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#Iran no good for not being able to blow up even just 1 #atomicbomb. #CCP should arrest 8 more #Canadians & kill all 10 if #Canada dares to send #MengWanzhou to #US. #China needs a big purge, ppl like #VickyZhao should all be arrested. #XiJinping needs to learn from Chairman Mao
This is another speech by #LiYi, in which he laughed over the fact that only 4K people died (almost equals to 0 according to him) of #COVID19 #CCPVirus in China, while 220K died in #US. As the result, #China will push #America out of existence.
By the way, his original video is here: . If you care to check the comments, you can find he has many supporters. All reflect the mentality of the #CCP.
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Back after a break now - and #MengWanzhou lawyer Mona Duckett is continuing her submissions with comparisons to other cases ... again - they're trying to convince the judge the US has lied to the court about key facts in the case
She's citing a 2003 B.C. Supreme Court case where a judge stayed proceedings when the United Kingdom sought a Victoria man for extradition in relation to an alleged conspiracy involving the sale of rare coins.
The man's defence lawyers determined that one of the chief witnesses had absconded, another had died, and prosecutors didn't actually know if another was available.
In granting a stay, the judge said it would be "unsafe" to rely on the record of the case.
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This is it! The final two and a half weeks of #MengWanzhou extradition proceedings begin today ... here's a look at what you can expect…
And I will be dialling into the proceedings - which are set to kick off at 10 am PT ... we should begin with arguments on allegations the US misled Canada about the facts of the case ... but remember - this isn't a trial ...
Court now called to order!
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#MengWanzhou has suffered a major blow to her extradition battle, with the judge REJECTING a trove of HSBC documents as evidence… via @scmpnews
Meng's lawyers had pinned high hopes that these documents would prove that the US fraud case against Meng was bogus, that the Americans had misled the BC Supreme Court, and that Meng would be freed. BUT NO DICE
Canadian govt lawyers (representing US interests) said the hundreds of pages of documents were irrelevant to an extradition hearing and should be raised at Meng's trial instead. Associate Chief Justice Heather Holmes didn't release reasons, but it appears she agreed
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Back now for the start of the fourth branch of #MengWanzhou abuse arguments. This one is about international jurisdiction!! Here's a previous story summarizing their claim…
The first lawyer up is going to be Gib van Ert - a new face on the #MengWanzhou defence team. He's an expert on international law. William Smart will also be making submissions ...
van Ert says what happened in this case is no business of the US. It's the business of China ... and as such US is violating international law ...
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And we're about to begin the final week of THIS chunk of the #MengWanzhou extradition proceedings. Defence will reply on the alleged arrest violations - and then arguments on international jurisdiction begin…
Defence lawyer Mona Duckett says "our case it not that this is a US-led conspiracy" ...
Submissions done on the second branch ... back at 2 with new arguments on the fourth branch - this is the one about international jurisdiction ... see you then
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Today's #MengWanzhou court hearing about to begin. Crown could wrap by the end of day. Here's yesterday's story:…
Curious to know what my colleagues @ianjamesyoung70 and @amysmart1 make of the judge's frequent questions. She seemed to make clear she's considering wrongdoing on behalf of RCMP and CBSA - even without guiding FBI conspiracy
Crown lawyer Diba Majzub says he's going to use his time to review law around seizing of phones and passcodes ... he says the purpose of getting phones was admissibility (which is legal)
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Crown about to resume arguments at #MengWanzhou extradition proceedings ... here is a recap of yesterday's events:…
Crown lawyer Diba Majzub begins by telling judge that CBSA acted reasonably in deciding to examine #MengWanzhou before the RCMP arrested her ...
Majzub says the Crown's argument "in a nutshell" is that there wasn't a "battle for immediacy" between RCMP and CBSA on #MengWanzhou arrival - but that RCMP acted reasonably in letting CBSA go first - not to carry out a covert plot for which there is no evidence
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Crown lawyer Robert Frater says he's going to speak for 30 minutes only - asks the judge to "step out of the weeds"
