their close contact 1.Wash hands thouroughly and regularly 2.Avoid touching face before washing and drying hands #COVIDー19 #coronavirus (2)
Clean and disinfect any objects & surfaces touched frequently (door handles, mobile phones, tv remotes). Don’t share towels, food, glasses. (3)
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What we've been missing, below the surface, about #COVID19. The focus has been on confirmed cases, hospitalizations and deaths. But there's so much more we've been learning. United States data here
2. Let's start with the excess deaths, attributed to non-covid19 diagnoses. Here's a sampling to show excess causes of death in March-May in many places was likely inaccurately categorized. The estimates of actual covid-19 deaths suggests an additional >40,000 fatalities
3. Now the missed cases from lack of testing availability, mild/moderate symptoms that did not lead to testing, false negatives tests, and those never having discernible symptoms. Asymptomatics comprise at least 30% those infected… @AnnalsofIM
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UK folks who're finding it difficult to buy masks. Here is nugget for you.

These are some high quality masks on Amazon. I got few packs of these masks for my family in UK. They're 3 ply masks & work really well. Much better than usual ones. #Masks…
Also I got a half dozen of the carbon filter activated masks for my family in UK. These are must when moving/travelling in congested areas like markets or train etc. Must buy at least one for each member of your family. #Masks…
These are best quality masks in UK. They're also certified by Amazon Health Standard program. Don't buy masks from random sellers. They're dropshipped from China & most of them are defective. Don't get yourself infected for few pennies. #buymasks #masks #MasksForAll
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1/ Q: There's inevitably going to be some socializing this summer. How do I stay safe? How do I tell my kids and my parents to stay #safe?

A: #StaySMART!
2/ Wow, these are some unusual times! Some of us are in the streets every day with large groups, some of us haven't left our homes in months.

Help!?!? How can we socialize while keeping ourselves and others safe from #COVIDー19?
3/ The Dear Pandemic Nerdy Girls are delighted to partner with @IMPACT4HC to offer this handy infographic to help you remember 5 simple rules of thumb for reducing your #COVID19 transmission risk: Stay SMART!

S: SPACE -- Keep your #socialdistance, 6ft. or more!
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I'm correcting the title @TheEconomist
Supportive global data for the vital use of masks… #MasksforAll
In contrast, via @MollyJongFast, the ignorant people who ignore the data
And why did Japan do so well without a lockdown and so little testing?
They gave masks out to 50 million households. An expert panel believes this was the main reason for their success.…
by @IsabelRTokyo
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Reviews all the relevant and recent data ★
—Emphasis on "super-emitters" and asymptomatic carriers who can spread via both droplets and aerosol
—Lack of the 6 feet safe distance
—Would add Japan to the countries w/ marked success d/t masks
H/T @hholdenthorp
my 2 favorite sentences from this outstanding essay
—taking on the 6-feet rule and WHO for an ancient citation
—visualizing aerosol transmission via smelling cigarette smoke
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Let's journey back on the #FireTheSG movement, shall we?

December 2018, @Surgeon_General @JeromeAdamsMD convinced the public #media, inflating a false "epidemic" w/30-day use, not daily.

Lie #1:…

Based on feelings, Google alerts, potential & inaccuracy.
No refuting vaping products help smokers quit, 👆above, continues below...

With #data he wanted to present, sentiment and "feelings" continued.

Lie #2:…

Indifferent, bans & taxes ⏫increasing countrywide, & no care of helping smokers quit.

False statements, accusations continued. When corrected, he didn't like that and had to swallow his narrative.

In full, with @2Vaping, @TheLegionCmdr, @Surgeon_General & others:…

“If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth“

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Sobering report. Standard epidemiological protocol: Isolate virus; contact-tracing & testing of ppl; Quarantine infected #Coronavirus must be seen in terms of State Capacity & Public Health axis. Pointless along authoritarian-democratic axis when set of things done is similar.
Global Cooperation between virologists, health workers thru WHO & China's & US CDC has been a shining example to humanity. Important to take a step back and remember that we are in a forever war w microbes. Many more of them than us... #coronavirus
Fantastic resource: interactive map of #coronavirus infections and deaths around the world. Data from CDCs/WHO.

Created by Center for Systems Science & Engineering, John Hopkins. Updated daily.…
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