He says there are two different narratives - the exciting one - and the more "prosaic" one ... the one involving conspiracy ... and the one that just involves two public bodies trying to figure out how to go about an unprecedented situation
Frater tells the judge not to lose focus on the law ... says she needs to keep the applicable test for abuse of process in mind from Regina vs Babos ...…
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The #MengWanzhou extradition proceedings are about to begin for the day. Defence lawyer Richard Peck said he expects to take another hour - interesting to hear the response from the Crown soon…
I see the judge overseeing the hearing has denied an application from #MengWanzhou to introduce evidence from a Huawei accountant who would have said HSBC didn't really risk losing any money - suggesting the allegation of fraud could not be supported…
The judge echoes the Crown's point on this element of the #MengWanzhou case: "The simple fact of a loan, even a loan that has been repaid, may satisfy the deprivation element of fraud. The law does not require an assessment of the risk of non-repayment."
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Back with #MengWanzhou defence lead Richard Peck who says the failure to take adequate notes amounts to a dereliction of duty for the RCMP and CBSA officers involved in arrest
Peck says a deliberate decision not to take notes is a violation of Charter Section 7 ... because it impedes a person's ability to defend themselves
Peck says "There are problems with mere negligence if that’s what is happening … It becomes much more serious if there’s a deliberate determination not to take notes …"
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Fenton accuses RCMP of "unacceptable negligence" in the destruction of former Staff Sgt. Ben Chang's emails ...
Fenton is done - next up is Richard Peck - on credibility and reliability
Peck begin by saying the reliability and credibility are both issues in the #MengWanzhou case ...
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Back for the beginning of another week of #MengWanzhou extradition proceedings in BC Supreme Court. Defence is still making their case in relation to allegations Meng's rights were violated during arrest…
If you've been following the "trials" of Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor in China right now - please take the time to listen to this episode of our podcast where you can learn so much more about these two Canadians…
Defence lawyer Scott Fenton begins by speaking about the "unprecedented" refusal by former Staff Sgt. Ben Chang NOT to testify at Meng's extradition proceedings ... says "there is a certain shock value" that Chang won't allow himself to be cross-examined
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#MengWanzhou's lawyer used a weird analogy about Meng’s hair colour to suggest it didn't matter whether or not she lied in parts of a presentation to a HSBC banker, that forms the basis of US fraud charges… via @SCMPNews
HSBC could not have been defrauded, Frank Addario argued, because the bank must have known after Meng's presentation that both Huawei and Skycom were working in Iran...
“A mere lie, if she’s asked in that meeting, ‘is your hair naturally blonde or naturally brunette’ and she lies about it – it’s not material to US sanctions risk. Even if [HSBC] said ‘we are only going to deal with brunettes’ …
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I gotta say that AG lawyer Robert Frater at the #MengWanzhou extradition hearing is no mincer of words. Eg: Meng's applications should be "cut off at the knee"...
Tells Mdm Justice Heather Holmes she should "refuse to waste precious court time on processes that have no hope of success"...
Also tells her: "Your duty is not to let this proceeding become a trial...It is not to admit extra evidence on causality in US sanctions law…so that you can decide an issue on which, with the greatest of respect, you have no expertise”...
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China’s consul-general in Vancouver has accused Canada of "brutal interference" in Hong Kong, over its new national security law. And Tong Xiaoling also says the law actually protects Canadian investors in an "efficient" way… via @SCMPNews
@alliancecanhk says Tong’s comments are “part of the larger campaign to influence and coerce Chinese communities in Canada to comply with the wishes of the Chinese government”. It says Tong is trying to falsely depict Chinese Canadians as united in favour of the law
Oh also: Tong praised the @CanadianGreens for their recent statement calling for #MengWanzhou to be released. So there's that too
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US is not a country ruled by law. It's no longer a free country. Chinese American scientists are mass persecuted, ie., eavesdropped, spied upon, fired, expelled, prosecuted on invented crimes. FBI treats all of them as spies & harasses them constantly. US caused #Mengwanzhou, ..
daughter of the #Huawei CEO #Renzhengfei to be kidnapped in Canada in order to intimidate Huawei into submission.

#USA has degenerated into a #Nazi police state. Chinese are the new Jew. US has launched its powerful state machine & weaponized its laws against China and Chinese.
More on the US weaponization of its "Rule by law" to crush its enemies.
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“It was not politically motivated at all, and I’d be happy to testify under oath to that effect in a Canadian court.” @AmbJohnBolton

💥IF THIS DOESN'T put a stick in the spokes ...

@RobertFife via @globeandmail
#cdnpoli #PPC #YGK…
MAKE NO MISTAKE, the #GangOf19 Letter was written for one purpose & timed with precision.

FIRST - #TRUDEAU sets himself apart from recommendation. This is ONLY a feint.

SECOND - @DavidLametti, exercising Ministerial prerogative and his authority…
under the Extradition Act, ends the extradition of #MengWanzhou - at [never to be disclosed] behest of @JustinTrudeau.

THIRD - TRUDEAU is on the 'side of the angels' as he is left acknowledging the sacrosanct independence of the Attorney General and having to thank him what
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#MengWanzhou could walk free today — if a Canadian judge rules in her favour. Decision expected to come shortly. Follow @wanyeelii @TorontoStar for the news.…. #cdnpoli #huawei
There’s a media lockup so no one is live-tweeting but it’s supposed to lift in 15 minutes... so stay tuned. Our story will be updated at this link:… @wanyeelii
Chinese officials have increased pressure on Canada to release Meng.

Trudeau has repeated a message that he has delivered since Meng’s arrest — that her arrest was not political and that there is no political interference in Canada’s court system.…
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When asked about detention #TwoMichaels #MichaelKOVRIG #MichaelSPAVOR, Cong Peiwu,#China's Ambassador to Canada 🇨🇳@ChinaEmbOttawa (0:33):"There's nothing like hostage-taking".
@amandacconn @MercedesGlobal @globalnews

Nà shì húshuō

AND, I mean EVERY Chinese character. *Reader may use Google Translate.

After attempting to deny it is, in fact,a "hostage-taking" and feebly trying to wrap it in the robes of judicial righteousness, Cong Peiwu clumsily fumbles & ends up directly linking it #MengWanzhou case.
(0:59-1:16) "But, I would like to take this opportunity to come out, where actually the biggest issue in our bilateral relationship is still Meng Wanzhou's case. So that's why we have made our position very clear, to make sure that she's back in China, smoothly and safely."
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Day 3 for #MengWanzhou ’s extradition hearing. That means I am back at BC Supreme Court. #Huawei #CTVNews #CTVNational
Every day #MengWanzhou arrives at BC Supreme Court for her extradition hearing she is surrounded by security guards and wearing an electronic tracking device on her ankle. #Huawei #CTVNews #CTVNational
Once inside, #MengWanzhou appears relaxed and at ease. She often smiles at the public gallery. But for the most parts she is focused on her lawyers and what is taking place in court. #Huawei #CTVNews #CTVNational
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Good morning! I’m heading to BC Supreme Court to cover latest hearing in #Huawei Meng Wanzhou extradition case for @starvancouver. We expect lawyers to argue she was unlawfully detained at #yvr airport last December at the direction of US authorities.…
And just for fun it is pouring rain! Photographers outside, wearing black, have been here for an hour already. #Huawei @starvancouver @TorontoStar
Lots in suit jackets outside this courtroom. About 3 dozen+ in line, plus 9 very official-looking (legal team?) huddled in a circle at the back of the line. #Huawei
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Judge William Ehrcke formally directs Meng to return to court on March 6, rather than Feb 6. Feb 6 hearing is cancelled. #MengWanzhou
Judge in meantime has been asked to consider whether or not to grant application to approve Robert Cheng and his wife, who originally intended to put up $1.8 million home for #MengWanzhou's bail. Someone with a last name "Jing" stepped up with cash.
Judge has left the room, presumably will be back soon with his decision.
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Justice William Ehrcke indicates that the decision of the Ministry of Justice is due on Feb. 28, and suggests that everyone comes back to court on March 1. #MengWanzhou
Crown lawyer John Gibb-Carsley says deadline for Minister of Justice is actually March 1. "The Minister, by calculation of the time, has a deadline of March 1"
It seems to be now agreed that she will be back in court on March 6, 10 a.m., by which time Canada's Minister of Justice should have made his decision to proceed with extradition or not. #MengWanzhou
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